Wednesday, December 31, 2014


"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow."
- Albert Einstein

I was just getting used to this number 2014 Twenty-fourteen and here I am rehearsing the new number 2015 Twenty-fifteen even before it has begun. Well, I like to keep myself updated, a little too early perhaps this time. I have read quite a few blogs where people have poured out their feelings for the amazing year that is just biding us farewell, while at the same time being hopeful with new aspirations in the new year and new beginnings of happiness and joy. *Touches wood* #FingersCrossed. I am with you on this and come on, who doesn't like happiness and joy. A lot has happened in the year and I am awestruck that I don't remember any of it. I always thought I had a good memory at least when it came to remembering the things other than studies. But looks like I am losing my touch. Well anyway, let me just bore you with my drama for the year. And mind you, I am not a good actor nor a good writer(*gets smacked in the head*).

Getting kicked by a Girl
It was a day after my birthday. I did not mention about it to any of my friends because I know what they would do and in the fear of that I kept it to myself. But it wasn't that hard for them to figure out. I unintentionally gave a clue and in that mistake came out the truth. I wasn't wished by any of them on my birthday, but the following day I had it coming. I was still kind of hopeful that I wasn't made out and acted so making a total fool of myself. You know the feeling when you lie to a person and the person knows that you are lying - That kind of fool I became. But, in a way I kind of deserved it. This was no fun, believe me. That was one of the birthday gifts that I ever got and hope that it is the last of its kind.

Cousin got married
After a near half year of torture from me, she finally got relieved leaving me no one to else to tease. She was on regular call with me every other week just talking about stuff called life and I was there every single time to remind her of the upcoming marriage and that fact that she hated that but kind of excited (which wasn't shown) made my task a lot easier. But all that fun ended in January when she got engaged and in February when she got married. And oh yeah, I was like the photographer and gave the offcial photographer a very hard time. 

Jobless with a Job!
So, the journey began again. Six months to the date, I was in a project and that was the longest I had been and then as fate might have it, I was left to the wild to chase some other prey, I mean project. But I was rather too adamant and reluctant as there was no harm in working for a few days or months, the money would still get credited at the end of the month. Though I could have made some productive use of the time and actually did something that mattered, rather than staring at the wall all day long. 

Another cousin's marriage.
Yes, there were a lot of marriages. Well, this was last in the family for this year. Now for last marriage I was appreciated for the messy long hair that I had by almost everyone in the family. One old guy whom I don't even know came up to me and said that he didn't recognize me (of course, he really didn't know me nor did I but he knew my mom) while suggesting me to get a hair trimmed. Yes, everybody loved my hair that they wanted a piece of it. Anyway, this time to avoid any such special appreciations, I had my hair cut 3 weeks before the actual day. As luck may have it, that barber took more than I bargained for making me look more dumber than I already was. 3 weeks later, that "effing" hair never grew a mm, resulting me to hide in the whole marriage. And this time none of my photography skills were presented. 

A hasty move.
As I was battling with boredom and nothing to work at, I finally caved in and decided to get on the next opportunity that presented itself. And it did in May as the promises seemed to be beneficial and the work was minimal. Only to find out that there was a lot in bargain which they failed to mention and to top it all, the promises were dismissed. Now that we were already in it, getting out of that mess was totally a nightmare. I actually had a few sleepless nights, thinking about the day and telling myself that only if I had thought it through. For the next 2 months, I shuttled the two corners of the Bangalore city just to get out of that false promised mess. And I did, but that was a nightmare for sure. 

Feeling Trapped.
I was already stuck in the labyrinth with no way to escape and on top of that I was the only guy in the group of ten. I was totally on the wrong side of the balance placing me in the visible limelight. It doesn't seem like much of a deal but it actually was, atleast for me. Imagine one guy and eleven girls, one is bound to feel trapped. I had a few hiccups but then more people joined and I was slowly off the hook. Thank God.

End Game.
I had to play bold. That decision two months back was eating my head, my patience. I had to put an end and I was willing to take all force with me. I wasn't scared of anything. The worst that could have happened was they telling me to quit. I called my mom and asked her if it was okay if I quit the job to which she said that she had no problem at all. I didn't had any problem with the work. In the contrary there was no work and along with it was extra pay. But they had made certain promises which they are denying it and that hit a nerve I never thought I had. I was this close to take it all the way up the chain, but they knew that they made a mistake and were willing to make amends. I was eventually let go. 

A Midnight Caller.
My phone never actually rings even though I change the ringtone every other day, well because that song was awesome. Anyway, I was just trying to get over my writer block and in the process I was brainstorming as my phone buzzed in the new ringtone for that week. The excitement that it being a girl just went down the drain. The caller was a dude(a blogger) with whom I stopped talking a few months back because he was being himself and kind of reckless in his thoughts who wanted to know about a girl (also a blogger) whom I came across around the same time as him. What surprised me was when he asked me about the private intimate questions about her to which I politely declined having any such knowledge. He was confused and unstable in his thoughts and as I thought we might be on good terms, he had to make that bad move. He called me once again a few minuted later I disconnected his call. And that was the last I heard of him. Now they both are happily in love. Yeah, I had the same question - Why the hell was I a part of this? 

A Rainy Trek.
We, as in the friends group were getting bored as we never had been out together in a long long time. So when there was a trek organized by a certain group at work, we just grabbed that opportunity as it came. It was one hell of an experience. It was rainy. It was slippery. It was congested. It was cold. It was windy. It was a near test of my stamina, which I thought I had in abundance but it was worse than I had imagined - I have no stamina at all, like NIL, Zero. Ten minutes into the trek and I badly wanted to get back to home. I did not write about it because every time I think about it, it just pains me. No not because of the near traumatic experience but my camera which got soaked even though it was rarely taken out resulting in making it a junk piece, literally. From that day whenever I see a camera, I just go "Damn! why would it happen to me?"

So far I have been going month-wise and looks like the train end here. The last three months of the year have been a fuzzy since I don't recollect a single thing that happened to me or around me. Oh yeah, there was a colleagues' marriage just this month. Apart from that, nothing. 

Have I done anything that would stand out in this year ? 
Any milestones? Achievements?
Bleh! None.
Anything to strike off from the To-Do list?
Umm, No?
Is there any chance in the next year?
Oh yeah, absolutely. Optimism is all I have, even though I might not feel it.

Anyway, ince I am here blabbering about almost significant (or not) that happened this year let me extend by just a little bit - Friends and Blogging. I haven't been the best of the writers but there have been people who were there to help me through all this ordeal.

A few people who made a difference this year -

Aditya : This great singer is not only a great friend but just admires me for no apparent reason. He has a great voice and is a fun guy to hang out with. 

Rani : She is notably the only friend who reads my blog (I hope she still does). And I am eventually making her addicted to TV series. She is a child at heart and speaks her mind which I totally admire and on top of that she has a great sense of humour. She is awesome in her own way.

Vamsi : He is my old classmate who has a wicked humor and is always the victim of being teased ( the good-no harm kind of) and I always do that.

Sabarish : He is my lunch buddy and my former team mate/ team lead kind of. He is another fun guy to hang out with.

Arjun : Though he is a little elder to me he never makes you realize that age gap.

And I belong to the so called group of friends who go by the names Siva, Laks, Deepak, Sushma and Ramesh have been a part of my year. But lately the chemistry seems off. May be the reason could be associated with Laks getting married, Deepak moving to a new project and having office far from us and the love pair Sushma - Ramesh. This couple have changed as a lot over the months totally have totally stood out to amaze me in every wake. 

A few bloggers who made a difference and continue to do so - 

Red Handed : The first person that came to my mind. She is an amazing writer and what I love about her apart from her writing is the way she motivates. Every single time I post a write up belittling my writing skills or likewise, she makes me realize I am going about it the whole wrong way and not to down grade myself whatsoever. But then again, I hit that writer's block and I feel like venting about my incapability to pen down thoughts and what a drag I am as a blogger. Then again she makes me realize - "That is so right. Why the hell did I even write? Undo. Undo. Delete the damn post!".

Dhara : I was just reading her latest post titled "Mandatory post at year end" which made me realize that I haven't done anything remotely significant in this year. As a matter of fact, I didn't do a thing. So, her post was kind of a booster to do something this coming year. And here is another amazing blogger.

Mrs. K (Keirthana) : Well, she got married this year. So congratulations and if you are reading this - You owe me a party :P . Though she might be irregular at reading my posts ( and I can't blame her for my lame posts) she understands me even though we haven't actually met. So, I really appreciate her thoughts and opinions. And not to specifically mention, she is also an amazing writer. 

Wanderer : Her mind is simply amazing. And the way she writes is quite unique. Though I envy her (a bit for that amazing mind of hers) she does sometimes helps me get out of the writers' block. Yes, she is that good. And I recently observed that she has a lovely voice.

IQ : From now on, I would be calling her Didi. Well she did related me as talking like an annoying brother. She had been MIA for a long time, but I am hoping to see her write again, soon. And hoping that she reads mine too.

Now, I would go on about each and every blogger I came across and that would take days to complete. So, let me just add the names here. SoumyaThe Purple AssassinAathiraAkshithaThinkerAmrit SinhaBushra etc, etc, are a few amazing bloggers in their own unique way.

To summarize, I have outlived which I had never expected. Yeah, of course each year has its ups and downs, but at the end of the year I can just hope for better days to come with lessons learnt from the past. Anyway, my year end song or poem or rambling or whatever you may call it. It is kind of a ritual that I post the same thing every year, just like I use the same resolutions every year.

Past has taught Lessons.
Memories have brought Happiness.
  Time has taught Living.
Mistakes have brought Wisdom

Now, New is the Year.
New are the Aspirations and Dreams
Behold the Newness.
Step forward, Step Ahead.
Here it comes, yet another Glorious Year. 

Welcome it. 
With a Smile on your Face.
And Hope in the Heart. 

Cherish the Past.  
Replenish the Future. 
And Never Forget,
Live the Moment.  

Anyway, Wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous New year. May this year bring you many good surprises, joy and happiness. 
Take Care and Have Fun.

P.S. Are you alive or did I just your last day of the year?

Monday, December 29, 2014

Frozen moment.

He stared at the melted candles lost in thought as the smoke dissolved in the aftermath of the party. He had a surprise that would be remembered for eternity. It was winter  night and the cold wind ruffled through the curtains. It was a concise party with a handful of people. It was supposed to be big, a little bigger than this.  A chill ran down his spine as he lay lost in thought. The previous the night he was excited when he bought those 30 something gifts for his friends and stuffed them with what the essentials that the eight year olds would use. He thought he had to be practical when it came to gifting and at the same time didn't want to compromise. And he was excited. This was the first time he would be surrounded in company of his friends in the larger quantity. The following day after answering the calls from his relatives and other family members, he went to school with sheer glimmer in his face. He made sure to invite everyone to his party, each and every person he knew in his class. Eventually, the final bell rang as the whole lot dispersed to their homes. He was pretty excited and at the same time was scared a bit. This was the first time he was hosting this big of a party on something he felt was important. As time flew by he could smell the delicious food followed by delicacies that his mom prepared for all the guests. He had a lot planned for the day and hoped that he could be a better host the very first time. The moment he was waiting for all day finally arrived. He kept his eyes on the clock with each minute and hoping for someone to hit the doorbell or even knock. Time was being cruel on him. Each second felt like an hour. As for him, hours passed by and there was still no one at his doorstep. He was trying to his cool but and being optimistic while keeping the worst fears at bay. Little did he know that what he feared was becoming a reality with each second that passed. And eventually he was living his fear. No one turned up. He was devastated. Birthdays? He bid them a farewell for good, for a lifetime. No more. He promised himself. 

The surprise was overwhelmingly exhilarating and something that could never be forgotten. This one scarred him, for life. From that day, he wasn't a fan of surprises of any sort. Nor was he presented with any surprises, not even the good kind. Though the birthdays were bid a good farewell, it was at least customary to be celebrated with the assembly of the family which was pretty good compared to the heart breaking episode that happened to the eight year old that winter night. Eventually there were no gifts at least on occasions like these. Gifts, normally are something that one give to show a certain gratitude, love or something to remember someone or a day by. That being the basic principle that surrounds this surprise of gifting. Eventually he used to ask his parents what he would be getting for his birthday. Now mind you, there were no friends coming over his house, and that meant no gifts, nothing. So the only other alternative was asking the people he would be spending with. Now there was an interesting analogy of all this gifting business. For instance one was in need of something, say like a bicycle because it was fun to ride and one of the important accessory as a kid and he would get it. Six months later, they point at his bicycle and said that it was his birthday gift. No argument there, right ! But eventually the joy of getting a certain gift unexpectedly faded. Though there were a lot of arguments trying to prove the worthiness of a certain thing, but the routine pointing to certain thing and telling him to be happy for that as it was his gift for that year just bored his wits. Where is the surprise? But he couldn't argue, could he now? There was no logical point because he knew he couldn't win. The result was that joy of getting a surprise gift on a special occasion was left to his imagination. Not even for Christmas and he wondered why there no gift at the Christmas tree. 

He froze as he stared at the box wrapped in a shiny ruby red as his words faded in silence. The thoughts stumbled in his mind, but he couldn't say a word.

It was just like any other day at the office, cold with the low air-conditioner's temperature in spite of regular calls to maintain a steady normal temperature. The aftermath of the Christmas celebration was settling as the people were just admiring their gifts given to them by their Secret Santa, while some were still wondering what was lying in front of them indirectly questioning the taste of their Secret Santa. He was one among the latter but he was extremely humbled that the gift he gave was appreciated which he didn't expect. He had spent a good deal of time trying to figure out what to give and whether he would be able to make them happy. And boy, he was too glad when he realized that he was successful in bringing that smile when his gift was opened. Just as then, the screen on his computer blinked to a chat message that popped up at the end of the screen as he was thanked and appreciated for the gift. He had no idea how to respond to the gesture so he just smiled and said "You a welcome". He had no idea that there was this much joy in gifting. The blinking window in the screen read, "Are you busy?". He had this custom response to this question "Nope, not at all. Whats' up?". And the following response meant that he had to be present there. As a good friend he considered to be he didn't question the nature of the meeting, he just made himself available. He stood there anticipating something that might require his help or likewise. Little did he know that there was a whole lot of surprise waiting for him. His friend opened the drawer of the cupboard revealing a neatly wrapped gift. He froze as he stared at the box wrapped in a shiny red-ruby as his words faded in silence. The thoughts stumbled in his mind, but he couldn't say a word. A few moments later, he was still trying to comprehend that it was gift for him. There was no occasion but there was a gift in front of him which he assumed was for being that friend. He was overwhelmed beyond his wildest imagination and though it was beyond his anything he could possible comprehend, he just let the stream take its own course. He just wanted to cherish that gift but was told to unwrap it. As he carefully opened the wrapped gift making sure that it doesn't get torn, a box labeled Ponds Age miracle presented itself before him. Now, this is a surprise. But that wasn't all. As he proceeded to open the final installment of the package, a coffee mug was carefully lying in the confinement of the box. For a coffee lover, this was an added surprise to the already surprised face. Though he had a million thoughts colliding in his mind for the unexpected surprise, all he could say was a few Thank You's. He had nothing in return. He so badly wanted to reciprocate the affection shown towards him, but there was nothing that great that could possibly be at par with the gesture. He was just lost in thought, lost in admiration as time froze for him. 

Monday, December 22, 2014


I have been a serious writer, that's what we people who write once in a while call ourselves. And this once in a while is the result of a serious work of procrastination and not to mention the avoidance of all the "other" distractions like beautiful people ..umm.. I mean TV and games. Yes, I agree that there is a hot lady at the other end of this coffee shop, but lets not get, should I say Distracted? So where was I? Yeah, I am a serious writer!

A serious writer by definition is not a person who has to publish a minimum of two books or at least one in a year and should be able to sell a million copies, respectively. No. That would make you a serious author, a novelist, a prolific novelist. A serious writer is a person who write seriously but never meets the appeal of the so intended people or as they feel proud to call them, their followers.

Yes, I have raised a few eyebrows back in the day when I was great at day-dreaming. And yes, I have left hit a nerve or two a couple of times, when my "followers" had to trouble themselves to close the window or when they had to bring their palm to their forehead and slap it as a response to my brilliance. And yes again, I have started a revolution when the people started running, away. But I have been a successful. In a being that lonely guy trying to improvise the world with radical thinking while sipping a second mug of coffee between two words. Caffeine! Well, aren't we all addicts? I am addicted to writing *ahem* I mean coffee.

But nevertheless, I consider myself to be a serious writer. Yes, I just love this line, may be because its' filled with uber sarcasm of all levels.
What do you write about? 
Almost everything under the sun. Prose. Poetry. Everything that happens all around. Society. Even photography. Now you see, when I am showcasing these many talents, the least I expect is "Wow, you are awesome dude!". But you know by the looks on the face of the listener that he/she is not interested in your "boastings" whatsoever. No one really cares what I write. Practically and literally. 
Why don't you write something else or something that keeps the people interested? (Now, I really don't know what this means!)
And what do you think I have been trying to do all this time being such a serious writer?
But, I heard that people earn through blogs!
Yes, you are right. But I considered myself to be free, rekindled spirit not obsessed with worldly pleasures such as money. "Give me that effing money!" my minds shouts in 
silence of its confinement. And yet it seems more of an implausible dream.
Though when I am at the side of imparting the namesake existence of my blog, I feel that tinge of what a great writer I am. And while they advice me on what to do and what not to do, it sounds as if they are telling an expert what to do. But then again at the end of the day I am no expert and we all know that. 

But truth be told, it is quite difficult. As a budding writer ( Yeah, I laughed too! Budding writer? Oh Please! ), it is just not easy to attract / influence the people with a few ( C/o Oxford dictionary) rambled words arranged systematically to make sense. I wanted to learn that art. No not that thing in the parenthesis but the art of influencing through the written word. It is not easy, no. But it is not difficult as well. One needs to know that certain trick. I mean one needs to be an expert at writing, fluent in expressing and be bold enough to speak up(read : write) their mind. No, I am not even close to any of that. 500+ posts! 5 years! And still I haven't learned anything. If at all, my grades have kept dipping in my progress report(if we were to consider, but I advice you not to) over the couple of years. 

This never ending ordeal of belittling myself(speaking truth about myself) while dreaming to be sitting in a bookstore signing some authored copies never ceases to exist. A distant dream perhaps, or may be not. I was totally kidding. It is far beyond my dreaming. Speaking of which what have you been up to lately? And how near are you to your dreams.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Am I good?

I stared at the screen for a moment. I dozed off for a moment. Oh, wait what? I almost skimmed through the message without considering its depth but then I paused. The following message helped me to snap out of my rambled obscurity. It was one of those moment when you question the question -  What the what? The mind flies into that mystic Neverland only to find oneself in one of those dilemmas. 

"You are a good friend"! 

*Pats myself*. "Truer words have never been spoken". I say that to myself feeling a little accomplished. But this one sentence got me into thinking. I have never heard it before. Yeah, I have heard that You are friend a lot many times but not every person mean it, do they? So far I have heard this from two of my friends. One was from a colleague and when he says you know that he means. It does give that tiny feeling of satisfaction or something-like-that when someone says such sweet heart felt words and mean it. While the other person hasn't even met me nor have I. Not even once. But when this friend of mine trusts to confide in me, it really feels good. Need I lecture about the trusting people, because we all know that it is something to be earned. And when someone like my friend responds with such kindness of words, you know that you earned their trust. When you are a victim of such kindness or pampering, one is compelled to keep up the attire and walk in the same footsteps for the time yet to come. 

I am no exceptional. I love to be the victim of that pampering. But I have never been much of a talker. I have found confinement in the silence than in expressing. Why, you ask? I wish I had an answer. But it just takes a few umm, months to get me to open up, give or take a few days. That's a LOT of time! Yeah, I know. I wish I was a little different and quick at falling in line. But not quite so. And this is just too slow that  I lose my queue. AK? Who's that? Yeah, I wasn't the front-runner nor was I the back-runner. I was still in the dressing room. Can you believe this guy whatever his name is? Time changes people, I guess some people don't fall into that category.

I stood there while my mind dozed in a dazed expression of dilemma instigating what might have just happened. However genuine the gesture was, I feel that pinch inside every time I face it. Something went wrong a while back. There was this almost perfectly stable circle of human friendship which got haywire with one incident and it just tore that circle into pieces revealing the true colors. No one knew that there were colors hidden beneath that plain transparent surface and that certain incident showed colors like a litmus paper.There was every possibility of ignoring all those colors and accepting them well because the bond of friendship was much more precious than a few faded colors. But those colors dug deep into their skin and as time passed they severed all ties. I was the neutral element and even tried waving the white flag as the ambassador of peace talks. Its' not up to the ambassador anymore. The train has left the station.

"Thank you for coming". As a reflex to the common thank you, the words "You're wel... " almost reach the peripheral of my lips when I freeze. Everything around just moves in slow motion while my mind starts its inquisition about what just happened. While the mind process all this, the person is back on their way to work while I stand there mid way at the opened door. Though my silent response never ceases to change no matter how many times I am faced with this same sweet plausible gesture. Alternatively I try to say "Hey, you don't have to thank me. This is what friends do" but it just fades away under my breath. 

"Am I a good friend?" Let me rephrase that....

Can I be your good friend?

Sunday, December 14, 2014

That 'thing' in Nothing.

A mishap.
It was midnight, ten minutes past twelve. The cold wind sneaked into the warmth of my room rendering it a cold compelling me to slide under the sheets. I was writing, as usual burning the midnight oil. I was sitting there covered in blankets to keep me warm, snuck my hands out to write. Just as then, the Internet goes down. Flash back 10 minutes minus one: The WiFi in the room is dead slow as someone had used up all the data for the month. What the hell is he even downloading? Its' not even 10 days and the Internet is at snail's space. Wait, the snail will be faster than my Internet speed. Just as then, the download speed boosts up to 2 MBPS. Holy umm wow, I put 3 movies in download in a split second and open my Blogger draft to complete what I had started a week ago after being inspired by a fellow blogger's post. Ten minutes plus one later : Just as then, the internet goes down and I immediately feel that void. That emptiness. I lost the flow of words and my mind went blank. Ok, I am exaggerating, but the situation was almost similar. The following day someone breaks the news that some may I quote 'Idiot' has cuts all the cables running from above their apartment. Now, who is that stupid? Three days down,still no internet and no tv. And there again, I really felt that void. And it was the very reason why I couldn't read anyone's blog or complete any of my drafts. 

Keep Counting 
Washing clothes has never been fun even when there was a machine to do all the work. Why? Because there is a greater evil called laziness and a much greater devil called procrastination. Yeah, I am full of both of it. So the last week, I fought my demons and finally made my way to the mighty (read : dumbass because it doesn't work when I need it to - as if it is programmed : if Ajay : Take a vacation) machine, I mean dragged myself and stuffed it with all my clothes and fast forward one hour, it was done. Phew! Later that evening, I collected all my clothes threw them on my bed and slept on my bed that night by pushing them to the corner. But the next day I had to make my clothes. Then when I was almost done, I was pairing my socks. Sock 1, no match found. Sock 2, no match found. Sock 3. Sock 4. Sock 5. Sock 6. Sock 7. Sock 8. Sock 9. Sock 10, Yay! Finally, the first match. I checked it all over again, if I made a mistake while pairing. Nope. I didn't. I have 9 single socks without a matching sock. What the hell, right!? What was I thinking when I was buying these many socks in the first place? But even more alarming question is where are my remaining socks? Now, I wear different colored socks these days, till the day I find its actual matching pair. Well, I could buy another new pair of socks. But then again, HOW MANY SOCKS WILL I BUY? 

The Kick.
I have this drug almost on a daily basis. But its not everyday that I get the much needed kick. Wait, before you get into any conclusions or assumptions, I am talking about caffeine, as in coffee. Yeah, you could burst your thought bubbles now. So the other day, I had my Caffeine infused drink and I was hyper, may be coffee with extra sugar was to blame. I had a sudden burst of thoughts, pretty good ones though. Instead of creating notes of it (on my blogging notebook, yes sir I have one) with the important points so that I could build the rest of the content, I decided to go back to my room and start writing those incredible thoughts on my laptop and immediately post it. Mind you, I was feeling that certain kick. I was walking, but the routine was monotonous so I decided to change the way I walk. I started walking backwards. Well, I double checked the road and it was empty. So, I was there walking from one street light to another backwards. I also added certain catwalks and not to mention the moonwalks. And then I stumbled on a stone and I had to turn around only to find three guys staring at me. I think one of them was holding a mobile taking a video. Did you get any video? No? May be he was from my apartment. Remember? Someone cut the cables! Hope the video gets deleted somehow! Anyway, I didn't look up and brisk walked back to my room. Oh, that kick wore out, alright. And so did that burst of incredible thoughts. 

An Advice.
One of my colleague has a knack for speaking his mind, which is a good thing, but he doesn't think before saying something. It all comes back to him a good hour later and pesters the person next to him asking him whether it was the right thing he said. A few weeks back he was again telling one his many theories of what he might do, he realized that he totally forgot to mention one story of his friend. Now, his close friend from his town with whom he usually hangs around whenever he visits his home town is was kind of AWOL. The reason for his friends' MIA condition was that he eloped with a girl. Now he was in his early twenties almost his age, while she is a minor ( sixteen years old). The rumor has that they both were in love and they eloped. Now as my colleague is a good friend of the guy in limelight, everybody was calling him if he had any idea whether the guy might be. The guys' father was even begging him to tell if he had contacted my colleague. But he didn't and my colleague had no idea about him even doing this until he started receiving calls. Since she is a minor, it would come under the kidnapping case. That's not the whole story. A week or so earlier all this happened, the guy called my colleague and confessed that he was in love while he asked for any kind of advice. Now, my colleague was in his usual self of being speaking his mind advised him to elope with her and that he would be busy in his own marriage the coming month, so he could crash at his house. Fortunately, the guy didn't turn up my colleague's house. Though he admits that he just said what the guy wanted to hear, he was not the part of that eloping part. Well, someone did give that idea and who might that be ?

A Problem?
I never realized that there could be certain problem when the hair is long. Like how it just flies randomly menacing the perfectly 2 hour carefully tailored hair style (which still looks bleh!). Or like when in an attempt to get the 'crazily flying hair' back into place, all my hair comes off like that loosely kept wig. Or like how the perfectly straight hair gets that Clark Kent (aka Superman) twist but making crop circles all over the head. Or like when I am drinking a well frothed coffee, I have to worry about the hair going into the coffee while sipping rather than making a clown nose. Or like when a friend tells me check my 9 o clock and I can't because my weird crop circled hair is covering my eyes. Isn't there any permanent solution to this? Yeah, there is. GO BALD. No. No. No. No. Nonononononono. I am not doing that, ever. Oh, you will not have a choice. With the pace at which your hair is dropping, you shouldn't be surprised if one day you woke and shout at the top of your voice while looking at the mirror.

P.S. The title of the post makes no sense. I too know. 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Snow Globe Theory

The night was young as the moon adorned the silver armor and shone in its adorning beauty. The luminous light so vivid that the night appeared day. Just as then a dark cloud ran the race from the outskirts of the capitol to eliminate all light, that dangerous evil darkness no one was aware of. Silence swept across the streets of conjusted homes, statues, palaces, whatnot. The silence was deafening. In the center of the palace was a child in a cradle sleeping peacefully without anything to worry about. The silent atmosphere echoed his small breath of life. *Breathe in* *Breathe out* *Breathe in*. There was silence again, that cruel deafening silence. 

A nostalgic expression with a hint of sadness and anger left my breath. Let me bring to you the movie - Exodus : Gods and Kings. This particular paragraph is a scene in the movie. It is so heart-breaking, so cruel. Well, I felt so. God! God! What is God made up of? Or what is God? Or who is God? No one has really ever seen him. He has always been that mysterious. Oh, come on theist, have you ever had the pleasure of meeting him or seeing him or umm never mind! Well, I do believe in your belief. But we have to agree that he is mysterious enough. Well, in this movie he makes an appearance to a person who never believed in God. That's the logic there. If you never really believed in God, he will chose you and you have a great destiny to fulfill, the God's destiny of course, for salvation perhaps. What fascinated me in the movie was the God and his actions. In the early mid 1000 BC, there was slavery, a sort of slavery which was unbearable to even imagine. We all know that, don't we? History did make that clear or was it the Bible? And there are many stories of God in that time period, his birth, his purpose, and so many other things.

So, as part of the greater good, what was the necessary evil? What was needed for the good to come out from so much evil. Life! Life was at stake. And this movie had put a big question mark on the God's intentions. Kill a few to help a lot? That was the motto. There was this phase in the movie when the God brings down his wrath. He kills all the fish, destroys the crops, followed by an attach by flies, frogs, worms, whatnot. There was a plague out of no where, and a deadly one. I wonder what happened to the balance of nature? And what shook me to the core was when he decides to kill all the children. While the children who are in the houses which are marked with the blood of the sacrificed lamb won't be killed. Death. If death was so inevitable, kill the few people who are the cause for that very evil. Why are the innocent lives at risk here? What kind of sick mind is this?

But come on, God is GOD, the mighty, the powerful, the graceful, the peacemaker. He has a purpose and he was just doing what he thought was necessary for the greater good. We are just supposed to believe that, blindly, or with logic if there is any or if anyone cares. Well, after all he is the God and he is right! Praise the Lord. So, we have come to a conclusion that God is the supreme and the creator and the protector and the everything invincible. But he had to start somewhere. How did he come up with the idea of this universe, this planet, the people in it and the everything around you and me, I mean us. So, I have this theory, a rough one though, but believe me I am getting it patented, just in case. I could be right after all.

The theory behind the mystery of how God created the universe. (This is awfully long title for a theory). Well umm, yeah got it. This sounds better : 

The Snow Globe Theory

Statement : According to this theory, God created the universe.

The Explanation : 

There was darkness, everywhere. Like an infinite black room with nothing in it. But it was not how it was. It was how God felt when he looked around him. There was infinite emptiness. Just as then the god realized that he had powers (the gender is still inconclusive as I never had the chance to be in his presence, but let's say Male) to do anything, create anything, like anything. To start of with something interesting, he goes to his Drawing room(oh yeah, he has one, a big very big one) and to get rid of that empty hollow darkness, he plans to create light.  

Astrology 101. He starts of with a tiny white dot. But it wasn't enough to illuminate his drawing room, so after a million trials and errors he manages to create a source of light. There you go, sun was created. He then fumbles with different shapes and sizes and after "creating" multiples theories, he settles at the sphere shape. Round spherical and transmits light in all directions equally. Awesome. He pats himself ( Nah, he doesn't! I am just saying. But it could have totally happened). 

Chemistry 101. Now the temperature, the gases, the chemical reactions to sustain that light. Whatnot. (Okay, I am going to stop myself there. That's all my knowledge about chemistry. And I feel so tired already. God must have had a lot of stamina and patience. Literally!) So after all that chemistry, the sun was fully self sustained. And mind you, it didn't happen overnight. It took a lot of calculations and assumptions, theories (that you read in Chemistry and Astrology or the origin of sun books, whatever, right?)

Physics 101. Then came big irregular masses which we in modern day call planets. God's drawing room is now filled with calculations, chemical compositions, astronomical signs and all that  stuff ( that we are still unaware of). The shape was a challenge again, but again after a thousand trials, sphere it was again. He still had to get them to fill the space around that SUN. He covered the surroundings of the sun with these planets. They were dragged towards the sun and totally consumed by it. The concept of Distance came into existence. And not to mention another involuntary discovery was the concept of motion. Another a million calculations and carefully placing the planets , everything was set in motion. Okay, who has that kind of patience? I am losing my patience trying to explain my theory ( which *cough* sucks *cough*). Well, nevertheless, he pats himself (or not) for his accomplishment.

Biology 101. I wonder what his drawing room would have been, with papers containing the blueprints of the whole universe, what to keep where, with calculations and compositions for each planet, all that physics, chemistry, astrology, whatnot ( we/I sill don't know a million other things about his drawing room). After a few days of appreciating his creation and the revolving planets he felt accomplished. Years passes by and he kept staring at his arrangement. Though he created a million other such things, a sun and planets around it, he felt that he was still missing something. Then another concept hit his mind. Life. He put all his creativity and started with a million different shaped creatures and whatnot. He placed each one certain planets. Nothing seemed to sustain Life. He had to do something. He started off with water, then the vegetation, plants, kept those small creatures. After certain years that planet achieved ecological and environmental balance. But still it didn't look complete. Then he realized to create a creature in his own image. God created Man. His bravest and the most radical creation till date. Then came woman. He wanted to impart his knowledge, but he had to be careful because it could be misused, if not handled properly. The Garden of Eden. But he also couldn't figure out the future what it had. 

He(The God) had no idea that some ordinary man (me) could ever unravel that mystery, or should I say the secret of his. How did I do that? With his gift of knowledge, of course. I bet he didn't see this coming. This is a theory-in-progress and a lot of additions and new discoveries will be added to it as we(I) unravel it. Hence, I conclude my Snow-Globe theory! 

Ah, I bet you that question why is this theory called the "The Snow-Globe Theory"I have explained almost everything (most of it! Ok, a part of it! Ok ok, no need to get all hyper, a very small part of it), I still haven't told you where he stays, did I ? Aha see, I got you there. So, where does God stay? As far as I know all this infinite universe could be inside a snow globe minus the the snow (of course) in a kid's room given by his father, the God. There you go, the mystery behind the name of the theory. But there is no snow. So what? My theory, my name! And mind you, its' going to be patented. And eventually I will get that signature from God approving it. Believe me, that day is not far. Wait till he sees' that Snow Globe. 

And oh yeah, Nobel Prize is also not far away! Just remember my name.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Beautiful Mistake.

The eyes never left the wall, they couldn't. The wall where the evening crimson sun rays illuminated the center piece like a limelight in the dark theater. It was an art, a masterpiece. The world around him stopped as the seconds turned into hours. Each moment glorifying a memory, a gift, which seldom felt like freedom, like solace. It was pure bliss. 

The masterpiece that hung on the vibrant wall was a monochrome picture engulfed in the colors of black and white. It was odd considering the bright color of the wall, but that framed possession could put any background to shame. It was simple yet unique piece. Everything was odd for a normal eye from the wall to the picture, the frame to the color. Everything. That's what made it more exquisite. No. That wasn't the reason.

It was a sunny afternoon. They had gone for a long drive, striking another item from their To-Do-Before-25. They were passing through the hilly landscape of lush greenery and wheat colored  grass . They had to stop and breathe in the serenity. That pleasant air that brushed the golden grass flakes on the hilly side brought the much needed calmness in their tiresome journey . There was something magical and this being their first rodeo, they never wanted to forget this, this memory, this memory of their togetherness, this memory of the beautiful bond they shared, this memory of their happiness. He was an artist, a painter. He would have loved to have his canvas and he could embrace that memory in the crimson colors of serendipity. She was an artist too, a  sculptor. She would have loved a piece of clay and rest would be splendid. But instead she showed him a Polaroid camera, one from her rare collections, an antique gifted by her father on her marriage. They both were artists sure, but they were no good with a camera. They both fumbled and finished the whole film that they had at their disposal. They had a wonderful time, having fun and a lot of memories to remember. 

He feared the worst for the photos, but he found the one that stood out among them. The one which captured her natural self, her happiness, her shimmering beauty in the sunkissed afternoon, the one which was the product of an innocent accidental snap. Everything about her was perfectly tuned in that accidental capture which spoke about volumes about her. He had to cherish this memory, this mistake, this beautiful mistake which to this day brought back all the memories of them both and the years they spent together. Though he lost her a few years back, but he relived every day with her, staring at her.

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