Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bagged and Tagged.

Something came up as surprise. I know I have been off lately from blogging and as well as social life... err.. as well as office .... err... that's it I guess. So, as I mentioned earlier, a surprise. I have been given an award by Princess Poo. It seems I have bagged the "The Versatile Blogger Award" and I have been tagged as well. *laughs* Sorry, I just couldn't help but laugh. 

So, Thanks a lot Princess Poo for the award and tagging me as well and also for considering my blog worthy of it. And needless to say, the tagger is one amazing blogger and has some good write ups. So, you can drop by anytime and check them out. 
So, there are some rules when bagged and tagged. Though, I hate to admit it that, I might bend some of these rules this time. Rules are meant to be broken, aint it so. No? Yes ? Well, I have heard that a lot of times, but never got a chance to actually do it. You guys know that he is kiddin' right. So the rules :

a. Thank the Person for nominating you for the award and provide a link back.
b. State 7 random facts about yourself.
c. Answer the questions asked by the tagger.
d. Generate 10 random questions for the bloggers you nominated.
e. Pass on the award and inform them. 

a. Done.

b. State 7 Random facts about yourself.
  1. I am an insomniac. Everybody knows it, even(especially) Facebook. :P
  2. I spend too much. Especially on chocolates and stuff like that. 
  3. I prefer shopping alone, most of the times. 
  4. I usually eat the same thing whenever I go to a new restaurant. I don't want to upset the stomach and myself and my mind by just wasting on something new which in case is not-so-good-as-expected.
  5. I love gadgets. Who doesn't? I mean I am with them all the time. My pockets are almost filled. But still, I need to upgrade and get some new stuff.
  6. I really need to save money like big time for what I have in mind.
  7. Well, you know... I am smart, sexy, witty, intelligent, handsome, awesome. I mean you know that I am not either one of it, right ? 
c. Answer the questions asked by the tagger.

1. Have you ever been in a relationship? If Yes, can you brief? :P
Ans : Hell No. Though a part of me wants to be. While the other just smirks & laughs saying "Look at you".

2. If you can have ONE WISH, any wish fulfilled, what would you wish for?
Ans : I want to be Super Rich.

3. Tell the top 5 priorities of your life.
Ans : 1. Studies  2. Future  3. Job  4. Family  5. Myself

4. Imagine you are a CEO of a certain company and now you want to hire a personal assistant. There are 2 persons in the Finalists and one of them is extremely beautiful and you want to be in a professional as well as personal relation with them. The other one is extremely talented and has a great experience. Whom would you choose for the position? And why?
Ans : Tricky question. As a CEO, I would have to choose the extremely talented person who has hands on experience and would be good to handle the situations at hand hand easily keeping in mind the experience-factor. Now, coming to the former finalist... (only thing that is mentioned is that she is extremely beautiful), keeping the fact that she is among the finalists, she sure does have some talent. And I want to be in a professional relationship? Then, isn't it the company policy not to date the colleagues. So, how could I select either if I want to be in a relationship.

5. Would you rather chose a Good Looking person or a Good from Inside person to live your life with?
Ans : Why not both ? I prefer both, keeping aside the fact that it is difficult to find such people. Whats' wrong in hoping? :D

6. Have you ever lied? For what reason? ;) :D :P
Ans : Oh, Yeah! A lot of times. Dont you get it, my blogs contain half of my lies. #JustKidding The reason, huh? People lie to protect themselves or others. So, I excelled in doing both.

7. What is the biggest dream of yours? Has it come true? If not, what are you doing to make it come true?
Ans : Biggest dream? My dreams keep changing. You see, I am not a stable person nor are my ideas not the dreams.

8. Tell us about the BEST FRIENDS you've been blessed with it?
Ans : Friends come and go and coming to the best friends.. they impact our lives. I recently made one, but he is in different location. It is like that all the time. The better friends I make stay at different places and time fades their memories of me, but not from me.

9. If you can change anything from your past, what would you change? And why?
Ans : Myself, totally from top to bottom.

10. What do you think about me? :D Give a BRIEF EXPLANATION ;) :P :D [For 15 marks :P]
Ans : You know right? how we write answers to the questions in exams if it for 15 marks. 
What I know is that you have a varied and different way of presenting your ideas and write blogs very well. 

11. A review for my blog please :).
Ans : The same thing from above. And also you use a lot of smileys. Everybody has an unique style of writing and presenting their ideas. You stand out of them and present them too uniquely and fairly. 

d. Generate random questions for the bloggers you nominated.

  1. Your motto in life? 
  2. Ideal person/Role model ? 
  3. What is the last thing you want to do ? (haha, I know stupid question)
  4. Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?
  5. What would be one thing you would like to change from your past?
  6. What is the crazy idea that is on your right now ? 
  7. What will you do if you are the last person standing on the face of this earth? (another stupid question)
  8. What do you value the most in your life? 
  9. Rate me or my blog on the scale of 10! (Please add 5 to whatever is in your mind)
  10. Review my blog, please. 
e. Pass on the award and inform them. 

Now, one hideous task. Uff.. I am on it now. So, the award goes to...

Phew! That was hard. Done for now. Thank god. I just need to inform then whats' waiting in their letter box. By the way, I forgot to place the 'I've been tagged pic'. So, here it is.


  1. Thanks Ajay! A 147 on your blog and I feel great that you choose me to be one among the 15 *yay* ;)

    See more of you!! ciao until then!!

    Do stop by my blog!! I'd love your visits & comments! - Kappu

  2. You are welcome. :)

    Yeah, Sure thing.
    Take Care. :)

  3. YAY! :D

    Thank youuu! :) And congratulations to you too! :)

  4. Thank you Ajay! I really appreciate it! ☺


  5. I feel honored. Thank You so much :)

  6. Ajayyyyyyyy! Firstly, congratulations. Much much muchly deserved of you :))
    Oh and interesting read :)

    Now for the latter, thank you so much. I'm honestly humbled and appreciation from fellow bloggers is always a big deal for me. Thank you, really :)

    1. Thank You. :)

      You are welcome. :) Well, you rightfully deserve it more than me.

  7. Thanks a ton for the award Ajay :)

    This means a lot to me. I am honored :)

  8. Thakuuuu for the award! I am sorry I came late :(

  9. Thank you so much! This does mean a lot to me :)


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