Friday, May 30, 2014

Karma. Life. Money.

When people speak about karma, the only thing that comes to my mind is a sentence which reads as "Karma is a B**ch". So, I got down to thinking as to the question of Why, why is that it always is the same and that never changes. May be once upon a time, I was a victim of it. Yes, perhaps. As a matter of fact, I am, almost everyday, in some way or the other. So, how does this karma work? 

You do a good thing, you get a good thing or precisely something good happens to you. The only rule is that when you are doing a good thing, you shouldn't think of the consequences or the karma that some day later in life something good is going to happen. It's like you will break the spell if you ever were to think of it. Just like the wishes and the shooting starts. If you tell your wish to anyone, the wish becomes void. And on the contrary, if you do a bad thing, most definitely a bad thing will happen. Either you think or not, something bad is going to happen, no matter what, no matter how small is the bad. Well, now you know the full fledged meaning of karma.

I don't usually believe in any of those things. So, whenever good, umm, I don't think there is any in my account or bad, well I haven't done any harm to anyone or killed anyone or did anything that would affect them in a way or the other. So, I am cool, right ? Or so I thought. This thing called karma works in mysterious ways. One might never anticipate why or when, but when it hits you, you get hurt real bad. The damage is visible, like a scarring on the side of your face. And it hurts and it pains.

And then there is Life. Ah, Life! Biology, in precise exact words. Nah, that's too mainstream. And then there is this line I saw somewhere, that hinges in my mind which is like "Life fux us all". I am not talking about the 99.99% of the population who are perfectly safe and as like the detergents are pure and clean or whatever you call it. I am talking about the remaining. And these are the not-so-successful people. Obviously, right? Because the successful people are busy in writing famous quotes and inspiring others with their life story of struggle and whatnot. They are the rich and the fabulous. We are sitting just in awe and planning to get all their fame and money putting ourselves in their shoes and then we realize, "Oh shit, we have an assignment to submit". Some of us are weak, some of are capable and resource-less, some of us are extremely talented and happy with what we have. But then again, there is one or the other thing that life gives us, we call them lemons. When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade. I laugh involuntarily at this statement. If only life gave lemons everytime, I would have been one of the richest person making margarita's, lemonades, mojitos, whatnot. If only.

"Money doesn't buy happiness". I mean Come on!!! Who on earth said that? Well, all the rich people. Half of the rich people lust for money and they plan to earn money in whichever way possible. And the rest are hard working people. So, if these people really think that money can't buy happiness, tell them to give all their money to the homeless guy at the corner of their street and tell him to just interchange their places for a month or a year perhaps. After all he can still be happy without money. But money, isn't that what we all want? You are getting a 5 digit pay check(starting with 2) at the end of the month, people say What? Are you serious? That much only? And then they get into lecturing. Once I was lectured by a driver. I was like, Chill dude. Why are you stressing out so much? And then you can imagine when that could affect the driver, what can it do to the whole family. And even though you are earning, you can't be happy, because that money isn't freaking sufficient. *Add a billion dollars* - source unknown. I can now tell, Money can't buy happiness, but I will continue to invest and look for ways to multiply the current amount. And when you look at me, I will make this sad grin and tell "Seriously, Money can't buy happiness". 

So, in a life filled with earning money and karma, what is more important? That you stay good, respect your elders, have a decent job, do good deeds by helping the old age or donating to charitable trusts, worship god diligently, provide a good life for your family and take care of their needs. And most importantly, stay happy. Then life won't F, karma wont be a B, but money will still buy happiness. No, don't say otherwise. It pays for your kids tuition, books, clothes, FOOD, iPhones, macbooks, LEDs', 4 Wheeler, 3bed room flat, and the list goes on and on and on. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Looks like we have got our 'bakra' .

I am an easy person to talk to. Some might say otherwise. Yeah, I was kidding. You will probably and definitely make an attempt to shoot the gun until its empty after say ten minutes of sitting with me. That is, if you had a gun in the hostler. Oh, you are not one of those guys. Well, how about a knife? Not a medieval knight either? Either way, you got the point.  What? You are not a killer. Don't worry about it. You will become even before you know it.

Two years ago I completed my Engineering in a city which was filled with relatives. And I choose not to stay in hostel because I liked the solitude. But on occasional visits I was being pampered. Sounds great, right? Not exactly. I was pampered by kids, who are like a decade younger to me, literally. No, I wasn't cuddly or anywhere near sweet. They just loved me. I HAD NO IDEA as why. Because, psst.., I am no talker Sir. My grandma would tell anyone she could find that this guy's (umm, that would be me) words are like diamonds, so he doesn't speak at all. I wish man, I wish. I would have been the richest person ever alive or dead. But the point is I am still poor. Oh, not that. I had no idea what was the reason. I didn't get them any gifts unless it was their birthday. An occasional chocolate was what I used to give them. And that's pretty much it. I never understood then, neither now. 

Last month when I had to attend a cousin's marriage. And they were there, those kids, gradually growing up. I had a feeling that 2 years of absence from them, with no contact whatsoever, they might have forgotten me. Umm, they are kids right? So, that was what I thought. Yeah sure, one of my favorite cousin was a little angry because I didn't call on her birthday on the last two years. But her brother was my biggest fan, or at least that is what I think. The bummer was that he wanted to be like me. WHHAATTT? I was like "Dude, Don't do that! I am stupid, you are not!". There was much more to say about this kid. He was fond my style, which I too liked. But that is no good. Because my style or whatever you could it, sucks big time. There will be innumerable examples that I could give about my friends laughing their asses off behind my back, but still point out that I have a great style. Because for a fact I know that there is none and whatever there is, is the worst of its kind.

But the anatomy of a child's mind works mysteriously. One kid likes, that other kid also likes, and the other one also likes. But only one of them is genuine, the rest all are imbibed. And that leaves me where? At the center of their exploitation. I have no much say when it comes to kids. One kid starts crying for no apparent reason, and the finger points towards me. And I didn't even say a word or did anything in that aspect. Why me ? The other kids wants something desperately to play and the eyes point towards me. Apparently, there are like a hundred people in the family (okay, I was exaggerating a lil' bit) and no kid wants anything from anybody else when there are much more shiny and better things with them. Again, why me? This guy wants to play, the others want to play. And more join. My phone becomes a pass on thing where one passes on my phone to the other kid when they failed to complete the game. At the end I am left with a heated mobile, a sweating fear that it comes back to me safely, and no battery. My say in all this? Nothing. No one would even listen to me. Not even Kids

Then there is this chubby cheeked cute cousin sister whom you just can't stop adoring or pulling her cheeks, she is just the cutest thing. And she was the one angry on me for not calling. Yeah, right! How could I ? I am as guilty as you could ever think about. So, she pulls our her invisible make up kit, which she claims only she can see and no one else and starts doing her tricks on me. And I can see nothing. Its all invisible and she, only she has those again invisible glasses with which she can see. She almost completes her make up session on me and can't stop giggling about it as she just did everything she wanted to do on me. And mind you, no one can see it except her. I am the barbie doll here, but a little too old and big and not that fancy either. Yeah, again KIDS! She was among one of the kids who just loved to have me at their home. But things have changed now. I don't see that now. Like I said, people change. Even kids. 

P.S. : Revolutionary blog-titles I used to pick up to attract readers or whatever never worked anyway. So, I am planning to shift to the stupidest, meanest and if possible will try to keep them funny ( no promises there). Sometimes, I feel I am just talking to myself. Of course I am. Who reads a P.S. anyway. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

To love or not to.

To fall or not is the question. There is  chemistry that needs to be involved in the whole process. The chemistry is related to something inside, or as visual as the eyes. Or like blind stupidity of one unable to read other's thoughts ( Yeah, Edward Cullen ) or I don't know. Seriously, I don't know. I wish I knew. I wish I fell somewhere in that whole damning pit that people so profoundly want to fall again and again. The only thing I remember about falling was from a one storey slide while playing a game. And believe me the brief moment of flight was awesome. Thankfully, I landed on the lawn. Else I would have had to deal with broken legs/hands or a broken skull. The point being, you fall in places where you least expect to fall. And I have an example to go along with this. I always thought what it would be to have a couple in a group of friends and this was not what I had expected. But people do fall, fall in love under mysterious reasons. 

To understand or not is the whole damn question. I have been told that it happens when it happens and we will know it. Ah, yeah I agree to it absolutely. So have you seen the movies. Most of them, I mean all of them deals with an encounter that goes like this : Guy comes from one side, Girl comes from another side. May be they were blind or something, there is a clash, Guy catches the girl magically or girl falls on guy like a blanket and they look into each other's eyes and there it begins. If you are thinking of more typical movies, guy is an asshole and tries everything to get the girl and finally she falls for him and  there is an epic dialogue that she would say, "I fell for you the first time I saw you". *BHAM*. Yes, that was a gun shot. I just blew my brains out. So, you see, it always has to be like that because sometimes the guy has to kill like a thousand guys (read : villans, probably the girl's father's rowdies), blew up a few cars, petrol tanks, whatnot, and for what, to live happily after. Bleh!!! Happily Ever After? It is a myth, don't believe me? Ask any of the last page(s) of the Disney books. They are probably blank and there is a reason for that. Now, you know. 

To say or not is the whole damn question. I have nothing on my side that I could account myself in this aspect, not now, not before. But I have a friend who makes up stories about the love of his life. And when I tell to man up and tell those in quotations "magical words", he is just too damn scared. That's what he says though. He would rather risk being a friend for life than make the move. May be she is also struggling with the same dilemma. The risk of losing is far worse than the closeness that you get without saying. Yeah, right? So, what happens when neither of them reveals and end up marrying someone their parents have decided for them. I wouldn't go that far into it. It sucks, I know and I will leave it there.

To pursue or not is the whole damn question. Last night I was graced by a friend of mine. I have no idea why he still keeps visiting me occasionally even though I have been avoiding his calls and all. Whenever he calls, I keep it aside like one of those customer care calls where they keep calling to take up a postpaid connection or whatever pisses off people. So he shows up late in the night and I was like, Oh, hey. Whats up? Long time. Kaise ho. ...and all that bullshit with voluntarily giving a lame excuse for unable to pick up his call. And then a small talk, he goes into the topic he always goes into. Girls. Man, this guy needs to get a life and not to mention a girlfriend. The project I used to work earlier had a few nice girls, per say. And yeah, all were/are awesome. And he had almost everyone in his hit list. But nothing seems to have worked out as one, oh wait four people got married. Oh crap! Everyone is getting married. The livestock is decreasing in population. So as usual he goes on giving his "love advice" as if I will succeed in making a small talk even, leave aside late night calls. I don't know how he does whatever he does, he has just gone fishing in like 4 different ponds and one is already a bust, so left with three. And you should listen to his unique techniques of persuasion or not. Frankly, I know none. I just nod and give a plastered smile which actually means what the hell is he even saying, GOD. So, there goes our love guru still yet to fall in love somehow.

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