Thursday, October 31, 2013


The shadows hid 

Behind the lamented light
What are they afraid of
Asked the silence that beheld 

In the shadows of glorious sculptures
Lies an untold story
What could you tell
Asked the vastness it withheld

Walking by our sides
Carrying our burdens
Why don't they speak
Asked the rippled winds that blew

They broke the silence
The hell break loose
For the truth is harder
Than the thoughts that evaded.

Secrets they know
Lost in the hazy 
For they are everything 
You ever wished to be.

- Ajay Kontham [ 2013 ]

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Humility Pangs.

Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact.
Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth
- Marcus Aurelius.

I have procrastinated too long. Lets get back the writing thing, which I have been longing to write for quite some time. Before I go any further, 740FA6E3 - this is my #BBMPIN. Though I was the first among all of my friends to download this #BBM4ALL app and tried to use it only to fin myself alone. So I sent out requests to most of the contacts in my phone. And there was this waiting list. Cool. No, seriously! 

The Strategist.
There is always a little zeal to win a game whatever that game might be. As part of the Diwali celebration a great deal of games are being conducted. All this started last week so that by the time it is Diwali all games would be over and everybody could celebrate in whatever way they wish to celebrate. So, I participated in a few games as well. The first game to be played was Lagori. My apologies as I don't know any other names by which it is known. Let me state the rules, and may be that could shower some light on the dimension of the game. There is a stack of seven stones placed one above the other. A player from one team (A) has to hit the stack of stones with a ball. If it hits the pile of stones, the players from the team (A) have to pile up the stones while the other team(B) would hit the players of team(A) and whoever is hit, that person has to forfeit the game. Okay, I agree I am way too bad at explaining. May be Google will help. So, if you already know, why didn't you tell me that before. The game was actually postponed due to rains. So, my team members had a chance to practice; as if we were playing one international match. The day finally arrived (which was yesterday to be precise) and my team members went out to the ground a little time before just to practice. There is this guy who was the one who wanted all of to play in the first place. Lets call him Mr. P. So, our dear Mr. P was analyzing the possible strategies to win the game no matter what! Everything fell into order when in the practice session everyone was performing way too good. But when the time came and the game had started, nothing went according to plan. Oh wait, there was no plan as such. There was just the "TALK" about some sort of plan. And believe me this talk guaranteed us the win which we hoped. The table turned, the chicken died, the rain stopped, the coin flipped, and the evens(odds) were(weren't) in our favor. We not only scored NIL, but lost miserably. To avoid any more humility, we just came back. Truly, 'There is no honor in game lost'. 

If you are thinking it is all over. Let me finish this paragraph as well, then it would be. Today was for another game. "Hitting the Pot - Blind folded". This time I told Mr. P that there would be no strategies and that we will act upon that very instance. This does sound like an easy game. But believe me when you are the one blind folded and are in the arena trying to hit a pot which is suspended about 8 feet in the air and you don't know where you are headed even though your team members are trying to guide you in the right path, but still there are a hundred other people who are shouting at the top of their voices trying you to misguide. When Mr. P and I saw the game, we actually thought of not playing it at all. The ground is a rectangular shaped and a person has to start from one side to the another side, where the pot is suspended in the air and hit it. We were laughing our asses off when the people of the other team were totally misguided. And then there was my name his name and another persons' name. We were a team of three. Though the third one was no where to be seen. We two went to the spot to play. They blindfolded Mr. P and rotated him in a near 360 degree and the game began. The funny part was this Mr. P wasn't listening to anything I am saying. Well, I have to tell I was laughing my ass off in the first place. The reason being that he was going in exactly the opposite direction where there is no pot, no nothing, only one basket ball pole. He was going and going and though I was trying my best to guide him in the opposite direction he wasn't listening to me. There was another guy shouting louder than me and guiding him perfectly in the wrong direction. You can't even imagine how hard I was laughing. I almost fell on the ground. So, that is enough humility for two days. And there is another game tomorrow. Preparing myself for some more humility. Wish me luck.

The Asshole.
Now before you pass any judgement, hear me out. I just came to know a hard fact about one of my roommate. Firstly, I thought I was the one having a pair of undergarments for each day of the week and an extra pair. But there was another, which was a recent discovery. And I like those branded ones. I was equally surprised when I encountered another guy with almost the same number of garments and precisely the same brand. I thought , well everybody is following the trend may be. What shocked me more how he came to own these things. He goes to the Malls and on an excuse to try out a trouser, takes one or two undergarments along with him, wears them, tries out the trouser as if he is going to buy but doesn't buy, gives back the trousers but not the undergarments. When I heard this, I was like "I don't want to live in this planet anymore". Seriously! Whats' wrong with these people? I wouldn't have thought much about it if it were a T shirt or something other than the undergarments. 

P.S. : I promise to come up with more interesting posts, if only I could. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Daily Chronicles.

"Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible, 
and suddenly you are doing the impossible"

- Fancis of Assisi

The small ray of light penetrated through the hazy window glass. It wasn't dawn. Dawn / breaking light happened a long time ago. I wasn't aware of the advances of nature as of how fast it was moving, or may be I was too slow to notice, or umm, lets stick to the latter one anyway. I haven't written in almost a month. The last thing I wrote was a poem which I started a long time ago. So, technically, I haven't written anything this month. Anyway, I will just skim. No, you don't have to go through the whole ordeal. It is just for reassuring myself that I am still capable of writing. So, writing, you say? 

Once in a while I doubt myself trying to think about me from other's perspective and finding in awe with myself. Awe, I say not in reference to the awesomeness in the writing, rather with a question of doubt asking myself, "Is this really I, who wrote this?". After looking at it for a good long time, I snap out of it reassuring myself that I am not that bad as I think. Wait, are you laughing ? Now, please don't point the obvious. I know! I am just trying to umm.. exaggerate the nothingness. Well, that's what writers do! 

The reason I haven't been able to write as much as I wanted to was that my laptop had gone haywire. It always has been that way. I just beat the shit out of it. And well, it gave up. And yes, that is the excuse that I am coming up with. Moreover, by the time I could get a new one , courtesy of my father and the company he is working in, I managed to get a brand new laptop. Else I would have to battle my way through months by saving and saving and saving. And if anyone knows me, I am not at all good with that. Believe me. At the end of the month when I a little balance left in my account, I end up buying something or the other. So, you see I think I don't like saving money. And I suppose even if I won a million dollars, I wont leave a penny behind. 

Now that I got a laptop, I should have been writing every second I sat in front of my laptop. But that didn't happen. First of all, I lost the momentum of writing. I have to get back to it and that I have to adorn the thinking hat. *Looks here and there sheepishly and whispers* That's why I am buying hats hoping that one of it could be the thinking hat I so wish to adorn. And then there is this laptop with ultra sleek keyboard keys. So, I don't want to lay my fingers on it at all. Yes, seriously! Now, don't you give me that look. I am supposed to key a set of keyboard and mouse along with this laptop, which could only happen if my dad posts the required documents to the authorized company. But lucky for him, he is on a tour to Europe. Now get this, they went on a training of some sort. The training is for one day maximum but the tour plan is for over a week. You see, I could very well attend that one day training of whatever it might be and spend the rest of the days roaming different cities. If only, I could. So, what I am trying to say is that I have failed to write even a single word. And while I am writing this, I still feel like I am not writing perfectly. 

The Road of Mud

[Please close your ears or um.. close your eyes; for some of the words that follow might not be appropriate]

It has been raining a lot these days. I guess this is the retreating monsoons, if I still remember geography well. And seriously don't bother correcting me, I won't change it up anyway. So due to this "rain", the roads have been muddier than ever. The problem is not only that. In order to cover that wet mud which spoils the major part below the knees, they started covering that wet bed of mud with more mud and sand and waste and whatnot. Now the result was that they made a fucking quicksand. Imagine my plight when I am am trying to cross that enormous lump of quicksand that covered the whole of road. And as you might have perfectly guessed, I stepped on it. Not once , not twice, but many time more and then I look down and stand there in the middle of the road thinking whether I should get back to my room, wash up, come back and again become the victim or just get on with it and go to office and wash up there. I choose the latter one as I have been for the past (more than a) few weeks. And believe me, it is not a pretty sight. Seriously, no kidding. I hate to look below my knees and when others look at me as if... umm, that's kinda humiliating. What this has taught me is that I could go on a treasure hunt and try stepping on the stones which are supposed to be not throwing arrows or whatever, but I end up taking a million arrows all through me. So, now you can imagine that the Indiana Jones feat that I try to pull out everything I try to cross that road always fails. The second thing I learnt was the use of the word Fuck. Every wrong step automatically generates the word. I could control it. But come with to that situation and tell to control it when my feet is a feet inside the mud. I sometimes call it the 'Fucking road of mud' because it has more fuck words than the mud. Oh, it is not only me. Every single person has shared my feelings in the same exact way as I did unless you are travelling in a car. You fucking rich person. Opps, sorry, I was in the moment. And the third weird thing to happen in spite of all this melodrama is I finding out a small hole in my shoe. I would have known about it if it wasn't for this enormous mud bed. Ever since I found out about it, I have tried my life's best to avoid filling my shoe with that huge chunk of mud. But that just helps it more to get inside. If they don't make a cement road or a perfect road, they sure as hell are gonna die in my hands very soon.

The Absence
So, a few handful of people has asked me about I not writing these days. To a few, I gave the same exact excuses that I mentioned above. And not only that. I have stopped reading other's blog as well. That's not like me. But yeah, I had to confess about that. I sincerely apologize for my inability to read all your blog posts. I am trying to catch up with as many as possible. 

The Awkwardness
Believe me when I say, I just love to write my blog name where ever possible trying to attract as many as people as possible. The fact that nearly 99.999999999999999999999999999999% of the people don't care. And the remaining 0.000000000000000000000000000001% are the people whom I forcefully make them read my blog posts. So, the other day when I was on my mission-to-spread-my-blog a few people responded to it. They asked me to show my blog on my phone. Believe me, I was excited at that moment. So, the read the last poem which I wrote and scrolled down to read the comments. After reading the comments, they all said its just the girls commenting on your posts. I thought for a second, or two may be or half a minute I guess to remember a few comments by any of the guys. I did not respond to their question but I did give them a nod. Another person asked me what the conclusion of the poem was. To which I had to reply if only I knew. Its more like I can't explain. You just have to figure it out yourself. That was me speaking in my mind. And then he continued by suggesting me to read some Shakespearean work on literature and concluded that the poem also has a format like a relevance, some significance, some meaning. 

P.S. Did you stab yourself to death already? Phew ! Great! Added to my body count! Thanks for contributing to my body count without I doing anything. Oh, wait I did. I wrote this blog post. If you haven't, wait for the next post. I am stopping this here because I don't too much blood on my hands on the first day itself. And yeah, don't forget to take a knife with you before you open my next post.  

Monday, October 7, 2013

Lost in Translation.

The beauty of the night
Adorned by the moon
The cold wind ruffled
While the dark clouds scattered. 

The luminous darkness
Surrounded the life
In colors of two
The black and the white

Drowned in admiration
Which never ceased
The unspoken glittering stars
That shone the cold windy night

Stories that spread unheard
Mysteries that are left unsolved
Float in the visible darkness 
Almost invisible in the naked light. 

Stories we create, under the dome
Of glittering stars, of diamonds in the sky
But, what story do that tell ?
What mystery do they hold ?

Ajay Kontham 

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