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Painting in the Sky

Flying Lanterns 
Visakhapatnam | Andhra Pradesh | India

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Chapter 7 - Jeopardy 
The Secret Life of Wilson

William woke up later that morning with a mild headache. Everything that happened yesterday was like a dream. As a matter of fact, he believed it to be a dream. But it felt so real but he wasn't sure. The school wasn't the same that day. Those guys who usually used to bully were not in the school. The next day they came, but scared to look at him. A week later there was no bullying at all in the school. And those guys were also cool with it, but they always looked above their shoulder for Will. They were scared but what they figured was that if they never did what they used to do, they will not be in trouble.

It was a raining evening. As usual William was having those consistent nightmares that he had been having for the past couple of months. He never remembered what it was but when he was asleep it terrified him to death. He would wake up sweating heavily. Something was wrong with him. He always had this weird feeling but he had no idea what it was about. And the day when he realized that all that happened with the kids who bullied was real, he had his new set of questions. He wanted to know what was happening to him and what was wrong with him. He wanted to know if there was anything that he could do to avert all that was happening to him, his nightmares. He felt as if he was losing himself in search of the unknown. So he decided to stop thinking about all that and take a break from everything. May be things might fall into the right perspective if he had given some time perhaps. It was almost summer and he told Uncle Ben that he was going on a camping trip with friends, only that he had no friends. He just wanted a break so that he could think a little clearer. 

It has been a year since Arthur had been working on a cure for Alex. Still no luck. It was almost ready but not quite. It was failing all tests. Alex's dad was getting worried. As he had this weird feeling that he would be late and could not deliver it on time. Finally after a lot many modifications, one test showed positive results, but it was also inconclusive. Arthur had no idea what was going wrong. Everything according to the papers should have yielded the right result but he was almost close. It was late mid-night when his cellphone beeped and there was a text from the doctor that Alex' condition was serious. By the time he went, he was a few seconds late. He couldn't control his agony and so was the case with his wife. He sat down as tears tricked down his cheek. And then he realized about the drug in his bag. In desperation, he injected the Elixir Stage I drug into Alex. A few seconds later there was a pulse in the Electro Cardiograph. The doctor said sometimes when the breathing slows down it decreases the pulse drastically. May be that was the reason. Alex looked more worried than happy. He had no idea what affect it will have on him. He was worried what might happen to Alex now. What he did was a mistake, a very big mistake indeed. He realized it, but it was too late now. The damage had already been done; the damage which was still unknown to all. He had already put Alex's life in jeopardy. 

Joseph burned almost all that were important. And all that he never wanted to get into the wrong hands. It was the last time Joseph saw Alex/William for the last time. he tried to contact him later but he knew the better of the situation. Already they had a target on his sister who had not been in contact for decades. He last spoke to her when she went to college and later never ever got a chance. Not did he try to. The last time they saw each other they weren't on good terms with each other. But that didn't mean he never loved her. He had always had a soft corner for his sister, after all she was family. But he was so engrossed in work and the life going haywire his sister slipped his mind as days passed by. He remembered about her the night when his colleague Dr. Cage mentioned her name. He was dragged to laboratory and was forced to do redo everything he had destroyed. He couldn't even if he wanted to. All the work was Arthur's research and he was the only person who knew almost everything. Joseph also knew a few things, but those were not so clear in his mind. He didn't wanted to drag Arthur into all this. He was already going through a lot. The only thing was that no one in the lab knew that Arthur was still alive and that he was the one who had all the data. When they inquired about who that mystery man was, Joseph didn't say a word other than stating that he was a college mate. And that those guys had caught him, he would go undergo. But Dr. McClaine was desperate. So he demanded that the drug to be made at any cost. He had a few research with himself which was handed over to Joseph if any further assistance was necessary. Dr. McClaine came to know that there was a third person who was the center of all conversations between the so-called-college-mate and Joseph, probably a kid. His name was never disclosed. He had no idea who the kid was, where he was and what he did. Most of all he had no idea what all this had to do with him? He knew that Joseph won't talk about it even if asked or tortured. He was kept under full surveillance and any sort of communication made by Joseph will be immediately informed to Dr. McClaine.

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Chapter 6 : Hallucinating

Friday, April 18, 2014


The dust danced to the music of the morning sunshine. The ray of light that made its way through the misty frozen glass. It was cold outside. The little warmth still made the silent particles that lay suspended in the infinity to dance in the morning breeze. It warmed the sleepy skin as it made its way through my face. I glared at the dance, at the significance, at the innocence. I was lamented as reality struck a chord in the silent music of the morning. It was morning and what preceded that always kept me alert. 

The silent music of the morning mist turned into chaos as the time made its way past the circle of life. I walked though the dust laden streets with the stint of hurriedness of the worried people. Some were exceptional. And the dust that danced in the morning to the ray of light now turned into something pitiful and unbearable. I catch glimpses of people in the crowd calm and peaceful, by appearance and their inner soul. That. That is what I always wanted to see in people.

I am woken up by my morning dreams by a large thud of the broken chords or may be it was the wrong pitch in the morning music. The chaos of migrant thoughts that persisted in my mind multiplied as the multitude of people increased by each passing second. Now there is chaos everywhere. People busily walking all over, children denying to go to school, neatly dressed professionals on their way to money earning process. The mixed chaos from myriad sources thumping and increasing with each passing second overpowering the agitated chaos of the mind. 

And for a second, or a minute, or an hour everything went silent as if the voices slowly blurred into oblivion, the chaos was stunned into silence. An exquisiteness which people normally term as angel made me wonder whether I was in some sort of heaven. It is clearly an abomination of human creation. Such things should never be present on god's green earth. But nevertheless, the world just stopped as the silence overtook the pleasantness of the moment. But then again, as if it was the calm before the storm, the chaos was suddenly back before I realized  I was in the middle of the road and everyone was standing still because of me. 

The coffee lay as the warm layers of vapor condensed in the evening sky. I stared at it intensively for a time I know not of. I kept staring at it dissolved in its chemistry. The sky was crimson with a hint of blue illuminated by the myriad faces that wandered all over. Angels, again! Amidst all this awesomeness which surrounded me, I am finding myself as an artist; as the musician orchestrating all the events that fell before my eyes adding a suitable string, pitch, beat. It was my music to which I danced invisibly among all the people that surrounded me, but I am a mere spectator who just played the role of the audience.

The world faded in blurred shadows as the made my way through the empty streets. The fluorescent sodium vapor lamp illuminated the empty street engulfed in a sinister silence of the night. It grew deeper as the the night turned darker. The sky was dark with minimal moonlight illuminating the empty streets, but I grew habitual all this ghastly phenomenon that occurred almost every night. 

It is a circle where life is at the center of the chords. We just have to play it right string at the right time and it would be as peaceful as a soothing music. 

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I have never tried to think about the complexities of life. Of many, Marriage is one among it. Marriage is a complexity? What is this guy even saying? If I am not wrong, this is the question that popped in your mind, if you are married. All unmarried people hate the concept of being married. Take it from me, or countless other people whom I came across. Marriage? Bleh! But it is not my place to point out anything about the aforementioned complexity, if I can call it. 

It is beautiful, hands down. It is beautiful indeed to see a happy couple and their kids playing in the park, enjoying themselves and that is the what should we call it - perks of marriage. There is fun. May be I am not mature enough to speak about or lets just put it straight forwardly  - I am an inexperienced to point out anything about it. But circumstances have compelled to me to put an eye on it and think about it. And being an super-analyst that I am, or preferably a critic , before I realize what I want to think, I have already started thinking about it.
What is it made of ? The mutual understanding ? The element of love ? What about love at first sight?(which don't turn out into marriages). Can there be true love at all ? And what about true love in marriage ? What is it all about ? 

Is it an agreement of understanding(?) or a life long agreement to stay besides one another trying to love (compulsion may be or not) each other. Compromise ? What does the heart have to say anything to about it at all? I don't have any answers, just too many questions. But the mind is a decisive place where it draws conclusions for almost everything. So, I am also on the same page as it is. Or lets just say I am brainstorming. I know there are a lot of people who would be able to come up with an apt answer and a logical solution to all the questions. 

A month ago my cousin sister got married. And we ( mostly its' me) used to tease her because she kept telling that she didn't want to get married so soon. But for girls the time runs faster and the earlier they are married, the better, I mean after the appropriate age, of course. She had been working for over 2 years and her parents thought that it was good to get her married than to wait. And also finding a suitable groom is another headache. Oh, believe me it is hell. There are so many factors that they have to consider. If only she had some sort of love story of hers, it would have narrowed it down. But there was no such thing. Can I call her a well grown Indian lady? Apart from all this, she was still married. When I asked her whether she liked the groom or not before, she put it very bluntly like it was her parent's choice. Well yeah, of course it is. But her role also plays an important role, does it not? And yes, she liked the groom. Else she wouldn't have accepted in the first place. But accepting that to me would just make her more vulnerable as I don't back down a bit in teasing. And being shy is a virtue of girls, I guess. Okay, I had no idea what I just said. The thing is that she was also on the same page as their parents in respect to the groom but you just can't tell the same, if you know what I mean. I asked her opinion on marriage and she explained a few words and may be I can put it something like this. It is more of an obligation, a responsibility of a being an adult woman and that as it was the right time, it is inevitable. Even if it were to be avoided, it couldn't be. It's complicated, I guess.

So here I go inferring more above my own thinking capability. What is the role of love in marriage? It is very rare that that one would fall in love at first sight. I don't know about all that. But lets assume that when the boy visits the girls home for the first time, if it is love at first sight, then its' just great, isn't it? Before I move any further, Love is an important part of marriage, right? It might happen the first time or with time. But it will happen, if I am not wrong?Let me just go the all famous Disney stories. The girl, queen or a normal person falls in love with a charming prince or a prince-turned-into-beastly-creature, or whatever may be the places of people, the ending is just one line : And they lived happily ever after. Those are just great. All these never move ahead of that particular part. No one can put a finger and say that Yes, they lived happily ever after. Future is not predictable. No one can predict it, unless it is some sort of Disney story because it is always the good over evil and always ends with someone living happily ever after. Like I said, we just can't be sure, what happens tomorrow. And about Marriages, well the same rules applies. But above all, there is always a higher probability of controlling the future in a way or the other. Isn't that marriage is all about? Understanding, adjusting, advising, complimenting, supporting, loving, caring, whatnot (I agree there are a lot many other thing, may be you could help me fill it up).

I have never been in love. I have never even got close to it. I am pretty much kept myself out of that that institution. Not that it was my choice but it never happened and I can't say anything about why or why not! So, when I hear people about their love stories (from people younger to me, all the teenage love), I am like What the hell?  I am ignorant to anything that happens in the phenomenon. I don't know why but I have closed myself completely to it. Or may be I am open to it, but opportunities didn't present itself to me yet. Or else, Like I mentioned in one of my 'what-the-hell-was-that' post that when I don't love myself, how can I expect others to love me. So, when I get the question about marriage, I think I will give a pass to it. No, seriously.  It is clearly not my cup of tea. I don't know how others are able to pull it off, but I, can't even come close to those people. 

To all the married people, 
You are just awesome people. I just hope that you stay in love forever and cherish each moment to the end of the time. Stay Blessed. 

And to all the people telling me that I am next. Be careful. I am not as good as I look. I can be worse, I guess. But no need to test it. 

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This is something I have never been able to associate with myself. Over the period of time, I have tried to understand, may be I understood, or may be not. I can not be sure. When you ask me "What do I love the most in this world?". I don't have an answer. Yeah, insane. I know. But there are a lot of things I like, but whether I love or not is an entirely different question to which the answer is just a mystery. So, what is love? I can't explain. And even if I did, I could be terribly wrong at it. But anyway let me just give out my opinion from my end. 

The adolescent age when everyone is just fascinated by the word love. It was something which as a child, I have never dared to think about, for reasons unknown. I said dared! It wasn't something that complicated or something out of the extraordinary. It was just complicated, just like I don't have words to explain. I have never gone near the word. Not during my schooling, not during my college. Never. But I have heard about it a lot many times. I never got the chance to be in the feeling. Sure being loved is something that parents always do and it comes naturally. But I wasn't speaking about family. 

So, when a dear friend, a teenager mentioned about the love, I realized that I wasn't a teenager anymore and umm, the love-factor has faded in history. I feel like I am all grown up, though I don't quite feel so. I just feel too old. And now I am working and I still feel hopeless about the whole business or should I call it the institution of love. Some of my friends said that one should get hold of someone special when one is in their high school else it becomes difficult to find or get any. Is that right? I don't know. May be it is true to some extent. And to point the obvious, all these great thoughts came from all the 'single' friends. But it just didn't happen. What can we do about it? If I were to repeat my past, probably it will be the same as of now and I am sure of it.

It can happen anytime, anywhere. It just doesn't have a specific age or restriction of any sort. It is what makes it great. I have seen people deeply in love with someone other, but never been able to express it. Some did and they succeeded, but then again it was just temporary. And that made me wonder, Is love temporary? No, it isn't. Only that these madly-in-love people were teenagers and were experimenting it, they didn't think ahead of their time. That is the consequence of young people in love. It is pure and exquisite, but it is vulnerable also. And then there is our society which points fingers at everything that they find out of the ordinary just because they never had the chance or should I call it the moral ethics. What bullshit?

The conservative society that we live in prohibits from turning a healthy love into a future that could be even more beautiful. But it is how our society works. Love doesn't have anything to do with age, gender, race, caste, region, whatnot. But all this comes into picture in the eyes of the society. Yes, we substitute the so-called-society, but it is not us who will be judging others but we are still part of that culture of judging. And this is one of the reason why people just don't out in the open. They hide among themselves and where does all that love go? Curbed and digested, because they can't defy the society or their parents. 

So, what's wrong with me? Why have I never fallen in something that is never to be missed? I wish I knew. May be someday I will be able to reason with myself, may be not. I don't see myself hopeful of such a situation. I have admired people, infatuated about a lot many, but was it all love? I just can't tell. I could never tell, unless I experience first hand. I have been in the shoes of people explaining their side of the story and I felt like Okayyy..So, this happens. I am better off without it. I have had similar experience with the people I had a little infatuation about. I have felt that betrayal, that wait for a single message, that heart quenching feeling when someone else gets the attention that I should be getting, that wait for recognition( being noticed), that awkward feeling when someone is always in our mind always thinking about them and what they might have been doing, whatnot.  But can I call it love? I guess not. I don't know. I wish I knew. 

But like I have told a hundred times, it always depends on us. How we perceive things and how we conclude the same. It is all us. And in my case, I just can't expect someone else to like/love me, because I have never been in terms with myself in that aspect, for reasons many. If you feel fulfilled, then only you will be able to invite someone else into you. Else you struggle to perfect your imperfectness. May be you are not imperfect, it might just be a notion on the mind. But since you feel like that about oneself, you can't expect others to feel any different. But if a person loves their imperfection and are in terms with it, they are more accomplished than anyone. Not only in love, in life as well. So, 

Love yourself. 

"You cannot be lonely if you like the person you`re alone with." 
– Wayne Dyer
“I think the reward for conformity is that everyone likes you except yourself.” 
― Rita Mae Brown

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Key to the better world

By Rajesh Kumar
Beach Road | Visakhapatnam | Andhra Pradesh

I came across this sculpture on the road side of the Beach Road in Visakhapatnam. I was just skimming through the city to find something fascinating to capture using my new camera and I stumble into this. No one would even give it a look even though it is on the road side of the most populated and the tourist attracted location in the city. Even if people did get a chance to give it a peek, they wouldn't drown into thinking about what might it signify. No, I can't read sculptures or art of any kind. But this just dropped a question in my mind. When the artist was so keep on creating a sculpture to depict about the world we currently live in? Is our world not a better place? What do you think? Do we really need a key to a better world. What will this key even do in the first place. Transport us to a place where the world is better, where people are kind, where people obey law and respect each other. What is a better world in your perspective? And I ask again, do we really need a key?

May be it is a metaphor for people to be just and surround yourself with kindness and in the process create a better world. I still haven't answered my very first question. Is our world not a better place? According to me, it isn't. It is a great place, sure. But a better place? I can't get my head around it. There is a lot that has to be done for the betterment of the world and the people we live with. And this is just to fuel your imagination and let you decide what is best and whether a key is necessary entity.

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The profoundness of the thoughts evade the gloomy atmosphere that surrounded the ambiguity of a well arranged ideas in the scrambled mind. I stumble upon a lot of things at same time as I see myself floating from one perpetual idea to another. I am just wandering in the whole wide world with the destination of an unknown place. The problem with my wandering is that I don't know where I am going. But I reassure myself that I got the required thoughts to keep me sane. I am kidding myself and I don't even know for the better of me.

I dwell in the innocence yet brilliantly categorized human ideologies that revolve in the epicenter of each ones' lives that are interconnected with the human element of the search for the mystery that shadows the gloomy tomorrow. What do we want in this world? What are we doing, so many galaxies away from the unknown? The mystery is what makes it more interesting, they say. Why are we even here? The questions that haunt us like every single day which are overpowered by the daily dosage of our problems with life. 

Life! Life, such a small word yet our perpetual existence involuntarily depends on it and we strive to build beautiful castles from the sands of the shore called time. Aren't we afraid of tomorrow? Are we a little hopeful of the future. The mystery that we live in is what life is all about. If we had every clue of what life was what we have happened to the beautiful castles or the hope? The energy revolves around us like the aureole but only that we could never see it, in darkness or in light. And what importance is a life to a man among all the adversities of the world. Though we may be the small particle among the mountains of desert sand, the possibility of we being the supreme never leaves the human mind.

What are we? What am I? Am I the the reason for something big, or are you? What is the purpose of any of us in this whole wide world. Our whole story revolves around this mysterious things. We have tried to decipher it, sure. But what is it? We could never know. The universe is wide. There are infinite possibilities. "Some infinities are bigger than other infinities" as an author quotes. I believe it. I hope we all agree to that. 

The post for the tenth day (I) of the April month is titled Infinity for April A2Z Challenge .

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Chapter 6 - Hallucinating
The Secret Life Of Wilson

William spent all his evenings in the library, going through the files he once found in his uncle's house. He was staying at Uncle Ben's home but he was rarely home. Uncle Ben also didn't mind his lateness as he thought that Will was still dealing with the trauma and anything he would say would just upset him more. He already lost his parents and then Uncle Joseph. So, he always gave him space. And he himself was getting weak due to his age. He was 10 years elder to Joseph. William tried to read all the files that were still in the leather satchel from his uncles' home. Nothing made sense to him and there were these redacted files. The only thing he could make out was that there were some scientist working on something big and that was all confidential. That didn't add up quite well. And there was this box with his name on it which didn't open. He tried breaking it, but nothing worked. There wasn't even a key hole to search for a key or likewise. It was just plain wooden box with his name engraved on it but he had no idea how to open it. 

It was just another day at school. He always seemed distant at school, though his scores were just a little above average. He was always thinking about that night and the files. He tried to think about something else, but deep inside he knew it was his job to get to the bottom of this. Nearly a year has passed since that night but that night was still fresh in his mind like it all happened just yesterday. He looked very weak and vulnerable. Of course he was. He had battled with some kind of disease that nobody knew what it was all about. His weakness was an opportunity for some guys at school to show their superiority. He was bullied but he never mind them, which was the reason what attracted more attention. Those guys who were bullying wanted attention, which was what school was all about. Will had his mind full with what to do next and what those files were all about. 

He was looking at the photo of his parents that was in the diary along with him as a child and was just lost back in time trying to recollect any moments that he could remember  when he was a child. That was the only way he distracted himself from the present. It was a magical place in his mind even though he couldn't recollect anything, he just imagined about the happy times. He had gone through a lot and most of that had to do him being unconscious in the hospital bed and he couldn't even recollect that. His imagination of a happy time was his solace among all the chaos in his mind. He was welcomed back to the real world with a smack on his head by the gang of bullies that terrified the half of the school. He wasn't bothered because he knew that nothing good would come if he had stayed there a minute longer. He collected his things and turned back to move. 

"What do we have here? Our little will boy along with his parents." "What happened to them, smug? Did they leave you?.... while you cried on the pavement and that old cripple took you in? huh ? " . Will just ignored his comments and tried to take the photo back. But they didn't make it that east for him. The one who looked like the leader of the small gang pushed him back and Will on his back. He was not normal with this. But still he just wanted to get back to his home and sleep. He had been thinking a lot and there were just more and more questions and no answers at all. He was frustrated and this incident was just fueling his frustration. He got up cleaned his dress and again moved forward to take the photo from leader's hands. But another guy just put a leg in the way and he fell again face down. They were testing Will's patience. 

"See, guys I don't want to cause any trouble. Just please give me my photo and I will leave quietly", Will said as convincing as possible. 

"What?  You don't want to cause any trouble? Try me, Try Willy boy. Try". The leader started jumping around tucking he photo in his pocket. "Let see what you got". 

"No, I didn't mean that. I just want to go home. That's all. I can't do anything. Just give the photo back". Will said in a pleasing tone. 

"Just take it, Willy. Its' just in my pocket", said the leader pushing Will back. Then all the remaining people also surrounded Will and started pushing him in every direction possible. Will's patience ran out. His face turned slowly turned red. He was getting angry.

"What do we have here? See see he is getting angry. I am getting scared. Someone help me, anyone?", the leader started mocking him. Will took a step forward but was met with a leg in the way just like before but he overstepped it, but someone pushed him from behind. Will was unaware of that but the next thing he knew was that the guy who tried to push Will was lying on the ground face down. Another guy tried to fight Will seeing his friend on the ground but that guy was also grounded in a split second. Will just saw him going down but just couldn't make out how that happened. May be he tripped, he thought. It was then two other kids moved from opposite directions to tackle Will and they were also grounded but all Will could remember was that he just blocked. But that was not all, the wooden bench in front of him was also broken in half as if it was struck with a lightening. The leader of the gang couldn't make out what just happened. He looked at Will's eyes. They were blue yet were blazing red with anger. He didn't see Will breaking the wooden bench, but he was the only one standing beside it. Will was feeling a little different, a little bit powerful but he had no idea what was happening. He slowly walked upto the the kid, looked him in his terrified eyes, took the photo out of his pocket and went on his way. The guy never bullied anyone again and never came face to face with Will again. 

Wil woke up in the middle of the night lying on the floor beside his bed clutching the photo he took from the guy. He just tried to focus on what had happened that evening in the park. He closed his eyes and  took a few deep breaths and tried to recollect. And he did remember every single moment. In his mind he played the scene at the park again. He stood up and dusted himself off and everything around him became more clear and slowed down in time. He saw the other guys' leg trying to trip him off which he overstepped and then he could hear something moving from his back which in a split second made out that there was another guy trying to push him over again which he realized and escaped and letting him fall on the ground face down due to the loss in momentum. He heard two guys closing on him saying, "What did you do to Jim?" "You are going down", but only that they never said it out loud. Those were their thoughts inside. One guy tried to punch Will which he escaped as a reflex action and moved his leg swiftly on the ground from between the guy's legs that landed him on the ground. When this guy went down, he fell just before the other guy who was coming from Will's behind and he didn't see his friend going down and he accidentally stepped on his friend and lost his momentum and all Will had to do was just give a push from behind and the other guy had no clue how Will got on his back but he was also on the ground face down. And then he walked slowly towards the leader and just looked in his eyes and saw that he was scared, scared to death, for the first time perhaps in his life and Will just took the photo from his pocket and just came back home. Will let out a slight laugh and thought that he was just hallucinating. It must be that meds which he stopped taking since a month. 

Dr. Christopher was vigilant on his work trying to keep his work as discreet as possible because if it falls into the wrong hands then it could be more catastrophic than he could even imagine. A month after he found out that he had eyes on his back, he finally completed the stage II of Elixir. He conducted the normal tests that any scientist would perform. But everything looked normal and there was no change. It didn't make sense. The readings should be different, that was the whole point. He decided to conduct another set of tests which turned out the same result. He thought that may be it was all a huge mistake in the first place and there was nothing great in the Elixir and that the research by Dr. Wilson was all wrong. He was tired and a little frustrated since he felt all these years he had been working secretly for nothing. He was just about to get back to his home when he stumbled on the test result paper which had an extra component which was new. He realized that he was looking at the wrong place all this time. The readings were normal which was the whole point and that ensured that even when it is infused into humans it will not change the state of the body but there was this extra component which will ensure the body's normal functionality and help in averting the infection or creating antibodies whichever was necessary. This unknown component was self sustaining and understands what the body needs and does exactly that. He left for his home leaving everything as it was. 

He had taken some samples along with him, two to be exact which were the only remaining from the prototype he created. He had no idea what else it could do. That was another days' problem. He safely put on in a wooden box and engraved it with William's name and locked it up. It had a pattern lock which in time only William will be able to unlock it. He hid the other one safely. Meanwhile, Dr. Cage went through the papers that were spread across Dr. Christopher's table and he also didn't find anything of importance. He took a copy of everything and went into is lab to read them throughly. He went through everything over a hundred times. He was getting furious and with no answers with him he was losing his patience. He took the same to Dr. McCaline who asked him to keep tabs on Dr. Christopher. Dr. McClaine took the papers to his office and went through them slowly and carefully. He knew when he saw it. 

 Will hasn't gone out of the house in a while. His condition was getting critical each day. The next day when Dr. Christopher was leaving his house he noticed that Will didn't had much time. He had to do whatever was necessary as soon as possible and that time was not on his side this time. He reached his laboratory just in time, but it looked very crowded. Dr. McClaine was standing over the first floor and was directing the people but he didn't notice Dr.Christopher. He tried accessing this lab through his ID card but it didn't open. He knew that something was up. From the glass door he saw that his desk was cleaned and there were people moving all the stuff in boxes. He knew that he was completely made and he had to get out of there. He went through the another door which was at the back of the laboratory. But when he swiped his card, an alert was sent to Dr. McClaine's tablet that Dr. Christopher was in the Laboratory. He sent out the people to bring him back. But he was already out of the facility. Joseph came back to his friend's house which was where William was staying. He was in a hurry. He collected all the work and put it in the bag and decided to make a run for it. Then he saw William. He had to do something about the Elixir. He took it out from his safe and injected it into Will. He prayed to god that it didn't kill him. Will was still asleep and he was weak already. So, when he was normal and was breathing a usual, he didn't panic. And he turned to run away. But he got an alert that those people were already at his actual home and were on their way to this house. He had no way other than to bury everything that he had worked on. He started putting everything in the fire. Will woke up with a mild head ache and peeped through the opening in the door. His uncle caught him staring at him and ran for him. He looked normal and not weak as he looked earlier. He looked more normal and healthy. "It is working and it is fast", he thought in his mind. He hid Will in the secret room below the stairway and returned back to bury the research. 

{ To be Continued ... } 

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Divine Grace.

There has always been an unanswerable question about the existence of god. As we speak about it, there are usually two sides : One who believe in god  and the other who don't. Coming to me, I am still not sure. If I have to go with science which I have been learning for the past decade, my answer would vary. Science would definitely prove the existence of god wrong. Only if I did see some miracle that the bible states like turning of water into wine or anything as simple as that. If only. Hell, I even asked him myself and did I get a response, No! But the other part of me still wants to believe that there is god, that there are miracles that could happen, even if it hard to believe. But that's what we call hope or faith, if I could say.

No, I am not trying to divide the whole population on the basis of anything. I want to believe that there is God, because there is a long list of wishes that he has to fulfill. But then again, I question his existence. And believe me, I am not happy with the results. Because no matter how hard one cries or shouts, there is no reply! Did you get one? You lucky fellow! Next time, say hello from me and tell him that there is someone else also, shouting for his help.

"God created man in his own image", I have heard this a lot. And I would like to stop people there. How many of you really believe that? Almost everyone. I knew it. Because its' a fact, is it not? Now my question : Who created who ? Is it man who created god? Lets keep all the other questions aside and focus on this. It seems totally apt if this is true. Man created god. Man created stories of god, of magic, of valor, of sacrifice. One can never underestimate the power of man and his thinking. Now, you ask me who gave man such kind of thinking in the first place? Man acquired it, duh! Like there is sand in the ocean, water in the sea, clouds in the sky, leaves on the tree, man gained knowledge. It is not a one day process, believe me, a steady and generations of hard work and learning. If it were upto god, it would have taken a day at most, to transfer all the knowledge that was required by a person to do the normal day-to-day things.

 With all this, I could say that man is more powerful. He created God, to keep himself in limits. He just gave his esteem place to a fictional character that was born out of fiction, if I could say. Because though I want to believe the magic that happened like two millenniums ago which marked the death of the Almighty God,  and gave birth to the new calender era. I just ask one question, where did all that magic go. Please don't give me your version of thoughts. Because may be you don't agree with me at all. I really don't care whether one agrees or not. But ask yourself, when you pray before you go to sleep, is there anyone hearing to your prayers or just to let out you pray. Because I want answers and a decade of praying hasn't fetched me even one answer. This post is dedicate to god for an answer in whichever way possible. I don't have to see God, just show something that you exist. Just show you exist, that there is someone hearing the silent cries at the night. That I could hope for the best of the days and have faith in something to keep me moving forward. 

So, I ask again. Is there god? Yes there is or are. The question of his existence isn't the question here. Because we have to believe in something that is superior to us. Because we should have the feeling that we are being protected by some superficial force from all evil (if at all that exists). Yes, evil does exist. It exists in the corrupted minds of the people, who have lost faith, hope in the name of God. They have polluted themselves with what-shall-I-say, worldly pleasures , greed, whatnot! And isn't it why Jesus once flooded the whole world because there was too much evil in the thoughts of the people. There is evil even now. But I haven't seen such a flood, like ever. So, you see there is someone taking care of all the evil, well once upon a time. 

The point being that there is no point. I have been thinking about this a lot lately. And this was what I was thinking. Am I thinking wrong? Probably! 

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P.S. : This post purely my imagination and my thoughts alone. It is not to hurt anyone's sentiments or religious beliefs. 


Chapter 5 - Fumble
[ The Secret Life of Wilson ]

Fisher Corp. was established in the early nineties. The main purpose was to provide better medical procedures and cures to the people. The science was still developing and there was much to be achieved. It was led by Dr. Stanford McClaine and he was a visionary scientist in he field of medicine and its development. But he was getting old and weak. Weakness was not something he liked very much. He was a very strict person and played by the book, the book he created. Within five years he overtook the whole operation within his own control. What he wanted was to live longer and stronger. So, he started experimenting from the age of 65. There was no much breakthrough, until the year of 1995. To the North of their laboratory there was a meteor crash. Upon examining those foreign-alien rocks , they found some micro-organisms that adapted to earth's atmosphere. It could lead back to evolution of human if they were kept under scope for certain time. They believed that studying these organisms from the start would enable to unravel how humans came into existence from as small as a microorganism. This research was led by Dr. Zachery Joseph Christopher and Dr. Arthur Wilson under the supervision of Dr McClaine. But Dr. Wilson onto something more more than just a normal micro-organism. He found that these looked normal under the microscope and under tests but there was more to it. Dr. McClaine after going through his research was very impressed and decided that he could do something out of it. So he ordered that this to be handed over to the higher authorities stating that they could never know what they were dealing with and it could be dangerous, if bluntly put. But nothing was turned to the anyone, not a rock was taken out of the laboratory but everyone on the crew saw a few cargo moved out of the facility which they assumed contained their findings. Nothing ever left the lab. 

An year later Dr. Wilson researched on it even though they told it was classified and and since they took every last specimen. He worked overtime staying late up at night and working trying to come up with something purposeful. After months of sleepless nights and rigorous research, he came up with a theory which was too good to be true. So, he started on developing it using everything from the laboratory. He even asked for some things claiming that they were needed for the work he initially signed up for. After another few sleepless nights and working two shifts he came up with a prototype which was the Stage I. If it worked then the Stage II will be ground breaking. He couldn't test it in live. But under certain unprecedented circumstances, he had to use that Stage I of what they called the Elixir. Dr. McClaine knew that Arthur was working on something in the overtime using the company's resources but he was shocked when he found out that what his top scientists were working on was developed by one scientist in theory. This came to light when Dr. Cage snooped into Arthur's research when he drugged Arthur to sleep and took copies of his work. What they didn't knew was that he already went a step ahead and created the Stage I prototype. But Arthur knew he was made when Dr. McClaine started taking interest in his work. He wanted to take the complete research and the prototype that he was developing. It would have been all open book if Dr. McClaine didn't make it as a classified research. But Arthur came to know that he wanted the research for himself, but according to his research it was much bigger than he had ever thought. And he to protect his work and everything he cared for. But he was met accident a month later after stalling and trying to hide his work when he made the run for it.

Will was 13 years old when he fell down unconsciously. He was admitted to the hospital but they were unable to find the cause. He was normal after a couple of days. Joseph didn't think much. But it became consistent and a monthly habit. It was then he started getting worried. When he conveyed the same to Will's dad, Arthur was worried. He asked for the blood samples and it was when he told him about the Elixir Stage I which was in his system which might be giving him these headaches and migraines and rendering him unconscious. And that was the reason that they had to complete the Elixir Stage II as soon as possible. If it gets late, they would lose Will forever. Will suffered from this lapses of unconsciousness and headaches for over a year and then he couldn't anymore. He stopped going to school a long time back and was finally hospitalized. The results indicated that he was normal and the cause of his headaches or migraine lapses was still unknown. Of course, it was Joseph's and Arthur's initial discovery when they came across the alien rocks over a decade ago. 

Joseph had to keep appearances at work to avoid any suspicion on him. They didn't even know about Will. Will was staying at Joseph's friend's place owned by him which no one except him knew. Will was in hospital for as a very long time and the doctors were not able to do anything about it. Joseph and Arthur were doing whatever they could do to complete what Arthur had started a long time ago. Only if Arthur was present in the lab, it could have been faster and more efficient. Their mode of communication was very slow and above all everything was monitored which made it very difficult to do anything. Will was still battling but was stable when he was back in his uncle's home and was resting. He was home for the past one month when one night the inevitable happened. 

Dr. Cage came across a letter under Dr. Christopher's names from a University where Joseph studied and later was a professor. He had always thought that it was something to do with his mentoring as a professor that some professors still needed his help in his field of expertise. But this time, he opened it out of curiosity as it was becoming more consistent the past couple of months and much more in the past week. It started just as is someone was inquiring about something. But he was not a fool after all, he was a scientist and he could guess that it was coded. Upon studying for some more time, he came to know that it contained some formula's he knew that was associated with his line of work. He fell into a conclusion that Dr. Christopher was upto something behind his back. He wanted to know what he was upto. So, he unfolded and placed the letter back in its place as it had arrived. But it kept inside the envelop the opposite direction. And this gave Joseph a cold chill in the spice when he came to know that there was someone else who came to know about the matter. And it is not far away when they will realize what he had been upto, and what he had been doing all this time.  

{ To be continued ... }

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Monday, April 7, 2014


I was watching the infamous season finale grand failure TV Series of How I Met Your Mother and let me first tell you that I am very disappointed in the 8 years of secret that they were trying to pull off. It didn't that well as they might have anticipated. Once I remember watching an internet meme centering the dialogue when Ted sits in front of his kids and tells the story of he met their mother, but in this meme the kids turn into corpses. Well, that would have been a better ending, I mean no ending at all. But that's not my argument here. The point being I could totally relate these characters of the How I met your mother to my friends group. We are a batch of six contrary to the five in the series. But I think I can accommodate the variables present. 

So lets start my blundersous assumptions. But let me point out a little fact here that what they are on the screen may not be the same thing in the actual reality. So, what I am saying is that I am just putting a name to the characters if you ask me how I could relate my friends. If you are reading my blog regularly, you might have come across the posts titled Extraordinarily Ordinary where I have described and fictionalizing my friends trying to frame a story similar to that of Friends or could I say How I met your mother. Well, whats wrong in trying and so the quest. I could have gone with the Friends characters or The Big Bang theory, but How I met your mother suits a little too well. Here it goes.

Vivek could totally be Marshall and no, he doesn't have the height, but for some reason he is just good for this character. Aasha could be associated with Lily owing to her height. Robin could be totally associated with Sameera, well her charms gets accountable here. Barney being Gautham since we believe Gautham to be the man of girls dreams. So, that leaves us with Ted who could be Karthik. And so what am I ? Good Question. If you have seen the tv series, there is a first dialogue which is a narration to Ted tells kids which goes like this : "Kids, in the March of 2010" ( you understood, right?) , I am that voice, literally. If you have seen that fictionalizing of my friends, I don't have an introduction and I claimed myself to be the voice, so I guess, this does suit me pretty well. But to state the obvious, there is no chemistry, no ones' married, no blue horn, no suits, nothing literally. If only my friends watched this tv series. *Sigh*.

The point that I want to stress out here is that I have some really great friends and I had never thought I could stumble into such amazing people. Take it from me, I am not a people person, at all. So, when I got to be a member of this group, it was like one of the classic TV series which include these amazing people and yes, there is drama and all but above that there is this eternal friendship that we share, which I can never forget. 

Now, coming to the people I have never met but I think I can all them friends, well thanks to Blogging community and then there is Twitter and Facebook. Twitter is much better place since you can stalk unlike facebook where you can't unless they don't accept your friends' request. So when I say stalk, don't take me as the creepy stalker type please. Nothing like that. Just a friendly gesture of following their work and thoughts. So, let me introduce some of the amazing people I found through Blogger.

IQ : A person with more intellectual knowledge than I could even imagine about coupled with a witty and funny nature. I have no idea how I even came across this amazing person but I am glad I did. And her response when once she backed me on a mild comment from an insecure person where she says that she is very protective of her friends just blew my mind. So, thanks for being there. I really appreciate it. 
Wanderer: I think she is the person who have was the link in finding IQ. And not to mention, she is an excellent writer and a poet. She is young but talented beyond her age, I could give you that. 
Red Handed : A truly talented and witty writer. I really love her writing style where she represents a point in a humorous way is an  extraordinary technique. Not many can do that. Because I tried and I failed to do that. And yeah, she is an amazing person to say the least.
PeeVee : An amazing writer and an equally funny person who has an unique style of writing. 
Kierthana : An awesome person and  great blogger to mention the least and yeah, funny to mention the least. 
Ruhie : A fashion blogger, a poetess and well to say the least a great writer. 
Thinker : A young blogger who is pursuing her life in the field of medicine and hopes to be doctor one day. 

So, what I wanted to say was that, I am indebted to all these people around me or far away, even if you not met me, but still. I hope this stays for like forever, endlessly.
P.S. This is so stupidly written. I know. I thought of writing it a little bit differently adding some spice, a little humor and whatnot. I tried to be as amazing as the people I mentioned. And guess what, I could never be like them. Like ever.

This post is written for the letter E under the April A2Z Challenge and is titled Eternal.
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