Thursday, March 17, 2016

Break a leg.

You will not know how weak you are, unless you break a leg or two.

There is always a thing or two or perhaps a word or may be a sentence that gets stuck in our head. Yes, like a song. You got that right. So, let's say if I said "I 'hate' you" all and also say "I 'love' you", Now, which one do you think has the most impact and you will ponder or may be even pester me. I'm one hundred percent sure that the majority of votes will be on the former side. Because that word, that feeling really gets stuck because it stings a bit. Now I'll be labelled as heartless, sociopath and a very cold person. But I also said the later, but who really cares, right?

Before we proceed, I didn't mean what I said just above. I was using it to make a point as an example. Coming to talking some real stuff, if you are reading my blog, either by choice or even if you have a gun to your head, you might have come across the 'About Me' widget on the side of the blog. There is a particular word called 'Dance'. If you have just thought it was some random babbling and boasting, you are absolutely right. But then again, why do I have to lie? 

I have always loved dance and always gave the world's best performance in closed doors and under the stream of water, while showering I mean. But being the socially introvert and naturally unskilled, was never the front runner for stage performances or even group performances. But, I would have won an award in 'So, you think you can dance', of course if they were hosted by me and I was the judge, jury and the executioner...wait, this isn't a court. I mean judge, audience and the performer. Having said that, it was my seventh grade. And being the first batch of the school, the school was implementing new things, experimenting and adapting. So, a new period was introduced - Dance. While some were excited, some of my friends just discarded it with a "Phew, whatever! We can have better periods than dance. And dance is so boring, so lame. I can't even move my hand." and I repeated the exact same words, even though it killed. It killed because the class was Hip-Hop ( say whaaaat!?) and I saw my awards crumble and melt away through my hands like sand on a beach. If it was classical, I would have been at par with these guys. So the deal was that they will select a random few based on the performance, which they will guide and form a hip hop dance team. Sweet, right?

It was a Thursday and we had our last session of the day as Dance. After lunch, everyone were already shy and feeling awkward and were planning to not-get-selected as the dance group required 4 people from each class - 2 guys and 2 girls. And we have decided not to embarrass ourselves by getting selected. And the final hour dawned upon us. As decided, a few people intentionally wronged the simple moves. It was so intentional that the instructor also knew that these guys were fooling around and intentionally did those. So the instructor made them do again. And it was my turn and you know what, I forgot about the deal we made- about being intentionally bad. Ok ok, I know what you are thinking that I am claiming myself to be a great dancer or atleast boasting about it. And my intentionally bad performance will haunt me for the rest of my life. Let me clear something up, I suck at dancing, like on a Richter scale you would get a rating of 22.5 because even the earth would crumble and plead me to stop. Wait.. Where was I? Yes, I forgot about the intentional deal and was normally trying to perfect the steps following the rhythm of  1..2..3..4..1..2..3..4. The selection process ended and only two guys were selected and one girl. Those girls really must have put up an ultimatum for their intentional deal. And guess who was not in the the dancing trio? Did you say me? I am disappointed. But like they say all good things end, we never even got to the second class of this. One of the instructor had an accident and it got sidetracked and eventually forgotten. And, I never got such a chance ever again, but I always felt that if I could have trained somehow, may be YouTube, I could have picked up some. Now imagine the YouTube through dialup. Yeeeaaahh, not gonna happen. 

Wait, you were saying something? That it's not too late? I agree, it's not. But, I am more concerned about you all. What if after my mind blowing performance you pluck out your eye balls? Too graphic, right? Well, now you know why I don't dance, for you people.

Written under the #RealTalk started by IQ on her blog. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

I want to take my blog to the next level #BlogChatter.

Level Up.

Note :  I was tagged by Aarti to write this post.

7 years. 600 Posts. 4700 comments. 175000 page views. I should have become the most famous blogger by now, signing autographs and attending/giving seminars. I mean let's not daydream now and you may please stop rolling your eyes. For a person with 7 years in blogging this number is actually nothing, really. If you thought I was boasting about this, I wasn't. If I am able to do that in one year, then, then I could be considered for the amazing bloggers out there. Wait a second, look at me going all gaga over the impossible. I have a long way to go. I know I can hear you whisper sitting at the back there. "It has already been such a long way", I heard that. Well, that is one of the reasons I would like to take my blog to the next level.

Why do we blog? 
The ardent question that every writer (bloggers who write blog are also called writers, in case you are wondering why there isn't a book in the Crossword bookstore by us bloggers) gets asked is why we blog. I am referring to bloggers as us, because well I am a blogger, duh! In short, its our passion, to write and express. Let me break it down so you understand- we love writing, we love expressing, we love to share our opinions with the world. Writing for us is an art, something that can only be mastered over time with constant dedication and learning and teaching what we know to others. Some find writing a way to let out their feelings because not always you can just around breaking things. Those iPads and Laptops are not that cheap, I tell you. I stil have some broken glasses somewhere screaming at me, "You need to get your shit together bro!". As I was saying, writing for us is expressing the feelings and emotions we bottle up, either it is through poems or fiction or just a plain old dairy entry. And let me tell you something, you just keep things bottled up, you need to let it out, one way or the another. Some eat (mostly icecream, I have heard), some exercise, some join the gym, some box, some run, some make and sing songs, and some write. 

Why we want people to read our blog?
We really don't. Nah, I am kidding. We really want people to read. Though we don't want you to read our blog just because we shared the link on Facebook or WhatsApp group (You have been removed from the WA group. Oh, I shouldn't have done that!) and that you are in my friends / twitter-follower list, you are somehow obliged to read it. No. We want people to know our side of the story. We want you to read because there's always more to a story and each individual opinion matter, however trivial it might be. We want you to read because you want to read it. So, let me just throw this out there, each and every one of us has an opinion on every other thing. Sometimes, we hear it in gossips, sometimes its in closed boxes, sometimes its' on a public platform. Similarly, we have an opinion which we would like others to read and in turn share their opinion and probably get into a debate mode. A debate is always healthy. This is for improving each other. Correct me if I am wrong in this aspect. So, when we share continuously on social media our latest posts, don't detest, rather give a peek and share your 2 pennies. 

Why we say, "Write it down!"
I have proudly told to people that I am a blogger. Most(read : every) of the times, I have received a perplexed look as if you have been accused of murder and right out of no where you are surrounded by SWAT. Then after explaining about what a blog is and what a blogger is, we receive a "Oh ok!" *Big Deal. I don't give a shit* while they scroll through their Facebook feed. But then you urge them to read your posts, because we want to feel validated, appreciated or critiqued. Because any sort of feedback is always a learning thing for us. And we know for a fact what writing does to you. It relieves you. It sets you free. It rejuvenates you from the daily crass and brass of life. You might be wondering I am just saying this and making stuff up. No, I have written for 7 years now. So, I can give a calculated and well researched analysis on how the mnemonics of writing helps you. So, when we urge you to write, we want you to express yourself, to contribute to the never ending pool of debates, to be a part of greater good. But mostly, to follow your passion, ie, if you have the flare for writing. 

So the other say I sat around with my friends and we were discussing about my blogging behavior, as in what they liked reading and how boring some of the stuff is. One friend said that he really liked reading the real stories - the ones which happen around me and I formulate it with words. Another friend agreed to it. Then I realized that this was what I was looking for, from people who read my blog- constructive feedback. Now, I know what they like reading, so I will tune myself to write what the people are really interested in, rather than writing about me sulking over something or the other thing. 

BlogChatter is one such community where bloggers come together on an united front to help each other out and in turn help themselves.

I now tag Susmita to write her take on the topic.

I want to take my blog to the next level with Blogchatter


PS : This is NOT a sponsored post, but it should have been. If it were any other website, every blogger would have demanded a bit of monetary compensation for writing even this. 

Monday, March 7, 2016

Project Ø.

“But why, why, why can't people just say what they mean?” 
― Graeme Simsion, The Rosie Project


Project Ø*
[ *Ø : Phi..Fuck you,You-Can't-Have-A-Girlfriend]

Don(Donald) Tillman, who being an incredible geneticist and a scientist who always believed in science and its correlation to everything around us comes up with a scientific approach to find himself a perfect partner. After all science could never be wrong, but he was a little shaken to find himself in a whirlwind of new emotions and feelings he had never knew existed. Being a very disciplined and stickler for perfection, he follows every rule to the point, has successfully managed to not only break a few rules but make amends to his social behavior and eventually fell in love. Love! A concept that was so alien to him that he never thought existed. After all, science never explained love in equations and excavations. He claims himself weird for the obvious reasons, being bullied in his childhood, being different and always trying to fit in, only made his resolution to not fit in and be himself, which also involved taking up martial arts to protect himself deviate his mind from the social incoherence. With an incredible brain and being a quick learner, he has learned a lot of things which were outside his genetics bubble. 

Having said that, love is an emotion, a feeling surreal  It just takes a right person to push that perfectly set domino for things to fall in place. Don, being the typical scientist wanted a wife and he came up with a wife project, which he realized was not for finding an ideal partner, but to find someone who would accept his weirdness, who would accept him as a partner. Rosie, 'the worlds' most incompatible woman' was the first ripple in the silent pond, that silent flutter of the butterfly that caused a cyclone, in Don's perfectly imperfect (read: scientific - substitute for being rules lover) life, that changed the course of his life, for eternity. 

In most ways I can associate with the protagonist in the story. Because I'm weird and I am socially silent. I've considered myself to be of not worthy for being someone's partner, for the obvious reasons, of course. And having read this, when two persons who never believed to be with each other, fall in love and decide to take it to the next level, though we have to give credit to the course of events that led to this, I should be feeling hopeful about, let's say 'not-be-alone'.
So let's compare notes 

  • He is 39, I am 25. That does mean I might have a lot of scope, but let's not get carried away. We all know where I stand and need not get into much details of it.
  • He is successful, I'm not. Duh, no-brainer. Financial security. At 39 years old and with PhD and whatnot, you ought to be successful. And I'm munching Oreos over unpaid credit bills, trying make myself feel better.
  • He is handsome and obviously looks great. Well, duh! Right? If he looked like me, even if had won a nobel prize or whatever, he could never be with Rosie. Looks are important, very important. And if anyone says they aren't, slap them in the face. I mean it. It is not important, if you have to a gun to the head and are forced to say it.
  • He is weird, not weirder than I. Well, with a complex complicated inferiority complex, I have mastered to be the weirdest person ever. And people hate weird people. So, there's that.
  • He follows rules, and I do too, I guess wait, what the hell are rules.!?
  • He may not be the ideal partner but he did manage to fall in love, and break rules for the love he felt for this one woman. I'll never get such a perfect person, ever. Perfect here refers to not 10/10 on the partner chart, but perfect; in terms of understand and caring and all that jazz. 
  • He makes good argumentative. And I make no sense, at all.
  • He is confident being the person he is, I'm not. Definitely not. 

Now, you are wondering why I compared notes. To start off with, to prove that there is someone for everyone out there except for one person. But, nonetheless never lose hope, someone said. So, I may come up with a "Girlfriend Project". I see you are laughing. You may please refrain from laughing, I beg you. Ok, you really need to stop rolling on floor laughing. You don't have to literally...stop it.. please... Ok, I give up.

I don't do book reviews. But if I did, I would give this book a 4/5. Mostly because it was recommended by a very very good friend of mine. Nonetheless, it was a great read. 

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