Friday, April 29, 2016

Bubble. #Z2AChallenge

The instability of thoughts evade the consciousness of reality. What is what? What!? Exactly! The very defying entity is questioned and there is no definitive answer to it. Question. Answer. Questions. What? When? Where? How? Who? The questions become the paradigm of the conscious mind plaguing the very stability of life, of nature, of thoughts, of each one. The bubble of our thoughts.

The bubble, this bubble of thoughts, that never bursts. The confusion, the instability, the dilemma, the war, the enigma, an emulsion of unsolicited complications. But besides all this atrocities that the mind has to deal with, there is a comfort place of its own. A place where it is safe. A place where everything settles down. A place where the war ends. The place outside the bubble. Because as deadly the war may be, there is a smile that always cleverly deceives creating an illusion of calm. The eyes staring at the eyes, trying to leap into the very fragments of soul, could only see a calm, yet lost. But, if only they know the raging war inside, the endless battle. If Only. 


because I can spell the alphabets in reverse.

#Day25 #Bubble #Thoughts #War #Battle
#AlphabetB #TheLetterB #B

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