Monday, April 25, 2016

Freedom. #Z2AChallenge

Tell me little bird, what's wrong? You have been caged for so long and it is time for you to be free, fly and explore. I heard you sing the songs , the songs beyond the confinements of this cage, the dreams beyond the horizon, the stories that you have heard and told, about the world, about the adventures you plan to have. Fascination drew as how could you know about the world so much, though you have seen nothing. Now, its time. Its time for you to find a place in this world, the place where you can live the dreams , sing the songs, tell the stories you have heard and shared and the adventures you have had along the time, You could design your destiny, a life of your dreams.

As excited as the bird was to explore, to fly away into the sunset, it took a step back. A small hesitation, a little fear, that however freedom was what it wanted, it was scared of being free, of being on its own. Scared that it had to fight it's own battles. Scared that it had to do it's best to survive the big wild world. Scared that the comfort it had even behind the caged irons, it would finally end. 

That didn't stop the bird from taking another step back in the cage. It realized that it was what life is all about, it was what everyone had been talking, whispering and shouting about. It was what everyone was writing stories about. It took a step forward while assuring itself that one day everyone will talk about it's story, how  the scared little bird flew away into the horizon to etch a story, a life of its' own. 


because I can spell the alphabets in reverse.

#Day21 #Freedom #Bird
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