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The people around are very different with different attitudes and behaviours. There were many incidences where I could see the diverse complexity in an individual’s nature in different instances. First of all hats off for this beautiful creation of mankind where everyone can think and act properly, unlike animals. This essay is like "My Experiences in Life with People". Oh, it’s not a book but just a brief description of my close encounters with diverse people.

Well, I have glimpsed the attitudes of many people. Starting from my childhood, the innocent intelligence junta is quite a wonderful one. The place where I lived was a friendly atmosphere. As I too was a small child I cannot estimate human nature at that time. In the land of unknown language it was quite difficult to get habituated to that environment. Moving places was still a big task as it involves moving from one unknown land to another, unknown people, etc. But all this happens in the flow of life and I would suggest this to be the best way to be strong from heart. And observing people and drawing their character is really a difficult task. Actually who would really bother to look at others? But the fact is that the society looks more at others than themselves. So we say, "First impression is the last impression". Everything matters. I once came across a book brought by my father "Man’s Philosophical Nature" by some person whose name I don’t remember. I went through the book when I was a bit frustrated, frustrated because I was stuck in one of my best pc-game. Five were the pages which I read. Then I started observing people completely in a different manner which led me to many conclusions on my friend’s behaviour. It was in my 8th grade. So I observed all people so that I could know what exactly they are thinking about me or for the matter of fact anything. So I drew some conclusions after-thought and some when I rewound the past experiences. In my 4th and 5th grade only the students made groups among themselves. All the bookworms or the class toppers were one group and never let anyone else to get with them. I don’t know what they thought about other fellows. But I would say that were the times when I enjoyed the most unknowingly. Tough doing some naughty things, we enjoyed. Frankly speaking I really hated going to school as anybody other does. The teachers would say that those were the happiest days which won’t come again. But I being vague at such description did not think so. Instead I thought of completing as fast as possible. But now I really miss the enthusiasm of being a school-going boy. But I was talking about the human nature. Yeah, it is a bit hard to describe. No doubt everyone has a different attitude in different situations. But some do leave a great impact on others attitude. But this complexity wasn’t present in such days.

The human nature is a very complex one. You can never understand any individual and neither can you believe. The times, surroundings and etc have a great impact on the people. And I have had many experiences too. In these three years, I saw many diverse natures of the people. These three years I have been in AP and the people are really different. One can’t understand the other if he is not of his nature. Here the like poles attract unlike the magnets. And in my higher secondary, there was such huge ego feeling that I can never describe. These people are too straight-forward in unnecessary things. People talk only to those whom they like and the rest are non-sense. They need help from others and totally forget after their satisfaction of the work because they have someone more likely of their character. I still have my life-examples. Not only that, there are thousands of my experiences. You may be wondering how I could just tell about people like this. Well that is the thing I do: observing the people.
And presently in second year of my Engineering course. "Need" is the first priority of the students. When I joined the college, I knew no one. But now I know a handful of people. If I was a little more talkative or had the aptitude and creativity of making friends, I would surely have a large junta on my side. But I am very stubborn. Not at all talkative nor do I have the above mentioned quality. Even then I have friends. Having friends is very good. But I don’t have as many as others do. And some of my friends are just to get their work done. And many of my friends do have some complex characteristics too. And I am not blaming anyone. Just telling what I felt about the multitude around me.
The people around me are a collaboration of intelligent, naughty, book-worms, etc. And the mind freaks who are always updated never ever let themselves expose that they study. When asked about what they did, they would simply tell I just wasted time sleeping or playing. But the real story is something else. Not only this, there are many other instances where I could observe the complexity.
But this intricate nature is too complicated to understand. Very complicated. You never know what the other person thinks and sometimes there’s a sudden reversal of attitudes. Then it is our opportunity to understand what actually is happening and amend ourselves in a manner which is not detrimental to others.


I want the work done. And what I need is perfection not a draft or rough work. Perfection always keeps you on a higher tide in this sophisticated world. And one should be precise in everything. And this is the aspect that decides our interest or abhor towards anything. May it be studies or sports or any extra-curricular activities, this precision, flawlessness and aptness are just as important as your breakfast. So the more delicious is your breakfast, the more will be the excellence.

And in this fast moving world, we are, I mean myself, indeed too fast to face the real danger. Success never comes to anyone, one has to reach it. And this process isn’t an easy job. When faced with a problem, we get stuck there only. Even if we try to solve it, it can’t be elucidated because the problem is itself a big problem. And skipping this problem is a black hole in our galaxy of mistakes, appreciation and every other aspect that affect our living or likewise. I’ve seen people striving for perfection and those happy faces are really enjoyable to watch.
But some try utmost for perfection but crash land to something abnormal. But I really appreciate the endeavour for excellence with perfection. But the result is sometimes not in our hands. And the person doesn’t know how much hard work has been done by the doer. Even if it is something nonsense, there has been some effort by an individual at least that nonsense.
So what actually is perfection? There may be numerous answers. Ok, let’s take one. Perfection is similar to success in some sense. Do you agree? Recently a group of people are called for a meeting. This junta is called the toppers of corresponding group. Unfortunately, I was among them. Due to some unfamiliar conditions we had to come out in the middle of the meeting. In the first one hour, a sir gave a lecture on success. That was really inspiring. In the middle he asked what do you think is success. One of the students responded to it as a daily improvement in whatever the subject is. When asked him to be more clear, he responded like this, "If we get 5 marks today, and getting 6 marks tomorrow is a success". So he himself gave a definition for it which I don’t remember. But I could grasp the meaning. It is similar to this: success is nothing but achieving something without harming the others. This is not the actual def. It is something likewise. He added stealing a massive amount may be a success to the thief. But the same thing is a gigantic loss, who earned it by hard work. So this so called Success should be achieved by one’s own hard work.

A small appreciation is a step in success. Because one would really love to keep up that appreciation for long. There are many other factors influencing the same. Perfection with success is the best combination for achieving anything.

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