Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Extraordinarily Ordinary VII

One fine day

"It couldn't be a dream, it can't be."

It was another usual day at the office. Gautham was on time as usual. As usual as it might sound as if he was on time for office. But not quite so. He was an hour before than he should be in office. There was a reason, which he never told to the other members of the group. He always told that he was coming late to office, that there was too much traffic, or he missed his bus or some other convincing reason. And he would appear in the office after an hour. No one knew, neither did I. 

Then he saw her amidst all the crowd, he could see her as clear as water as if someone has just done a selective zoom on the person and he could see her perfectly than ever. He always came early for a glimpse of her. If only she knew, there was one such admirer. He would keep sipping coffee or fill his appetite with breakfast the second time, or third time, but that was his routine. And the worst part was that he didn't even make the move yet. And even worse was he kept all this from us.

He was waiting in an usually long queue feeling a little bit agitated as he might miss the daily dose of his morning kick. Kick as in, he couldn't work properly if he hadn't seen her that day. But that day there was something wrong with the swipe machine. Okay here is the story about the swipe machine :  Before all this, all the employees were given coupons to avail free coffee or tea or milk or horlicks or bournvita , I guess you get the picture. But as an save-paper initiative ( or that's what we termed it) they replaces the coupons with the swipe of the Employee ID card. That was actually great because now no one had to stand in queue to take the damn coupons. But that particular day, there was some complication with the swipe machine and the queue was increasing like a catalytic reaction. And so was his agitation. Nevertheless he kept an eye out at the corner from where she usually takes a turn and approaches towards her building. It took a few minutes for the machine to get back to action and the unexpectedly long queue started to fade out. And finally he was about to swipe for his share of coffee but the lady just in front of him swipe wasn't working. The reason was unknown. The person at the counter told her that she could get a swipe from his friend who is standing behind her. When she turned back, Gautham was left with his mouth open and kept ogling at her in disbelief. Finally he regained his senses and offered his help as she was about to leave. She smiled and thanked him for his commendable gesture. But our dear friend couldn't acknowledge her thank you as the "Sweet" (as he quotes) smile of hers got stuck in his mind. 

Gautham woke up from his sleep and as usual taking his brush when he realized he had a dream. He couldn't believe it. AT the back of his mind, he was still thinking that this was all real and not just one good dream. It couldn't be a dream, it can't be. He kept telling himself to reassure himself that. He so badly wanted it to be real. He could feel the chemistry. 

But who knew that the day wasn't far away. Who knew ? 


P.S. I sincerely apologize for skipping my introduction. But frankly speaking, who would like boasting about themselves. I mean it doesn't even sound good. Imagine I, telling all the good things about me not giving any hint that there might be some part where I am not so good at all. I would request my friends to write about me, but then again it is like inviting myself to my own burial ground. I hope they return the favor by writing a few words like I did. I am not particularly concerned about the tone or context or anything, but I would really like it if it were all ( preferably, because then I would be having six different intro's and that does sound awesome). And please don't tell me that you are way to bad at writing. I am not asking for books to write on me. Just a few lines, but if that is also difficult, then one line is good enough for me. So, the bottom line is that I am not writing about myself. Come on, it sounds lame. Don't you agree? Till I get my own intro, I would be like the background score, like a narrator that you don't see in a movie, just a voice without a face. Come to think of it, it sounds awesome. And I am working on the continuing this story, hopefully,  'cuz I've no idea how to proceed any further. But lets' see, if I catch any breath and get this story moving. *Fingers Crossed* 


Friday, February 14, 2014

16. February 14th

The fourteenth of February. Well, to start off, today is my cousin's birthday. So, Happy Birthday J. And actually I have nothing in my mind to even start with, or to write about this day. Let me put somethings in perspective. I am no fan of the valentine BS thing. But it has always been in our groups about the teasing thing. And one more thing to add to that, I have never been acquainted with a person who is in a relationship and happens to be in my friends' group. May be they were too good at hiding, but the fact still remains the same. May be, I am wrong. 

Doesn't this day give a little hope that you might just get lucky or something? But lets' wake up. Not for me. No. Never. Even when I say this, at the back of mind I am like, "I hope to be in someone's mind".  No matter how hard I might think, or pray that to happen, I guess that won't happen. When yesterday a friend of mine posted this on facebook:  "We often dont express our feelings 4 fear of loosing a relationship. But fact is,v often loose a beautiful relationship by not expressing our feelings." Umm, as far as I know, he posted the same thing a year back as well. But nevertheless that's true. Isn't it? 

Before I move forward,I have no idea what it is, or how it is , or (another question) it is ? So, I don't think I am the right person to be telling / talking about this. Like I said, if there was someone in my friend list group immersed in that sea, then I would have had something to talk about. But I have heard from other people that there have been breakups. Umm, what am I supposed to do with that? 

Last year, exactly this time, I had a conversation with a friend. And that goes like this : 
I posted this photo ( reshared ) on facebook  - 

Thats true - That's me! 

AP : What don't you have,bro ? You are as cool and costly as a cold coffee. You can maintain a big queue, I am sure of it.
Me : I thought so too.But there is no one in my queue. What to do ? 
AP : You just have to open the bookings dude.. It will definitely be a "Houseful".
Me : Bookings have been open of  over a year. Advance booking, Online booking, I tried all. Still no luck.
AP : *Some super hit movie name* movie also didn't had any openings, did it not become a blockbuster.
Me : Haha. True. But the story is different in my situation. I don't think anyone's interested!
(Another person enters the convo )
Sk : Lmao! Don't say dude. You might be telling us that there are bookings open but you are selling the tickets in black!
(At this point I was actually confused. Because if I were selling the tickets in black, I would have had something to boast about and that forever-alone photo might have been removed. Don't you think so? )
Me : Exactly (mockingly). I think I am in less demand. That's why I am giving it for free, but looks like there is no one to take the offer. What should I do ? Any idea? 
(convo ends )

So, what else guys ? That is my story. That has always been like that. I don't think I would be able to change it, anyway. Yeah, right ! I could do something about it. But, you see, the problem is that I love too many people and if I go around proposing, okay, let's stop just here and stop dreaming! 

To all the people hopeful-excited-already in love- married- bla bla
I wish you all the best and hope that it stays forever in the times to come. Happy Valentines' Day. 
- Forever Alone Guy

Okay, I got some online Valentines' day offers to check out. Let's see. But those stupid people don't put offers on things I want! Who wants a teddy now? or something Pink? Come on, show some mercy to the Forever Alone Army. 

P.S. : Haha, again No P.S. To begin with, I didn't had anything to write in this post only. But then again, I did my usual thing and ranted out, if I could say Shit! Probably, I will write a better one this evening, if I get back to my room early. And hell man, someone has really cursed me to sleep. Yesterday, I couldn't control my sleep. I literally threw my laptop on the floor, phone as well, and some other stuff with an attempt to clean my bed.

[ 16 / 365 ]

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

15. Jinx

Days have passed quickly than I have anticipated. It has been more than 5 days since I posted. Now the question lies about the 365 challenge. It is not that I don't want to write. It is more of a new developed laziness that has gotten into me. Though, I have been associated with it for a time I no longer can look backward to,that deep into my history. So, it's a little bit of this and a little bit of that. What's this and that ? Laziness and umm, sleep? Okay, I have to let this out. I am usually an insomniac. And with that comes great responsibility. Yes, it is a super power. People don't understand it. But it really is. And since people don't understand it, they think its evil in all sense. And I think I have been a victim of their preposterous assumptions. Someone jinxed or cursed me may be. Because I have been sleeping a lot, like a lot lately. This is so unlike me. 

Okay, get this. I don't usually sleep at my will. Everytime I sleep is an unknown process where I slowly drift into sleep from drowsiness. Though I would be sitting and sleeping, but that is a different story altogether. I usually sleep after the clock has passed the midnight strike a few hours earlier. But this has changed and I am sleeping a few hours before mid night. This is so unlike me. So, you see. Someone has done something to me. 

Recently, I have been on a trip. Ah, about the trip. The next past ( this one precisely ) was supposed to be about it, but there has been a slight complication. I will just give the outline, like a trailer. The trip lasted for a near 3 days, which I must say has been the longest trip I have been ever to. The main purpose behind it was to attend a friend's sister marriage. To point out, I don't usually attend marriages in particular. But these days, I have to because everyone is kind of getting married. And attending friend's or colleague's marriage is one thing, but friend-colleague's sister's marriage would mean that that person is more of a good friend (or a little bit more than that). So, we attended that and it was great. But during our stay at my friend's house, I forgot my camera at his home. I realized that while we were on the way to the marriage and it was almost two hours journey away from my camera. Yeah, I cursed myself of my forgetfulness. How could I even forget my camera? Me? Camera! Me? Me? ME? I? I? Something is wrong. Something is terribly wrong. So, yeah, I came back without my camera and as a result the post which was supposed to be about it (with photos) is still on hold. And to add to that, my fate got kicked again in the ass. The person in whose I forgot the camera went back home for some personal reason, so I asking him to tag along the camera with him. When he messaged me that he was bringing the camera, I thought the post won't be delayed for long. But guess what I was wrong. This super dude, brought the camera, but forgot the memory card back at his home. And I was thinking everything was going excellent with my so-called-fate. Okay, people, don't jinx it even more. And to add to that already I slept the whole journey. I was like, what the hell is wrong with me? I don't usually sleep and while in journey, nah! No way! But still I slept like anything and one thing that my friends were shocked by seeing me sleep for such long hours. And to add to my glory, even the driver thought I was sleeping a little too much. So, umm *poker face* . *No comments* Period. 

So, the last comment ended with this : 

"can i make you my brother :D i will be your sweet lil sis and u my big cool bro ;) "

Such sweetness! Such awesomeness. This was actually sweet and frankly speaking I was grinning from ear to ear when I first read this. I am hoping to write a detailed post on that as well. But, for now lets settle with this. Like I said, I am giving the teasers for the posts-which are yet to be written. First of all, it was so sweet of her to ask, inspite of all the Valentines' Day flu flying around. And well that day is a dry day for me, as always it has been. This P.P.S on the comment made my day. Big Cool Bro !  Sounds awesome. Yeah, don't worry, I will give the details s-h-o-r-t-l-y. Only thing you have to pray for is to make sure that I don't sleep at nights. :P Umm, I mean it , actually. 

P.S. : There is no P.S. here. Just felt like adding this at the end, 'cause it was looking like empty? may be! 

Ciao guys.
Over and out. 

{ 15 / 365 } 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Extraordinarily Ordinary - VI

The Charming Lady

The world around faded in dimmed shadows, blurred images roamed around her as the voices slowly seemed negligible. There was silence in the mind, in the consciousness but she could see only one thing, one person to be exact.On the other end of.. 

A diligently dressed lady totally drowned in perfect ethnic wear with nicely braided hair makes her through the few participants who were enthusiastically waiting for their turn, for their name to be announced so that they could just astonish the crowd with their performance. She walks past them to announce the arrival of the next sequence. A grandeur introduction of the participants makes the crowd cheer with anticipation for the best that was yet to be showcased. She was anchoring and she was doing a perfectly good job at it . Her voice was so elegant that it made spectators glue to whatever she was saying. Though the fluency was only understood by the people who knew the language, but still, one can make it out by the intensity and softness that it was dealt with. No wonder, she is an excellent singer herself.

Earlier, her friend Asha called her for lunch to which she didn't respond, may be because she was caught up in something or the reason could be anything. So when she  called her friend back, she didn't respond to her nor after trying for the next few more times. The reason too was unknown. The result was that her friend didn't respond and that made her sad, though she tried to reach her. Even though she was in her perfect attire, a great traditional dress and not to mention the anchoring in the function that was yet to start, she wasn't feeling quite right about the whole thing. To state the obvious, she liked being presented in the traditional attire, as in generality all women do. But, that void was still there. Until. Until Asha finally approached her and sorted it out. That made her happy. That made the crowd happy. Because one wouldn't want a sad anchor anchoring an event. And as mentioned earlier, the turnout was splendid. 

The world around faded in dimmed shadows, blurred images roamed around her as the voices slowly seemed unaware. There was silence in the mind, in the consciousness but she could see only one thing, one person to be exact. There was a guy sitting in red shirt across the caffereria.. 

Nearly a year has passed since she saw him. This time he was in a blue shirt and has grown a bit fat, as she puts it  .She isn't sure what it is but hopes it turns out fine. Nevertheless, she has different plans stocked up altogether for herself. Only time will tell.

Sameera, the name with which she is known. According to her friends she is describes as - Amandali putani, Red bijili, Bijili cracker (looks like these people have discussed among themselves before picking up the name), Childish, Innocent, Good Care-taker, Excited, Smiling, Moody, Babyish. Let me help you paint the picture. A cutely looking innocent person, but don't get mistaken with the appearance. A hyperactive person who takes initiative and an friendly person to hang out with. She is funny all the time, which is one of the few things many people don't usually possess. An unbiased person who values others opinions and thoughts before her own. An extremely photogenic appearance and well a photo-frenzy person as well. As her friend mentions about her as, "When she first saw her, she thought that She was a senior person as she used to maintain some dignity". And I agree with her thoughts. She is a lot many things which I will bring to light as this unravels itself. 

P.S. : Finally, she was the last person, umm.. excluding me. I hope I was able to sensibly put each one in their true character detail. And regarding the story, I have to bring it out slowly. Due to my poor story writing skills, I can't really assure you that it will be great and all, but let me try and hope for the best. And that leaves me. A pseudo name and a character description. Well, I am actually not sure if any one of my friends are going to do that as they said they might do when asked a few weeks back. But I am not quite sure I would get that. But, let me self-boast about myself in the next post, probably adding the best of 'em all, and who am I kidding, I am the best of 'em all. #JustKiddin'

[ 14 / 365 ]

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Extraordinarily Ordinary - V

The Workaholic

There was something different. The time stopped. Everything went in slow motion. It was like the filmy situation when he felt the violins playing in the background as his breathing became faster, which he cared less. Because, there was something more magnificent or magical perhaps, that his eyes had laid upon.

The lights faded out and the vacant office was illuminated by the light through the computer screen. He was working late as usual. He always wanted to stay ahead of everyone. A single light flickered in the vast emptiness of the dimply lit office. There was silence besides the sound of the hands typing something deliberately in desperation. It felt like someone was very angry on the keyboard and probably killing it. There were small murmurs but still the rest of the of the office was pin drop silent and there was a guy working, like there is no tomorrow. One might as well think that the world is going to crash tomorrow and everything depended on this guys work. It was now or never. A silent buzz on the phone diverted his thoughts. But he was not diverted. He saw that his friends were messaging him even though everyone knew that he was working late. And they were trying to divert his attention and eventually lead him back to his room. That attempt by the message(s) failed. There were sequence of messages that popped up in the next hour or so, but he has already turned his phone into do-no-disturb-mode and there was nothing anybody else could do to divert him. Surely the end of the world that the Mayan's predicted was the day that followed and it all depended on him to save the whole freaking world.

As he lay his eyes upon her, his heart took a leap and god, it started beating faster and harder that the person standing next to him could hear the  rhythmic beating. There was something different. The time stopped. Everything went in slow motion. It was like the filmy situation when he felt the violins playing in the background as his breathing became faster, which he cared less. Because, there was something more magnificent that his eyes had laid upon. It has been a long time since he had seen her and though this was nothing new, he saw something new every single time. She had that magic. Or he saw something that no one else ever could. He had rarely talked to her.  But that could never stop him from trying his luck.

Vivek, the one and only.  So, when I asked my friends to describe him in a word : these were the responses : Flower pot cracker, Hungama (Over Excited), HyperActive, Happiest Person, Determined, Intelligent, Honest, Curious, Shy. But nevertheless, his is my version of his, though in a detailed fashion. An exceptionally talented and intelligent fellow who cares more than he knows. A hard working studious person, who would rather work than do anything else. As I am mentioning about him, I mean describing, I remember another phrase that one of his friend has used to describe him : he works like a dog. Now, his intention was that our superstar would keep working, working and still keep working. And he is not wrong in that aspect. Well, the little scenario glimpse above does explain that, doesn't it? A person who is way too good with words and works his magic all the time. We call him lover-boy, and oh yeah! he definitely is one. A charmer and a enthusiastic person with a happy-go-lucky nature. Before I forget, he is the friendliest guy.


P.S. : One more person to go. I hope I am doing this alright. And the actual people of the Extraordinarily Ordinary group, I hope you do see a comment section at the bottom of each post, right? It would be great if you take some time from your busy schedule and write your opinion on the same so that it gives me a broader picture and would eventually help me. The *thumbs up* in the group chat doesn't really speak your opinion much. It just looks more like an expression. And yeah, thanks, I guess. But a few words sure help. Let's make it a habit, shall we?


Monday, February 3, 2014

12. The Boastful Few

I had the privilege to meet an acquaintance, who happened to be in the same class as I, nearly seven years ago. Well, it was a good thing to meet someone from their past after all these years. I am not at all good with friends. Though I am learning to stay put in this thing. So, yeah whenever an opportunity presents itself, I don't deny it. Rather, I make it happen. So, we met. It was the four of us. We weren't great friends back then. Most of the people know me because I sat near them. Rest, I am completely invisible. One among that group was a boastful person back in the day. As a result, when I got the invite I was thinking of giving it a pass. You don't want to meet boastful people, Sir. No. Then since the other people were unlike him, I finally decided to meet. No, I am not a celebrity figure. My presence or absence won't change a thing. So this dude has been to London the past couple of months in pursuit of his studies and was back India for holidays. And since back then, the rest of the people were good friends with him, they invited him for a meet. We decided to meet up at a place, which evidently he was unaware of. So, we guide Mr. H to the destination so as to which bus to take and where to get down. After a while he replies like, " Kise ke paas bike nahin hai kya ... bhagwan.. kya hogaya india ka youth ko.." ( Does nobody has a bike? ... Oh God!... What is happening to the youth of India ? ) . Believe me, that pissed me off like hell. No matter how much I was pissed, he wasn't worth it with the very statement. I replied like, "Are you not an Indian?" . Did I make sense ? He was speaking as if he wasn't Indian and seriously that was the dumbest bullshit line I ever heard. He realizes that he has said something awkward. So, in a process to rectify it, he replies like , " I am, Ajay, *Sad smiley* ... but ... what's the use of bike if I dunno how to ride one .. *wink smiley with a tongue out*. Again, as usual I was pissed off. Like earlier, however seriously I am pissed I try to maintain try cool. So, I simply replied ,"That seems to be your problem, is it not?" . Period.

And I was going to meet this bullshitting guy. Awesome. I already made up my mind that this encounter won't be any good. But when we actually met, I ignored almost everything he said. Because I knew he was going to keep on going about his so-called-adventures and the present status. He has gone into Charter Accounting and well one has to show that he got the bucks and that he earns / will earn buck load of money. I preferred to stay ignorant to all his talks and didn't give a shit about what he did, what he was going to do, how much he will earn, how he will enjoy life and all that cr#p.  


Everytime I travel back to my room through the office, again, I get the privilege to sit beside one extraordinary person. I don't know what his state of mind is, or what he keeps thinking but at the end of the day he is most likely to be giving every intricate detail about himself. May be it is a good thing. May be not. But lets decide. A few weeks back, while I was sitting behind trying to enjoy my solitude looking at the wilderness, the darkness that engulfed the night with a small little flickering lights, that process was disturbed and violated. The reason : Our gentlemen was telling about his love for the different products of Apple. Recently, he had taken iPhone 5S even though it cost him a shitload of bucks (words from his own mouth). He goes on showing his fancy new mobile and the new features to an equally enthusiastic Apple fan. Whatmore? His house is filled with Apple products : iPad, iPod, Mac Book, and finally the Mac PC. Right! Everything. A hardcore fan indeed, is he not! I immediately plugged in my earphones into my ears and started listening to music as loud as possible. The journey had just started and there was like 40 more minutes of ground yet to cover and I can't take his blabber about his true love. I am myself an Apple fan. But people like him compel me to hate it. I don't understand what happens to people owning an Apple product! Why do they have to go head over heels and act as if they are the a**ho**s the world had ever had. 

To add to his story telling, I got the privilege again. But this time, I had a problem. I forgot to take my headphones. Yes, Damn! But I had a novel with me. So, I thought if I get engrossed in it, I won't have to deal with this stories. I knew it before hand only that he was going to tell some new story this time even though the person sitting next to him is a complete stranger, every single time. I gave him a break as of how he started all this - how he breaks the ice and gets into the intricate details of his life. I skipped eavesdropping for a moment and there he was telling his story to a perfect stranger. This time it was about his busy schedule and the negligence of the company in providing the best route of travel for him to get down on a business deal. He goes from telling about how they don't get the better route since it is way above his pay grade and how he fights with them and gets a Business class ticket. How this was nothing new to him. He goes to meetings like this once a week and that his passport is filled with all the stamps and stuff. How his life even started, how he started earning and that his first earning was by selling milk and dropping papers at everyone's home with out their parents knowing about it. I tried my best to engross myself in the novel at hand. I read the same line for ten times. He was too loud and well my concentration is very minimal. I finally thought it was best if sleep, I won't have to listen to his inspiring story or whatever. 

But that didn't happen. He kept on going like forever ans still it wasn't over. The relief came when my stop finally came. I am sure I have escaped one day. But he is going to there every other day, well if he is not travelling "abroad". 

P.S. : Why I wrote this ? If that was your question. The answer is quite simple : I wish I knew

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Extraordinarily Ordinary IV

The Fair Lady

"She said she felt like she was in the middle of an ocean when he left." She was sad, of course, but that is not all to it. 

A well established and perfectly orchestrated play was on the run. It was dedicated in gratitude to the people who have been maintaining the security in the office keeping in mind the safety of all the employees. That has been the sole concern of the security people. And before I move forward I would like to appreciate for their work and making us secure in our own environment. These are difficult times. One can never put a finger on what might happen next. So, security presents itself as the most concerning factor in the present day scenario. So as a gratitude for their unbiased and selfless concern for out security, the project account organized a function dedicated to them. Yeah, a good gesture from our part to thank them. And finally after a long spell and a few practice session, the day finally came. It consisted of some few great songs and a few enactations.

One of the performance consisted of the collaboration of the two parties as in how the security acts and how we, as an employee behave in different scenarios. There were difference scenes that we enacted upon which consisted a lot of negligence by the employee junta. When one comes to think about it, no one wants or likes to be stopped and questioned upon. And when one is working in a multinational company, there is work, always, and getting stopped for small and petty things is not acceptable. This acceptance is the ideology of the employees as in general. But it has always been the duty of the security to point it out, no matter how small the thing is and no matter what cader the person belongs to. Because at the end of the day it the security that is questioned for any misdeed that one employee commits in their urgency or work pressure or negligence. And the employee comes to the office the next day as usual as nothing happened but the same is not the issue with the security personnel. 

A lady adorning a black helmet makes her way through the crowded people on her presumed scooty ( scooter ) with a background score of the movie Dhoom. She is completely covering her face with that black helmet and that was causing difficulty in identifying who that person might be. But her height gave away her identity. She is somewhat near 5 feet and her complexion helped in recognizing who she was. In her act, she is being reckless, for one thing and doesn't follow any rules. She is negligent to it. The assumption is that she has been doing this for a couple of years and if one doesn't check her vehicle once won't make such difference. She makes her way past the security personnel who tries to help her park her vehicle but she ignores him as she feels that that place would make her to walk a long way to reach her office after parking and the vice versa after the office is over. So, she ignores his help and tries to find a spot near to the building she usually goes for work. But earlier the security guard was informing that there were no parking places available in the place where she wants to park her vehicle. She roams around all of the office for quite some time trying to find a spot which she couldn't and finally arrives at the security guard who was trying to help her in the first place. But now the place which he thought of allocating to her was already taken up someone else and as a result she had to park her vehicle very far than she had anticipated. The moral of this was that there are people trying to help and that is their job to do that and whenever possible try to oblige to that. And she enacted her role perfectly. Before I forget, her entrance earned her a few cheers. Well, to point out : It looked cute - A small person wearing a black helmet and roaming in the self-presumed scooter with the background score of Dhoom. 

In a recent conversation when this came to light, we, the whole group was a little shocked to her reference and well the purpose behind it. "She said she felt like she was in the middle of an ocean when he left." She was sad, of course, but that is not all to it. She wasn't that sad either. According to her, a person whom she kind of adores, who once worked along with her, is no longer working as he has moved on with a different job in different company. To that she was sad, but he is still around about which she is still happy and a little hopeful.

Let me introduce to you, AshaThe people of the extraordinarily ordinary group described her in one word as : Putani Atom Bomb, Angry Bird, Sounding, Daring, Enthusiastic, Bossy, Maniac, Active. Well, let me breathe some words from my side as well in detail, thought. A sensitive yet charming lady who cares less about what others think and the same time puts a lot of thought into it which leads her to being a short coming person. Yes, she could be quite bossy sometimes and adorns her height even when a lot of people tease her. She never never gets offended by that gesture. Like I said earlier, a short coming person, so she gets angry very easily and that leads her continuous stream of water. A fair looking person who as someone puts that the clients (foreigners) on their visit left her behind. Well, to point out, she has a lot many other names like tomato, Anglo Indian, etcetera; which will come to light in the future posts to come. So, yeah, this one paragraph isn't enough to put words to her. 

P.S. : Two more to go of which one is already ready to be posted. So, a few hours gap will lead to two posts and that leaves with one more person. Damn! I am too slow. And that's excluding me. I hope I don't need any introductions. But lets see, what time has got to bring with it. And regarding the story, I should tell this before I give any little hopes to you people that I am very bad story-writer or story teller. So, you will have to excuse me for all the inaccuracies and the irrelevance in the posts that I might come up with. I hope I get to meet the required expectations of my friends, at least. 


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Extraordinarily Ordinary - III

Extraordinarily Ordinary - III

A Complication

"I would kill someone and go to jail. Seriously, I will. In that way I could be a......" .

An awkwardly serious match was being played upon. An Intra-Project tournament conducted by as part of what we usually called Fun. There has been no fun with the project that everyone was working on. The work in the project has been going on for like forever. And the statement, All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy kind-of-situation was prevalent in the whole of the office. There is work, there always has been. But, work even on weekends is a little too much much, don't you think! But it is work, nevertheless one has to do it. There is really no choice. But a cricket match among different account / projects was a relief to the tired souls who have been sitting at the same place for over 8 hours on a daily basis. 

Then there was him, who did a great job in the practice matches which made a perfect spot for him in the final team. A hitter and a very good fields-man. His height was one of his advantage. But the tables turned when things started falling apart. The perfect batsman whom one thought he was wasn't performing too well in the actual tournament matches. May be the early morning practice which he had recently started has taken a toll. Or may be luck. Or may be something else. One could really not tell. He is a good player and scoring no runs in a match is quite not right for the team as a whole. But the fate of the whole team wasn't good either. The first match was a drag. It wasn't something anyone would have expected of us as a team, and that too in the tournament first match. To be fair, no one in the team was prepared for the match, well except a few and our batsman was among them. But may be the luck wasn't in out favor, the score was that low that one can't even speak of it and that hit badly to the image of the team as a whole. 

The second match was also in the similar fashion. May be the stars weren't correctly aligned, or really something was wrong that day as well that our star performer didn't do as we thought he might have. But the result was that we lost the match. The only hope was that if our star player had played a little longer and scored a few more runs, we might have had an advantage. The remaining matches, though were entirely different. That was when we came to see him in action. And a even contribution from him and a well put effort from the other team members enabled a win, and then another win. And finally we won the tournament. 

On our regular tea-breaks we just sat in the canteen sipping our beverages. A small statement of his left us a little spellbound, a little shocked and made us stumble with whatever we were doing. "I would kill someone and go to jail". "Seriously, I will. In that way I could be a famous person before I die. I would be old and then I won't stay longer either. So, better kill someone whom we hate ( like a politician or some celebrity) and get into the papers and the result : I get famous." 

Everybody who were at the table there almost stumbled on their coffee sipping process and kept ogling him trying to figure out whether he was kidding or being serious. But what gave goosebumps was that he wasn't kidding. He was actually serious. That day we made a mental note not to become famous or a celebrity or a politician, per say. You could never know, the next you might be dead and we wouldn't expect him to be behind it unless we scroll through the news and find out and get out brains blown. 

Let me introduce to you Venkatesh, (preferrably Venky). The words that my friends described him were : The cracker which rotates on the floor ( Okay, I am as shocked as you are), Concentrated guy, Straight forward, Responsible one, Strict, Innocent, Reserved, Serious, Busy. Now here is my version in a detailed fashion. A simple, yet complicated minded person who has questions beyond anyone's expectation. An extremely straight forward person who starting thinking whatever he has said after saying it out loud. A great player as I have already mentioned and well equally intelligent person though he denies that fact. A hard working soul who keeps on working until it is achieved and a systematic scheduler who maintains a strict regime foe food or anything else. An easily intimidated person who once started going to gym just because someone ( wait for next person's introduction) called him fat. And later removed his French cut beard again because someone mentioned about it. But this is not the end. This is just the beginning of a very simple looking complicated person. I am sure you will have a  great time reading about him, hopefully in the near future. 

P.S. : Three more introductions left. I apologize for the delay and the long gaps in posting. I have been trying to figure out an introduction for the two more people. And it is not turning out as I expected. And hence the delay. Looks like a lot of people are really engrossed in this, or is it just my feeling ? But whatever it is ,I have to get this thing up and running as fast as possible. I could give the excuse as writer's block. But it is more like I am out of material for introductions. So, just figuring out a way to bring it out someway, that is atleast good if not great. 


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