Sunday, September 20, 2015


Concise. Precise. Elaborate. 

So the other day, I was at this bloggers meet. And as usual I was being m usual self, introvert and 'kinda-minding my own business sort of' instead of mingling with people, making friends, making blogfriends, interacting, sharing my piece of mind, by mind I mean blog and getting to know them, their blog and eventually creating a WhatsApp group for the bloggers. Camera and taking pictures of people sitting from my seat. Yes, I was /am too lazy to move around. No, that wasn't it. 

Anyhow, in the middle of the Know the blogger session that was going on where one had to explain why they blog and give one thing they learnt from blogging. One person suggested that the content should be short, while another suggested that it should be long. Keep it short. Keep it long. Keep it short because people tend to get scared on looking at long posts. Keep it long because that would keep the reader interested in reading more. I don't really understand the logic in the long posts. People don't usually have time, do they ? Mostly they don't. People read while they are travelling or having a coffee or something. So, long posts are a turn off. Being said that I am a long post writer. I write and write and don't really care how long the post is. I like to keep it concise but then again I want to explain everything. Now, we all know how long posts are a big turn off.

I can't help it. So, I think I might have a solution for that. Giving the people, the readers to choose whether they would like to go into details or not. I will start of with a small description or just a line. I will also write the elaborate description or whatever we call it, but the reader will have the choice to read it or not. That being said, the question that you might have is whether you would be redirected to a new page containing the description of the so mentioned one line. 

In other news

2091 pageviews in a day. Two Thousand freaking pageviews!! « Elaborate ♦ »

So, you see. Check out the elaborate feature which I just introduced. And tell me, if you would like to see my posts just like that. You see, I am giving you a choice to chose what you want to read. So, the reader can chose their preference. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Big Bad Wolf.

Disclaimer : Brace for impact in T minus 60 sec.
Advice : Run away.

Sometimes the road never ends. Sometimes, there is a shortcut. Sometimes, there is no road. But a path we take, nevertheless. A necessary evil or a virtuous quest. 

What do we associate a wolf with? A cunning, vicious, self loathing, preying on others. A self centered creature. The keyword being cunning. We have a story of the red riding hood where the wolf disguises as a grandma ( yes! No questions asked ). While we were at it, there was one black sheep, the one disguised as sheep perhaps. Nevertheless, we have a wolf among us. We see them everyday, everywhere. But we can't make them stand apart because well, they blend in perfectly among us, don't they? We have no idea who is who, unless we feel that sting of pain in our back. We believed and let the belief sink in deep within us. And boy, did they enjoy every moment of the back stabbing. We never understood what it was, because well, aren't we the just and trustworthy lot. By trustworthy, I mean putting our in the good of people, however evil they might be, however devilish they plans may be. And most importantly, we wouldn't even believe if someone did say so. "No, he / she / they would never !" , we might argue and get a few teeth broken as well for the false implications. Warned, they did but did we listen? We trust. We trust too much. And how deep was the trust for that one person whom we totally believed in.

But what did you know? 
God, what did he / she / they do to us? 
God, as we know him / her / them, was the big bad wolf all along.

To be continued ? 
Wasn't the impact hard enough ?

Friday, September 4, 2015

Oh gus, my love.

The Month that was August

The rain that lashed the lush green humid climate toning down the temperature, toning up the water level while I slept under the warm of a blanket only to be woken up by an alarm. 9 o'clock, it shouted. I snoozed it. I woke wearily a moment later, kicking the blanket under my legs. Time. 11 o'clock. Holy. That has how mostly all of my weekdays have passed by. August. Augustus. I really have no idea how this came up. Oh wait, the commercial in the TV. "I am a grenade, ready to explode" "I love you". "Oh gus, my love .." That was the one romantic turned nostalgic novel I have ever read. It was great, of course as it was recommended by a great friend of mine.

“Frankly speaking, you look like ten pounds of shit in a five-pound bag.” 
― Stephen King, Finders Keepers
I read one novel , finally. I mean it took a lot of time which it should have. But finally I did complete. I think I will review the book. I should. I bought a couple of other  novels with the sole intention of finishing them off as soon as possible.

The wind blowed in the silent turbulence. The music played hard and loud, the voices, the cries, the silence kept away at arms lenth. Sir, please refrain from using electronic devices. A smile here, and an increase in the volume there. Bleh, a sigh. What's your seat number? Oh, you missed by a row. She would have sat just beside you. The hope that someday, a very hot girl would sit beside me... and I would spill all over myself and trip and fall on my face only to find a chubby dude taking half of my seat. 

So, I traveled to Hyderabad this month. By flight. I am always excited about the flight journey. But what is more painful is that it doesn't last long enough for the money you spend. It takes a 5000 bucks for 2 two hour flight and the two hour feels like 5 minutes. You don't even feel like you traveled in the flight and spent 3 hours in the airport and then 2 hours in the air. It just takes 5 minutes. 5000 bucks for 5 min. And my goal was to complete one novel in the journey. Guess what I turned just one page. That's all I could do in 5 minutes.

How was the month that went past ? Not so good, I must say. I had a few unforeseen situations which are going to bother me this month as well. Thats' pretty much it. I guess, I am not good at rambling either. Oh man, I need to rekindle and change a few things here.

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