Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Joke! #Z2AChallenge

A Joke, not really!

"I joked for 45 days. If that doesn't prove that I am a great comedian, nothing else will".
- ak

I was busy staring at her trying my best to keep a straight face and still admire her and not slip into some day dreams. It was the English class and the class was sort of silently reading a book, probably the next chapter in the textbook and be prepared for any surprise questions that might come our way. We, as usual were fooling around and passing chits with jokes or comments, which basically read as 'If you read this you are stupid'. So here's the deal : Passing chits was sort of cool. We didn't have SMS to text the guy in the first row while we were in the last or middle row. So we came up with the idea of conveying "important" messages over chits folded so that the people on the way cannot read it. But the people in between passing were getting curious what these guys were talking so back and forth. They would just peak in to look what on earth is so important. And they do. Because curiosity is what didn't it actually killed the cat. Anyhow they come to face with a realization that the guys made this person stupid, literally. "If you are reading this, you are stupid". Oh boy, that burned. Some take it casually and while others shout "Ma'am", proving what we said the right thing about it.

So, we were in the process of trolling people while I silently stole some glimpses of the big time crush. Oh boy, the heart raced whenever I talked to her. But all this daydreams and fooling around came to an abrupt halt when the teacher shouted my name out loud. I was in deep shit, and I know it.

The Summer vacation ( also known as spring break) passed by like one month ago. Usually the vacation assignments are supposed to be submitted just after returning from the vacation. But our English teacher kind of went on with the usual curriculum and after nearly a month, she shouted Assignments. To our amazement, we realised that we had to do an assignment during out vacation. It wasn't so hard actually. The task was to write a diary entry for the nearly over a month vacation. "Bring it on Monday", she said which lifted our spirits a bit. Because if she had told to bring it the next day itself, we would have died. The whole weekend, we wrote the 45 day vacations. I had forgotten most of it. The reason would be that all those 45 days felt like a day. So, I did exactly that. The same routine I copied and write for the while duration of the vacation, cleverly skipping some days and adding something I didn't even do during the vacation. 

"AJAY!" *with and agitated look* (I was already scared what I did wrong. I mean I did write the whole diary of 45 days just in 3 days. I might have made some terrible mistakes. The worst being it was the same thing for 45 pages) ( Now you might be thinking that I'm a blogger, so writing that diary wouldn't be that difficult of a task and it could easily be termed as a piece of cake. I will just go ahead a throw water all over your opinion by saying I was a blogger then. I was the last person you would want to talk to in English or write. Not that I have improved w bit over the years. But don't you start judging).  I was shit scared already and the whole class of 38 people were staring at me. "What's the spelling of jogging?"

I used to think I was good at spelling the  English words. How hard could it it be, right? Just break the word down by the syllable and spell it. For example alphabet : al-pha-bet. Lets take another example, joking : jo-king. So, apparently I went for joking for 45 days during my summer vacation, every morning. I started off with one lap of joking and gradually increased to 3 laps of joking. It used to tire me a lot, but still it was for fitness and I started enjoying it. Okay, may be I was stretching it a bit too much, but that was the gist.

I spelled the word "jogging" for my English teacher, the exact same way in the example above. As you might have guessed, I did a terrible mistake. I pronounced the word jogging so wrongly, it made her furious. So she asks the girl between me and her to spell it and give a tight one to me. She spells it correctly, of course and being a little hesitant to give that tight one, she gives a slow one. 

"I didn't quite hear it", says the English teacher. So the girl gives me another one, a bit more harder. I was glad I didn't have any beef with this girl. Or else she would have completely enjoyed it twice. I was already numb when I heard my name resonate in the classroom earlier. I didn't even feel a thing, not the first time, neither the second time. I am tough that way. Not only did I spell the word wrong, it was sort of quite embarrassing, that too in from of my crush(es).

because I can spell the alphabets in reverse.

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