Thursday, May 28, 2009


Heart thumping fast.

Come on dude, Keep it up.

Oh he’s perfect.

That was a perfect move.

Oh! The other one is so defensive and a good competitor.

Oh come on dude, keep your cool.

Yeah, that’s it. Show up your talent. Ya. Ya.

Yeppie, yeppie......RF in third round.

It was a perfect match today. The perfect competitor to learn one’s weakness and the others strength. My heart was thumping fast as both the players were playing the game [I mean perfectly] and even one point could set anything right or wrong.  Nice play. Enjoyed a lot.

Well I changed some content in my blogs- the title and the description. And need to change my presentation of blogs. I saw one common thing in my blogs, the blog titles. All titles end with three”!!!”’. Why so? Even I don’t know. May be it means a puzzled ending!? What do you think.!!??

An Immigrant.

From my childhood I had been moving places. I have travelled many places. Well I have been to three different states. And lived outside my home state from first to tenth grade i.e. almost ten years. So each time different people, different language and everything is different which takes some time to get adjusted. But many people speaked Hindi which made it a bit easy for conversation and understanding. Well I have been to Assam, Gujarat and presently in Andhra Pradesh.

In Assam, I was small and worked hard for Hindi but even then it was above my head. It is a cool monsoon state and does not have so much heat as here. In Gujarat, I have been in Ahmedabad. The coolest place I had ever been to. I had lived here for seven years so obviously there would be a certain liking. But I am always the same person where ever I go.

But here in AP, I am facing with a small problem. The language problem. When I have been out-of-state I happened to learn mostly all of it [I mean Hindi] but would be conversing in my mother tongue, T [Telugu] at home. So what is the problem here? I can .hmm...I can not read anything in T. And my friends get puzzled over this in class and even outside. “How come I can’t read when I can so perfectly and fluently speak in T”, my friends ask. I would have to narrate them the above mentioned fact. They won’t believe this stuff until they are given some proof.

And these people here use such offensive language even for a small thing. This type of behaviour was not evident in other places. And I don’t know anything v****r until they tell they are speaking v****rly. Oh god, help these contaminated souls and don’t let me in their trap. And the people here are completely different. So this makes me in thinking the criteria which sets apart this state people from the others. And I am no one to judge anyone. This was just my view. Only my view.

The Unseen Guests

Friend, pal, companion, acquaintance, associate, colleague, etc. Friends are a part of every person’s life. It can’t be that you never had a friend in your life. They enter your life change you a bit and go away but their memories never fade. If anyone asks anybody how many friends do you have? The obvious answer would be many. That’s what how many? Unlimited...uncountable. Yeah, if you start counting all your friends that you have met in your life, they would be many. How does anyone become friend? A small interaction, a small laugh, a short period of enjoyment starts the so called friendship. And one can never live without friends. They become an integral part of everybody’s life. Yours lovingly also have many friends.

Oh, friends. Are there any unseen friends!? No. Excuse me dear Sir/Ma’am. I have those UF. Not one, but three. And credits to my stylish little black glazed mobile phone to set up those unseen friends. Two in Tamil Nadu and one in AP. Those staying at TN are probably Andhraites. Though there are two, but only one is still in contact. It’s Zed [Sorry fellow readers code name, yours lovingly does not disclose anybody’s name]. A small Short Messaging Service did that whole thing. If I had to tell about Zed, there’s a big story to cover. We usually talk about the college life [through SMS]. Zed is in Sastra University, TN. And would be usually passing on the greatness about studies to one another and both of us know who’s what. This unseen friend is a friend of my friend. Got an aggregate of 8.7 grade point in the first semester. Nice work buddy, eh! Well presently no contact from that person. Zed has deleted her orkut account. So no contact from the last February end. Hope to meet Zed again [on my mobile through SMS].

Another one is my cousin sister’s classmate. Actually there were many of her friends who wanted to trouble me as they were one year senior to me. And they too belong to the same group, ECE. Firstly these people started by the intention of ragging me through SMS’s. But they failed to do so. Yours lovingly being obstinate won’t easily get into those silly tricks. Recently it was Anu which started up with a small SMS. And accidently I told about these blogs. I suppose she might have got fascinated by the blog idea as she also started it and says by my inspiration. Thanks for that. I inspired someone. This sounds a little odd to me because I am myself not complete to inspire someone or whatever. Well, I ought to keep up that small, cute little appreciation.

There are more friends and more to add. These were the unseen guests in my friends list. Yours lovingly accepts any friend.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Life like this::"The Flipside 1".

Everything goes well, almost everything that you work on. And hard work never goes waste for anyone. Everyone wants to be the first in the class or the group or whatever. And the toppers never give a chance for failures in their lives. “I am No.1”. Oh no, I am not the one to say that, but the toppers. Oh but I am 1 only. It’s Roll No. 1. Some would definitely like to the first to be called and some don’t. I would be favouring the latter.

My name being AK was assigned the number 1 in the class. Firstly, I was shocked. I do not know what was wrong with it. But I still have something to tell about it. I am talking about luck. I have a very bad luck. Never has anything gone well. So, in many of the exams they would be first testing me whereas the others learn most of the things which they don’t know by soliciting others. And the teachers also would be decreasing the number of question to be asked when it comes for the last person. For me, they flittered the whole textbook upside down and for the rest the book’s title. I frankly say, “It’s too weird”.


And never-the-less in some exams, they say to pick up a paper/chit (actually consisting of a question). Oh god pardon me! My luck never goes well. It’s the bad luck again hindering me like the shadow. It never leaves me. A recent example would prove this. The subject was Electrical and Electronics Workshop and the exam was External exam. Some of my friends (hostelites in different section and group) had had this exam and they said it wasn’t so easy. So this implicated more fear in everyone of my class. This was because there were certain topics where we had to write 5-6 pages of long story. There were three such experiments. But I happened to prepare hard for the exam and prepared almost all of them. So just check my luck the next day.


I was confident on writing the exam. There were a total of 15 experiments. But I prepared them all. But. But. What happened there? I picked up a paper and went straight to my allotted place. I saw the question. Shocked.! Terrified.! [Oh you readers, you don’t have to get so curious]. Actually there were 17 experiments, but we were thorough with only 15. And mine was a different question implying to use two experiments in one and that to be a difficult and conjugate process. I tried to analyse it with the known experiments and none matched. At last I got an experiment not the same, but some what a different one but was 1% near to that one question. The rest is confidential. [Sorry my dear readers, I won’t tell what happened at last].


The computer lab examination was easy one but again being the first one, was really half-dead. The experiment was an easy one. Because there were only 14 and that to were a bit short ones except three. And this too, I did not fear even the viva-voce as I was a bit thorough with it. I was the first to complete the exam as I was the first to get the question and the program was also short. So then called for viva. What I happened to notice was that the teacher (Sir) asked questions which he did not know and was trying to clarify those doubtful questions. He almost turned the book upside down and covered every full stop in his questions. Oh god! I wasn’t a genius to read the whole-lot book. And when it came to the rest, especially the middle and the last ones, it was dead easy.


Oh these are just two examples during examination and there are many during classes. And no doubt there are many to come.


And god please stab me death, I have another three years to go for this ill-fated luck to abscond me.

Minority Report

India. What makes India apart from others? In what way can we admire our country? I seem to have come out with a small report. The Indians are told to drive their vehicle on the left side, whereas the whole world is doing the other way round, on the right side. And in our BIG country there seems to be only one great person, Mahatma Gandhi. The currency notes contain only Gandhi’s image. And never-the-less, the population stands in the second position in the world after China. And no doubt, in not more than 5-6 years we will be the topper in world.


With the present economy, there is nothing except inflation, of prices of goods, oil, etc. Why does this arise? Is the tax which we are paying isn’t sufficient for the country’s progress. No, that’s why there is INFLATION. And I missed to tell one more thing. It’s the black money. So far, India tops in that. This is clearer about by the Satyam Multi-Millionaire fraud. One of the leading companies in India, oh probably in the world too, blindfolded the country and amassed huge money. This is just the beginning, I suppose. There are more to come.




a.       The amount of funds held offshore globally by individuals is about $11.5 trillion-with a resulting annual loss of tax revenue of about $250 billion.

-Tax Justice Network.

b.      Global proceedings from criminal activities, tax evasion and corruption are estimated at between $1 trillion and $1.6 trillion per year.

-UN and World Bank Report, 2007.

c.       During 2002-’06, $10 billion to $100 billion have been stolen out of India every year.

-Global Financial Integrity Report, 2006.

d.      At least $6.2 trillion of wealth is held off shore, depriving developing countries of annual tax receipts of $64-124 billion.

-Oxfam Study.

e.       India is estimated to have lost $5.2 billion just in taxes due to bilateral trade mispricing with the EU and US in 2005-’07.

-Christian Aid.


This idea was born of political imperative and economic circumstances. The political imperative stems from the need for a differentiator in an era when mandates are jigsaw puzzles and the economic circumstances calls for an idea that works both as rhetoric and a promise of a better life. After all, the “estimated”$500 bn stashed abroad is enough stimuli to resurrect growth and alter the face of India’s infrastructure. So what is the quantum of Indian money in Swiss banks? What is the source of the declaration of “between $500 and $1400 billion stashed in Swiss accounts”?

My View...!!!

Thoughts keep flowing like water. There’s an endless stream that flows and you never know from where this stream evolves from. You collect some water, pour it in a container and it takes the shape of the container. It’s an amazing chemistry that goes on with these things. And the ideas like the sands in a desert, forming a sophisticated mountain even when the sand is being windswept by the so called thoughts. When you feel you are drowning in water, you would be searching for land for comfort. And when left in a desert, you would be searching for water being thirsty. You need both the things at the same time. You can’t live without any of these, Thoughts and Ideas.


You may take a glass or a bucket of water from the ocean. But this intake process cannot be defined by any physical appearance. The water again gets back to its original form. If the same is being recited with the sand, then in the first instance there’s an excavated part which is then plastered by the winds of thoughts. But with the case of water it gets mixed up immediately without giving you a chance to notice the change.  So these thoughts are like the wind which flow endlessly in the mind of every soul. When you look at the water you find yourself which is nothing but the proficient use of your thoughts and ideas which makes your identity.


Every word in a dictionary has a meaning and every meaning again has a meaning in the same dictionary. The dictionary won’t be complete without these meaning or it may probably be not called a dictionary if it fails to give the meaning of the meanings.


My mind is under a constant strain about these ideas and thoughts. I had been trying to make it up with my ideas. But they keep flowing and never give themselves a pause so that I can develop. Yes, they won’t stop like the time. They keep flowing like the time. So all depends on the finest use of these ideas in the accurate format/layout. So I had been writing my thoughts on the sand which is being erased by the wind of illusion. So is the case with me. Many ideas flood through my brain and none retains when brought to pen the same. My thoughts are purely Black And White and am trying to make them colourful by my efficient use of the language which I know. And I know this is a bit difficult task. And need a practise. I need a small light, a small hope, a driving force and an undistinguished mind to work perfectly on my thoughts and ideas. So I am blogging to keep some of my ideas and thoughts alive.


 And there is a lot to be done about these blogs. They lack the essence of the precise usage of words. My write-ups would be like Second Standard English notebooks or the journalists scribble pad. I sincerely need to improve the quality of my writings. And all comments are accepted. Please do comment on my writings. I need to improve myself.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009


These things just went through my mind.


A small and cute “SHORT MESSAGING SERVICE" [probably known as SMS in simple language] from one of my friends.

“Two humans ascended a certain geological protuberance to collect hydride of oxygen whose quantity is not specified. One member descend dramatically suffering mechanical damage to the cranial part of his anatomical structure and the second member follows the first in a series of rapid irregular disturbing movements. In simple English, Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water when jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after.”

So what I was thinking was that Science makes every simple thing difficult. I mean the scientific language. The simplicity of the English language is being so complicated by the scientific language. I am not criticizing Science. I meant “Life is so complicated with all Science things going around our lives. And no one can live without it”.



Ten young men decided to celebrate their graduation from secondary school with a dinner at a restaurant. They started arguing as to which seat each should occupy. Some of them proposed to do so alphabetically, others according to age, still others according to height. The argument went on and on... until a waiter disentangled their problem.

”Listen, my young friends”, he said. “Sit down where you are. One of you can write down the order in which you are sitting. Return here tomorrow and sit down in a different order. After that, do it in yet a different way, and so on until you have tried all possible combinations. And when the time comes for you to sit down at the places where you sit today, I promise you to serve you free of charge any delicacies that you like.”

The suggestion was tempting, and the young men decided to meet at the restaurant every day. But the day never came-can you figure out how many different ways there are for 10 people to sit around a table!?

An article published in “The Hindu’s supplementary Young World”.

Adapted from “Figures for Fun”, by Yakov Perelman, Foreign Languages Publishing House, Moscow 1957.


It was nice little managerial skills of an experienced waiter to cash the little less intelligent secondary pass-outs. There was a factorial of ten different ways which approximately equals to 3628800 nearly equal to 51840 times an average individual can live.



The teacher asked Jonny to step forward. She gave him a book and asked him to read out some passages from it. The entire class was silent as Jonny read everything out loudly and clearly. When he had finished, the teacher asked him to explain what he had just read. Jonny shook his head. “Sorry, Ma’am,” he said, “I wasn’t listening.


Follows an article in the “Education Plus” of “The Hindu” [Newspaper] under the title “Be a Good Reader”. It was describing about the reading techniques. And what most people make mistakes while reading, not concentrating on the matter read rather than the audibility, posture, etc. It was a nice article. Must read once.

I had been doing a lot of home work. Homework? Yeah!? A bit to improve myself on a small subject. Did small reading of some posts by KS. Fantastic, marvellous, magnificent they were. Sorry, no more words to describe such breathtaking mind-blowing blogs. Read for a short span of 30 min and jotted down some of the words which I haven’t heard or read before. I would call him  [KS] a “WALKING DICTIONARY” and an “ENGLISH LAUREATE”  and if given a chance give him a doctorate in English language ( may be it comes under Commerce, I don’t know?!:-( ). Well he deserves one of such things, I must say.


Day was boring without internet at home. And gave a big strain to my sensitive eyes with frameless specs by watching Tennis. French open season is on (You would be knowing this better than me). Amazing play was it today. I watched many matches. I was driven crazy by one small thought. Well I am a big fan of RF [“Roger Federer”]. So I would be buttressing on RF. It’s obvious for a fan to do so. If it is someone whom you don’t know even then you would be sustaining your support on an individual. What do you take into account when you support someone when you don’t know them? Well in my case many things, I must say. Body language, confidence, perseverance, etc, etc and most importantly the play. Many things come. You must have also noticed it. If not try watching a play of unknowns, whether it is Tennis or Soccer. You are sure to prop your confidence on some one.


And my mind was truly undisturbed by the outside world. If it was studies I would be picking up each and every point besides studies. Strange eh? Yes sir, I know. But just can’t help myself.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


 Show me the meaning of being lonely,

So many words for the broken heart,

It’s hard to see when it comes in life,

So hard to believe, walk with me........

.....Your every wish will be done. Then show me.

Show me the meaning of being lonely,

Is this the feeling I need to walk with,

Tell me why I can’t be there where you are,

 There’s something missing in my heart,

Life goes on as an never end

I just go observe the trend....... goes on the lyrics by:



I walk a lonely road,

The only one I, I have ever known,

Don’t know where it goes,

But it’s on the main and I walk alone...

I walk this empty street on a bulk of wired up broken dreams,

Where the seedy sleeps

And I am the only one and I walk alone

I walk alone ... I walk alone.......

I am walking down line that divides me somewhere in my mind,

On a bolded line where I walk alone...

........... goes the lyrics by:




Have you heard these two songs? Hear them once. They are really superb and fascinating ones.


Well these goes similar to me when I take the present situation where I had been living at hostel. So at hostel there would be many people moving around and there a lot enjoyment being with so many friends and making a lot time with them. You won’t even watch movies alone. You take along a bunch of friends along with you and there no reason for not to enjoy. You won’t leave your friends at any moment. You will be with them in canteens, parks, theatres, etc. And you would not like the idea of being alone. If in any situation you are left alone, you might get frustrated and can’t do any work properly. So it means that you get an inextractable part of a group. And you happen to enjoy their company. How actually friends are formed? Well that depends of overlapping one another’s ideas and thoughts and many reasons if you want to take them in account. But it was not same case with me. Was I different?


Yeah. In my sense I am truly different from others. In what sense? Ask my friends, they will be telling many things about me like I’m like that; I am like this, etc. I can’t object their opinion. But I have my own. If you happen to see me in the class room, I would be sitting in the first bench without anyone on my sides where as all my friends move over all class room chatting with all the people. I liked to be like that. It did so because no one used to disturb me and nothing incredibly would happen to me. So how many of my class mates know me?


Ah. Nice question? Almost three quarters of my class fellows know me. The credit goes to the aggregate percentage which I luckily attained in my first semester. So when you happen to be good at class, friends automatically add up thinking they are with some of the “INTELLIGENT” guys of the class. That was about my class mates. At hostel, there was one more thing to add to this marks funda. That’s my laptop. When I took it to my hotel, I was the second person to bring a laptop to that hostel. So many people came and went looking at my laptop. So more friends added open in the list. One of my friends tells it took him almost one month to know me perfectly and talk freely. That person was Sri Charan. This person is a laptop alcoholic boy and gets attached to his own which he brought after a month of mine. And if you happen to one of my classmates he told that some of the people stored my cell number as AJAY(SILENT). Such funny people. They often ask me why am I so silent. I would probably say,”Just like that”. Well that was about my friends.


I had been away from home almost for a year. So you can ask me what was the best thing I liked most when you were away from home. The answers would be many but the concept is one. I liked strolling on the beach, eating food at a 5-Star restaurant, etc and all this alone. Yes alone. I went along with my friends to movies, restaurants, beach, etc but wasn’t so excited when I went to all these places alone. Yeah it is a bit costlier one when you have to pay the bills unlike with friends where you share money. I was very much fascinated moving around the city buying clothes, books, etc. Don’t ask me why? The obvious question would me “NO COMMENTS”. Huh.


Yeah I know, being alone would not serve the purpose all the times. Because you will have only few or may be at most three ideas for a problem. But in a group you may have at least six different ideas for the same problem. But I am least worried about those extra ideas. It would be better if you do things of your own ideas rather than depending on others ideas. Please note that I am not discouraging you from taking ideas from others. It may be useful some times when you are unable to think on your own. It’s just my opinion. And I even know that living alone would not be applicable for the future where I may have to work in a large database consisting of various teams. Hope I improve myself to be part of a team and increase my inner capabilities.


Campaigns, rallies, promises, manifestoes, black money, etc had been going on these days. Every party I mean the “POLITICAL PARTY” had been seen moving around the recent past. Each one of them broadcasting “We are the BEST” and would do to fulfil all the promises that had been made. And they also would be seen speaking about other parties that they are the WORSE. We had done that thing, this thing, etc. And all the TV channels and newspapers flood all their pages with all the things describing about each party’s bests and defects.


All the people want a change. Something which is truly on their behalf and which ensures their progress along with the country. And they want young people. But these young people are least worried about politics and the country as they have a good degree in their hand which can fetch them a good job either within the country or abroad except a few which is quite evident from the present elections where there was a large margin about the people who did not vote.

 And recently there were the same things going on in the US. Barack Obama is the President. There all wanted a change. And he is making progress. You must have heard “BIG BROTHER is watching you” in the US. And here are we, the people have to make the right judgement in choosing our leaders.  And now the election campaigns are almost over and some are happy about their success and the others depressed.



“It was an election where words drowned work. Where backdoor seems more important than the ballot boxes. Where much-touted game-changers proved to be big-time losers. And where no one knew how it would all end, in tears or triumph. In the end though, the people of India voted over 30 days of sweltering heat for national stability, not coalition chemistry, and the mainstream, not the marginal.”

It was a 30 days summer drama. People vote for stability, good governance and development. The first and foremost requirement for the implementation of the sets agendas is a stable government that performs. Mandate for stability was set-up.


And I quoted about the BLACK MONEY in the beginning. How do these people get such huge amount of money for campaigning?  If they have that large money with themselves, then they would be the highest tax-payers in the world. So once in a campaign there was a word by the opposition leader:

 “Rs.25 lakh crore belonging to Indians is estimated to be stashed away in Swiss Banks. We will do our utmost to bring this wealth back to India”.......SMS from L.K.Advani to the voters. He told that he would bring India’s money back if they are elected.


So the new government has been formed. Again the highest rated topics like Inflation, Foreign Affairs, Nuclear deal, etc like subjects come into force at the first instance. The government would be thinking that they are doing well for the country. Yeah, they are right. But the internal system of the government and the country is to be looked first which is not probably done at the required level. But when it comes to the country’s matter, many things have to be kept in mind and must be acceptable to the citizens, which probably does not have a clear structure. When you think about a strategic improvement in the state then there would be many to defend your opinion then to support. That is an Indian mentality, which probably restricts the country’s growth in the long run. But I am no one to judge any one. I am just a watcher and the government has to do its job perfectly. And we, the people are still watching them. Hope a change will be brought in the country's mainstream.

Friday, May 22, 2009


You had been working so hard all these days and never spent a single moment wasting. You want to be successful in your life. Your Intelligent Quotient is high. You secure good marks. And always top your group or class or whatever. Well done! Nice work! Keep it up! And this small (not really small) appreciation for an achiever can be known only by his performance in so called pain-striking “EXAMS”. Well it’s not a big thing all about exams. Surely everyone hates writing exams. But you may find someone with a different attitude. Recently I was also in the same period or you may call it phase of exams. Living at a hostel, it would have been easy for a bookworm or a brilliant to be very studious and reading for the exam seriously even among a large group of folks and this too depends on their capability or whatever.

But it wasn’t the same with me. Actually I am not really a bookworm or a person who keeps on studying and not even a person who studies and keeps the matter in the mind for a long time. I actually don’t know what the problem with me is? I do study. But it only stays in my mind for a short time. What I have noticed is that the matter that I study is with me till the exams only. And I don’t seem to remember a bit during the exams (while preparing) and I have to read it all over again. So I had been living at hostel not at the expense of my interest. But I had to because there was no other alternative at that time. But what had happened at hostel where I lived was that my roommate never used to be in the room. So I had all the freedom to do anything. Well I may be writing all sorts of records or notes or assignments, etc. And one more thing I never liked was that my fellow colleagues wanted to follow me and take myself as an example. Actually I don’t actually know what they thought, but it was what I felt whenever they used to talk to me. And so I always kept my door closed. But what was that the people outside thinking about me as I had been sitting in my room for such a time. Actually they had been thinking I was studying all the time which I never did. It’s obvious for anyone to think the same if it was anyone else. But I really really disliked their opinion. Just then there were exams coming ahead? First the LAB exams then the SEMESTER end exams. So I started my preparations for the exams. The problem was that I seemed to have got a good aggregate % in the 1st semester. So it was obvious for anyone to think that I am an intelligent guy. And that % put me as the hostel topper which was a real fake in reality but it was the same. Everyone looked me differently as I had done something wrong. So you can understand how poor my fellow hostel mates are. Actually they aren’t poor. They became poor in studies. Oh leave that. Just when the exams had started everybody seemed busy with their preparations. The exams had begun. And there are some idiots there up at hostel. Some need the materials and notes for preparation and they approach me. And one of the idiots always knocks my door and asks such silly doubts that you are sure to forget the content (subject) for the next day’s exam. Then as he goes away I slam my door hard enough as I was very angry. It won’t be even 15 minutes that again someone knocks the door and it is the same idiot. God Damn, man. He doesn’t seem to be thinking that he is disturbing the other person. He just wants his work to be done. That’s it and one more thing that person remembers to study only before the exams and won’t be seem during the normal working days. I had been studying hard to keep up the at least the previous score. But it wasn’t so easy. This second semester is a bit difficult than the first one and the next coming semesters would be much more difficult as they deal with the core of my group. Studying ...
studying....diverted....studying.....diverted......studying....!! That was my cycle going on. And the papers were just above my head. All the arrows that I shot were far away from the centre mark. So you can imagine how poorly I must have done. We had two groups given two sets of paper each different subject. The other group got all the papers as easy that I would have not worried so much. They were damn easy as they are compared to ours. Damn again. Only two subjects Physics and Mathematics II were easy and I suppose I had written them well. And all others were devil’s rule to drive ourselves out of our conscious.Exams. Exams. Exams. What everyone thinks about these exams? Everyone including me consider them to be hell except a few. Actually I want to study what no one studies the most. But I lacked time and my inner conscious was a little disturbed at that time. So wasn’t able to concentrate harder on harder topics. And that gave me a fine blew and swept me of like a “TORNADO”. Now I’m helpless. No one can do anything about the past, I mean about the exams. And hope for the results to be good and not a discouraging one. And a big gratitude to the god for helping me to write the exams either good or bad. He just tested me and I have failed in proving myself. And a small advice: Don’t consider exams to be a burden. Consider them to be a duty to be performed and make sure you do your duty perfectly and reach your goal.


What actually is that “FRESHER’S PARTY”? A party given to the new comers of the college. We just had the same party and again the same party. You may ask, “What’s that you are telling?” Actually, we had two “Parties”. And this was to be given in the college beginning. But we have nearly completed the first year and if we wait for one more month, a new batch will be joining. What I did not understand was that why they were forcing us to attend and even calling our parents so that we can attend the party. I was totally exhausted by their extreme pressure and their begging for money and we in order to escape from that told some white lies. So I had to give the money. And so did many of my batch mates. Well let me describe my experiences in both of these one by one.

Fresher’s Episode 1:: Rosso, Visakhapatnam
That day was 8th of March. Rosso was a newly built “PUB”. Pub, what? Did I write correctly? Yes, I am precisely perfect. It was really a sophisticated pub. As I have never been to a pub, I thought of giving myself a chance to have an outlook of how actually a pub looks like. And I too know that a pub has disco lights and people enjoy by dancing but, I had never seen it practically. So here we go.

We were told that the party was from 9 am to 5pm. So myself being too punctual, after wasting a lot money (on calling my friends about their departure for the party), I arrived there at 9.30 am only to find no one there known to me. I came to know that being punctual sometimes never helps. So I went into the near by Bakery shop only to find nothing as it was opened exactly 5 minutes before....... I had been standing outside waiting for my friends...I stood there for almost an hour and a half. In the mean time one of my classmates came. But the problem with him was that he keeps on talking and that to be “RUBBISH”. His name is Viswanath. So we both were fed up and finally dared to enter the den of not actually lions but of our seniors. It was on the fourth floor. As we were entering through a “BIG SPOONGE DOOR” (I suppose it was kept to eliminate the sound) one of senior told to go inside...

It was a bit dark inside. And it should be dark only otherwise it’s not called a “PUB” which actually has disco going on around. We seated ourselves in a big leafy sofa. Ya, there were some juniors present there that to be of different section. What were these juniors doing at the time? They were being ragged. What? Exactly they were being ragged. So I just wanted to escape this spree. But unfortunately some brainless fool caught me. “How did he look?” Frankly speaking he was not looking like a “Third Year” candidate. What was the promise they made while begging for money. They told that there won’t be any type of ragging. But what’s actually happening here. Oh I am not escaping. He told me to tell, “Go near that girl in white and tell that she was looking nice” (Actually he told me in Telugu, I’m writing it in English for convenience). “BULLSHIT” DAMN IT MAN... What? I wasn’t misheard. I pleaded him that I can’t tell. He seemed to be poor in “Ragging”. He went away saying, “You are not yet developed”. I was totally relieved. And a sigh of relief. I took a drink. (Are you getting bored reading this!!)?If yes, the same was my situation there hiding from those ill-mannered seniors. And finally our classmates came. Some of them seemed sporting some tattoos on their hands and some on their faces. They had the intention to “ROCK” the people there.

Well I’m cutting this episode short or else you’ll be too bored. I was there watching everyone and their acts. Actually who was enjoying. We gave the money to have ourselves ragged or what. The seniors were enjoying to their maximum possibility. They weren’t even sparing the girls. Those people (who are called “Sir”) were totally seen with the girls and talking to them and troubling them. Now I am talking about the man’s psychology towards a woman or a girl. Every man wants to talk to girl in general. So same was the case here. What I could see was that they were troubling a girl who was the prettiest among the girls present there. I don’t know what her feelings were?? But what I sensed was that she had been pleading for a long time and at the other time feeling truly uncomfortable.

And every junior was forced into a 20x20 square shaped platform or the so-called battle ground (I named it as Battle ground), where the actual dance takes place. No one was spared. But some cleverly escaped among them was I. Some showed their talent in the field of dance. And the best one was given the “Mr. Fresher” award, a small gift. And among the girl’s only one girl danced solely and there was another girl named Jyothi Sharma who was forced to dance with a senior. The same girl I was talking earlier.

And I never knew that this would happen. There was a talk that a girl fell down. But I did not see anyone. Do you actually know why she fell down? She drank. What? The hard stuff which makes you loses yourself (hard drink). Not any delicious chocolate but the alcohol sort of a thing. This I came to know the next day in the class. So every one of the junior and senior were enjoying being ragged and ragging except me. But I was totally undisturbed by this foul essence. We eventually had our lunch which was one of the best that I had ever eaten. It seems that I actually enjoyed this only... eating, eh. That was the end.

Hey the party wasn’t actually over yet. The fourth year people came as there was also the farewell party along with the fresher’s. At this time the juniors were totally neglected after their arrival. That was it. The persons interested could stay.
And now I’m concluding the first episode. Really I did not enjoy as the sole concept was “Ragging” and it was just a Waste of time, a real a real waste of time.

Fresher’s Episode 2 :: Dolphin Hotel, Visakhapatnam

This time this was given by the second year people. There was a dispute between the second year’s G.U. (Gitam University) stream and the third years A.U. (Andhra University) stream. So I was told that these second year people are contributing their own money to give a party as a matter of prestige to their stream or section or whatever. So this also on Sunday, the 29th of March.

Now also they came to us to come saying that we don’t have to give any money. And the girl seniors also came to plead our class girls. So again I went there in spite that I knew that they would be ragging us. But with a little, little hope as a sand particle in the air (not a good comparison). I went there as being punctual to time. The same situation as the one earlier. No one came. I wandered there for almost an hour and was totally exhausted. After some time I went inside, inside the den again, only to get myself involved in the foul essence of the so called ragging. I was eventually ragged and was told to tell my SD (Self Details). I had to. I had no other chance. I wanted to keep myself away from them. But one of my friends BVR.Bharadwaj was not coming back. What I sensed was that he wanted to get himself known to the senior girls. I really hated that type of an attitude. Actually, I hate talking to girls in person, don’t know why ....anyways leave it. I was sitting there at the last to see the drama and not to indulge in any of their teasing. One senior came near me, held my hand and pushed (dragged) me on to the Dias and told me to dance. I pleaded that I don’t know any sort of dance. I stood there for almost 20 minutes. Even then I wasn’t left. I cleverly managed to escape from there and came out. I was totally relieved. I would like to write some people’s names as I want them to be remembered. Those senior girls’ names...hmm...Actually I don’t know anyone’s. But I came to know afterwards. Those names are Alekhya, Divya, Soumya etc. Not any more I know only these people’s names. The first one was truly involved in ragging. The second one will be described later. And the third one was a real shit. Some of my friends were told to propose her and she was truly engaged herself in that. Horrible. Too weird, eh!

Well as soon as I came from the Dias I again occupied the last seat along with my friends. We had our meals. And we thought of leaving but were stopped by the seniors. So we came back. And I was about to sit when a big lean spike haired black idiot told me to offer a sweet dish to one of the senior girls. Shit. I hated it. But could not escape. I had to do. So this person was Divya (I don’t know whether this name is correct or not.). And I did it. But she said she had already had one. So she refused to take. That was the first time in the last three years when I myself walked to a girl and said talked. It is sooooo horrible talking to girls. And I really really hate talking to any. That’s it. And from that moment I wasn’t at all interested in staying there. And managed to get out along with my friends.

So that was our fresher’s party. Can be described as a horrible and a well ragged one. And many of my friends had been talking of keeping this type of fresher’s party at the beginning and they say they won’t spare any one. If that was so then my attendance would not be among them.

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