Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Succession.

Six hours of continuous watching has taken the toll on me today. Yesterday, I made it big by watching three movies in a row, with fifteen minutes gap for each movie. I was fine yesterday. But now, dizziness, headache. Is it due to the continous watching of movies? Or something else? Because I was having another trouble, which got solved today only, but last night was almost a hell with its haunting. By the way the succession is not about the movies. It's about the problems. Well, I would be telling about it later. But now , it's about the movies.

X-Men : First Stand

Well finally I did watch this movie. It was good. I am not reviewing the movie here, you could probably read them anywhere else. Just my opinion on the movie. Actually I have nothing to tell about the movie. Just have to admire the super powers which those mutants have and wish I had some also. If not all clubed, atleast some. Finally, movie was good as usual, enjoyed with a coke and popcorn.

The Green Lantern

The first one, I mean probably the sequel would be made later, hopefully. The movie was beautifully written and screenplayed.It was the second action movie of the day. And I wasn't bored, at all. If the story had been the same as that of the cartoon flick, then I might have been bored with the routine of the movie? Even then, cartoon is so much different that a movie. Finally, the movie ended well and was worth watching.

Kung Fu Panda 2

No matter what this movie has a unique sense of humor. The Panda itself is so adorable, and his never ending hunger makes the humor part much more interesting. And even with such big appetite, he could do Kung Fu so fluently, the moves are expounding. Well, I don't have to make a special note of appreciation, everybody knows it. So a Kung Fu finished the day with a lighter tone of laughter. Finally, it ended well without instigating a feeling of boredom as I had been watching movies since the past four hours before this one. In conclusion , all the movies were good and worth watching.

As I said before I had trouble sleeping the other night. It was related to academics. The college hasn't started yet & what problem was I having beforehand? It was about the fees. The total fees as I remembered was a lot amount X. So for that I took a demand draft for te sale amount. Later I found out that it was actually X, but X+500. before I could even think, I already paid the fees with the demand draft amounting to X. But the worst part was that the handler who was typing the challan form, made it for the actual amount. I thought, as he had seen the DD, he might be aware that it was for X amount only. Then I went to te bank to pay. I paid it there and returned to submit the receipt when I realized that the receipt had the actual amount and not X, which I thought was X only. I got tensed for a moment and later thought to take it lite. But some part of my mind wasn't in the same page. It was telling me to do something fast. So finally, I went to a near by bank in the college and started filling the demand draft for the amount which I had to pay. By it required account number, and clearly I didn't had an account in that particular bank. Hell was it then. But still I was in harmony with the other part of the mind. I went to the movies, when in between I got a call from my dad enquiring about the payment of the fees. Then it stroke again. Now I needed a DD. I had a uncle working in a bank, so I immediately called him andesite for a DD. After the movie, I took the DD, and reached hostel. It was fine untill I had my dinner and then I was left alone to my thoughts and the only thought was how to table the situation tomorrow? Hiw to handle it swiftly with out causing any damage and problem? I came up with many lame excuses. And thought to implement any one of the innumerable lame excuses, but it became worse. I couldn't sleep. I finally made up my mind to handle the situation swiftly and wanted not to thi k about it anymore. But I couldn't help thinking.

And today as I battled with one problem, another came up. That's when I started feeling dizzy and headache. And after I end with this one would there be another one? For sure, any doubts?

Monday, June 20, 2011

A Maniac.

The darkness became dearer. The light lost his hope. He lost his anxious character. He started stumbling. The room was always dark. Even in mornings the room filled with TV, laptop and other home theatre systems, along with a softy comfy couch. The curtains were always in place hiding the morning sunshine ray to the evening last blespathetic ray. The room flickered with the ambient colors, fluorescent in appeal, illuminated the dark corners of the room. The potato chips favor lied on the floor along with the pizza left overs.

His thinking declined as he was too much attached to tv & laptop rather than anything else. the cells slowly started dying. He became untamable, just like a fierce beast hungry for ages. The slightest attempt to recover that maniac into normal condition failed when he denied listening. It became unbearable. The continuously running tv and the laptop was taking the toll on the high power consumption. Frequent gaps of power cuts was a relief on the burdened power cable. Something had be done, real fast. The person developed a pot belly, though rather considered himself as a thin and athletic person. Really? Asked the people around him. This guy? Impossible! Dynamic was this guy, with rational ideas And idealogies. Steadfast was he in thinking and acting his goals, once. This guy? Laughed the people.

Writing was his hobby, a passion which he intrusted in himself. What was he write about? The scorching heat of the corrupted politicians? Or the suicidal lovers fateful story? Or the unhappily-happy divorced families? The Global Warming? Or about the Osama Bin Laden's fateful death? Or the mad politics? Enough! It was for him. The indespensible mankind with their utter flawless thinking of hatred, power, money has driven this man against the society. The complicated lies of the heated politics and the broken promises of the promising leaders stand at no level. The whole crap of untamable world and wasting time to bring change in the behavior of reckless rascals and the beasts has let the heart down for that maniac person. What was he to write about? When the voice raised is suppressed like a sponge and disposed off like garbage. When the people concerned play with time and justice investing their money to bail out their conspired illegacy. When power is ruled by power and money, the filthy rich. When the poorer are suppressed and the injustice is justly done the weaker section. Here The Power is Money and Money is Power. And no other stand in the way, none otherwise rich with power. They win no matter what. No matter even they are wrong, totally. Frustrated was that person when people called him maniac and those people leaders. Hell bent was that man when he tried to change till he realized that change is easy; which changed him. No matter what, those people couldn't be changed. They might change you, make you suffer, torture you with the finest equipment ultimately changing yourself and finally decide not to take a risk again. Who can change them? Justice is INJUSTICE. May be GOD could help. Said who? They are gods. They rule. They supress. INJUSTICE is new JUSTICE.

Who can change?? CAN YOU?

Friday, June 17, 2011

Lazy Morning.

I was running in the dark, when suddenly I was tamed with the red beam of light which flashed in my eyes and kept me wondering what the heck did the sun come in the middle of the night. I even felt someone pulling my hand. It was until I finally woke up, and realized that it was almost afternoon, well still an hour was left to strike 12. But the sun had already came to the top, with the clouds covering it up. Actually, I was in a kind of deep sleep, really deep sleep. All my body parts were tamed to rest, and when I tried to wake up, it was utter difficult to make those things move and most importantly, my brain wasn't working either. Well, after some minutes of struggle, not actually struggle-struggle, I finally made up and began with my daily routine. 

But what happened was that the current was gone. No power, that to be at this hour of the day. I moved from one laptop to another utilizing the battery to keep me entertained, while I realized that the battery also drained out in a could of minutes. Finally, I had nothing, even my iPod was down with battery, and it was like that since last night. Well, for my phone it was working but, I ain't got anything to do with my phone. So I lazily moved around in the house from one room to the another. There was no TV, no INTERNET, no MUSIC, no LAPTOP. NOTHING. It was quite difficult to manage in absence of either of these. And that to be in holidays, it would be like hell. I even got tired of moving around. I finally got back to my bed, and again slept for some while which was approximately 3 hours, when I was again woken up for lunch. The same feeling of 'difficulty of movement of body' stroke again. After lunch, I checked out the facebook, which again showed "NO NOTIFICATION". But, my phone had some messages, which was from Google, and which was because I recently subscribed for more channels the other night. And there was a message from a friend of mine also. Actually, every time my friend messages me either when I am online or to my cell, I literally am away from both of them and sometimes the battery goes off. My Bad. This is happening for the past two weeks. I have no idea how to make that up.

My college is going to begin in another 3 days or so and as intimated that this is the last academic year, and the most important one also. While, the theories of the work hard  continue. These theory is the same for every year though. When in 10th class, I was told to work hard for this year and then the rest of the life will be easy. But it doesn't end there. Then came the +2. And now Engineering and later higher studies and later Job-related works and its accomplices. Well, this thing never ends as of such. But what else could we do? Can we just sit down and let everything fall in place just like it without giving a shot atleast. This sure is not gonna happen. Most of the times things don't fall in place even after working very hard. Then, how can without working help achieve the falling things in order and in perfect place. Impossible.  Well, I am not here to lecture about the work hard theory. I was just quoting that.

Moving on. I thought of mastering one thing. I tried to master "No Thinking". Actually, as I know that human mind always thinks about something either we know it or we don't. It doesn't matter. But, it works almost all the day, even when we are asleep and makes it in the form of dreams. So, I tried to think about nothing for some time. Well, this was difficult and no doubt impossible. Though, I didn't apply my one hundred percent and even if I did I would have achieved it. I am thinking of writing some fictional stories as soon as I can. I just wanted to keep up to date and make sure that my mind is working, which I have concluded that it isn't. While I try to brush up my brain, I would be posting some nonsense posts, for which I am sorry. I have got more things on mind that I could imagine and clearly i don't have a clue about any. I don't even know what they are all about. Well, I would try to improve upon this.

Idealy Idle.

It was pitch dark, as I  looked out of the foggy window. The rain had made it lusturous and incredibly clean. Predictably, nothing was visible. I lied down back to my too much comfortous sofa while I continued watching the TV. The clock showed nearly 0230 hours. It was last night. I could see the moon, as it was a Lunar day. Huh, anyways I let myself drain away with the battling tv channels as I could not stay on one single channel. The dark room made florescent colors blinking at each second. But who cares, everybody else was asleep. My  eyes are totally glued to the TV, as I was reading the subtitles. Why? I kept the volume to mute, so as not to disturb anybody. 

Suddenly, the wind made a comeback from the early evening blow. Literally, the windows were wide open for circulation of the air, and indeed, I hate Air Conditioner, I prefer sleeping under the fan. I quickly ran to shut them so as to avoid the blasting noise of the windows and the doors. After closing all the wind inlet and probable break-prone windows, I went to my study room where the download of some tv serials and software was going on. And frankly speaking, I haven't switched off the laptop for nearly a fortnight or even more. I lost the count. Well, mine is not a hi-speed broadband so that I could wind up all my bulky downloads in an hour or a day. I checked the status and returned to the TV and continued with the subtitles thing. 

I looked at my cell, while the advertisements were bothering the show, "NO NEW MESSAGES". Later I looked up the FABEBOOK, "NO NOTIFICATIONS" read the tiny blue transparent world picture. Though, I found people online, some 8 to 10 people, I guess none was interested in chatting at this hour of the night and more-over to a boy. HELL NO. I again came back to TV, while the show continued and I had to read real fast as the subtitles were moving very very fast. Later, I switched off the TV, though I wasn't feeling sleepy. I lay down and looked in the darkness of the room. The room was silent, literally meaning no sound of the tv and the flickering florescent light. 

I was led into thinking. Well, actually I haven't used my mind for over a month and to be precise, nearly 40 days. REALLY. I did attend the Industrial Training, but I didn't find anything to get my mind and learn something new. I was least interested in that. Almost the summer vacation is over and the 4th semester year is gonna begin in a week, I don't have a minimum of the tension which my colleagues are having. They worked hard, I could say. They were writing GRE, one of the many competitive exams. But I sat consistently in front of the TV and the laptop and doing the most easiest work ever, NOTHING. 

I recently started a page of my own for the bogus photography with which I am obsessed with. You see, I like publishing and frankly no one gives a s*it about it. But I still persuade them by uploading some of  my favorite pictures which happens to be of the same genre and almost exact location and nearly the same pictures. Well, you could find the page here on the right side. I really like photography, but when ever I find something interesting and fascinating, everything goes the opposite for me. My battery suddenly goes dead before I could even click. And sometimes, I don't even have a camera. And sometimes and most common, people around stare as if like they haven't seen a camera before, or may be probably thinking "What the hell is there that that dude is clicking photos". And moreover I haven't moved of my home, since last month, so I dont have anything fascinating to keep up with my photographic skills ( :P ). 

Well, "What happened to writing, blogging?" . I always wanted to write something new but how could I? I never used my mind, so gradually I lost the lust and the thoughts section of my mind and I guess its quite rusted now? Well, I got some questions for myself.

How many hours do you sleep daily? 
Nearly SIX hours. That's a lot for an INSOMNIAC person.

How may hours I spend on Facebook daily?
5 hours tops. That basically includes all the notification checking and messages, which frankly are zero.

How many hours does you chat shows that you are online?
Almost all the time. I never keep my chat to offline. So was the case fort the past 40 days also. So, it would be 24 x 7 .
How many hours do I spend on TV daily?
The rest of the time is for TV only.

How many people on facebook do you think have blocked my updates on their wall?
Nearly 10-15 people. This is a guess. Mostly, this would coincide with reality.

Well, enough questions for today and I got some stories to write. I was just trying to ease my rusted brain and let some thought flow as I write after two months gap. I suppose, I will keep up with my writing and the stories also.

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