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Kaleidoscope. #Z2AChallenge

We all interpret things differently. Just make sure you understand it as well
- ak

Challenges are part of life. We need them to know where we actually stand and what all we can achieve. I have a knack of explaining things that doesn't make sense. So, I will get right to the point : #Z2AChallenge.

As soon as I started this, I took it to Twitter that I was doing a challenge. As usual, everyone ignored it. But the intensity of, let's say 'boasting' about the challenge went to its' peeks which provoked one the person to ask the question : Why?

April is the month for #A2ZChallenge where people from all over the world participate in a common cause to blog continously for the whole month, in which the alphabet for the day decides the central idea of which have the alphabet for the day, while the genre could be anything ranging from fiction to poetry and everything in between. This is to challenge each and everyone who is taking up challenge to push the invisible boundaries that we are net even yet aware of. This is actually a great way to manage time, bring out the creativity in each person and what not. Believe me, it is not an easy task.

Two years ago, I have taken up this challenge and failed miserably. I stopped mid way. At which point, I was more into completing the post rather than enjoy writing the post. For me specifically, it takes time. I am not a 'here's-a-topic-write-1000-words-on-it' and expect me to produce a small masterpiece. No. It happens at its own time. It has a mind of its own, which I why I can't write when forced to or under pressure. And even if I write, it won't make much sense and it won't be something I would be proud of. Coming to the point I failed miserably. All I could do was praise the people who took up the challenge and completed. Kudos to them.  They just proved that they ar the best. So, its' no surprise that when I say I have a littel respect for them. There were many such blogging challenge that pushed writers to the extreme point, I have always encouraged them and given a helping hand whenever necessary in the form for motivation. 

While I was being the same self, placing writers-taking-the-challenge on a higher ground, someone provoked me. I was doing my part of motivating and helping in whichever way possible, but then someone said something. Not only was that uncalled for, they took it a little further when they started boasting about it. So, you see these challengers are part of a group which shared a common interest of the "30 days ofblogging". They felt superior or atleast the tone in which they spoke was. So this extraordinary group would share the other extraordinary people's post, each one of them. Basically that meant that the people who weren't taking up the challenge were 'wait-who-are-they?'.

Yes, I agree with your point that is building up in your mind : "It's not wrong to share the posts of the people taking up the challenge". The basic idea of taking up the challenge is to celebrate writing, the passion for it while appreciating the people who are taking the challenge and also "those-who-weren't". It is to celebrate writing. It's not to celebrate challenges. So, I was gravely shaken by the revelation of these people that were a step above and they had a "cool" group of themselves. I was part of the group as well, once. But, knowing this I just couldn't. The very thought of bringing the people around the world to one common platform to share their writing, knowledge and knowing them better didn't quite meet the mark.

So, I started my own challenge as a Social Experiment to see how many of the people(challengers) were really unbiased and actually celebrated writing, without the basic obligation that they had to read the post of only the people taking the challenge. But you know what, I have been half way through the month, and I don't see any such thing. The experiment is still on. Now wait, I am having a feeling that you might be thinking that I am over-doing it a little bit too much with the 'celebrate-writing' rather than 'challenge' thing. I am not here to justify what you think or don't think. But think from your point of view only, if you are a blogger / writer / likewise.


A simple thought can provoke the silent mind to take irrational decisions.

- ak

because I can spell the alphabets in reverse.

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