Sunday, June 29, 2014


The cold wind ruffled through the curtains as the night dawned in silence of the night. It had been raining for an hour and now the air is clean and pure mixed with the moist smell of the aftermath rain. It would be an ideal time to take an evening stroll. But it wasn't evening either. The clock just chimed one. It was not an usual night. There was a stint of certain weirdness that surrounded the atmosphere. When he came it was raining heavily and he was covered in water. The carpeted floor stubbed with dampness. But everything has dried, even the carpet though the atmosphere outside was kind of chilly and cold. But the apartment wasn't. There had been a lot of tension and the room was, well, not as cold as outside. On the contrary, it was pretty hot. 

Mark got a call when he was returning home after a long day at the office. He was working on a case and it was a pretty complicated one because it was unusual for him to take this long to solve his case. He was actually good at solving when it came to finding bad guys. No, he was great. But this case, was turning out to be mysterious to him and he is no where near solving it. He has always worked by the book, almost. He didn't had many friends because there was some history which he prefers to leave it in the past. He wasn't in active duty for a year because of something that happened in the past that had something do with his family. There were different stories that people told. But he knew the real one and preferred not to think about it and not to be bothered with his past. An year of no duty might have rendered him incapable of working any longer but the urgency and the magnitude of the case asked for his expertise. He had dealt with similar cases before. And so was the reason for calling him on the force. Within a month, he solved the case which the detectives were trying to solve for the past year. He lost the interest of taking credit, which others believed it to be the trauma that was haunting him. And so the department was appreciated, obviously. 

The humbleness of him compelled to make the best use of him. Six months had passed and he did great. He was back. A year before he was locked in his home drinking and smoking and sometimes even drugs, just to forget. He moved places, but the thoughts always haunted him. For a long time, he turned a blind eye to the bad things that happened, even when they happened in front of him. He just walked away. He was incapable. He was tired. He was lost. He was smitten with vengeance. But then again he was mentally incapacitated. 

He turned the car back around. The smoke of the cigarette stubbed between his fingers made a trail as he sped on the driveaway to meet up the folks at the crime scene. He arrived at the scene in time for all the detectives assigned to it arrived. He entered the flat. It was a big flat. The victim was a wealthy man. We could tell by the look of his appartment flat. It was a penthouse. And almost in it was antique. He also had a Merc which was parked in his parking spot as of he had just arrived. This case couldn't wait till the next morning because this was the second in the last two months. Whoever was doing this was very careful and it was evident that it was the same person because the pattern was almost similar to all of his victims. And this guy whoever he was was becoming a pain in the ass for the police department. As the pressure kept building from the higher up, the police was head over heels to solve this mystery of sorts.

The forensics gave a preliminary report to Mark based on the visual observations and the more could only be found out after the body was taken to the lab. Mark was a clever fellow. He didn't require any report from anyone. His visual perception was pretty good. He had a thing for these kinds of things and the killers' thoughts. He could jump into the mind of the killer and visualize the scenes that might have taken place. The victim was a Lawyer and was a renowned person as he had more number of cases solved than anyone in the city. And that itself rose the suspicion. No one could be that perfect when it comes to being a lawyer. A note was left behind beside the body which read "For a better society" He leaves them behind claiming himself to be doing good to the society and implicitly asking people not the judge on his morale. 

To be continued.... 


P.S. : Okay, I have to ask. Does anyone even come here and read any of my stuff? Well anyway, I am not here here to impress you or anyone. So, if you drop by, obviously by mistake, give a shout. Umm, shout, I probably could never hear it. Better leave a comment. Thanks.

P.S.S. Whats' up with this story? I have no idea. I just wanted to write and here I am writing.


What is it, I asked. Only time could tell, they said. The other day I was reading a blog, after a long time, per say. But I did read. What intrigued me was the writer, of course who is a dear friend. And no that wasn't the intriguing part. The part where the author wrote a small story of her life. A small and elegant story which comprised to only Love. It was/is a really sweet story. It takes us back to the age of not-knowing-anything and brings back to this present day. And whatsoever, however long the time might have traveled and however far the people stayed apart, the author proved that somethings don't change, at all. 

I must confess before I say anything further. I really envy the author. Not envying in a jealous kind of way, but envying in a why-not-me kind of way, if that makes any sense. I told her the same and I got the same reply that every person in love have told- It will happen when it is supposed to happen. I was like, "Yeah, sure. Why won't it? Lemme just wait and look at the sky and wonder". But it is not that simple, is it? If it were, I wouldn't have been envying or trying to decode this extra-terrestrial phenomenon. 

I just believe that it happens in the places where we least expect them to happen. Let me take the example of two of my friends. I wouldn't even have dreamed about them being together. When we know people, we feel that we understand them, mostly by what they say and do. So, when I believed that something is going to happen, I sided with the heart-breaking sob story from him or her. But turns out they are together and are happy about them. It is mysterious, believe me. May be I just have to live it to know it. 

One of my other friend is deeply and madly in love with a person who used to work with him. He said he was thinking about her all the time. He was even getting dreams about her. Once he even got a dream of getting married and both being happy together, but then he woke up. He was so happy but was disappointed because it turned out to be a dream. And nevertheless, he is afraid. Afraid of losing a friend. Afraid of rejection. What might happen? I said, it is a risk he should be willing to take. Yeah, I told that as if I am an expert in this stuff. And then I look at the mirror and laugh about it. I and giving advice, really sweet of me. NOT. He makes it so obvious as if he is giving hints or something. But he is such a drag. I don't know what he will do. I feel that people in love are/should be brave enough and take responsibility or something like that. Not that others don't have to. But this kind is a little rebellious, don't you think? I may be wrong. Well, what do I know about love, anyway.

So, then again I was back on that hope thing. They said, eyes are the doorway to a women's heart. Or whoever said that must have been an handsome hunk, nearly 6 feet tall, 6 pack well toned buff-body, green/blue eyes, bla bla, you get the gist right? And whenever he looked at the girls, they would just melt in his gaze or whatever. Now lets just get back to reality and do that. Yeah, it was my chance to open that door. And when I did, I didn't hear their thoughts but the look was quite self-explanatory. I don't think I would have to explain it. And then college happened, where every freaking guy was using that same principle. I guess it has worked on a few but it left a whole new impression on them - that guys are creeps. From that day, I didn't wanted that tag on my face. So what did I do? I stopped looking at them altogether. Even if they were like drooling hot, I wasn't going to watch. I will just walk right past them without any care in the world. Yes, I guess I had become a real human then. So, no staring since then, not opening that door. And eventually, all that might have happened never happened. 

Sometimes when I am travelling, I come across people. Nothing interesting, except when it comes to couples. I look at the guy and I am like what the hell? I have a better chance than that dude. But then again it is not about how one looks, is it? If only, that were true. And then again, I doubt it when I am on the other side of the question line. When will I understand that it is not something anyone could decode or something. Its' not a code or a mystery or a puzzle of any sort. May be I just have to wait. And before I end my stupidity, I feel I am getting old. When I told this to the above mentioned author, she assured me that I am not and that time will make it happen. And today I realized that I have more grey hair than my dad. I have no idea where they came from. But it is spreading like a wildfire. And I really can't do much about it. 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

An Odd Story!

Once upon a time called today, somewhere in the kingdom called The Silicon Valley, there lived a normal guy who was visibly seen but still was invisible. He wanted to keep that thing about himself the same way for all his life. But what he didn't know was that there was a lot stacked up for him. So, one fine day as he was totally clueless about what he wanted to do and no work at hand, he jumped right at the first opportunity that presented itself before him. The opportunity wasn't the best one, neither it was anywhere near good. But his idle mind was getting frustrated about being waiting for something amazing to present itself. But he knew that there was no chance in hell that there would be something amazing waiting just for him. And the work he did, he didn't know a thing. So, whatever it was, he was planning to pass some time, learning something new because what the new work was not his expertise whatsoever. 

That fine day he witnessed a junta of enthusiastic people joining the same with a confused look on their face. Almost all the people who were roped in were new to the work and they had major plans for their future. And this new thing wasn't anywhere in the path of their major plans. The following day a majority of the people came to join the work. And mind you, everyone was confused about it. But at the end of the day, everybody was feeling safe and were ready to join. And so did he thought. Lets call this guy Aman. 

The work they were roped in was scheduled to begin right away, but with a primary training for a week or two. It was early morning and only a handful of people turned up. Among them Aman was the only guy so far. A few hours passed and these guys still waited for people to turn up. But only a few handful others turned up. By the end of the the morning, there were twelve people and Aman was still the only guy. Aman was having a very bad feeling about this. But he had no idea what to do. He wanted to just leave and tell some lame excuse. But he just had no clue about how to open the exit door when he had just opened the Entry door. By the end of the day, he was roped in and he became a part of the small team. And this day changed a little bit about himself that he wanted to keep on the dark. Being the only guy in the group of ten girls wasn't a great deal. Yeah sure the people were amazing, but still. And now, Aman was in the limelight. Only if he had the charms or the looks, he would have rocked it. Only if.

The first of the comment that Aman received was something like this : "You must be happy. You are surrounded by pretty girls. Right Aman?" He was actually shocked by the comment, but he replied,"No" and that reply was for the him being happy part. But before he could say anything,"So, you don't think we all are pretty. One day all these people will bash you up."  He let out an awkward smile and tried not to maintain eye contact. Another person after looking at the group made a comment like, "Oh, you are the only guy in the group. Are you okay and comfortable?" He had no idea what to reply and he smiled and said, "Yeah, I am". But he wasn't sure what he was thinking at that time.

"You know what is the specialty of this group is? There is only one guy surrounded by pretty girls. Look he is blushing.", so says one of the instructor who is a big fan of him, not exactly. 


"So, what about you Aman? Are you committed? You can't be Single, for all we know."

*Tries to tell that he is still single* , but the voice fades and is completely inaudible.

"I know guys like you, who are silent  but they are exactly the opposite in social life."

"I am Single only." (He had no idea how to put the words. He never had to explain himself why he was single or as a matter of fact no one asked his status. No one actually cares/d. But he doesn't think they believed him when he says that he is Single! "Oh my, WHY ?", Aman exclaimed. He thought, no, he knew he is not one of those types who would be in anyone's prince charming list. In his mind, he concluded, "Ah, whom am I kidding? Prince ? Charming ? Yeah right, in my dreams may be."


"So what should we do know? Okay, lets make the late-comer do something. Suggest something guys!". After discussing about this and that, the late comer volunteers to do a chicken dance. Ah, great initiative. But chicken dance? Aman thought whether she was for real. So, for that a chicken dance song is required and it wasn't available on the mobile. So, they try to download. But it was taking time, a little longer than anyone had anticipated.

"So, what shall we do now?", the instructor on being bored asked for the second time.

"Aman will sing a song", someone from the crowd shouted. Aman was kind of bored and half asleep when he heard that. And then he felt like he was thrown in a cold water and it hit him with a question "WHAT????". He thought in his mind, "Me? Singing? Does anyone have a death wish or what? But I don't know any songs."

"No, Aman tell something in 5 lines. It has been like 5 days since you joined here, so a line for each day".

Aman was so dumbstruck that he had no idea as of what to say. So, he said what he says all the time, I mean shout all the time.

"I am Aman , as all of you know!". Yeah, everybody knows. I don't like that. I don't want to be the guy with too much recognition. No, it will not be of any good for me. On the contrary, I become a victim to their entertainment, but if I was entertaining them it would have been a great deal, but I end up being a stupid. So yeah, recognition my ... And then he snapped from his temporary lapse of this conversation with self.

"I like blogging and photography is my hobby".

"What do you write about?"

Though he didn't see any of the other faces except the one asking the questions, he knew that no body was interested in listening to what he had to say about blogging or what he writes about! But he replied anyway. "I write poems, fictions and daily stuff. And I have a Facebook page for each of my blog." 

"I have a photography blog also. I have a Facebook page for that as well." Yes Sir/Madam, he was publicizing. And then there is a comment from a guy. "We will like you page today." And Aman let out a smile. 

"So, we are like 30 members and by the end of the day, you will have 30 likes", the instructor said. He was actually counting on that. But 4 days have passed since then. Not. Even. A. Single. Like. Or a visitation to the blog.

But the centricity and the so-called-recognition that was there has started to fade off as everyone is realizing that this guy doesn't need that much of attention that they were showering on. As the crowd slowly started increasing and more people came into picture, soon Aman will fade out, just like he wanted it to happen.

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