Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Hard Part.

"Leaving is hard. But sometimes life is just about it."

It was a tiring day at office. All the people who were happily enjoying their time without work or pressure were told to make a judgment on what's in for them next. Around an odd hundred people appeared for the interview. It was like the campus selections all over again, but only that these people already got the job and were awaiting some work to be assigned to them for the future endeavors, myself included. But I took rather the better path of not attending though I had the chance to lie my ass off and get into some project which eventually I would have regretted the most. But Gautham thought otherwise. He desperately wanted to get into some or the other project. But we was let down when the project he was called for didn't meet his requirements. He had a sure shot into the project but well there was no eventual growth afterwards. So, he rejected it. 

A week earlier he got a call from the previous project that he had worked on. He wanted change and change was good, per say. But he was called for the same work, but a new project and new interface. But as he had decided that he wanted change he gave reference to another person who also worked in the same project and was also awaiting for a new project. And she was none other than Asha. She had no second thoughts and accepted it right away as she felt that she was good at it and it was all she wanted to do after all. So, she got in. But our dear Gautham was still in search. He was getting agitated when he learned that the company could send them to other locations if there were a project requirement and this was not in sync with Gautham's thoughts. He wanted to stay in the same city since his hometown is nearer to him from the current city. 

But eventually like all the good in the world, good things do happen to good and patient people. Only that our beloved guy wasn't patient. He started repenting to have made the sacrifice of a project for the change he so anticipated. He was actually hell bent on getting into a project that he was ready to do the same work and avoid the change he anticipated. But nothing fruitful turned up, until a few days back. He got selected into a project which was all he had always wanted. 

Leaving is hard. But sometimes life is just about it. But leaving us would be difficult for him, I thought as he keeps telling that what a great friends we are to hang out with. But that wasn't the problem, to be specific leaving us. The problem with Gautham was that he would have to leave a person of his dreams, though he has never met her ever since their first encounter, as he would never ever come back to the same work location as her again for a long time hence. But he seems happy and excited. And he promises us to meet us on weekends. But before all, lets wish him ALL THE BEST. And there is nothing about not meeting her, there are plenty of fish in the sea. I hope he just finds the right one. Of course he will. 

On the downside, Asha is very happy with her new project and is enjoying every bit of the work she is doing. Gautham is also happy since the work location is very nice and awesome as he puts it and is very excited to start working in the new domain which he so anticipated. The rest of the crew, myself included are doing okay. Sameera might have a chance into a new project for which the interview was conducted a few days ago. Karthik is working his ass off, to achieve what, I know nothing of. Vivek is also working his ass off just like Karthik. Ofcourse they both were since they both are under the same project sitting almost near to each other and doing something that is beyond my scope. Venky, though however cocky he is , is still helping out the people in achieving their target. Eventually, before I got cut off due to some budget cuts we both were in the same team. And now he has scored more points than me in getting a new position. And no, I am not worried about it. It all the life's plan, we call it. Fate. Destiny. 

P.S. My introduction? Haha. Sorry guys, looks like there will not be one. I remember telling some of the folks to publish it however or whatever it has. I have told people that they are better than me at writing and I also have tried to prove that but they don't take up the challenge only. May be they are busy or whatever! Or simply put, they don't want to waste their time. Of course. No worries there. 

Until later
- The voice you are reading in. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

First Time.

The Confessions of Foodaholic.Not.

I am a terrible eater. You probably already know that. I call myself a foodie, because I claim to eat almost everything that I see. But that's not true at all. I am a bit choosy when I eat. Oh, don't get me started. And it is a pretty long list, which you don't wanna know. But can I call myself  junkie? Probably! Not that junkie that you are thinking. But the kind who eats too much junk food. What if I said, I start the day with a junk food and end with another. The afternoon meal is usually not constant and changed with each day. But yeah, I could say that the major part of the week's afternoon is nothing but junk food. So, that will definitely give a top rank in eating junk food. But how did all this start! There is always a first time for everything. Until I joined my job, my junk food capabilities were kind of limited. Why, you ask! Budget constraints, if I can put it bluntly speaking. And also, I never got into those high end fancy shops/restaurants. Hell, there weren't any in my town at that time, except for Dominos' and Pizza Hut. And remember I said something about being limited. It was just normal burgers and normal pizzas. I had no idea of any KFC or McDonalds burgers. I asked my dad to take me there a couple of times in the previous city that I lived in. But that didn't happen. 

Don't we all have a little hesitation when we do something new? Like what does it have? What should I ask for? Will I be making a fool of myself? And the questions kept populating in my head. So, my junk food was limited to normal bakeries and small fast food joints. And no, no road side food. My throat is not a great fan of that. Even once can kill it with a terrible cough, just like Ice Cream. And yes, I don't eat ice cream as well. You might be wondering how can a person not like ice cream, ain't I right? So, now you can add one person to that list. Unique much? Not exactly right? Anyway, moving forward.


This was my first breakthrough when it comes to keeping a pro food-junkie. How worse could it be, I said  to myself and stepped into it. It was a normal shop, nothing out of the ordinary, nothing fancy either, but just plain simple. I don't remember what I ordered for the first time, but what I remember is that it burned my insides. It was good think that I went in the middle of the afternoon and there was no one in the shop to notice me. Oh snap! What was I thinking? I am literally invisible. So, I was airing it through my mouth as if I an cooling a very hot coffee/tea. And then there was this cheese that stretched as it covered the whole earth's equator. It kept stretching and all my attempts to break it off failed. And it was burning as half of the slice as still in my mouth. After what looked like a struggle, I finally got over with it and decided never to return to this shop. The pizza in the bakery in my locality was much better and the catch? It was half the prize of this pizza from Domino's. And also that bakery was near my room. 


The first year of college hostel was a drag. The food was awful. I preferred not to have food than to eat there and get disgusted. So, on one such casual evening, I along with a couple other decided to drop by Subway. Wow, nice joint. Hell yeah. Three of us went to the shop and ordered something that was on the menu card. Well, this was my first time remember? So, I just picked something that looked nice. I had no idea that we were supposed to tell what fillings we wanted. But my friends took care of that. Oh boy, that was a lot of names/things, per se. And god was it delicious. I made up my mind to come here once in every month or two. But it took me nearly 2 years to get back to this joint. And when I did, I was like looking blankly at the chef who asked me what I wanted in fillings. I nodded up and down , sideways randomly. And turns out, it wasn't the good combination after all. I should have done some homework before I visited this. But well, the next time happened again after a couple of years. And I did my homework this time and it was great again. Wait! I think I forgot what I told the last time. Got to do that homework again. *Sigh*

Kentucky Fried Chicken

In the last year of my engineering KFC was opened for the first time in the city I was in. Wow! Great, innit? Not actually because I never made it there. Because like always I had no idea what all it had, what I should be ordering and it was freaking crowded. And wait, if you were thinking why didn't I go out with my friends? Good thought! I had no such great friends! I used to have but the started living in other part of the city, so it was just me usually most of the time. But after all, I finally made it to KFC nearly an year later. And this time, I got a job and the occasion was celebration of a friend's birthday. Since I had no idea of what KFC had, I just sat back with my camera but accompanied my friends just to find out what all it had. When they asked me what I liked and wanted in KFC, I just said whatever you will have. But that was it! The beginning. To this day, I spend a huge deal of money in the KFC. You can call me an addict, may be, or not!

Pizza Hut

I had always known that there was a pizza hut and thought how much I wanted to eat there, I couldn't. Again the problem number one kind of pulled me back. I went past it a couple of times. But when some of my friends gave a party for the job they got, they invited me as well. And that was my first time. If there are some other people taking care, it is cool. It was delicious, every piece, every bread crumb, each sip of the drink. As this was the first time, I fell in love with the pizza. I came back a couple of times, even though the price was out of bounds for me. Sometimes, white lies are all we have to cover it up. 


We had three months of training as we joined the company and then we were sent to different places, some based on the location preferences they gave. So, after a month, a friend came to my city to meet us. And as we had a small get together, we decided to hang out of McDonald. We were a group of over ten people. We occupied out seats and the waiter gave us the menu card. All eyes were looking at me. But there is something I should tell before I tell about this. After I started working, I got vexed with the usual canteen food which wasn't that good either. So, all my dinners were at Domino's. Right! You are probably thinking what happened to the never-return-to-this-shop happened? I had no other choice. Only this joint had something I could take in. And that happened almost every night. This gave my friends a logical concept that I was the master of Junk food since I am a regular. But when all the eyes were looking at me asking me what was good here, I gave a awkward smile and buried my face in the menu card. I saw a couple of things that kind of looked okay. And as if I were the expert told them that these items were great to eat here. And there were vegans and non-vegetarians as well. I was asked to help all of them. Oh god! I kept my cool and picked something randomly and told them that these are great for both parties. Only if they knew that it was my first time in McDonald! Fortunately, everything was fine. Thank god. Else I would have been very bad foodie addict. 

Though the first time is over, people still ask me for advices on what is good whenever we go to a fast food joint. The only think that they don't know is that I eat the same thing most of the time alternatively. So, I have no idea of everything that is on the list. I don't eat everything that is on the list. Well, last time I tried almost made me puke. I was at this coffee shop and Irish Coffee sounded awesome. I ordered that only to find out it was bitter. A bitter coffee! I had no idea such things even existed. Wait, was it a coffee? It should be because it suffix has a coffee word. All the new things that I tried were in Cafe Coffee Day only and that gave me a pretty good idea, not to try to explore other things. Because at the other end it is again me, who have to complete it and it is again me who has to pay for it! So, I decided not to take such risks. But, these days, I planned to break the uniformity and change somethings up. 

So, do you have any first time(s)? Love? Break up? Kiss? Bla Bla? Blu blu?  Oh, I forgot about all these. But no need to worry (or any other post), nothing that was mentioned ever happened. At. All. Let's see what time has for me? 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A2Z Theme Reveal.

The A2Z Challenge is all over the internet. And boy, am I excited? Hell yeah. Challenges like these keep us on our toes and not every time do we get to these challenges. And there is this Writer's Block, which imperative of the situation is very prominent, especially in regards to me. So, I have been keeping myself busy these days writing whatever I wanted to write and however stupid it sounded, I didn't hesitate to post it right away. 

So, that brings me to this A2Z challenge. It is amazing because there are people from all over the world taking part in it. And it is like a wake up call for a lazy bum, such as me again. I haven't been following its' updates lately, nor have I started writing anything in particular for the challenge. Because we are supposed to write like 26 posts for the month of April and not everyday is it possible to write. I am sure people have already started writing the post and scheduling the post for each day of the month. Don't look at me, I haven't even began to think about it. I know I am very late and lazy like I have already mentioned. But lets not go into the details! 

Now this brings me to the theme reveal. I had no idea about the theme reveal. Frankly, I didn't. But lets me just come out say what I am going to write. So, my theme for the challenge is : Fiction, Life and Stories, Photography, Poetry, Just-Everything-Random. I know that's a lot of themes. But frankly speaking, I just stick to one thing and write about it everyday. That takes dedication and hard word. And well, I have none. To put in simple words my theme : Random. Sounds great right? I know. Do I hear a cheer? or Two ? Or a crowd? Well, thank you for the morale support. I appreciate it. Thank You. 

P.S. I know I am posting this pretty late by 5 days and I hope it still counts. I have never got around to write this, as well as for the April challenge. Oh boy, I got a lot to do. Customize time, write a lot, a hell lot and write sensible. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Call me. Not!

I haven't talked to much people lately, on phone. If you are to count the family member, well they top the list. So, that does mean that I am not in any relationship of any kind because god knows how long I would be talking on the phone.  But let's just call me lucky to be not part any of that ritual, thankfully. But, I have been lately hit with this notion of phone call. When I asked a new friend why not on Facebook, I got a reply dating back to the pre-internet days when we just used to talk to each other on phone and internet was something we were not so much associated with. May be because we were never introduced to the concept of the internet chatting by then, we were just unaware of all these things. But in spite of all the development in today's day, we still find some people who still use phone and not be associated with the social media, well, my friend does. So, that brings me back to the topic : Phone.

I usually use my phone for using the internet and staying in touch with all the friends that I have. But I have never called them, unless its' important, like asking them to come to the canteen or to confirm whether they were going to the office (as they weren't replying in WhatsApp).  So, when I don't do the top up recharge, for say like a month or even more, there is nothing to worry about unless I am stranded in an unknown place and need to communicate with someone for help. But lets not jump too high up the pole. For your information, I don't leave my room most of the days. So, I getting stranded in an unknown place is something not gonna happen. Never. Ever. I think. But anyways, let me share some stories that date back to my engineering days regarding the phone calls. 

I got a new phone, courtesy of my dad and the company he works for : A free phone. The phone was supposed to be used by him, but I just joined college and I got to keep it. But it was not the reason, I had already taken the ownership. *Wicked smile*. Though the phone wasn't my choice, but well it was the latest in the block and I appreciate all new things and gadgets. But I was still in my high school (plus 2 / intermediate) when they took the new phone. After nearly five months, I got into college and got my first number, courtesy of my cousin. I had no proof on my name by that time to submit, so! When I got my new number, I flaunted it everywhere and by everywhere I mean the social platform and that filters down to Orkut. No, I am not a popular guy, but I just wanted attention I guess(I know I am the creepy dude, you can stop judging me now). And truth be told, I wanted to get some calls from girls, perhaps (even creepier, right? Tell me about it). Because why would any random guy would want to call me anyway? Duh! No, don't even think about it. Drop it, your thoughts.

After like a few months, I got a call from an actual girl, or well the voice sounded like one. But frankly speaking, I didn't knew her. She claimed to be a friend of a friend of a friend. I know the Friend #3 because he used to sit beside my in the last year of my high school. Friend#2 is the friend of Friend#3. And the Friend#1 is a totally unknown person. Believe me, the identity is as mysterious as it gets. Friend#2 and Friend#3 had something under their wraps, which I was a little aware of. So, Friend#1 called me up to know about it. WHAT?! Right? But it was a girl, so I was all excited and stupid and reciprocated the same for a major part of the time. She even created a fake Orkut account, because that profile too good to be true. Yeah, like I said it was mysterious. Sometimes, I got in contact with Friend#2, but as time passed, Friend#1 left the Friend#2's college and joined some other college. All this are the claims by Friend#2. Wait, Friend#2 is also a girl, I didn't mention but it is clear right? And to be clear, Friend#3 is a guy(though I mentioned it earlier). So anyway, a month long (or even more, I have completely forgotten about it now) ended in such tragedy. I always had a feeling that Friend#2 called me up in the name of Friend#1 to know about actually happened and what and how much I knew about the chemistry between F#2 and F#3 ! People can be hyper-crazy sometimes, or is it just me?

My third year was about to come to an end. But there was something like a seminar which we were supposed to give on the project we did in the summer vacation after the end of the second year. And that seminar was a big flop show. Believe me, it sucked like hell. I even changed my status to "The worst 30 minutes of my life" and an hour later my dad pinged me to ask about it. And when I didn't respond to his question, he dropped the question while we were having a casual conversation when he called to ask whether I had dinner. I somehow managed to dodge that question. But it has nothing to do with happened next. I got a call from an unknown person. It was a girl. Yeah, Shocking. Plus Goosebumps. I mean who could it be? But don't worry, this person is also a mystery, to this day. I have no idea how she got my number in the first place. But there was an interesting story that she weaved. She claims to have seen me sometime somewhere in college during some event, I guess (because it wasn't so clear). And there is a catch here, indeed many. She claims that I have a nice (read: great ) hairstyle. I mean, LOL, literally. My hairstyle? You gotto be kidding me. I had a feeling that this was another prank call. Umm, not another, the first of its kind. Another catch and this is a pretty shocking one : She knew my damn name! How is that possible? And the last catch is that she doesn't even speak my language. Come on, when on earth did I go international (okay okay) National? She claims to have got my number from some dude whom I barely know. I have seen him in my hostel a couple of time, but he is just a nobody to me. And how on earth did he get my number in the first place. He is of different branch and he was my junior. So, what and how are still a mystery. Wait, so is this girl! A mystery. I tried calling back that number a couple of times after that night, but I was greeted with a switch off anthem. It depended on her when to call and when not to. So, there was nothing I could do. I tried almost everything to find out who she was, but all attempts failed. And just like that, whoosh! The movie ended. Please proceed to exit. Next in theaters : Oz  - The Great and Powerful II.  Not funny, right? Glad, we are on the same page. 

What do these people take me for? What do you think of all this? I am such an idiot? Was this going through your mind? Well, it's okay. You don't have to admit. I know. 

P.S. There is no P.S. That's it. The End. You are welcome. 

P.S.S. The title is a rhetorical. Yes, there is no P.S. but there is a P.S.S. And in this process, I wrote both. Darn. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Crazy thing on the internet.

I really don't understand the concept of auto-bots, but there are a few over the internet, I think we call them bots, where a website preferably sends or tries to access other sites leading to almost everything possible ranging from phishing to whatnot. So, to avoid all this there are security. And the very reason when one is trying to set up an account or do something online, it tells you confirm whether you are a human or not. Because these bots aren't programmed to read the captcha code or likewise. It is not like some alien is trying to set up an account or is in the process of sending a million bucks over the internet. No.

And when it comes to blogs, all the anonymous comments are nothing more than just these things. I have successfully allowed them to see my profile by publicizing too much all over the internet. The very reason for the tremendous page view even if most of the people in the follower list don't read my blog. Well, I have recently been able to minimize it, but I could be wrong. I don't know how they work. 

So, I have received things like those comments for quite some time. I have always wondered how do they even get into my site in the first place. Come on, it doesn't even end with "" and to make it even frenzy I have put up my own name. Coming to the above comment, the first line had me. You could be joking, but beyond a limit of hilariousness is just not cool. Vinod, Indore? whoever that guy is! *Call Me* I have a lot to talk to you about. And about my blog giving interesting information? Just freaking hilarious. And it goes on. Well, this is just the one, there are a lot many like these. So, I just went and saw my spammed comments (all these comments were sent to spam folder) and it came to around 400 (round figure). I indeed am famous. Wait, Bob Marley Quotes? Seriously? Don't event think about clicking on that link. 

So, when a guy asked me why I keep the comment moderation, I have no other better reason to tell. But like always it is quite difficult to explain. The main reason why I enabled the comment moderation is because I wanted to keep a track of all the comments that I might receive, when I receive. I don't like to come to my blog every other minute and wait for someone to comment. And get disappointed when no one does. It is not a obsessive compulsive disorder, as you thought could be the reason! No. But if it makes you feel any better, you can assume that. Oh wait, you already did.

Did I mention about be being the famous guy? It gets interesting when I received this through a mail : 

Haha, funny that you mention it. Because the feeling's mutual. And this person is as random as it gets, another spam mail, of course. There was a small message also along with this about why and frankly speaking you don't want to know.

This is just crazy. Because for all this to work, someone somewhere has to initiate this right? The computer/internet just can't randomly write/create a bot and let it open in the internet. So, there is someone as equally crazy and jobless, needless I should say more. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

To put an end.

The Chronicles of a SuperHero 

The time has come to change things here and there. People were becoming more out of hand these days. There is nothing as such a good guys these days. It is just a mask that these people are using to cover their usual self. Behind that nice face of theirs is something dark, clumsy and corrupted individuals. The law and order broke, and people, criminals, were roaming freely in the cities, mugging, stealing and molesting the people whoever came their way. The police has been negligent and tied down. They  say hierarchy, people from above are tying their hands. What kind of excuse was that? 

The night overtook the diminishing sunlight and gradually it became dark. Only the lights from the street and some of the buildings were lit up. He put his suit on, took  out his ride and went on his way for crime fighting. People never understood what was with the bubbles and the soapy water that the roads were always filled with. But they didn't care as long as the streets were clear and devoid of muggers. 

The bad guys started fearing. The people up the ladder were scared because with each day, this unsung hero was getting closet to them. It is high time before he catches them.

But there is a new player in the town. Someone who has been terrorizing the citizens, the people who were under the protection of the great and fearless Bathman. He could never figure out how he could even dare to come to his city and terrorize his people. This new player has accumulated all the small gangs from every nook and corner of they city and is expanding his territory and influence. The people up the ladder were able to put their mind at ease after they learned the new player in town who went by the name of Joker. 

He is not easy to predict, not makes many public appearances. But is very mischievous, which is how they come. Bathman is having a difficult time to solve this unknown mysterious person who is terrorizing his city everyday, everynight. And he is getting of hand and control. 

It was time to do some super hero stuff, track down this notorious criminal who has succeeded in inducing fear into the citizens and providing support to the nice criminals who unfortunately rule the country and hide behind the government curtains. 

Finally something worked, Bathman could track this joker guy down. And one night he finally caught up with him. He realized that they were just two sides of the coin, but had an ocean of difference in their ideologies. 

After a lot of jumps and flights, fights, nose breaks, wrist wrenching, hair picking, in air flicks, whatnot, peace was restored. But the city could never know who was responsible behind all this peace that they experience at the end of the day. 

And there is no stopping Bathman from crime fighting, even when the Butler warns about the stupididty of the costume and the dumb charades and stunts he pulls out on a daily basis. He claims that he is getting fed up with the mess he is creating in the name of hygiene and cleanliness. 

P.S. : This was supposed to be a 6 post uncovering each photo with a related story or something like that. But the response I got on my previous post, the prequel of this one, it was overwhelming to say the least and to the add to it, people were getting new ideas. So, 6 more posts will me the center of their tea/coffee break discussions. So, one post to end it all. Phew. People and their imagination. Look who's speaking! 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Award wala Post.

It has been a pretty long time since I got a award. And I started to feel like I was getting what I truly deserve : No award ! Come on let's face it. Well, I don't think I need to explain why? But let's give a round of applause to AS (I Heard You) {which is an awkwardly weird name to write : IHY } for getting the award in the first place and the obliging to pass it on. And well congratulations to me as well for being able to top the list ( dude that was randomly arranged names) *Ahem* Shut Up *Ahem*. So Yay! 

And I have been bestowed with the "Kretiv Blogger Award". I wonder what I have is creative enough. But well, lets just thank iHeardYou for passing the award. Here it is : 

There is ritual. And I hate rituals. I hate following the rules. So, let me just skip to the part where I am supposed to answer the questions. Oh yeah, I have to pass this award as well. We can see about it later. 

The Questions and My Answers : 

1. Do you think it's unusual that we're the products of horniness of two people? You didn't answer this last time :P

No. I don't think so. It all biology and added with something we call love,which in itself another concept altogether. But is the the product of horniness? I don't know. What I know is we are the result of a mutual understanding and an equal share of responsibility. 

2. Forget about all your crushes and all, I wanted to know have you ever slept with anyone really or you just give free love advice? Actually the people I am nominating are wonderful people who don't advise at all ! :P No actually they're real sweethearts and advise only when asked to :D  So for them, I want to ask, what is your definition of love?

Love? I think about it a lot and I don't know what it is. I asked myself this question a couple of times. What I know it that it is powerful, strong enough for people to go into battles and whatnot! So, if you ask me to define love : There is no definition of love. It is an expression in itself, some remotely blissful feeling that lands you in a place you never imagined existed and you feel home, comfortable, drowning in its warmth hugging the happiness cuddling with the romance that was nonexistent so far. (Now you know, why you shouldn't ask me such questions. ) 

3. If you become filthy rich what would you do with all that money? If you ask me I would try and help bring down suffering in this world. Honestly. What would you do?

Filthy rich. You mean to say filthy as in filthily rich? Or filthy after becoming rich or rich by being filthy. (People understand in different ways, you should know that). I was kidding, anyway. So, if I become excessively rich in an overnight, which is one hell of a dream to even imagine, but let's assume. And wait, did you just answer your own question? umm, okay, because I don't remember asking you. Yeah, that bringing down the suffering is sure on my list. But you need to be filthy (to the power filthy) rich to bring that down. If you say, a little contribution is all it takes. I ask, if that enough? I would give away every last penny, will that be enough? And where would that land me? Back to one of those suffering lot. If becoming rich is all about life, I am not living a life, per say. People are overrated. I would help them who are in need tmeather than donating it to some charitable trust. I would rather sponsor someone and yes i agree I am not bringing down any suffering. That is not my job to do. I am rather a selfish person. 

4. What do you weigh more- Self respect or relationship? Why?

They are equal. They should be in balance. Relationship, if we are not on the wrong page , you mean the one involving a guy and a gal, either married or not, taking care of each other , right ? I don't see a relationship like that. I see it more as a mutual inderstnading between two people. They could be lovers. Or friends. Or just two complete strangers. Self respect is important. We don't want to lose ourselves completely. And similarly so is the relationship. There will be compromises, sure. But not at the expense of self respect. There is no need to belittle onself for the sake of others. 

5. You're feeling down from a very long time. Noting good has come your way from quite a long time. Would your faith in religion be still intact?

Religion is something we created to keep ourselves on our toes. There is no supernatural entity called God, but we believe in the concept of it because we should have a faith. A hope. Something that keeps us in our limits, something to reassure ourselves. I believe I am an atheist. But if I have to answer the question , my faith in religion will not be intact. 

6. Why do you think we love our family the most? Is it because of that special bond or just because we have become habitual of spending our lives with them for so many years?

Both. But before I answer, why do you think your parents love you? Is it because they gave you birth and is it their duty to love ? The answer to this question could be the answer to your question. And there is no fixed rule that we have to love our family. It just depends on how you feel and think about your family. The difference of opinions, or upbringing is all it matters.

7. Do you feel the need to change someone's opinion. On any topic. Just as long as you know their opinion is not right and it's unjustifiable. Why? Is it because you care about them?

I am compelled to change anyone's opinion, if in case I feel that they are not in sync with the actual facts or if there is too much negativity in their thoughts/opinions. And this happens only if I know the person. Else, I wouldn't even bother to speak up. Is it because I care about them? I could say that. Or may be I just want to make my point clear and get the other person down because may be he is wrong or likewise.

8. What qualities do you look in a person when you're at your weakest, emotionally.

When I am at my weakest, I am more concerned with my own emotions / qualities. And thinking about the other people's qualities just acts as a catalyst in making me even more weak. Yes, I am not an optimistic person, never have been. Life has been a good teacher of that. 

9. Do you think people who have suffered a lot in the past need to be given any extra favours or special status than those who didn't? In general sense as well as in personal sense. And also do you believe in extending those favours to the successive generations as well? (This last line is specifically for communities)

Depends on what they have gone through in the past. If you are speaking about reservations, because that is the only thing with favors these days (Oh wait, you mentioned it), I don't know. And like I said, it depends on what the people have gone through. And no, those favors shouldn't be extended to the successive generations. Then it may be over utilization of the privileges. 

10. Our isolation or mood swings. Are they a result of the circumstances or just your own pre-assumptions and exaggerated situations in your head?

The result of circumstance which lead ourselves into pre-assumptions and exaggerated situations in out heads. It all depends on how we make out of a situation, I guess.

11. Final question. It's tricky! You had proposed to some guy/girl in the past and he/she had rejected it. Now you also dislike that person to the core. If you two were the only beings left on this planet, would you have intercourse? Supposedly you do. Would it be for continuation of human species or just out of umm.. lust ? :P

First of all, me proposing is never gonna happen. And if I proposed, why would I dislike that person after a few days? It means I didn't have feelings in the first place itself. What happened to the rest of the people in the world? I consider myself to be too lucky to be the survivor, plus if that really did happen, I would be the only one. Continuation of human species? May be. And there could never be lust. Because as you have mentioned that I dislike that person to the core and so does she. 

P.S. : I should be asking and passing the award. I might do it. It takes a lot of time and these days though I claim myself to be insomniac, I am sleeping like hell. I hope I get back my usual self, soon enough. And yeah, the answers are as stupid as they could ever be. Thanks for not-reading. Wait, did you read? Oh, boy! 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Hairy Story.

So, after a long time I have been able to keep my hair intact. Though the perpetual truth about the loss in the same is not to be mentioned. We guys have that fear of becoming bald. And when we see that out hair is falling, oh god, save the mankind, we do all kinds of stuff to not-make-it-fall. I am a little away from becoming bald. So, for now I cherish it like anything. I cherish in such a way that I am the acting catalyst in the shedding process. One day it is on the left side and the other day on the right and that varies too and you wouldn't want to know. Believe me, not even girls would do so many things, umm, well not my mom. 

So, the hair loss problem. I have no idea how to deal with it. But it sure is a serious problem. Because a while back, nearly four years back when I was in college, a guy was just scared that his hair might somehow shed and that he won't be able to MARRY anyone, or should I put it in this way : No girl would ever marry him. He was scared about the future. And that was the time, when I was applying all kinds of things to my hair to make it look good, and I was failing in every attempt to say the least. But I had always thought that hair is the only better part of me. So, I do all kinds of stuff to it to make it, say awesome. 

Last year in the month of December, I kind of challenged a friend over twitter that I would also put up a display picture like them as their photos had half of the hair covering half of their face and well that's a half face photo (something they copied from from me, which they won't accept, *sigh*). And though my hair looks like as if a girl had a boy cut plus a few inches, I couldn't make it cover my my face completely. In time, I will. Unless I go home. 

So, two months back when I was home, I was pretty sure that my parents would kick me out, if I hadn't had a hair cut. But fortunate enough for me, I somehow managed to escape as it was cousin sister's engagement and there was no time to go out and have a hair cut. There was one time when my dad took me to the saloon and I was sure that my precious hair will see its fate, but again I somehow escaped. Then when I was back again for marriage after a month, I was pretty sure that they were going to cut my hair in my sleep as I wasn't getting it done anywhere. But two things happened. 

They didn't ask or say anything, which was surprising because they would really bring that topic every now and then and tell how miserable and ugly I look in that long hair.
Secondly, I had made up my mind to confront anyone who would point a finger or raise a word about my hair. I was sure that I was going to give it back to them. But nothing like that happened. Damn, where did all my ego and all that go? An old fellow approaches me whom I don't know. As he smiled I also smiled. But he came towards me and started talking. I assumed that he must be some far family friend or relative whom I had never met. But the first thing he said was about my hair. There. !@#$@$)$I_)($#@*@()!@#$%^&*. All that went in my mind. I was kind of pissed. I don't even know you man and with that excuse he was saved. I didn't say anything. And then I was surprised when a guy who was setting up the music system asked me whether I was growing my hair for how-do-I-put-it  God. Like when we ask god for something and in return we offer something like barter system! What do we actually call it ? Obeisance? Or whatever it is. So, he asked me whether I was growing hair in reverence to what I know nothing about. 

When my roommate spends like a three months salary on something that sure as hell is not going to happen which goes like this : Growing hair using some tablets and medicines and that oil, this shit, that shit! And after like a period of six months there is no visible growth except just believing that the hair is growing and trying to reassure himself. I mean come on, does that even work, like implanting a root in a barren field. It sounds more like growing a tree without the seeds, and if you are saying that the medicines act as he root, I won't debate with you. Sure, go ahead, knock yourself out. 

Isn't everyone obsessed with hair these days. Yeah yeah, don't say look who's speaking! I am, I know. But everybody else are also. From spiky hair to shaggy hair, people try everything. Even that Miley Cyrus army cut. God, I close my eyes when I come across. For guys, it's okay. It is manageable. But for girls, why? The other day I was waiting for a take out order while one of my friend drops by. The first thing he says after shaking hands with a smile is about the hair. I was feeling that it looked, umm, awesome? No? Is it that obvious to figure out that it doesn't look as cool as I think. Then after a few minutes a friend from another city was visiting Bangalore as his sister stays here and he dropped by my room to invite for the expedition he planned for the next day. And again, after saying a Hi, he says, "Please give me some hair man!". Hair loss is sure a problem. There should be some cure for it. Because people wold be thinking more about the loss than the actual work they are supposed to do. I am working to hard and that's why my hair is falling. May be since I am traveling in Bike in this weather, my hair is falling. May be I drink too much. May be I smoke too much. May be I don't eat much or the opposite. May be I don't eat healthy. May be it is the helmet that is causing this shedathon. And there is no end for these assumptions. 

The only explanation I could give is because you are thinking too much about hair. Just don't. Let it grow in peace and give yourself a break from worrying too much about the loss. You are stressing yourself by worrying to much. Stress equals headache equals more stress equals impatience equals Too-much-worrying equals hair loss. Okay, I agree that was S.T.U.P.I.D. I was trying to sound intelligent here but it got way off. 

Okay this is just in. I was walking to my bus stop and I come across a friend who again the first thing he does is talk about my hair. It sure as he'll must look creepy. So he says , "Hey, you look like a girl. Cut it down a bit. Or pull it back." I just reply with a reassuring smile that I will get something done. So, I think I need you people to suggest me a new cool and funky hairstyle. Anyone ? Anyone ? Please. 

P.S. : There is no Post Script. It has become my habit to end a post with a ps even if there isn't one. And yeah I could really use some help how to maintain long hair. Please, anyone? Anyone? Just a few tips is all I ask. Now look who is worrying / obsessed. 

- The Blue Phoenix (27.365)

Monday, March 17, 2014

The Conclusions.

People are amazing. Just simply amazing. I have strived to understand them. No, please don't get me wrong. I am no alien here. I have always tried to be able to understand what they say when they say. Oh no, I ain't no perfect. But let's keep me aside for some time. Its not I, that jump into conclusions. Is that right? Does anyone agree to that ? Or do you want me to point it out. Dude, come on. Please, don't kill my vibe.

And this is partly related to girls. Oh boy, girls. GIRLS! (with an exclamation mark). Okay. Have you ever seen a guy not talking about girls in a daily routine? Umm, would you call him gay if he didn't? Probably. But there might be some people who might be so busy with themselves and their lives and work and untold reasons that they overlook to talk about girls. Hmph. I try to imagine such a guy. All get is a alien picture with round big eyes staring right back at me. (Aaah, Not a pretty picture) *Snaps out of it* . Unless a guy is busy playing some fascinating game, a major portion of the time is dedicated to girls, either it is how to win them over, or learn some cheesy flirtations or whatever, to impress perhaps! Am I wrong? 

The whole debate of the girls surprises me (especially when guys have). When I say surprises me, I mean like one of the moments when you turn your head and accidentally spill a little coffee because you forgot that you were having a coffee and leave an expression of "What the hell did I just listen to?". We might not debate, but there sure is a lot to talk about. And I wonder why we keep our minds full with the thoughts of the inevitable. Look, that girl in the blue dress is never gonna look at us, keep aside the smile you were expecting. That girl in the bus who did smile at you may be was thinking about something funny and you were just in the way and you misunderstood that. That girl with the blue eyes was so friendly that you started falling for her, but come on lets wake up to reality. But still a little hope has never killed anyone nor did it hurt anyone. So, when people admire or crack jokes or discard them for their looks, it is not such a big thing. But it sure is when people start making conclusions or should I put them as vague comments about them. One can never know a person by how they look, by how they talk, by how they walk, whatnot. If that is the case then GOD made a pretty big mistake by making people different from each other. Seriously, if God is the creater of all life forms he made a big mistake. He made each one different. The purpose or his intention may be to live in harmony but it's people we are talking about. They judge. They draw conclusions. They are the worst critics ever known. They spread what they think is right. People.*Sigh* 

So the other day when a friend asked my casuals talks with a few friends as flirtation, I was taken aback. I have never even thought that this kind of thought might cross somebody's mind. But it did! And I didn't see this coming. Believe me, I am no good at flirting, because it sounds so stupid, like really stupid. So, when I was put in a spotlight, I contemplated the ideology of the people. People! How did I not see this coming, I wondered. Then I got down into drawing the points that might lead people to think like that in the first place. 

When a friend asked me about a girl whom they saw hanging out with a friend of hers whether that guy is her boyfriend or not. I was like, "Why do you want to know?" Guys are so obsessed with girls, are they not? I asked myself, why? I think I might have an answer to it. 

When a friend eavesdropped on me who caught me talking to an old friend from college, he responded like, "Oh her, isn't she a bi*ch? She used to hang out with *so-so* guy. If I were you, I would stay away from her! You know right what they did!" I really didn't know what they did because it was none of my business. And dude, what the f**k? . Come on, seriously. First of all, you don't get to pass judgments on someone you barely know. And second of all, why do you even care what she does! 

When a person is friendly with another, does that mean that he/she is hitting on her/him. The people are crazy for sure. We sure have to draw a line over here and put an end to this crazy think tank of these people. 

Like I said, people. They think more than they should about people they know the least about. To put it bluntly, it is none of their god damn business, but they make it their business. Is it always about love/infatuation? Does it always get down to it? Or is it people being jealous? That could be the only explanation. Else why would anyone even bother about others? Why can't just people leave others alone? Why do they have to think about them, about what they do, about whom they hang out with, about whom they love? Is it their business or work or part time job? No. But people make it their business, more like a money making part time job, only that it doesn't fetch even a single penny, nor is their mind at rest because they will keep banging their head about what they might be doing. 

I'm no different. But I don't go to the extremes of what people think. I am basically a shy person and don't open up often. And I find it rather interesting to talk to a complete stranger than to a person whom I know. Because again people judge. So, I have a bunch of people whom I talk to, either it is on blog or twitter or through comments, and I found it rather fascinating. And all this is on the social platform. If any of the people whom I talked to over the internet/blog/twitter meet me, I am sure they will put a question mark face  and wonder whether I am the same person they talked to. 

And yeah, I do draw conclusions. I am no perfectionist. But I could gladly say, I am little different. So, when I come across some person however random they might be, I do pass judgement. I would probably say, she got nice eyes. "She has beautiful hair, may be she should let it loosed." "She looks perfect in so many ways." "God, why are you so unfair to me but beyond fair to them?". "She has....", wait a second, are you judging me now? You were, weren't you? Probably thinking, what a creepy guy this person is, or what is wrong with him, or something? And did I just mention your comments as well? Ah, great! I thought I was the good person here. Clearly, I couldn't prove that to myself. *Sigh*

People jumping into conclusions and judging others, Stop. Why do you even bother? (yeah, yeah, I am telling myself also.) Seriously though, you have no business or right to judge or pass comment on them, (got it boss! Can we just end this now?) 

P.S. : I just changed my display name. I know I am so random and manipulative and unsteady and you name it! I know that it sounds kind of crazy and stupid, but lets see how it turns out to be. 
- The Blue Phoenix (AK)

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Luck - A Superpower.

"I am freaking LUCKY!"

I am in a constant debate with myself about the supernatural entity called Luck.Well, it has helped me a lot many times, I think ( I guess I am just being nice). But it has also drowned me a lot many times as well. So, what should we make of this supernatural power called LUCK ? I have never, I mean I could never associate myself to being the lucky one. Because sometimes life's a bi*ch and there is nothing we could do about it. 

When I have associated myself for a random pleasure of playing poker online ( for fake money obviously) I realized how lucky I was when I lost over a million dollars in succession. And I can't imagine what I would have gotten myself into if I played that game for real. I can't begin to imagine my fate, or should I call it Luck, and moving a little further can I call Life.          

When after a week long debacle of keeping my hairstyle intact for a week since I feared that taking a shower might ruin the alignment of the hair (which was looking awesome by the way though however messy or dusty and need I say Dandruff might have been accumulated, if I should point out) and it would never be the same ( in perspective of looking good/awesome). So, when I finally decide to take the shower, a few moments later(while I was mid way) I was welcomed with air through the shower. I was like what the hell? Yeah, you guessed it right! There was no water in the water tank in the middle of the afternoon, when I or anyone would least expect it. So, I had to clean myself up with the little drops that were pouring out of the shower. It happened not once, not twice, but thrice in succession.Someone sure is pissed off at me. Can we call him God. Or is it just my bad, very very bad LUCK.

I went to a movie last week. And since all my friends were busy, I went alone. Plus my friends are not a fan of English action movies as much as I am. And to add to that they are selective about what kind of movies they would be watching. Anyway, I went alone and as I as waiting outside the theater since the previous movie stretched a little longer than expected. So, I came across this girl who looked like WOW, like really WOW!, not jaw dropping but just Wow! As I was the good guy that I am, I preferred not to stare creepily and started minding my own business. I really don't give the better looking people much of my eyes. If I do, there will be a well enough reason. So, when the movie started and grabbed my seat in the theater, I was smiling wide when that very girl sat beside me. The first thing I did was tweet about it. *People collectively shouting in unison WHATTT?* What did I do now? I was tweeting. So, what's wron.. Oh I get it. Your question is "What the hell am I doing tweeting at that time?". I missed the part where I forgot to mention she came with her boyfriend, who (uneasy for me ) was holding her hand all the time and never let it go even once. Lets get back into the theater. And wait, it gets more interesting when they swap their seats and now that guy is sitting beside me. Simply Great! 

When everything is going just fine, I start worrying, almost each day because it is an bad sign. Something bad has to happen, no matter what, no matter how good you(I) might be feeling or however lucky I might be. A day which goes without any incident(preferably bad/unlucky) is like a miracle. So, the day before yesterday was such day. I currently have no work at office ( remember my reference "Jobless with a Job" : THATand I was feeling pretty bored being at office. So when I called my friend who was also in similar shoes, he was playing caroms. I was like, Oh yeah, we have a games room in office right? When I went there, they were playing the game and I saw the empty Table Tennis table, so I decided to play TT from then on. That very day, I bought a pair, which I got for a cheap rate which was surprising. All this about the night before the actual day. So, I reach office leisurely and to check my hair I went into the restroom. It was okay, which was unusual because it is always messed up and I have to spend literally an hour to get it into shape and then I frown when it doesn't turn out into what I expected it to be. So when it was fine after a bumpy bus ride, I was like "Ah, my lucky day!". It was short lived when my zipper malfunctioned. It was fine in the morning when I started but now I have no idea what happened. It didn't open. And when it did open, it was gone, as if it was torn. I was just into office. If I were just leaving, then I could have covered it with something and silently made an exit. The problem was that I just reached and promised all my friends that I would play TT with them and it gets interesting as my next bus back home it in the evening after nearly 6 hours. And imagine my situation with an open zipper. Oh wait, don't (what was I thinking! My sincere apologies) It would be disgusting. I had hell of a time covering it. I think my attempts in covering itself might have given away what I was trying to hide. And well, I just couldn't leave it like that. Then I thought, I should have a spare shirt and trousers ready in my bag. Oh God! It is really not a good experience at all. Fortunately ( yeah, I missed the 'Un' in front of it) I didn't take the pullover which I usually keep ready in my bad or the sweater. None. 

Yay! I sure as hell am the LUCKY one! I have no idea whom should I blame. Wait, why should I blame anyone for the mishaps that happen to me. And with that I reveal my superpower : Unlucky! I am currently working on a symbol and done a rough drafts for the costume. It will out soon. Don't forget to buy then on OLX. Yeah,  I was kidding about buying them on OLX. Who wants to be unlucky? Stupid me! 

P.S. : I could go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on (ya ya! we get it. Dude, stop!) about all my lucky encounters. But let me tell you, the last one is the worst, so far.  I am not hopeful that it will be the last one. I am sure, I will be facing many more such incidents. If not, it is not me! It can't be. And the starting line which I wrote as if it was some quote or something, it isn't. I searched for some nice witty quotations. I didn't get any. So I made up a random one. And don't say, I know its the lamest. But it could never be lamer than my luck. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

We might be dead by tomorrow.

Have you ever wondered what tomorrow might bring? Tomorrow is like a hope, we look it up as the light at the end of the tunnel. We prefer to think that as the synonym of restored hope that we are finally getting out of the darkness that prolonged us, that drowned us and that small light at the end of the tunnel is the escape. We could have thought it as the light from the train. And that this day where we dwell in the shadows of darkness is the last  living moment, but there is still hope because there still is an opening from where the train made its' way. We might as well get lucky and jump around our enthusiasm and strive towards that little light we call hope, for the eternal bliss of freedom; freedom from the monotonous darkness that screamed around us in silence as we struggled and cried for the one thing hope. But we  keep aside all our cons and move ahead hoping that there is escape. Then we wake up. Realize it was a beautiful dream and pray to god that it were true. Because there would be nothing if there was no hope left in the people. 

We might be dead tomorrow! We could never come to the stage where we will even think ourselves of being on the verge of dying, not unless we are old and have an age beyond expectation. Death! A beautiful death is all we expect of, if we ever come to think of it. But we never see that far. We are hopeful of being more alive than being dead. It would be really stupid to think about being dead tomorrow. We could never live today as free as we want to. Hope, again I stress on this one word over and over again. Why? Because without it, there would be no life. People tell us to live in the present and weave dreams about our future. Ever since we were children we were told to dream, we were told to make those dreams come true, we were told to achieve the impossible. Isn't that what hope is all about? A promise of a beautiful tomorrow. We see ourselves ahead of time, the future looks elegant and beautiful and that gives us the strength and courage to live in the present more cautiously and careful, so that we could live that beautiful tomorrow that we had dreamed of as a child, which we dreamed of it for every second as we molded our hard work for the response of a pleasant tomorrow. 

But what if I were to tell that I find death more dearer than life. What would that make me? The sheer loss of hope and the shattered dreams that I wove as a child. I really don't know how to comprehend to that. But you might have seen whats' going on in the internet. It is like SWAG and people procrastinate with the concept of YOLO (You Only Live Once). But truth be told about it when one says You only live once , sure you are right. But you get to live each day of your life carrying yourself forward in the journey called life. But it would be rather apt if people instead of trying to be cool thought about You Only Die Once. Die, death! People are scared of this. Scared because they fear that their time will come (if it comes) before they have accomplished what they dreamed of, dreamt off as a child. Scared because they would have to leave everything may be in the middle, or likewise. But what if I told you I didn't want a tomorrow? What if I told you I didn't want a today? What if I told you I might be dead tomorrow ? 

P.S. : An adaptation inspired by the song title "We might be dead by Tomorrow" by SoKo. And the song is totally different from what I wrote. Like I said, I was just inspired by the title of the song. To say the least, it is a beautiful song. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Oh Boy, Could it be any worse?

I feared as much. I had this coming. I kind of waited for it, it seemed like. So when I wrote about what I felt the other day, I was in the limelight with light foccussed on me while the questions were bombarded at me. I tried to justify my actions. But I think I went a little too far when I wrote. I thought I got that under control. But clearly I didn't. Because when the questions came, they were the ones I least expected to be. And I came to a point where I thought I might have written something and left it in the middle that gave the concerned people a little thought to ponder over.

I always wanted to be that go-to-guy where people would ask my opinion or advice or even tell stuff or call me up late night just to talk. I know I was expecting a little too much. But what was wrong in trying. But I couldn't be that. Because. Wait, I will have to explain this in detail. But, I blew it off. Right off the roof. Now I am one hundred percent sure that people hate me more than ever. There is no beauty in holding back, I thought and I was wrong. 

The people whom I hang out with are a little temperamental. I was actually trying to write a story on them most of which is supposed to be fiction. I was just done with the introductions. I am still in the process of writing a story, which I presume I will write in the days to come. So, yeah. Temperamental! People usually get angry too fast. It is a human trait. If something they hear about themselves is something they didn't expect or when someone starts teasing them, it is a little know fact that people will get angry about it. But so is not the case among friends. Friends are one, where we can be ourselves besides our home, and even if they crack a few jokes or tease it is not a big of a deal. After all they are friends, a second family, I could say. So, the problem with a little temper is that people get angry for the silliest of the reasons. Like if I say, I won't come for something since I am held up in some other work, people get angry. If I say something or start teasing or however small the issue is, people get angry and leave the group. I was disturbed by this persistent leaving the group. It is I, who have to add them back every single time. I had no problem doing that. But leave in the first place! When we consider each other as friends, we talk, we say things to pull each other's pants, tease and what not. Isn't it supposed to be taken in a jovial manner rather than get all hyper and leaving the group? I had a lot many chances where I wanted to leave this group so bad because this was getting out of hand and like everybody else I was also losing my cool. Once, it is fine. Twice is also acceptable. But for every silly reason, it doesn't look cool. But I could never. Even when I am mentioning about leaving the group, at the back of my head I am like, "Who? Me? Am I kidding myself? I could never do that!". For god's sake these are my friends and I could never leave them even if I wanted to. 

I was asked whether I was comfortable in the group. I seriously have no idea what I wrote that gave this idea/impression. I could gladly say, Hell Yeah! I have never been so free with anyone. Sure, people judge but it always stays among the group. We have that confidence. I remember mentioning something about the dissimilarities and similarities among people. Let me clear that air. I am a very reserved person. Believe me, I don't talk much in person. You could ask my parents, or my relatives, or my previous acquaintances. So, if I am talking with you, that itself is an indication that I hold a special place for you. I have been among a multitude of people who came from different places and to add to that I have traveled a lot many places. I don't have many friends, to say the least. You might have heard the term 'Friends for Life' or 'Best Friends Forever'. I can never really associate myself to that title ever. And I felt that it is basically the similarities among people that bring people close to each other and that they end up such a title. But I was wrong. When I met this group, half of the people didn't even speak my language. That is the least of the concerns. To  add to it, we were of different age groups. Three people are a year older to me. And like I assumed the similarities was one important factor. It isn't. I was wrong about it. Though I may not expect them to hold a special place for me, I can gladly tell that I hold a special place for all these guys. So, when I look back I could remember them and say, I had a very nice batch of friends. And if were still friends after a couple of years as well, hell, then I would be holding that title I so longed for. 

Dear R,
I know I wrote a little too much. I exaggerated way too much and probably I should apologize for that. So sorry about all that I wrote. Since Su had come up with the question that I kind of explained in the previous, there is a very good chance that you might also have a couple of questions. I went a little too far when I was writing. And after a few minutes of talking about it, Su advised me to open up and be free with you all people. Though I told her I was an open book but she wasn't so convinced when I mentioned the same. I wrote the prevoious post to mention about people leaving the group for petty reasons and then I remembered that shirt thing. Seriously, it's totally okay. No worries there. I mentioned that too because I was kind of a little shocked. From the beginning of time since that group was created and we all started hanging out as a group, I was always on your side. So, when I got the first blow kick, I was a little shocked and then when my clothes were covered in chocolate, I was a little more shocked. I got carried away and wrote something I didn't mean to write. Then I realized among friends these things happen on a regular basis or else whats' the fun in that and there is nothing to make a big deal out of it, like I am doing now and like I did yesterday. I realize that whenever you might read this, you might be feeling bad for that, but its' okay and there is no problem at all. Believe me. I am just writing this to get this out of my mind. So, please don't mind.

And there was one question I have been meaning to ask. But some other day, perhaps. I need some coffee now. 40 hours straight without sleep is kind of foggy. Though I don't usually sleep. These days I am just dozing off into sleep in the middle of the night. But last night I couldn't sleep at all. I have been thinking a lot of about this (post), about what to write and how to write and what not to write and whatnot. I know I am still dizzy and have no idea what I just wrote. I hope this doesn't spoil more than the mess I already created. Second cup of coffee right here. Finally.

P.S. : Phew! I wrote something with my sleepy eyes. And you should consider one thing, when I write I think the least about what others think or feel. Because it is just a ramification of my idle brain and its misadventures. So, please when I write something don't take it seriously and personally. I don't mean half of what I write unless it is about me. If I am writing about others, I write in different ways I don't even imagine I could write about. I know I can't sleep today as well. And yeah I am kind of starving but I can't eat anything properly. Damn! When will this pass ? 

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