Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Note : This is not a poetry of any of that kind. No! I would rather call it 'Worambling' (word-rambling or lets say rambling with words).

Little did I speak, Little was I heard.
For Silence kept my company along.

Little did I see, Little was I seen.
For Darkness weaved a cocoon around.

 Little did I feel, Little was I felt.
For in despair the heart broke.

Little did I teach, Little was I taught.
For knowledge never ended in its part.

Little did I love, Little was I Loved,
For the heart played a game of Trickery. 

Little did I lose, Little was I lost.
For I walked the path of deception.

Little did I appreciate, Little was I appreciated.
For I was taken for Granted.

Little did I know, Little was I Known.
For my friend was myself alone.

- Ajay Kontham [2012]
P.S. :  By the way, I am no good at poetry or even this, I confess.(Wait a minute, you already know?) 


  1. What are you talking about?
    That was a very nice poem, oops, I meant "worambling".. =]

  2. Silence is the most deafening sound in the world. I think.

    Nice poem, preach it mister!

  3. Also, I don't know which blog do I follow you on? Is there a specific one?

    1. This blog would be just fine.
      I mostly write in this one only. :)

  4. nice poem...


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