Friday, March 29, 2013

Up Above the Sky.

One day I was as mush shocked as much as I was pleased when I saw a message in my FB messenger that someone wanted me to write a guest post. At first, I smiled. And then thought, What? ME? I mean..... Come on, Me? Much to my amazement, the message wasn't wrongly sent by the sender. And this person who has an awesome blog and is an prolific writer, yet doesn't agree with it. Well, great people don't usually accept their greatness. Do you agree? No? Well, I will give you an example. I am great and am just great at writing. So, the small class for you people have ended and it is upto you to think what's what! Well, don't try too hard. 

So, I argued with this person that I am not the person for this, and that I am the last person who should be writing a guest post for anyone. Well, I don't know the A-B-C of writing. We all know that. OMG! Unanimous vote! And guest post. I thought for a few days about what I should be writing. Well, after too much ado I came up with this. 

So, let me first thank the author a dreamygal of the blog 'Journey of Dreamsfor asking me write a guest post for her 700th post. 700th post? Can you believe that? And she says, its not a big number. "Somebody just kill me." :P. (Wait, I was just saying figuratively, not practically. Please put down your guns and knives or whatever you had in mind to carry out the task). 

Well, I present you "Up Above the Sky". ( Please click on the link to read the post.) 

This is just an excerpt (I first wrote a small piece here, but later thought this was too good to be left incomplete so copied the whole here again) from my post here.


I look deep into the dark empty sky with glittering dots of incomplete stories. I just dissolve in the never ending creations that I do by joining those tiny sparkling dots, trying to complete the incomplete story. A story leads to another , and to another. The  stories never seem to end. I am just lost at that moment. When I look back at the things I created so far, seem to fade away in the darkness. I start all over again, just when I realize time has been a enemy so far. Before I know, the night was about to end. Sometimes the sky becomes my enemy when it does not favor my love in creation of the unknown, the unheard. The sky is dark even now, but the stars are not there. What fate might withhold a special place for me in its most uncommon places, I just fail to understand. Sometimes, I don't even spend my alone time with the million friends who seem so distant yet so near. Yeah, friends because I can pamper them in my mind and they wouldn't even mind. The thing that they won't know is totally another story. Nevertheless, I hope they don't see or hear what I do. Because each day a new story might just confuse them to appear ever again. 

I solemnly wait, for some evenings to give birth to the night. May be I just love darkness. Or may be we are just alike - all dark. Just like them, I do my creations in the silence of my world while they glitter and shimmer in their place shedding light with each passing moment. No body can see me, hear me, or look at what I do. I may shout in silence, I may scream in vanity, I may laugh in bliss, I may pray in sanctity. Whatever I do, I am just unheard, not felt, not known; just like the stars, whom I  call friends for the similarities that we have. You might have a question about how might I know what the story might be with the so called friends, that I say. Well, I don't. But do anyone of us know? We see the shiny stars, shining and aim to reach them. But really, are they shining? May be they are screaming. May be they are calling us to help them. Or may be they are really smiling at us, and are happy that they give someone a hope, a hope to do things they can't even imagine. 

I want to think the stars to be the hope, 'hope' for the people in distress to jump out of their box and explore the outside world, 'hope' for the people climbing the steps of life not to give up and keep pushing themselves. I wouldn't want to think otherwise. Else, what difference would be there between me and them. Though we are two incomparable entities. But the fact that we both love the darkness around makes me closer to it. There are differences, I agree. And being considering it as a dear friend I don't follow any of its principles. 

Sometimes, I see the god in them when I share the deepest and deadliest secrets. Sometimes I cry in their presence. Sometimes I ask them to take me away with them. Sometimes, I discuss the so called life of the human life. And then the idea of leaving this beautiful, yet not-so-beautiful world rises deep in my heart. Sometimes, I am waken up, shaken up when my dad comes and asks me what I am thinking. I bluntly say, Nothing. To which he replies, A person can never stop thinking. Even in dreams, the mind keeps working. No argument there. But that little white lie is inevitable. The reason behind it is very huge. Sometimes, the other person might just not understand. Or the reasons are just unspeakable. They should be locked up in the deepest corners of the mind. Because they are just not normal, they are unthinkable & are rather too dangerous. And then a simple small white lie is the only choice to keep them away from seeing the light of the day, or the darkness of the night. 

Up above the sky, 
I see a friends 
So like me, 
So drown in darkness

The little lights of hope
An inspiration to many
Laughing and Shining
In white amour of diamonds

We are alike, I say
For the resemblance of darkness
that we posses 
beneath the shiny attire we adorn

Hidden beneath the smile
Are so many untold stories
So many prayers 
And so many truths.

But then again we are different
Not in presence of situation
But in thoughts of ideologies
Which are quite opposite.

No wonder people dream of them
Aspire to reach them, 
Struggling their way 
Through the adversities.

I am not like those
Yet, I call it my friend
In spite of having varying thoughts
In spite of living a million miles away

Because it knows 
More than I know myself
For I share everything 
In its presence. 

Ajay Kontham { 2013 }

P.S. : Well, I  thank adreamygal once again. Anyways, I am truly truly honored, like a hundred times. Though, I have told her a million times that she was doing the wrong thing by asking me; a person who isn't that proficient in writing and just thinks that he is great at writing, but the world knows that he isn't. If you didn't know till now, there I just proved it. So, 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Someone save me.

It was about three months back when a acquaintance of mine, then mentioned that his mother is searching for a pair for this fellow. One was already in the bucket, but due to some reasons got cancelled. Then, he was 21 years. We weren't quite convinced with his side of the story. I mean come on, marriage at 21 years? It is like Child Marriage, not literally though. 

Unfortunately, he and me were placed in the same workplace. And since we are still kind of new we have to self study and that too on one computer that too if someone is on leave or didn't turn up at office or is busy in some kind of meeting/likewise. If you are following my previous posts, then you might remember about mentioned about a Questionnaire sitting beside me and eating the little brain that I have. So, one afternoon, when it was about to have lunch, he says "Hey, I have to go and get some photos. And you have to accompany me to that." I was a bit confused and started thinking about why this guy is asking me come along for taking some passport-size photographs. So, I told him, Why would I do that? And before we go any further, my office is situated not near to anything, literally. So, if you have to get a photograph, you would have to climb a flyover and obviously get down and then go some 5km or even more, get your photographs and repeat the process while coming back. So, he replies that I being good at photography would suggest him something that would awe the people looking at him. I start laughing at his response and say that passport size photographs doesn't require any expert advice whatsover. He simply throws off my thoughts and tells that its not a passport size photo that he wants but something suitable for the marriage portfolio, that people exchange while trying to find a match. Well, he looks serious about it. So, I asked him, "Are you really trying to get married?" To which he says "Yes, As soon as possible". 

Well, he goes for a photo shoot and I refuse to tag along. He clearly covers the receding hairline on his head and emails his photos to the concerned party. Now lets rewind something about this guy. So, he asks a lot of questions. And you wouldn't believe the number. A sentence sometimes doesn't have questions at all, ,or even a word as a matter of fact. But, with him you will find innumerable questions to the question-less sentences and words. Actually, I don't have patience at all. My phone knows it well which can be clearly pointed out by its half broken/smashed body and my laptop where the keys on the keyboard went flying when the laptop got stuck in the middle of something and the list goes on. But I stay cool, or should I say I pretend to be cool. The patience-tolerance has already maxed. Because these days, it is not only the questions, he has some strategies as well. Some f#ck'd up strategies. Seriously, you don't want to know. First of all he starts by saying that he won't do this Job, (which is well and good. Why don't you resign?) and then he tells about one plan a day that he would like to do after leaving the Job. No Sir, I don't want to hear it. Please stop. I say this to him. But he has turned a blind ear to this sentence. Now, the story doesn't end there. Besides the questions, and mindless strategies, he does fishing, or so he calls it. He is a busy person with on his phone. There is no age restriction or relation restriction or location resriction. If he finds some girl somewhat attractive, he eases to find their number and then there is non-stop texting. All was going well, when he asks my advice about how to propose to a girl who is his distant relative. Are you freaking kidding me? Me? Advice? On what, mister? Love? Proposal ? , as if I am some kind of an experienced person with count exceeding 100. If I was that good, or atleast the other people thought that I was even worthwhile, why would I be sitting and taking to him? Do you get the point? So, there we were back to square one, him asking questions again. In the near future, this is bound to happen. No doubt. 

This is just a proposition. There is more in the bag. That day this guy was busy on phone calls regarding his details and all. All was going well, when someone in his family thought that the girl should also be working with a job. While this guy doesn't want a person who also works. This is also fine, right? And he continues saying that he will also stop working in the current job after marriage. I was like "What the hell? You don't want the girl to do a job. And you also don't want to do the job after marriage?" He says some classic software engineer work problems, which aren't big of a deal. But he is too adamant about it. And I can't do anything about it, nor can anyone. So, that day the other side of the people, the girls family liked his photos and so the proceeded for the next step. It was then they came to know about the girl not working. And as everyone else except this guy didn't wanted a non-working girl, it got cancelled, I think. 

I felt that the girl was saved. Because come on, with this guy, the unstoppable-innumerable questions and the biggest stunt of all, leaving of job after marriage... well the girl was saved, I say. So, I asked him if you married and left the job what he might do. Each day he comes up with a new Business Plan. I think I will do that, I think I will do this. Anyway, since his marriage got cancelled, he looked depressed for a few days. Then, he was back on the phone game - the texting-and-no-working. So after a few days he says, "I think I should get married". Okay, someone save me from this guy. This is totally nuts. Or at least save him. Because

Caution / Precaution - Should not be seen at any cost. I repeat again, At any Cost. Especially children and people with weak heart or strong heart. And also everyone out there.

People think Ajay is cruel, but he has the heart of a child. Two, actually.

Monday, March 25, 2013

A Dove(y) Story.

'The Story of Three Friends'

What's happening? Why does my hair look so weak, so broken?, Aparna blurted out in frustration. 

Aparna, Ayushi and Apoorva have always been great friends. Since childhood they have lived at the same place, studied in the same school. All three were just great friends. They sometimes called themselves the Three Musketeers. They were literally inseparable. Everything they did involved all three of the friends. Either it is any cultural events at school, going for shopping, or catching a movie, anything as a matter of fact, the three friends were seen bound to each other. On top of it, they were equally talented. Though the area of their expertise varied, but they managed it with ease. 

All was going fine till a time came when they had to choose a career path for themselves. As each were equally talented in some or the other, they opted for their interest. Ayushi was too interested in art, fashion and design. And she was/is  too good at it. She was the fashion instructor to the little gang of theirs. Whenever it was time for shopping, she would go around describing the every detail of the dress and would help the others in perfect selection of the dresses. She was simply great at that. Apoorva was an adventurer. From childhood, she had an interest in the wilderness. And given a camera, she was just unstoppable. She would go to the extremes just to get a perfect shot of a moment. She was a budding photographer then. And her room was filled with photos of their friends, houses, cats, dogs, sky, landscape, nature, wildlife, what not! She had an entire encyclopedia of photos, per say. Aparna was just immersed in books. She a bookworm, kept studying all the time. She was the mastermind in the group. She used to organize, help the other two in their studies if they needed help.
As inseparable that they were, and along with the Three Musketeers name, they donned a long braided hair. Though the trends were changing, especially in the hair. From spikes to colored hair, short hair to curly hair, likewise the trend was building among the young generation. But, they just choose a different look altogether. All three of them had long  hair but of different sizes tough. Occasionally they used to braid their hair or used a simple look and were proud of whatever they did.

So, when they choose different professions they made a pact to meet each other at a particular day each year, no matter what, no matter how busy the other person was. No excuse was accepted. 

Aparna followed her dream and did her MBA  and is currently doing a very good job with her management skills in a Large MNC. Ayushi became a fashion designer and was climbing the charts of the best fashion designers. Apoorva became a photographer for National Geographic and used to wander all around the world with her gear. And she came up with some books, feature appearance in a TV show as well.  The day finally came and all three of them met at the promised place after the year of separation. All looked young and fulfilled with their profession. They talked at length about their adventures and the different people they come across and their stories. All three of them had a very good reunion. 
Days were slowly passing and they decided to meet twice a year because once a year seemed like a very long time. Aparna's job has been becoming stressful with the truckload of people she has to manage, travelling around the world to meet the company's requirements. Ayushi's story was too similar to Aparna's. She was becoming a noted fashion designer and with that the responsibility and pressure was also increasing with it. Apoorva was happy with her work, travelling around the world. But once in a while, she feels like having a break. 

On their next meet, they discussed at length about the recent events and also the problems they are facing. While they were discussing, Aparna realized that all three of thm still had long hair and Ayushi still braids her hair. She jokes saying for such a prolific fashion designer the simple look doesn't match her work at all and still she looked  beautiful and charming as ever. And so was Apoorva. Apoorva mentions that her line of work, a short hair is much more suitable but she still prefers her long hair. Aparna was about to say something but stops when see sees the broken ends of her hair. She feels a little embarrassed to mention about it. The other two have a heavy duty of work on their hair and still their hairs looks as young as ever. And herself, doesn't do much to her hair yet the hair has broken ends. She changes the subject and they drown into discussion about their future plans. 
What's happening? Why does my hair look so weak, so broken?, Aparna blurted out in frustration. Her hair looks a little weak also. She thinks may be the stress has to do with the sad developments in her hair. Or is it the office atmosphere. She is lost here. She tries to figure out a way out of this. She buys herself some hair products which promise strong and sturdy hair reducing the split hair-ends. They seemed to be working, but that was temporary. But she feels she has made some progress compared to the past. 

On their next half-yearly meet, while the Ayushi and Apoorva were sharing their end of the stories she eyes their hair so as to see if hers is any better. But she can see the softness in their hair without even touching it. They both had nice beautiful soft hair without any broken ends. But her hair was still lacking the usual appeal that it usually had. The two of them, Ayushi and Apoorva notice the silence of Aparna as she is the one talking the most in their meets. And she looked a little as well. Firstly she says, it was nothing. But the other two figure it out that it was nothing and something was up in her mind. So, feeling a little embarrassed she tells her problem with the hair and assures them that she had been trying to get back the great look it had once. Ayushi and Apoorva understand what's bothering her. They both shout that they have an easy solution for the problem. There is a small discussion among the two of them that they have the best solution. After some time of serious discussion, Aparna comes out with a solution that each of them write their solution on a piece of paper and she, Aparna would be the judge for it. So Ayushi and Apoorva write their solution on a piece of paper and hand it over to Aparna. To Aparna's amazement, both read the same : Dove Split End Rescue System Shampoo. Ayushi and Apoorva was amazed themselves and felt silly about the little argument they had. Ayushi says her end of the story about how she has to work with her hair all the time. As a fashion designer, she has to do a lot to her hair, apply all sorts of things and do all sorts of things to look appealing though she still prefers the simple braided hair. And she too faced with problems of split ends and how Dove Hair Rescue Shampoo helped her get back to the old beautiful hair that she had. Apoorva joined after Ayushi's side of the story and mentioned about how she was to travel around and go to the hottest place on earth and wait just for a perfect moment of the picture and how the atmosphere and the area affects her hair. In one of her travels she came to know about Dove Hair Rescue Shampoo and since then it has been doing wonders. 

Pleased with her friends' argument and suggestion, Aparna bought herself a new Dove Split End Rescue System Shampoo as soon as they left for their work after some time of story-sharing. Within days, Aparna could find change in her hair. The split ends were no where to be seen and her started looking as youthful as ever. She thanked her friends for their great advice and Dove for making it happen. 


This is my entry for the "Beautiful Ends to Your Beautiful Braids" contest organized by 'IndiBloggerin association with 'Dove'.

Disclaimer : Images taken from Google Images and Indiblogger, Dove ; or otherwise mentioned. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

In Youth we learn, In age we understand.

Dawned with innocence
I played at my will
Filled with arrogance
I got what I wished

With too much tender love
Everybody spoiled me
For they gave everything
That I asked for

I grew up, slowly
Learning about life,
Facing the difficulties
Feeling lost in love

Ah! Such an experience
The pleasure of knowing something
The contemplation of love
The fear of failure

Unaware of what the future has for me
I risked almost everything
Dared to do the impossible
Fought the little battles of life

Parents guided my ambition
Teachers nurtured my aspirations
Growing was fun, I thought
And I feel so wrong now. 

As time flew by
As fate dawn upon me
I had to be careful, of myself
Careful of the step I had to take

But among all complications
Among all struggles and difficulties
Among all the unpleasant setbacks
I fought each, one at a time

With a little victories,
Many failures
I stood steady, without losing hope
Overcame each hurdle, each failure.

Now, I am grown up and old
And look back at the ancient times
Happy I feel, with myself
With the life as the young.

I see the children playing, 
Screaming and Enjoying
I see the innocence, 
I see the child in them.

As a child I never understood
The reason for their candidness
The artful ingenuity
The adolescent confusion

And now I feel so lost
As I miss the tenderness
The innocence in the work
The wait for the unexpected.

Someone rightly said, 
"In Youth we learn, 
In age we understand" 
And I couldn't agree more.

- Ajay Kontham © 2013

Written for Carry on Tuesday under the prompt, "In Youth we learn, In age we understand". 

P.S. Oh boy. I  think I am getting too bad at this. I get almost one week, and I just can't formulate the thoughts properly. I need to work on getting to work my magic around the words. I actually jot down my thoughts like brainstorming, and then I go blank. How do I add and mix and color these words and give them shape and life to mean something, to signify something? And i am just lost at it. I really appreciate the people who write the moment the topic is out. You got some talent, Sir(s) and Madam(s). 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hilarious Stupidity V3.0

Water on the Laptop. Chicken Stains on the Shirt. Almost Dead Cell Phone. Broken Heatsets. Lazy feet. Chicken Bucket from KFC. Chocolate Wafers. Messy Room. TV on Mute. Cold Wind. A Pen and an Empty Book. Flickering internet connection. Insensible Discussion by Roommates. Sudden loud shouts. Sarcastic heavy laughs. Girl Boy Talk. Sensitive Guys. The Mindless Critics. Highly functional stupids. A Silent Spectator. 

  • I don't know what is it with people these days. Last week, I was sitting in a bus, near the door. A guy boards the bus and since there were no more seats available he had to stand besides me. And he was listening to songs as like many other in the bus but I too could hear what he was hearing. Yeah! That Loud. So, his friend boards the bus after two stops. And this guy standing beside me goes like this : "bow chicka wow wow". And No! It wasn't an Axe advt. going on there. The other guy was looking stylish-sort-of. But the guy besides me without knowing how loudly he was speaking in between his blaring music in his ears, shouted out loud. I just burst out laughing. So, did all the people who heard that. And thank god, he didn't take off the other guy's clothes. God Bless Axe. :D

  • I usually stay at a hostel-kind-of which is generally called Paying Guest(P.G.) here. They serve food two times a day. Though it always sucks, everytime, each day. Most of the times I don't even go for having dinner. The sometimes when I go, I wonder Why did I come? Because going for a dinner was like go-and-have-a-look kind of drama. And mind you, you get vexed with the preliminary taste-test. Once I gave them the opportunity of my presence and the preliminary taste-test failed. And I just couldn't eat anymore. So, I thought of going out for a nice restaurant. I go to clean my plate where I find the RIN bar (which is used for washing clothes). At first, I think it must be some sort of new dish-washing soap. But, I linger about still in confusion. My doubts get solved when I see the wraper of the Rin at the far end corner of the kitchen. Idiots, I cuss them. But then some other guys come and begin washing thier plates before I could tell them that they are using the wrong soap-bar. But I still don't tell to the remaining people. I quietly laugh and come back to my room and wash with the dish-washing soap present in my room. Phew! Kya hoga is desh ka ? 

  • Recently my email has been almost empty. Well, I have sort of two mail id's. One for all the Facebook and Blogger stuff and the other as in official mail id, and not the office Email. That is another one, the third one. My inbox was literally empty. But my Spam Folder is filling like anything. I have a habit of checking the mail almost every hour, to kill time, may be, or may be to find out that I won a million bucks and that I have to pay some 20 grand to some guy at the airport customs who would bring me New Nokia Lumia phones, two in number from somewhere I haven't heard of along with the cask prize of about 1.2 million. The stupider it sounds, the stupider it gets. Anyway, I have had so many such encounters where I even gave my details, without having the idea that I would have to spend some money even before I get any. And later they used to call me saying that the guy is at the Airport Customs and I have to wire something like 20-25 grand so as to clear the customs and then he would give me my million bucks along with some Nokia phones. I may be stupid, but not that. Anyway, I still had some of those in the SPAM folder which I graciously deleted. And then I stumbled upon one mail. It was dated February 3rd, 2003. Two Thousand and Three. 'What the hell?' was my immediate response. I wasn't aware of email word only at that time. I might have a little but I was totally restricted from using the computer and internet back in those days. And more over , I didn't even had an email. The email to which I got the mail was just recently created like to years ago. And now I see a mail dated 03/02/2003. Well, it no longer is in my spam now. But I am still wondering whether it is some sort of a glitch in the system or no other thoughts strike me.

  • The marriage story... The beginning : 

Well this is one of the statements when one(or I) doesn't/don't know what exactly should be said in response. I was too dumb-folded and wondering what he just said or did I hear right?. Well, this is just the beginning of a small, yet a big story. Hopefully in the future posts, I'll probably tell the whole story. I know that guy would kill me for this. But, wth

  • There is too much discussion for the casting of '50 Shades of Grey'. I just stumbled upon a  discussion on the social forum that its should be him, it should he that guy, bla bla. Well, Ian Somerhalder is one in the race, who said, "Whoever would be enacting Christian Grey would have a lot of fun". No argument there. 

Ajay Kontham © 2013

Now we got a problem. I saw a lot of people telling this Ajay guy to get his mind back. And there, we got a problem. May be that mind of his might have donned some sort of invisibility cloak or whatever. I saw him searching under TV as suggested by a fellow blogger. Seriously, not kidding. And then someone even mentioned about getting mad trying to stick the pieces of the puzzle, the content he writes. I am way too sorry to say that, he has just lost it,  his mind. And the integrity is no where to be seen. He just jumps from one topic to another and sometimes his language seems totally alien to me. I just can't understand a word of his. Anyway, I am trying my best helping him to get his mind back, because in some way or the other, its affecting my mental stability as well. 

'The Red in the Redness'
Dear K
You got a valid point. If I wear a red shirt, I should also write in red ? But you see, I am not as cool as I look. I am actually the opposite. And I don the Red for a reason. Yeah, I am hot. Smoking-Hot. Smoking-Burning-Hot. And what color better signifies the hotness? 

Now there you go. And also, I tried using other colors, but turns out they don't look as cool as they should be. (I hope K, a fellow blogger doesn't kill me for this. Ah! I forgot! Even if anyone tries to kill me, they would be doing the damage to AK, not me. Ha-ha. I am IMMORTAL.) 
And on second thought, the little title for this 'The Red in Redness' sounds cool, I mean red, I mean Hot. No doubt, I am Awesome. Period.

- The Guy in the Hat, with a red shirt and a red pen. :D

Friday, March 22, 2013


I see the animated people making faces, talking or may be shouting, just seem to be hyper active. Of course, I couldn't hear the thing they were saying nor the TV which was at MAX volume as I was busy in my world of Music in my ears. And thanks to my new (now a little damaged-yet-working) headsets which cancels the outside noise completely. And on top of it adds some music to the outside. Literally, people can clearly hear what I am listening to upto as far like 5 meters or so. Now don't get down with a measuring tape. That was just an assumption. So, these guys are watching the local version of the Comedy Circus (I guess you know this tv show, right? If not, well, it is a hindi comedy show aiming at entertaining the audience with some jokes) . Well the Hindi version is far better when compared to the regional-language one. When I used to watch the Hindi one, these guys would literally fall on me, snatch the remote and go for some other bogus channel. I sometimes go crazy at the choice of their tastes. So, this regional version that I was talking about has the worst jokes and mostly are the directly taken from You Tube. So, you can imagine the scenario here. And mostly are pure-adulterated jokes. And seriously I just can't take them in. Its fcuk'g freaking disgusting. But these people do the classic ROFL thing all the time. But I can't hear their monstrous laughs nor the disgusting TV show; Just some animated dancing-rolling fools. 

I totally stand out of all these people. I sometimes wonder what I am even doing here. I am like a Martian staying with these people. I am different, nothing new there. But then again I am not a people person. I talk less, as most of the people I know already know about it. I mind my own work, don't involve in any of their stupid/interesting encounters. I just don't participate, you know. You getting what I am meaning to tell? I am the wrong piece in the Dominos combination, the wrong card in the Deck of Playing cards. I just don't fit here. But still I am here. And I am seriously puzzled about my situation. I prefer staying alone - with my rules, with my freedom, with my things, with full of Myself. But I am not. 

I have trouble making friends. Seriously, I do. Because there are so few people whose ways sync with mine, whose thoughts match with mine (well, literally or lets just say - are somewhat close to mine) . I have been a traveler all my life. I have never been at a steady place. The most years that I had ever stayed at a single place is Ahmedabad. I might have some good friends there, and who are like me, as I just mentioned above. But people change and I move to a different place. Those people find better friends and I have to start again from scratch. It has been like that all my life. I may have seen a lot of people, made some friends, a few acquaintances but never I had someone called a best friend. What I can say is I made a few friends, some happened to be good, and some very good, infact. 

One of the best thing I can remember about making some good friends was back at the training, by the company I am currently working in. I kind of made a good friend in a matter of three months. But there is always fate or whatever the hell it is called, we got posted to different places. I need not say much about him. I might have mentioned about him at length in my previous posts. So, I thought what was the reason behind that? I too don't know exactly, so I was brainstorming about the possible things that might have led into being good friends. May be most of the things we do are in sync, like we both like to read, now read means novels for me and for him everything that could be read. We both blog. We both watch tv series. There is a serious problem with a lot of people with TV Series. They don't watch any, and even if they do, that is also after so many recommendations from a lot of people. And what do you think they are - The Korean TV series. I end my discussion there. I know there are a lot of fans out there. And I ask anything other than that - They say Prison Break. They missed a lot. The Friends, one of the best. And there is a pretty long list. And I have completed almost all, except a few, well like the Korean ones. So, where was I ? Yeah about my friend... So, I was saying ... if not all, atleast half of the things just sync between us, which hasn't happened with any other person I have ever met, though I haven't met a lot of people though. 

Recently, I removed my display picture from my Facebook profile. There were some people asking about the reason. I have told only to a few, like two people out of three. Well, the reason being that I got some exam result recently and I barely got any marks. So, that was a reaction to the very bad result that I got. I tell this to one of my friends... well not exactly like that.. I say that I am actually depressed about something ... and then tell about this. He replies saying , "That's it? I thought it was about something else, something concerned with the girl thing." If it was so, I wouldn't even have removed my DP, rather I would have upgraded to something more awesome one. Within minutes I get a new Facebook notification tagging me to this photo : 

Well, this is the first comic strip in which someone else tagged me and which involves me. Till now I had been the one creating all comic strips. This is a new one from someone. So, let me clear about something here - No, I wasn't depressed about the exam because I didn't prepare for it, not even a question. It was just for everyone else to think that I am in some kind of depressed state of mind. And I am saying again, I am not depressed. And No, I am not crying for a gf. Phew! That is the last thing I want to do. Dude, Don't lie to people. Seriously, you gotto believe me. Yeah, I would have, but it is just plainly unbelievable. I will come up with a post on the recent events and you will definitely change your answer. Whatever, dude. 

P.S. Before you say anything, I have a confession to make. I have lost my mind somewhere. I am just searching for it as we speak. When I find it I will be more sensible. 
The Guy in the Hat says "Hi". So, I wear a red shirt and I write/speak in red also. Just to make you people clear of this thing, I took some time from this AK guy. But I will be back, with a Bang and some BOOM.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How do you do that?

My idea was to write one post for each day. And I have been failing since long. Though my notebook is filled with incomplete drafts that I jot down during the course of time during the day. But when I sit down in front of my laptop after a cold shower (Yeah a cold one. Not my choice. What can I do ? My water heater does give me a hard time all the time. And this is just another day. Damn you. ) So where was I... Yeah.. sit down in front of my laptop and look at the half points. Back at the time when I wrote those points, I was like this one point is just enough and I could write books with it. But now I have the book and I think, I think hard about what I was referring to. Even if I get the essence, I am still at large trying to figure out the next sentence. And No, my handwriting is not one that of a Doctor. I can clearly understand what I wrote, just that , I don't get the idea behind it. The notepad is one that I treasure the most. Firstly, because it was free. And second I just love its look. So, I made it my blogging hand-book / manual. So, I divided the pages into different sections dedicating each to a specific genre. I even started writing and then finalizing on my blog. It is just to refine a bit more what I usually present in my blogs. I had been doing that for over a month and now instead of me dividing into different sections, I am still jumbling all the different genres. And now my book is a total mess. Though I started reorganizing it with colored stick notes or whatever they are called, it is still a greater mess than I can imagine. It takes me a lot of time to get to the page on which I wrote the latest idea and then again when I get there, I just can't pen anything more that the mere two/three words. Blame my... well your wish man. I just can't deal with myself. 

These days, I am having a lot on my mind. First is one about changing the overlook of my blog. Not the appearance, which I already did. I am just trying to get some anonymity. But I am finding it way too difficult. Sometimes, there are a lot of people I know reading my blog. I mean like one or two. Rest of the people are just ignorant of my blog instead of my steady pestering them to try it out sometime. I realized that anonymity gives the freedom to write the most awkward of the things about yourself and people would have no idea about whom we all are talking about. But will get to know that there is someone just as crazy. Though I try to make a fool of myself almost in every post, that anonymity adds a little unknown flavor. My dad reads my blog, sometimes or may be all the time. Sometimes I get a small class about it that I am spending more time blogging than doing anything of more important purpose. And there's my mom who then joins and the same story repeats again. Though my mom doesn't read, but she knows exactly what I do.

Meanwhile at office, I am having a hard time with the question bank sitting right beside me. We are still kind of freshers over there and are learning our way about how things work. And that too we are just one computer to work and learn the stuff. I along with another guy spend the time learning, or something like that. Actually it is a boring work, I mean the learning part. And on top of it, this guy is the non-stop questionnaire. He would ask the minutest of the things, and mind it all this questions are for me. Even if the person  incharge/the person we have to report to asks whether we have any doubts or questions, he is just as silent as anything. But back at the cubicle I am the scapegoat. So later one day after about an hour of getting into the office, he starts his bizarre thing that he usually does. And this happens :

So, what actually happens is that I am a little too accustomed to use the keyboard shortcuts. Though he is a Computer Science student, still insists me to tell what the shortcut keys are. And thats' when I feel the pungent repelling odor. I was almost gonna puke, and I would have if I had't got out and got some fresh air. And this happened just about an hour after we arrived at office. Phew! That was close call. But then again it happened yesterday. I think I should tell him about this.

Meanwhile, I was busy, doing nothing, all the people were busy with their work doing something or the other. So, someone goes for a meeting or something and the other person just inquires about it. They exchange some information. The person then says, 

Well that wasn't directed to me though. But almost half of the people in the ODC just laughs including me. 

On a different note, I know I haven't been regular at blogging. But I am still trying you know. Last night I fell asleep in the middle. The light in the room was still switched on when I woke up beside my laptop which was on this New Post page. No, I aint a sleepy head. I was having a bad head ache. Remember that questionnaire guy. He was just eating my empty mind. Anyways, on a different topic I had an interesting conversation last night with one of the fellow blogger on Facebook. I shouldn't just say now, but I am hoping to share it asap. Well, you don't have to wait up in anticipation, it is no biggie. 

Written under #OfficeStories #DiaryEntry 07

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Standing at the Crossroads.

I am a child at thought
Everything looks so damn fascinating
As a child, I desire
Every petty little things.

For life is such, so predictable
So relishing, yet a little dangerous
A sight we often overlook
Mesmerized in its beauty

Many say, Life is Beautiful
Ah! Of course , it is
May be I don't know yet.
May be I am wrong, after all.

Past experiences has taught lessons
Lessons, in a most powerful way
That define the present, as well as 
The capricious future.

 But Life is so unpredictably erratic, I say.
Worked my way, risked myself
Just to ease the complications.
Its soft beneath the hardness, they say.

I beg to differ, 
While I wonder, judging their words
If its true at all
Then again, I perceive things.

Now I walk the dark empty paths
That Life laid to deep for me
In search of that softness
In search of that good.

That good, that gives hope
That good, that make me believe
The good, that does nothing less than good
Or does that good even exist, I wonder.

Standing at the crossroads
I see rather too many paths
Which fade in the darkness
But I have to make my decision

The Decision to make me, myself, 
The Decision that makes me unique
The Decision which could change the life
But I am lost in Dilemma.

Confused, Frustrated, Angry.
I drift from one cloud to another
As I struggle to land on one solid ground
Ah! I am so unbelievable.

Every path looks just perfect
Yet I have to follow one
That lays foundation for a better tomorrow
 And I am still lost in thinking.

'Be Careful for What you Choose'
I hear a faint voice, resonating
Awakening my every nerve
While I get down analyzing and thinking

But confusion surrounds 
As I fall deeper into dilemma
Unsure of where I am headed
Unclear of what I should choose.

I am lost, Just plain lost
Floating in unanswerable questions
Jumping from one thought to another
Losing myself with each passing moment.

- Ajay Kontham ™ © 2013

Written for 'Carry on Tuesday' #196 under the prompt "Standing at the Crossroads"

P.S. : I know I am late for submitting. But, I had this drafting for a week and I have to refine and put it out. So, now its out and I am sure it is not as good as I wanted it to be. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

The Guy in the Hat.

A lot of things have happened lately. Like me going to office. Well, this one is a bummer. And I totally regret my decision. I came to know a few things about my past which were quite hidden. Well, in the sense that it involved me but I wasn't aware of them. I will summarize that shortly. A shocking revelation from my friend. You would be as surprised as I was. Wait! I still am. Well, that's for another day (the comic strips are under construction for the same. And I know the person involved would probably kill me for doing so, let me just take the risk). Bla bla bla. 

Well, today is my Cousin Sister's birthday. So Happy Birthday to her. Guess what, I made a comic strip for that. 'Yeah, do I seem to be more jobless even after staying at office for over 9 hours or am I just spending or should I say selling my sleep-time? Btw, What kind of person am I? 9 hours!? Phew.' Anyways, what I do is strictly-legally confidential. Seriously, don't tell anyone (please) 
The zzZZzz Story. 

Anyways, I hope you keep this as a secret. But if you don't.... well , let's leave the topic there. 'What? Are you afraid or what?'  Who was that? Yeah, I didn't think so. So I was saying I made one, I mean the comic strip, (just passing my time, y'know.)

Happy Birthday.
I don't usually get to upload all the things at a time and frankly speaking I have never ever wished anyone on my blog. So, this is the first. Actually there is a reason. But everything in one day? What kind of fun it wold be? As I mentioned earlier about some comic-strips under construction, well that has relevance to this. Though they aren't inked even in the minutest possible way. "Dude, All in one day? What else did you mention? Except your idiotic bragging about nothingness.'  - 'Feels like it's my time to come and show myself."  Did anyone just say something? Man, I think I am hearing things, rather to many these days. I think I should get myself checked. May be I am getting insane with each passing day. With that, I remember the classic Sheldon Cooper's dialogues - "Oh! No, I am not insane. My mother had me Tested".

Come on!, Dude. Don't you have anything better to do? See this is what happens when you don't take my advice and just keep blabla-ing (yeah, that's right... I create new words, So? you got a problem with that?) : 

So the last post was not commented on. That is like a serious thing. Because, how insanely rubbish-nonsense-meaningless-stupid-senseless- (I think you might have got it by now) you wrote, people still made some time of their valuable-precious time just for you. And don't mistake them, my friend. They were being generous and were just trying to motivate you to keep writing and invisibly hinting you to get better at writing. But you just get overwhelmed by the comment that you skip their hidden hint, every single time. But last post seems to be ... well... Do I have to say anything more? Seriously, dude? Get your SugarHoneyIcedTea together. And don't start with your petty lame excuses. No. Not to me. 

The Ignorant AK.

Well, I am not known to many people. Because I am being kept from showing myself by this mask of something I can't even start describing. So there is this AK (a.k.a Ajay Kontham) who keeps me from getting out, but does every single thing on my command, yet thinks its' his own idea/thoughts. I just laugh at his innocence. Well, this post of his ended a long time back. He doesn't even know that I am writing and adding all this stuff.  Probably, he won't, unless you people tell him tomorrow morning or later. Well, you'd probably fail at convincing him, because he can't read any of this. It's all just invisible to him. Or I will make sure he can't. After all, I am the controlling part here.

Now, if you are still wondering who this guy in a Red Shirt is ... I am what they call, or what I call the 'Alter-Ego', 'The Conscious', 'The Dark Passenger' ( Courtesy: Dexter)  ...well.. I could go on and on..  but you get the point , right? Well, for the time being (and in the future also) lets just call myself :  ' The Guy in the Hat'. 

'The Guy in the Hat' !!
Well, this is just the beginning. There are more to come. So, if at all you get to read some text/ paragraph/ post in this font, you know who's speaking to you, right? If you don't know, just memorize it, will ya'? Oh, by the way, if you are thinking I am any good, lemme clear the air. I am the Badass. Believe it. Or 'The Guy in the Hat' doesn't take things lightly, seriously, I don't So, better believe it. And you wouldn't want to do anything that would upset the 'Guy in the Hat'. Believe me, you don't. 

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