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The Oxford Dictionary defines “Failure” as the omission of expected or required action; or the action of ceasing to function or the state of not functioning. But I would define it as a chance or probability or opportunity to become perfect. It is obvious for a person to fail in some instances [Not all]. There’s no human being in the world who haven’t tasted failure. Yeah, I agree with you. It’s sour, bitter, intolerable and pains a lot. But one must not take it in the wrong sense and become annoyed by it and criticizing oneself for that failure.

Till now I [honestly speaking] tasted more failures than the success. There are many times I cried a lot for having failed in many aspects. You may ask does these failures made me perfect and guided me to success. No. I would say. I am a very sensitive creature taking those failures on a heavier tone and not seeking for improving for success. I tried to but I failed myself. Well let’s see what leads you to fail in anything. Hmm... lack of confidence. This would play a major role in failure. Confidence just itself gives one 50% advantage over anything that you head with. Honesty is the second important thing required for success. For anything whether it is studies or games honesty is the best policy. They say “Golf is a gentleman’s play”, which means that the number of strokes a person plays must be counted by the individual without any miscalculations. Well there are many students depending on others during exams, I mean copying. They are sure to get +2 or +5 marks, but this won’t help them in the long run. Sometimes it also involves some busting which leads to 2 to 3 year’s home-rest. Well, there are many other factors which lead to success or failures. But I am not a person to judge these things or factors or even people.

Let me tell you how people react during such instances, or what they actually do. The people around me are not really study-freaks. They got some deviation or you can say an idea how the engineering life is, by all such rubbish movies or whatever. So they also want to have a similar life, which is not possible and they don’t know this thing. So not the whole, but at least half of that life they are expecting. This led to some of the intelligent minds to be so absurd towards studies that they touch only before the exam date. Well, there are many study-freaks studying all the time unlike me and are far better than me. And I must say one thing that if you make someone target to beat him this semester, who actually may be the class topper, would be hard for success. Because he/she is not 100% perfect, so let’s say 93 is the percentage of that freak. So this aim towards that person draws back 7% and you may not be sure to get 94%. There’s always a great variation between what we expect and what we get. Frankly, I never ever expect marks and you know the reason. If you get more than you expect, you would be the happiest person. But what if it’s not the same? It leads to depression, and you mark it as a failure. That’s a mistake in the first instance:”I failed to reach my expectations”. And never think “I want to beat that person”. What do you think the person in the first position thinks? I am sure he won’t think about beating anyone as there’s no one ahead of him. He would say, “Next time I would not even lose that 1 or 2 marks and try for getting 100%.” So are the thoughts of a study-freak. So I must suggest the second or the rest not to target the first but for 100%.

And in my class there are some strange persons. Not only in class but outside too. One person of my class BVR is so cautious about the chemistry lab that he would be spending most time thinking to do perfectly but would land up with some errors. And this guy is a reading-freak. So generally he has a bit difficult time doing in the chemistry lab. He always wants to do the make-up, titrations correctly but lands up with errors. And he never leaves the exam room nor the lab even after 5 minutes of the scheduled time, though he has completed the exam 30 minutes before. He wants to be perfect and checks, then again re-checks the content he wrote. For this person, the failures disappoint him a much if at all they approach. And I don’t know whether it is a privilege or respect to get low marks. Some would be boasting even after getting low marks and don’t try anything for a mark higher. They think it is all they could do. See, this is one thing that drags one backwards instead of the right track. “This is all I could do and I can’t do anything better than this.” There are many quotations and saying or even proverbs about trying hard which I may not say which are being taken by a lighter tone by these people.

Well I have said earlier also I am not eligible to judge anyone or tell about anything. It was just my opinion or I must it was something going round in my mind as I am also involved in certain things. And I am not a perfect person, I agree. But still trying to be perfect.

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