Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Damn. #Z2AChallenge

I don't have a lot of conversations online. The other day, my phone buzzed in the middle of the day. I don't get any messages in the middle of the day. But this time, it caught my eye, because the icon that was visible was that of a burning fire with a background, if you are wondering what it is, take a guess. Let me give you a hint : It is the most popular dating app. You got it, didn't you? So, the message from Tinder said " Congratulations! You have a new match". I left my work in between and jumped in my seat. As you might have guessed, this was my first Tinder match, after well Domino's Weekend Damaka offer for Valentines Day. Wait, are you too, like me, excited to know who this mystery match is? Well, it's a mystery after all. I navigate to the matches screen and there was nothing. Empty. Blank space. Umm, not exactly. It said, "Get Swiping : When you match with other users, they'll appear where you can send them a message". But, but I just got a match. I. JUST. GOT. A. MATCH. What happened to it? Why you do this to me, Tinder? Why?

Clearly, even the Tinder is also mocking me. Also, I guess you observed the word. So, who else was mocking me? I, myself. Because for *cough* celebrities *cough* like me, love is a distant dream. Here is a conversation I had with a friend of mine just yesterday, while I was mocking myself. Please note that the following conversation took place on Facebook messenger, and all the actions thus indicated in the asterisks are actually emojis! 

Friend :  Congratulations. Looks like you're finally in love .

Me : I am? *completely confused*

Friend : *sounding disappointed* You're sucha liar .

Me : *even more confused and trying to figure out what gave that impression* I have no idea...

Friend : * sounding a bit angry * oh plz shut up okay

Me : * couldn't keep up with the suspense * Why do you think so?
At least tell me that.

Friend This is why :

Me : That's John Cena.

Friend : *as if I didn't know look* don't start now.

Me "You can't see me" is his tag line.

Friend :  Yes but the smiley that you attached to the post. How will you explain that?

Me : *grinning* Just have a lot of crushes

Friend : *grinning* Idiot.

Me : That's all I can do. * pretending to be sad, or actually being sad*

Friend : *kinda angry* I'll give you a kick. Someday, your parents will get you on an arranged marriage. Then, you will understand.

Me : Help a friend out, please.

Friend : *squinting* Now, asking for help! Shameless. Fight your own battles.

Me : *emotional blackmail* A friend can only help a friend out, right? 

Friend : Ok.

Me : So? 

Friend : ... [ Seen at 5 : 23 PM  ].

I am still waiting for that reply, I mean help though. Well, you can help me out, meanwhile. You are a good friend to me. And you always want to help your friends, especially good friends like me. Thank you, in advance.


because I can spell the alphabets in reverse.

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