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An Award Give-away.

Well well. Here come's the 200th Post. So, I will be hosting an Awesome Blogger Award give away to some or the deserving people who I happen to be following. There are a lot of people when they are compared to me. Well, truly I am nothing. And also selecting the people is pretty difficult because each one exceeds the another and the cycle continues. 

So, I am happy to start a new blog award for the blogs I follow and dedicate it to the writers. So here are the steps that are to be followed :
  • Thank and link back to the Person who awarded this Award.
  • Share 7 things about yourself.
  • Award to 15 newly discovered great bloggers.
  • Contact these bloggers and tell them about the Award.
And One more thing. This is a "Pass on Award" and feel free to award to the great bloggers you might have newly found. And the Award : 

Now the Four Duties :
  1. Thank and link back to the Person who awarded this Award ::  Well, I made an attempt to create the award. After several tries, I ended up with this. Hell of a Photoshop Work. I know its a bit cranky, may be a little too much, I agree. Please bear with me. Thanks. 
2. Share 7 things about yourself : 

  • Well, I am Ajay and luckily don't have any nick names; none at home nor in college. :D
  • I am passionate about Photography and writing as well, but I know I kinda suck. But Photography is like another part of me. I really enjoy it.
  • I can be called Insomniac. I usually sleep less. You can find my room with the light On at any part of the night. If not, then my laptop. If still not, then it is one of the blue moon days when I usually sleep. 
  • I am a movie/serial-addict. Not the regional tv-serials. Heavens' No. They take the life out of me. Mostly English! If I start, it won't end. 
  • I have moved to a lot of places. Well, I can say I like travelling. And also that I have experienced different kinds of people. 
  • I like to be on my own, like alone kind of thing. I also enjoy the company of friends, but I am too much of a thinker which makes it hard. I travel and party alone most of the times. 
  • I am very less talker. Lets' say I am self-absorbed, soft-spoken or even shy. Whatever is convenient. People do ask me a question about this and I still don't answer them.
3. Award to 15 newly discovered great bloggers :: 

So here is the list. It is not like the best to worst. All are equally good bloggers. 

4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the Award .

It was a hard task, but had to do.

Thanks for your patience.
And Adios. :)

P.S. : Well, I had been trying to post this since long, but work and unable to create the award made it late. And also finally 200 posts completed. :D  And I seriously don't know how to tag people to the posts. Is it just posting about in the comment box or is there any other procedure. :-/ 


  1. Omg.. thats so so very sweet and kind of you. Thank you so much.. Am humbled.

  2. Now this is surprisingly pleasing. I am SO happy! ^_^

    Thanks a tonne friend. And oh, I read some of your poems. Must say...beautiful compositions especially the one titled 'In Rain'. :-)

  3. Hi there, Ajay!
    First of all, congratulations on your 200th post! Man, that must feel like a milestone. :)

    And now, Thank You so very much for the award. You're much too kind and it humbles me that I was considered worthy :)

    I'm horrible at keeping up with Bloggsville, most of the times I read something, I like it, I comment and leave it at that. But I see you have a thriving blog here, so there you go- One new follower for you! :)

    take care and thank you for being such an amazing reader. Your regular feedbacks are so encouraging, you couldn't be thanked enough :)

  4. @Kajal : You have the best blog, I have seen so far. You have a unique style of writing which sometimes inspires me as well.

  5. @ Mirage : I couldn't get your name. But then again I guess its a Mirage. #JustKidding.

    Glad that you liked. And I must say, You are inspiring. Awesome Blogger and beautiful composition of words. iEnjoy your writings. :)

  6. @ Nil : Thank you. It does feel so.

    Off course, you are worthy of it.

    And thanks again for following my Blog. Now, I am humbled and feel honored as well. :)

  7. Oh my god aren't you adorkable.

    You gave me my first award (so you shall forever be remembered in eternal gratitude). And I KNOW how painful linking people is, but you ALSO went and posted comments personally. That requires skill.

    Happy 200th post! Haven't you come a long way! Keep writing!

    You are awesome :)

  8. Hey Ajay,
    Thanks a ton for the award :D.
    I'm beaming like anything :) :D.
    So honored right now :) :D.
    Congratulations on your 200th post :) That is an awesome milestone :D.
    Thanks once again :D.
    I just love your photography ;) :D.
    I was just going through your other posts and found it really nice :).

    I'm your newest follower :D :).
    Once again thanks a lot :D

  9. Hey, thank you so very much!!! For the award and considering me good enough for it in the first place! I'm really pleased! :)

    Would like to read your writings too. Keep writing! And yes, a big congo on the 200th post! :) Keep up the good work!

  10. @Zeebs : Well Thank you. You are appreciating too much. Your blog deserves much more and this is nothing. Just wait an watch, while your awards pile up in your blog.

    Take Care & Keep writing. :)

  11. @Princess Poo ji : You really deserve it.
    Glad that you liked my photography. I am still an amateur. But still thanks. :) And also thanks for following. Means a lot. :)

    Take Care & Keep Writing. :)

  12. @ I do, I do : Off course you are worthy of it.

    Thank You. :)

  13. Hi Ajay. Thank you so much for giving me an award. It feels really good to be recognized this way :) and I'm so surprised and yet happy that you chose my blog as one of the blogs to award your awesomely photo-shopped blogger award. It's really cool. You must have taken a lot of time to create such a photo vision. Will be proudly putting up on my blog and tagging you to it soon. :)
    Thanks once again and congrats on the 200th post (mahn, that's a lot of writing!!) :) :)

    P.S: I haven't had a chance to explore your multiple blogs properly. Will surely put your blog on my top priority list this month :D :)


  14. Your award seems to have created a lot of excitement. Anyway i was curious to know why do you have TM (trade mark) to your name. I can understand your blog but why your name. Is this so that parents don't name their kids Ajay Kontham? Whats the story?

  15. @ Neha : Yeah, Photoshop is hard, I say! :) Glad You liked it.

    And Never Mind, Take your time. My posts are a lot crazier than they seem to be.

    And Thank you. I too think that's a lot of writing. :)

    Take Care and Keep Writing. :)

  16. @Ekta : Really ? WOW! Thats' great news. :D
    I am super-hyped.
    And about the TM thing, I kinda like the symbols like TM, Copyright(C) and Registered (R). They are cool, I think. So I tag them behind my name and everything that I own. :)
    And also that My name will be Popular some day and I would restrict them from using my name. :P
    #JustKiddin' :)

    BTW thanks for the visit. I am honored. :)

    Take Care. :)

  17. Thank you so much for the award.
    Also, 200th post?! That's an achievement! Congratulations :)

  18. Thank you so much Ajay. That's a kind gesture and of course very humbling.
    And congratulations on your 200th post, it takes passion to last that much. Respect.
    Also, we have the Andhra Connection, so here's raising a toast to Mahesh Babu's one-liners and Chiranjeevi's dance moves.

  19. @ Blahblaholic : Thank You. :)

  20. @ Meher : Thanks for the toast. :)

  21. omg :O thankyouuu so muchh! thats my first award! a little unbelievable too cos ive been so irregular and am new here as well. but thankss a lottt reallyy! i didn't visit your blog earlier but now that i have il surely be following you and congratulations on the 200th post! :D

  22. @ bum-ble : You are welcome. :)

    Thanks for following. :)


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