Thursday, April 21, 2016

Infinity. #Z2AChallenge

The profoundness of the thoughts evade the gloomy atmosphere that surrounded the ambiguity of a well arranged ideas in the scrambled mind. I stumble upon a lot of things at same time as I see myself floating from one perpetual idea to another. I am just wandering in the whole wide world with the destination of an unknown place. The problem with my wandering is that I don't know where I am going. But I reassure myself that I got the required thoughts to keep me sane. I am kidding myself and I don't even know for the better of me.

I dwell in the innocence yet brilliantly categorized human ideologies that revolve in the epicenter of each ones' lives that are interconnected with the human element of the search for the mystery that shadows the gloomy tomorrow. What do we want in this world? What are we doing, so many galaxies away from the unknown? The mystery is what makes it more interesting, they say. Why are we even here? The questions that haunt us like every single day which are overpowered by the daily dosage of our problems with life. 

Life! Life, such a small word yet our perpetual existence involuntarily depends on it and we strive to build beautiful castles from the sands of the shore called time. Aren't we afraid of tomorrow? Are we a little hopeful of the future. The mystery that we live in is what life is all about. If we had every clue of what life was what we have happened to the beautiful castles or the hope? The energy revolves around us like the aureole but only that we could never see it, in darkness or in light. And what importance is a life to a man among all the adversities of the world. Though we may be the small particle among the mountains of desert sand, the possibility of we being the supreme never leaves the human mind.

What are we? What am I? Am I the the reason for something big, or are you? What is the purpose of any of us in this whole wide world. Our whole story revolves around this mysterious things. We have tried to decipher it, sure. But what is it? We could never know. The universe is wide. There are infinite possibilities. "Some infinities are bigger than other infinities" as an author quotes. I believe it. I hope we all agree to that. 


because I can spell the alphabets in reverse.

#Day18 #Infinity #AlphabetI #TheLetterI #I


  1. Keep wandering my friend. Not all those who wander are lost!
    Btw, this post is just so wow ❤


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