Sunday, February 7, 2016

Surprise, surprise!

The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness.
-Dalai Lama

What would you do when the most unexpected things happen? How would you react? Normally, that doesn't happen to me, like never ever. So when faced with one such reality, I had to pinch myself a couple many times, until it gradually sank in. 

It was early December and I was lazing in my room, when I get an unexpected call . The call brought me to my senses. I was 80% asleep. I washed my face, just to make sure that i wasn't actually dreaming. Turns out, I wasn't. Boy, was I glad! It was a trip to Goa and 60 people were selected, of all who had applied. The trip however was short, was a great one though. Being the classic introvert, I resorted to being myself. And that was I, being the less talker, or none at all. There were couple lot of times when people out the same at the end of the trip. Well, all great things come to an end and the trip ended on a happy note and people on the trip were extremely  grateful and happy.

As understandable, there was a WhatsApp group but it had just the half of the whole crew while a part of this group had decided to make a separate group for people who had interacted with each other and have bonded over quite well. I thought of asking them to add me, but come on who was I kidding  , my interaction with anyone consisted not more than two sentences or none at all. So, I couldn't possibly ask to be a part of it. 

A day later, I woke up to find 400 odd messages of WhatsApp in my notification tab. It was insane. I remember muting all the groups and was confused as how I was getting the updates. It was the group that I thought I could never be a part of. I had met only a few of them and the rest just knew my name and nothing more. So, excuse my excitement when I was part of this group and well, confusion filled dilemma as I realised I would have a hard time coping with the crowd. 

Well, I have cumulated the first convos I ever had with some of the people of the group. And I really wish to meet the other people whom I didn't get a chance to meet, even though I got a chance to meet. Enough of confusion, here it goes :  

BlogwatiG :
The person because of whom I was part of the group. Literally, if it were any other person well except Anks who would have created the group, believe me, I would have been duly excluded.

Me : *After finally settling with the leftover lunch since I reached late*
BG : "You can't sit here."
Me : *Assuming someone is already sitting there, I pick up my plate to move to another place*
BG : "Am just kidding!"
Me : *A little flustered* Oh Ok.
BG : "Why did you come so late?"
Me : "The flight got delayed"
BG : "Why did it get delayed?"
Me : "Some issues, I guess!"

Not to mention but along with the flare of writing and reading, she is a singer who can sing and rap, cool friend, Mom, all-in-one-package well, the list will go on and on. 

Sid B : 
The #SuperDad, who can not only cook great food, but stories as well. Fiction, humor, reviews, you name it, he has it under his cap. 

Me : "Hey, Ajay here."
Sid : "Hey. Did you just arrive? Go and see what is left in the lunch. It's almost empty. And no, I didn't finish it off!"

The viral doctor, in short term. Having worked and written about his experiences as a doctor, he is a walking celebrity. A famous blogger, not to mention and being great with words, humor and food, he is the complete package. 

Ankita Bhatia Dhawan :
#SuperMom, having denied the title a couple many times, she truly deserves it. Juggling between family, work, blogging and kid, she is a lot many things than what catches the eye.

Anks : "Hi, Ajay Kontham?" *Someone asked staring at my hand written name tag*

Me : *With a completely perplexed face and trying to figure out who knew my name in the city where no one has ever met me and contemplating who this gorgeous lady was* Yes. *Finally realizing who she was.* [Clearly the dp's don't do justice, at all.]

Anks : "Did you recognize me?"
Me : *Having finally figured out a second ago* Of course, Ankita.

Anindya Basu :
A blogger with a flare for photography and making everyone drool over their screen with the Food photos. Let me tell you, he makes everyone jealous with the candid photos of food. *Did I say food? Food!!! Umm, wait I will catch you guys after an hour!*

Anin : "Hi Ajay"
Me : "Hey Anin, what's up?"
Anin : "Not drinking?" *pointing to some alcoholic beverage in his hand*
Me : "Ah no. I don't drink."

Anita : 
The talented and utterly sweet blogger who is currently pursuing PhD and is already an entrepreneur. I mean come on, what else isn't she capable of? I really want to see her to-do list, which probably might have all the list items scratched off. 

Ankit Chugh : 
Apparently, the love guru, self proclaimed ofcourse. All these married guys have this knack of giving advice on love and relationship.

Pink : 
Flair for poetry, creativity and everything pink, and oh yes unicorn, I think its' called a stuffed animal. To top it all, she is one awesome cook making delicious food ( well it looks delicious in the photos, and I am sure it will taste equally great but still have to test the waters...erm food). Besides being a cook and a creative writer, she is funny and really cool person.

Me : "Hey" *Making a spock hand*
Pink : "Hi *High Fiving* .... finally met you at the Airport"
Me : *Already confused about the high five* "Umm..wha... Yes, finally, right."

UK : 
He goes by the name Fashionable foods, which should mean he is into food. Well, he is. And besides that despite knowing that we are a bunch of crazy people, he leaves no opportunity to prove the point. Well, he did say he is into pulling everyone's legs but apparently its just mine. Yes, I too don't know why given the fact that he hasn't even met me or seen me either. May be because all others are girls whom he adore, guys whom he respect which leaves me. Talk about partiality, right? And not to mention his super power, seriously kuch bhi bolte hai. No it doesn't make sense. But he calls it being crazy mad. Dude, I get it. Why so adamant on proving it?

Zee : 
One utterly talented and hard working person, following her true passion by working tirelessly and sleeplessly. And also teaching her passion to the like minded folks. As if that wasn't enough, she is funny and cute and smart. 

Pooja Mahimkar :  
I don't know more than half of the people. But I can still speak about them because in the course of time, I have interacted with them in a way or two. Poo and Vee, I haven't interacted much. Though I have hopped on their blog, but frankly speaking, I can't talk unless I know them even in a minute way. But with the conversation she has with others, I can say that she is cool person, sweet and well, needless to mention a great blogger and also she is a video blogger, if I am not wrong.

Vaishaki Mishra :  
Same is with Vaishaki. I wish I had met them, but well, let's not dwell in the past. Well, I wish I had interacted with them in the past month or so. But frankly, it's not easy for them to talk to a stranger and be completely snug about it. Well, I can't blame them when I am the silent guy. Nevertheless, what I have observed is she has a knack for photography, a backpacker or lets' just say traveler and an athlete!

Ragini Puri : 
She is utterly sweet and equally funny. And again needless to mention, a great blogger, traveler and a great writer. Though I have met her, but I haven't met her, as in saw her as she spoke to all of us guys who were heading back to Bangalore. I am invisible remember? No, but yes, figuratively, I am. Well, I do wish to meed in person, someday again.

So, when you have an award winning blogger, a viral machine doctor, a godmother, as awesome lifestyle blogger, a food blogger, a photographer, an entrepreneur, a full time blogger, well bonded people and the powerpuff girls, I am an odd piece. So, excuse my delay in adjusting to the uber awesome group and thanks to my introvert nature, it is not my cup of tea. Being said that, I have been invited with open arms yet, I am the only one picked on, even though the context goes over my and everybody's head, I have a target spot on my back. Sometimes, it's just easy to not be a part and give an opportunity.

Well, #WeAreFamily, sort of. So, I guess, I am part of the madness or awesomeness *ahem* umm no? Ok. Madness it is.


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