Tuesday, April 30, 2013


"Always remember to slow down in life; live, breathe, and learn; take a look around you whenever you have time and never forget everything and every person that has the least place within your heart"
- Anonymous

" To live is the rarest thing in the world, Most people exist, that is all."
- Oscar Fingall O'Flahertie Wills Wilde

I live in the wilderness of man’s unseen, unknown and undesirable thoughts. I live with a stupid notion of the life waiting for when will it all end. I live in the craziest of the happenings when its hard to decide what actually I am doing. I live in the critical stage of life when I could see the time pass by me and I don’t give a damn care about it.

I live with the pejorative. I live in the whole ego world. There is a strong human alibi called EGO which sometimes never leaves the skin of a man.

I live with the stupidity of the people thinking something, telling  something and doing something else. I live with a greatest desire of achieving what no one has ever achieved. I live with the thoughts of my own, clearly uncared and untamed.

I live in the humorous society which have some principles just to giggle and make the hell out of it.I live in the complete boredom of today's unbiased work and the laziness of the next moment.

I live in the generous state where team work seldom means one does the work and the others take the credit. I live in the pronominal state where the people always have to depend on others for their and every single work. I live in a seducing society where money is given much more preference than the people and their thoughts. And people would get down to the meanest things for the sake of money.

I live in a diversified state where promises are broken like the old glass and blown to ashes. And as if no promises were made and cherish their own insignificant in-adolescent behavior. 

I live in a self determined state of achieving  where reaching goal is the limit. I live in an educational society where everyone is educated but doesn't act like one. I live in the complexity of the human character where the so called protectors  are themselves corrupt .

I live in  a human grooving incapability where a word given is forgotten.I live in a ever criticizing human artificiality and duplicity. I live in the mans stubbornness of in-perplexity. I live in the human obsessed and attractive world where there is desire for everything and if not achieved leads to fatal consequences.

I live in  a harmony of good company where they respect my ideologies and I accept and respect theirs. And there is mutual understanding among each other and everyone.I live in patriarchal society where there is  male dominance and the dominance is sometimes wrongly utilized. 

I live in a state-of-unknown where people realize their calibre only after they have achieved which they never thought could achieve and when pointed by a foreigner  I live in a excellence at extremities  of human thinking where one spends money for work and the other thrives for the same money.

I live in the complexity of the future which is unknown and optimism is a path for it. But sometimes ruled by pessimism.I live in the frustrating present and the ever criticizing un-laid future thoughts. I live in the rebellion of mankind who consider themselves superiors and the rest trash.

I live in the uncertainty of tomorrow and the gruesome of the ticking clock. I live in a multitude of people where there is every liability of wrong conception. I live at the edge of everyone’s wrongly guided  misconception.I live in the odyssey of human unlikeliness spending much time in the ugliness rather than creative.

I live in the whole rational world and awkwardness of reality. I live with the irrational, unbiased, critical and revolutionized thoughts.


P.S. :: There are too many thoughts in the beginning. Ok, this is something I wrote like 2 years back. I don't seem to get the essence of the whole post. But now it is out , it is upto you to decipher/analyze/whatever. 

Friday, April 26, 2013

In a Day's Work.

The Awkward Chronicles 

There has been a lot going on lately. I am sometimes at the middle of all this. Well, lets say in some instances I am the creator, in some an observer and in other just some other guy. And in the recent days I have been associating myself into more of such situations. 

1. I have joined a project like a month back. And frankly speaking I don't know one bit of what's happening in it. As a fresher, I have been given some work. And that's an easy task to say the least. So, no worries there. But now, there are deadlines to meet. And we have to show more than we do. So, what they did was , they called in some more guys to help ease the burden on the existing few people and increase the number of tasks per day. Now, these are new, like very new. And they have no idea of how the application works and what needs to be done. In order to assist them, we were shifted to another floor for the time being. We were already setting up the system and configuring it, when they barge in saying that the setup might take some time and we have to work faster. So, we were shifted back to the same floor but different rooms. Now, the herd hitting part. We had to setup and configure the system there also. What a waste of time, I thought. Now I was in the other room separated by a glass wall, almost invisible though on either side. So, I started with my work after killing like an hour to setup and configure. In the meanwhile I had a doubt, so I went to clarify the doubt. And there the new guys were there asking some other doubt. My lead told cleared my doubt and told me to help them. So, I go over to their place. I don't know what they were thinking about me, but the doubts doubled .. tripled.... quadrupled. And I was there with no deep knowledge telling them this is that, that is this... bla bla. In the process of explaining them, I once, no twice felt, What the hell am I even saying?  while they were busy listening to whatever I was saying trying to understand or that's how their faces looked like. 

2. I recently made a purchase of three spectacles. No, I wasn't high on money. But there was an offer Buy one Get one. So, I bought one there in that offer and the other was from another place. With the three different specs in my grab, I decided to use each for different purpose. So, one is for home/room/indoors. I mean it is to be used only inside the home, while I am on computer or watching TV, or whatever but only indoors. The second one is for the official purpose. Now, when I say official purpose, I mean to say when I go to office I use this one. And the last one is for outdoors like when I am going for a movie, or just outing / anything under the sun and moon and no moon also. :P

3. It is kind of a ...hmm.. what do we call it... I don't know what it is called. Well, Let me explain the situation here. There is a guy who is like two years elder to me. He practically lives in my flat because all his friends are in the same flat as me. So, this guy is kind of afraid of me. No, I am not the human-killing-person nor do I look fierce. And I don't understand why he is so afraid of me. But the fact that he pisses me off with his half baked theories and talking s-h-i-t about other people and that one day he will have a good beating from me, I've no clue why he is so afraid of me.

4. The Canteen Encounter. I am in Bangalore and there is a very big chance that people from different places reside here, work here or have moved to here. It is quite difficult to say that this person speaks this language or is from this state or place. That's the beauty of it, I ca say. So, one afternoon I was having my usual lunch. The cafeteria was filled with people. So I had to take a place where already two people were munching their afternoon lunch. The thing was that they both were from the same state as I am but different places. So, these guys were talking and I was able to understand each and every word. They were totally dissolved in their conversation that they knowledge about my presence was minimum or it could be that they thought I wasn't aware of the language they were speaking. Well, it is usually not good to hear what other people talk. But what else can we do in a crowded place and the phone doesn't buzz with a single email / message / or anything to keep us occupied. I too was busy in my lunch, ... hmm.. ok..I appeared to be busy in my lunch and listening to their conversation. And it was hard not to because the TV at the far end was showing Stock Market drama, about which I don't have a clue. So, these guys were making fun of each other and occasionally themselves. As we all know that's how the usual conversations with friends takes place. And yeah strictly no business here. So, I was kind of laughing / smiling / grinning , not at the same time but whenever there was something to smile about. I tried my best to look serious and wasn't giving my ear to their conversation, but the cat was out of the bag and one of the guy asked me whether I knew the language they were speaking in. Of course I knew because that's my mother tongue. So, the other guy asks how did he come to the conclusion that I was of the same native. The answer to that question was quite simple and which I assume you can also figure out, right? 

5. So, yesterday I was at KFC as usual for dinner. The KFC is a little less crowded at that time. The queue was short and my turn just came. As you must be knowing this already that they give the orders right away. Actually, that's good. The waiting time from giving the order to getting it is fast. Only if the things are ready and in place. As unfortunate I can be, the chicken was still under preparation when it was my turn. Oh snap. I waiter for like 20 minutes or so. He didn't even take my order. The serving for the person just ordered before be was under process. Finally it was done and I took my dinner to a nice place and sat to gulp them down. Then again, the chicken was like a hot crispy bubble gum. It stretched as long as I stretched it. What-the-hell-is-going-on? With great difficulty, I finished those hot-'n-crispy bubblegum, and yeah I didn't just chew it but taken it down the alley to the stomach. 


Phew, finally completed the post. *Yawn* . Are you yawning too? No? Well, then now you will. Still not? Read this again then -  Yawn, Yawn. Haha. Now, why are you yawning? :P

Okay. This pic is not the recent one. Wait! This one is just fake. Because AK never sleeps at night. Last night he slept at like 4 which could be called earliest morning. And who thinks of "Yawning" while one is yawning. Seriously, dude ? 

Serene Spectacle.


Jumps over the cliff
A slow moving stream of spring.
A serene spectacle

This Haiku is written for 'Haiku Heights : Arpil A2Z Heights Day 26' for the prompt 'Waterfall'. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013



Uprooted Morals,
Exploit and disgrace. Change 
The Humanity's plea. 

This Haiku is written for 'Haiku Heights : April A2Z Heights Day 24' for the prompt 'Uproot'.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Blissful Oblivion

Ajay was as usual humming his favorite tune on his way to office. He stopped by McD which is his frequent haunt for a quick breakfast. He gave a friendly smile to the McD guy and asked for a McSpicy Paneer with Ice Tea. The guy behind the counter made a weird expression and said “Seems like you are hungry again, would like a pack of fries too which could be made into a McD meal?” There was a pinch of sarcasm in the guy’s tone and Ajay couldn’t figure out what the being hungry again part was about. Anyway, he was hungry as well as late and hence accepted the offer and gobbled his breakfast and started off to office without giving a second thought.

Reaching office, Ajay booted up his system and opened the file on which he was working on last. The deadline had been Friday but in a weekend mood he had just left the office thinking he can cook up some excuse when needed. His lead was not yet in, so with any luck he could finish it soon now and mail it before he checks in. Opening the file, Ajay was surprised to see that the work was already done. He distinctly remembered leaving it unfinished and yet here it was, totally finished. He racked his brains for some time and figured that he was being absent minded and proceeded with glee to just mail the file. On an urge, he checked the sent mails and his mouth popped open. There was a mail from him to his lead with the completed work attached.  With a subject “Horrible Hitler” and a single line in the mail – “There, take it you horrible Hitler, I have completed it. Still I somehow know that you will come with a dozen mistakes in what I have completed perfectly after weeks of effort”. His blood froze. He tried many ways of retracting the mail all the while thinking what the hell happened and how all this happened when he didn’t remember doing any of it. 

His lead came in and walked over to his cubicle. Ajay fervently prayed that all this should be a nightmare and he should wake up any minute and realize that he is late for his office. However, nothing of that sort happened, instead the communicator pinged. It was his lead asking Ajay to come to his cubicle. Preparing himself for the worst, Ajay went in. One hour of lecture on office etiquette and professionalism and respectful teamwork and after apologizing and assuring that this would never happen again and convincing that the stress had gotten to him, Ajay was out. He was shaken. He didn’t know what to do. He was trying to think on the optimistic side - he was not fired at the least! But still, was it better that some things have happened of which he had no clue of and yet he was to blame?

Just to take his mind off, he logged into his personal mail which opens with a 10 minute session for an hour. Damn office rules! He was just skimming through the many unread mails and saw that there were so many mails from FB saying that so and so accepted your friend request. Almost 10 mails of that order and all were people whom he didn’t know at all!!! When did he send friend requests to strangers???  Adding more, there were some chats/mails to some unknown people and all these mails were signed “The Guy in the Hat”. The Guy in the what??? His immediate thought was that his accounts are compromised. But that did not explain his office account being compromised. He had no record of his office mail id in his personal mails and he had never written down anything related to office anywhere. Then how the hell all this has happened! Ajay’s gut feeling told him that this was only the beginning. He hated that because his gut feeling was almost always right. What else has happened that he didn’t know?

The McD guy’s comment came into his mind and Ajay felt that he could put something in place. He thought about that guy who looked exactly like himself and whom he kept bumping into everywhere he went since a few days- wearing the red shirt and smirking at him whenever they crossed roads. He had even tried to confront that guy in the lift and asked who he was and how he looked like his mirror image except for that smirk. The guy had simply ignored him and the other people in the lift were staring at Ajay weirdly, as if he was insane. He had tried to follow the guy to find out more but that guy just gave him the slip somehow at all times. He appeared only when he wanted to and vanished before Ajay could catch up. Hence, Ajay had given up thinking it was a lost cause.

His head started to ache. He pinged his lead and said that he was not feeling well and requested if he could take the day off. The reply was terse but nevertheless the permission was granted as there was not much work to do that day. He reached the lift and entered it. Only after the doors closed, Ajay noticed that someone else was there too. He turned around to see who it was and his insides froze. It was the smirk guy. Ajay opened his mouth to confront this guy as he felt a sharp prick near his neck. Then it was all black. 

Ajay woke up with a start. What the hell was that dream about? It was one hell of a nightmare.  Shaking his head, he looked at the clock. The time drove everything else out of his mind. “Oh my gosh! It’s almost 9” He was late for office and he had to complete the work which he was supposed to have completed on Friday. Ajay jumped out his bed and got ready in a rush. He was starving as he didn’t eat the previous night too. He had to stop by McD for a quick breakfast. He started humming his favorite tune as he stepped out. 


Hello folks, 

I hope you enjoyed the post. I wrote this hoping against hope that you are not already pissed off with The Guy in the Hat going on about his invasion of Ajay’s blog. I just thought a real world invasion story would be a nice thing to give as a 200-followers-count present for Ajay :P  I am evil, right? Yeah, I know :P Anyway let us all give a big applause to Ajay for having written such awesome/humorous/rambling/poetic/you-fill-whatever-you-want posts that have drawn 200 followers to this space. Congrats dude! And thanks for letting me go wild on this space without even proof-reading. I hope you are not regretting it already ;)

What The Guy in the Hat did with the blacked out Ajay is up to your imagination. That was an intentional open end addressed to The Guy in the Hat. And the other intentional open end that the same routine could happen again is addressed to Ajay :P

Until later,

P.S: Ajay, How about fainting now? No? You are a tougie :P



Erratic Nature
A Tsunami's invasion
Humanity's Loss


Ignited Souls
Rise of a Revolution
An inevitable Tsunami


These Haiku(s) are written for 'Haiku Heights - April A2Z Heights - Day 23' for the prompt 'Tsunami'.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Life is such.

The silent wind ruffled through the empty spaces. The sun played hide and seek with the clouds and the world was just as busy as it has always been. I stood at the middle of the day in the middle of the road. I could feel the lime light upon me and blurred images revolving around me. I stood there silently watching the world as it faded into night and there I was standing without a clue of what I had been doing so far. 

The sky lamented as the stars froze in silence. The unheard screaming voices yet have a story to tell. I have always been a spectator, a silent one observing from the last seat of the stadium. It has always been like that. I could see everything and anything under the sun. Now the stadium is empty, the ground is clear and tired and I am still there sitting in my seat and watching. What am I still doing there? The answer to which I don't have yet.

The dawned to give birth to a pleasant and bright morning. The sun was lovely and the breeze was cold. As the birds chirped their morning song, the wind blew through my face. 
One could call it a lethal combination of a perfect morning. As I saw the birth of a beautiful morning and a yet another great day in creation, I was numb to all that was happening around me. I was lost in my own world, a world of temperament. What would I be called if I can not appreciate the beauty that just in front of me. The blindness to the exquisiteness has turned the admiring mind to an impeachable mind which questions the very existence of me. 

I question the existence of me. And then I question the creation and the creator. Because without which this world is just another barren land.  Life seems to be so tangled in the questions with no answers. And then there are the silent prayers; for a little hope, for a little change. But they seem to be unheard. May be after all, they are as silent as they sound like. If silent prayers can't help, then what can? Is it that one has to go to the top of the mountain and shout so that the prayers are heard? 

Among all these, at the end of the day it is always dark and people prefer silence to anything. The darkness gets dearer and the prayers are still done in silence.  Because life is such. And may be I should also be adorning the silence and let life takes its course. But an agitated mind like mine can never be silent. And questions, will still remain to be silent and unheard.

Shadows of Misery.


Shadows of Past misery
Melt, in the Burning Light
Showering New Hope. 


Shadow for Life
A serene Friendship
Eternal Bliss.


Lost in darkness
The shadows shaded
A dark story.

These Haiku(s) are written for 'Haiku Heights  : April A2Z Heights - Day 22' for the prompt 'Shadow'. 

P.S. The last one is written for myself, or lets say based on my own blog name. 

Office 365.

There is a fine line between what we want to achieve and what we achieve. I may want to create something really extraordinary and that makes it my dream. But it also depends on how the people who might use what I created see my creation. Now there are two things in consideration - what I want to create and how it will impact the people. 

I am not much of a business person, but I really want to try my hands on it. I feel when I have the potential to do / create something, I should really do it. I am more of a technological person. I love technology. And the present status of the technology never fails to amaze me. There is so much, so many radical changes and so many conceptual theories. I am one of those guys who would like to bring life into those theories and showcase the world the new and advanced technology. I am more interested in creating a sleek mobile(s) and tablets. Though there has been a lot of development in this area, but I feel a lot more can be done. And my dream business would be the manufacturing of these latest gizmos. 

Now, I may be successful in developing the best gadget available. But then there is always its working, the customer satisfaction and the services that need to be provided in addition to the sleek mobile/tablet. This is the second phase of the business - providing solutions and services. When I took the trouble of developing something similar to a masterpiece, I want the best services in compliment to it. Providing solutions and services is not an easy process. There are always developments in the software and the customers have to be able to adapt as fast as the advancements. And there has be a perfect synchronization with all these entities. 

That's where Microsoft Office 365 comes into play. With its vast resources it makes it easy to make to execute any plan in a decisive manner. Let us go into a little detail about what this product has  to offer to my business. 

We all know about the products like the Microsoft Word, Excel and Presentation which we use on a daily basis for creating documents, presentations and maintain a record of all transaction using Excel. These three applications hold the basic documentation process. Microsoft Office 365 provides much more than that. One Note, Outlook, Access, Publisher and the best of all SkyDrive. Sky Drives helps us to use the cloud to store the data , documents and what not , images and videos as well. 

One Note : Sometimes it is not always possible to carry out a laptop everywhere and the required documents along with you in a flash drive, may be. A tablet may come in handy and now coming to the documents, what easier way is there than accessing them over the internet using the cloud storage, Sky Drive. One Note helps in editting the documents virtually from anywhere. Isn't that amazing? We may have to update some fine details in the last moment in our presentations / documents and we can do this easily with One Note. 

Outlook : Outlook is a powerful tool which enables us to keep track of all the emails and the calender tools. Since it uses cloud storage. We can update the calender details like the  appointments, meetings, etc from anywhere, may it be a desktop, laptop, tablet or even a Mobile. All the updates will be done automatically and one can view virtually from anywhere. And Outlook provides the fastest and most reliable powerful-email service. This just brings everyone a bit closer to work. And what more? Office 365 provides a 25 GB of storage for each user.

Access : This is the best available application to organize and report on the most important information. This application also provides easy-to-use database tools which enables us to do our work much faster and more efficiently. 

Publisher : For any business venture either it is into manufacturing or into providing solutions or both, there is always a need to publicize about the product and the services that it provides. That's where Publisher comes into play. It is an effective application which helps in creating professional-quality newsletters and brochures. The newsletters confide in them the new updates on the products and the services and the way of effectively using the products that are already bought. The brochures showcase the services that the products have to provide and not just that, it contains a lot of information which makes it easy for a person to know anything and everything about the services/products which he is likely to use or already using. 

On the Web

Office 365 not only provides tools and applications for documentation, presentations and emails, but a lot more. For any business venture to showcase their products there is a grave need of a platform to do the same on the web. The Microsoft Office 365 provides a easier way to create a website using the simple tools and the applications mentioned above and showcase the products and services on a global platform. We can design and maintain our own public website with no additional hosting fees. And we can use our own domain name to promote our brand. 

Apart from these services from Office 365 there are a few more which revolutionize the present days Business. These are a few products offered by Microsoft Office 365 like Lync Online and SharePoint for a Business enterprise. 

Lync provides a platform for web conferencing between developers, experts and clients. Lync Online connects people everywhere, on devices running Windows 8 and other operating systems, as part of their everyday productivity experience. Lync provides a consistent, single client experience for presence, instant messaging, voice, video and a great meeting experience. Lync enables instant messaging (IM) and voice calling with the hundreds of millions of people around the world who use Skype. One can get real-time presence information—including photos, availability status, and location—and enhanced instant messaging (IM) to connect efficiently and effectively. We can make voice calls through your computer to other Lync or Skype users in your organization or in other organizations that use Lync or Skype. One can enhance online presentations with screen-sharing and virtual whiteboards. Not only this, it also lets customers participate in your Lync conference calls even if they are not Office 365 or Lync Online customers.

Organizations/Businesses can purchase Lync Online as a standalone service from Microsoft Office 365 or as part of an Office 365 for enterprises suite that includes Lync Online, Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft SharePoint Online, Microsoft Office Professional Plus, and Microsoft Office Web Apps. 

Businesses that subscribe to Lync Online retain control over the collaboration services they offer to users, but they do not have the operational burden of on-premises server software. Lync is hosted on multi-tenant servers that support multiple customers simultaneously. These servers are housed in Microsoft data centers and are accessible to users on a wide range of devices from inside a corporate network or over the Internet.

Why Lync?

This could be an interesting question. My business would require rigorous changes and a need to keep updated with the latest deveopments in the software or in providing the services. It is not always easy to email the details. To make the effective communication web-conferencing plays a vital role in implementing the same. The best part of this feature offered by Lync Online is that nearly 250 participants can be invited in a single web conference session. Believe me, that is a lot of ideas from people spread across the world and at the same time. One Note can be used to make important notes during the conversations and this ensures that the productivity is faster and easier. One click screen sharing and real-time note taking  using One Note make web conference meetings more effective and productive. 

SharePoint Online delivers the powerful features of SharePoint without the associated overhead of managing the infrastructure on your own. Flexible management options ensure that we still retain the control we need to meet the compliance requirements of our business. 

A business enterprise can use SharePoint to upload / update the data and then maintain it efficiently on the SharePoint repository. Through cloud storage, the data can also be made available across different devices like tablets, mobile phones, laptops and desktops. This increases the productivity and the efficiency of the Business. 

Cross device availability : SharePoint is available on various devices and on various platforms. 
Cross Device Availability

SkyDrive : 

SkyDrive is a cloud storage application and for a Business venture or even for a basic user this is a great way of sharing and storing data. Microsoft Skydrive is associated with other Office 365 products which enable to view the documents and presentation much faster and in a effective way. The best part is the one can even edit the documents anywhere virtually and then again save it on the cloud and access it from anywhere. 

Important Links : 


This is a dream what might take a couple of years. But let me give a short sneak-peak on the present scenario. I use Windows 8 operating system. And I just love it. I am a blogger. And I frequently use One Note for jotting down the ideas that I get once in a while and write some posts as well. I use Sky Drive most of the times. I have the application in my iPod Touch and I can view the documents and presentations at my comfort with out having to carry around a laptop or a flash drive to assist me if I am in need of a document. And what more? I can even mail the documents and view on the office server where most of the sites are blocked by the company. I should equip myself with the Office 365 Home Premium. I just came across a few interesting things which I didn't knew before and I am sure they will be of great help to me. 

I presently work in a consultancy company and I am practically new to this venture. So, it provides services to various clients. It is quite difficult to manage data, when we are over on the other side of the world as with the client. The sharing of information takes a very long time and it gets a tedious process. Its' frustrating at times because we have deadlines to meet and we fail to achieve just because the sharing and the updating the information takes a lot of time. There are a lot of ways of making it work faster and easier. Office 365  could make this happen. Though, I am not sure whether my company would implement the best methods to manage data or not. But  I strongly feel a need to update the present resources so as to maximize the results and using the cloud storage is better than using the local servers. Believe me, using the local servers kills a lot of time just to open a file when it is on the client server. And then editing and saving the file is another  difficult part. I strongly feel Office 365 could be made to better use in such situations and companies like I work in. 

This post is an entry for the contest  "Your Dream Business With Office 365" organized by 'IndiBlogger' in association with Microsoft Office 365. 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Small Talk.

A Small Announcement

Dear Readers/Followers/Passer-bys, 

First of all thanks for your time and dropping by my space. I have to apologize for not being able to drop by your blog. I have been a little busy. I know that is not a valid reason, because of course you too are busy and still you're able to find some time to read, while I am not. I really feel so bad when I see a comment and then I am not able to do the same in your blog-post. The to-read-list of blog posts keeps increasing and I am not able to even touch that list. But, I will try to read as soon as possible. So sorry.


Dear All (who don't know me yet)

Well, I am not addressing all the people here. It seems like some of you haven't yet met me. I am famously known as The Guy in the Hat, the Awesome. Though, the popularity is still in the rise. So may be, the word hasn't yet reached you. So, hello there. How are you doing? 

So, the other day, someone asked me about the new split personality. Yes. You can say that. And I think that is what is going on here. But I think it goes one way. I mean to say, only I know about this thing. The other part that adheres me doesn't have a clue. You got what I am trying to say here?  Though the guy is almost close to finding out what is going on. Lets hope he doesn't. Because from what I know, I don't think knowing would do any good to him. Good, in the sense that he will go all hyper and all about the new revelation that he was so unaware of till now. I guess that's a hard thing to gulp. I would never know. Unless there is someone, a third being that I am unaware of. And seriously, I don't think there will be three split personalities. OR AM I WRONG ? Looks like I am questioning the invisible. Lets hope there are just two of us. 

The Guy in the Hat. 

In other News

So far... AK asked The Guy in the Hat about the similarities in the resemblance and the reason why he was following him/or was feeling like being followed by. 

The Silent Treatment

The Guy in the Hat prefers not to say anything. And this pisses off AK. The Silent treatment is killing him. And being a curious guy, he is just following him back to find some answers. 

Until Later, 
(Let me rephrase that)
Sooner than Later, 
The Guy in the Hat. 

Evergreen love.


Evergreen Love
Concealed in Scented Aroma
A Rosemary Embrace.

This Haiku is written for 'Haiku Heights : April A2Z Heights Day 20' for the prompt 'Rosemary'.

Friday, April 19, 2013

In a Day's Work.

Sometimes the word seems so overrated. Sometimes it is never cared for. Sometimes we just don't give much thought to it. And sometimes, we treasure it. I have been on every ground that I mentioned. But I prefer to ignore it most of the times. May be because I am better off myself. Like I said, it is overrated. I am wrong. And I know it. But sometimes you might as well feel the same. And that's when someone leaves you hanging in the middle of the rope, no strings attached. These are the people we call them friends. Yes, We call them friends because we tend to share with them. But we have been on the wrong train all this while. Because at the end of the day, we are just one pawn in their game, or more like a necessity. A necessity? Yes, like a need that they need to fulfill. A gap that we help them cover. I was shocked when I first realized. People talk cheesy, at first. Believe me, they do. Lets take me for example. If you don't know, I am an extremely silent guy. Though you may not believe it with all the rambling that I do in this blog space. I shout here on my blog, I mean write here on my blog because I don't talk much and writing is an great escape from the daily chores. You would agree with me, right? So , where was I? Yeah, the silent guy. You don't believe me, do you? Well, you must sometime read the words in my About Me at the top. It is mentioned in my resume, you see. :P . 

Well, anyways, I just mind my own work and in between exchanging a 'Hi' looks just because we have been working/studying together for some time now. After a few days or so, there is this entity called friendship that is developed. Or is it called acquaintanceship? Because for a silent guy like me, I don't see myself making friends so easily. So, whatever it is , it just happens. It goes fine for a few days. Till that time, I don't understand. The reason for people hanging out with me in a interested sort of way. But after a few days, they tend to do that with some other person. What I realized is that I may be a friend but I am not their only friend. It doesn't work both ways, because I don't categorize people. But now I am compelled to. Because when once when you are loved and then that changes to pretend-love, I damn sure have to change my policies like they do. And not all are like that. I too have a few good friends. And they don't change like the few others do. That's why there is the concept called BFF's. Don't know about the forever part, but BF still holds strong. 

Office Humor

The office floor where I work is divided into small sections, divided by the glass walls. Initially it was one big room, but later divided it into two parts. Though I wasn't there before or while it was divided. But I figured that one out because the switch for the lights in my ODC(also known as Offshore Development Center, which is a room filled with cubicles for around 30 people or so) are placed in the other room. So, being lazy or whatever people don't switch on the lights because it is in the other room. But half of the room where I say are already lit up, or were never switched off. So, it looks like one side of the room is filled with light and the other dark. But people still work in the little-bit-dark side with the help of the monitor light. So, once a comment on that flies around in the office. A person says, "Hey L, It looks like the sun is rising in your side of the room or are you the reason for the light?". Well, it looks exactly like that. As if the sun is rising and only a few places are touched by the sun and the remaining are still in the dark.

We were busy working and suddenly there a small fire and one of the computer goes off. Some sort of malfunction may be. The person who was working on the system has recently taken up that place and before that she was in another group but same room. After a few trials at restoring and failing at it, they called the IT department for fixing it. In the meanwhile, there were so much going on. One person says, "See, Before she did't had much work when she was in out group. Now, she is given too much work". Another says," What were you working on? May be we should be careful with that as well." And the best one is "You should put that in your resume saying that I work so hard that once the system couldn't take it anymore and went ablaze".  

P.S. I named this In a Day's Work  because "Rambling" was becoming sort of obsolete these days. Or else you can consider this as the #Rambling series and this would be Day 4 = Rambling #4.

Minaret of Victory.


Standing Tall
Minaret of Victory
A Timeless masterpiece.

This Haiku is written for 'Haiku Heights : April A2Z Heights Day 19' for the prompt 'Qutub Minar'

Thursday, April 18, 2013



Cast away by Society
Suffering in silence, the Pariah
Yearning for a little love.


Unity in diversity
Phew! What a trash.
A Pariah mocks.



Soaring and circling
Reaching exceptional height, Preaching
"You too can!'

This Haiku is written for 'Haiku Heights : April A2Z Heights Day 18' for the prompt 'Pariah'.


P.S. : Me - No Meaning - I - Google Search - Confusing Results - So - Confusing Post. So, since I had no clue what this word meant, I searched it in Google. Though the meaning was pretty simple and clear, I just researched more. So, I found this bird(Kite) also which is named Pariah, though I don't know whether it holds the meaning with it or not. So, I thought of writing a few lines about it too. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rambling #3.

A Horrible Incident.

Yesterday I was walking to the bus stop as usual. The walk to the bus stop is usually a pretty long one. I come across a vivid junta of people, a never ending flows or vehicles and all. And there are people dressed formally for the event of going to work or college  or school, may be. It is usually a two way small crowded lane that extends to the main road. There are no dividers of any sort, nor any markings on the road, nothing. Just a two way lane which usually can fit only one big truck. And if a car were to come in front of it, they have to take the side one man walking distance on both sides to cover up the whole road and with careful decisiveness one might get out of that situation without a scratch on the car, may be. So, as usual I was walking my way. One the other side of the road there was a tractor parked, unattended. May be that was there since the previous night or may be early morning. Because a dog was sleeping underneath it. When suddenly the driver starts the tractor engine. The dog wakes up shocked a bit and confused about how to get out from under it. When he starts moving the dog gets a little more awry and tries to get out from under that tractor. Then it happens which stopped me for moment to move forward. In spite of trying hard to get out from under that tractor, the dog fails to achieve coming out. Even if were to stay in the middle, no damage would have happened. But unfortunately, the driver speeds up his vehicle and goes over the dog. I was too shocked to witness that I couldn't move a step for the next few moments. The driver stops and looks back when he feels that he has run over something big and then there is a dog crying/shouting in its excruciating pain. The driver looks at me and my horrid and shocked face and realizes that he has run over the dog and speeds his way on the supposedly two way lane road. That dog still crying limps its way into the empty ground on the other side of the road. 


The Confusing Words.

It is too difficult to decipher when people say two opposite solutions to the same problem. And its gets to frustrating when those intelligent people come up with third solution , probably out the universe this time. If it were more than two people, I might have thought it otherwise. But when its the same person saying A and then again Z, in a moments gap and then coming up with Ɵ (something out of world & over the head ). I am usually a calm person, or so I think. But these people make me go nuts. And believe me, its' not a pretty picture of me and you wouldn't like to watch it.

Dear Confused Idiot, 
I usually thought I was the one confused about all things. But it seems like I am wrong after all. When you can jump from one side of the world to another in a matter of seconds, it becomes really difficult to maintain pace. You see, the cost of the flights are increasing these days, though they advertise as "Lowest prices ever" , well that's just the headlines followed with an big bold " * " . And at the bottom of the page or bill board or whatever, there is a line almost invisible even to the microscopic eye which reads as * Conditions Apply. So, what I am saying is stay on the ground, one firm ground and don't pretend to know everything, because clearly you don't. And know that because of your indecisiveness, other people's work is getting stopped. Get back to your senses. Else I would have to come into picture. But I know that it is just waste of my time and getting you back to your senses is just one impossible step. So, I ask you to get back yourself. 
-The Victim

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