Saturday, April 30, 2016

Annihilation. #Z2AChallenge

Have you seen the eyes that linger in the shadows of the day, even when there are no shadows.

Have you seen the pain that is concealed behind the lips that smile, or perhaps try to smile their way.

Have you seen the agony when in the cries out yet too silent to notice!

Have you seen the dilemma in the lost eyes, however present.

Have you seen the fear where there is nothing to be afraid of.

Have you seen the scared soul afraid of living.

Have you seen the blind never taking risks.

Have you seen the hatred they have for themselves.

Have you seen the loss of faith in the lost opportunities. 

I have. I am.

because I can spell the alphabets in reverse.

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#AlphabetA #TheLetterA #A


  1. I loved the last sentence !
    'I have. I am.' - Just beautiful

  2. Wow... This was deep. I love the presentation. :)

    1. My mind is kinda messed. Sorry.
      Thanks, btw. 😊

  3. I have. I am!
    Cheers! We all go through these times and seen these...
    I liked the fact that you took Z-A Challenge! Different :)

    1. I believe we all have gone through such a phase at one time or the other.

      Thanks for dropping by.

      Yeah. I wasn't going to. But then someone provoked me and in ended up with a challenge of my own.

  4. Very meaningfully penned.But 'Have you seen the joy behind the successful eyes'something positive like that also I expected.Nice.

    1. I have never had the pleasure of that. As much as I wanted to, I didn't know how it felt.


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