Wednesday, January 29, 2014

9. Journey

I have always hated traveling, unless its me riding on the bike, or car in the near future. But for now, I still hate traveling, but then again there is an exception. The exception being if it's via Flight, I seriously have no problem. But it is not always easy to travel on flight, well because your destination might not have an Airport for one thing and you are planning to travel in a few days and one can imagine the sky rocketing travel expenses, either it is train or flight or even bus. 

So, one of the above mentioned reasons has compelled me to travel on a train. And let me tell you, I hate, hate, really hate traveling in trains. In my four years of engineering when all my friends and cousins traveled in train to and fro from college to home, I have found Bus better than train, even though it takes a longer time. I really don't know the reason. But like I said, sometimes we don't have a choice. This time the choice was in the form of bloody State Partition affair. Stupid, idiotic people fighting over a piece of land and then we call our country filled with integrity bullshit. Now, don't get offended. Just food for thought. 

I am actually kind of a punctual type of a person. I reached the railway station an hour before the scheduled time of departure. And well, the train was right on time. And this being the first stop, the train was practically empty. I grabbed my place, and the fact that I am carrying over hundred thousand bucks worth or items with me ( Are you looking at me with your jaw down? Let me point it out, Laptop, my smart phone and my DSLR camera accounts to more than a hundred thousand bucks ) See! You own even more than me! No biggie! The point is not that. The point being being a rigorous smart phone user, the battery gets down too quickly and I decided to charge it up. I find the plug point and keep it for charging while simultaneously chatting on whatsapp and also keeping an eye on my valuables. A guy approaches me while I was already busily engrossed in call. He asks whether I know his language, to which I nod. He doesn't care whether I am on a call or not, he just wants to tell his story and get something out of it. Have you ever come across people who say that their friends left them in the middle of nowhere and they don't have money to get back and they ask you for money. I have come across a lot of people. I was busy on a call. I kept talking for like fifteen more minutes while he silently listens to my conversation and cuts me off saying that the time is running out. So, here's his story...

He came to Bangalore along with his friends. His friends left him in Bangalore and he has no money on himself. He asked the Ticket Collector about his situation, to which the TC replied him to take a General Ticket and travel back to whichever place he wants. Now, he wants me to buy a ticket for him. When I asked him How can that be possible that he has no money? He almost made a crying face trying to convince myself that his friends left him. I had no idea whether I should believe him or not. So, I asked him to call his friends and even offered my phone to make a call. He said he didn't had a cell phone and didn't even listen to my offer regarding the phone call that I was willing to make on his behalf. My idea was to call either his friends or someone related so that I could know the reason. I asked about ATM Card and everything, even ID. He didn't have anything and the response he continuously gave was that he was from a village where there are no ATM cards, nothing. Now, that's fishy. A person might not have ATM card, ID Card, but mobile phone also? And these days people with no work also have ATM cards and stuff like that, but this gentleman didn't have anything. I directly pointed these thing to him and said that I was sorry and I can't help him in any manner. He asked for a few more minutes. Wait, I forgot to mention one thing. He kept saying this was the last train to his place and there were no other trains. Since I had no knowledge about the train names and routes I kept quite in that aspect, but I am sure there will be one or the other train going, if not to his place , at least to a place neat his hometown or wherever he was trying to go. He kept asking me not for the money but for a ticket back to his home. I even explained to him that it was way too difficult for me believe a word he is saying. His face changed but he kept telling about the unfortunate incident that his friends left him and that he didn't have any card or anything. I kept saying that I couldn't believe him and I can't help in anyway. So, after like asking for a long time, he said that he will definitely travel in the same train no matter what and that he would meet me when he gets down at his station. But he was just gone never to be seen again.

The remaining part of the journey consisted of reading a novel and staring out at the nature as the world went past through me. And then I completed my  post, that was due since a week and started that fictionalization of the characters who well are in my friends circle - Extraordinarily Ordinary. I guess you might have come across it. I posted the first one late at night nearly a minute after midnight. I was the only guy awake in the whole of train, I guess, nothing new about it (Just Saying). 

Now, the bummer was when I got a call prior to the journey from the transport department that the Return Bus , which I booked as I felt that train is not my cup of tea, got canceled. I was like what the heck! I had already started from my room to the railway station. I even made a plan to go the the nearest airport and book a return ticket from there even if the price was a little higher. But then my brother, the genius he is books a ticket which reportedly will arrive back in Bangalore a hour later than the bus that I earlier booked. It was still okay as I wanted to go to office on that day. But there is something called fate. And that my friend, is not at all in my favor, no matter what!  First of all, the bus was already late by an hour when I boarded it and then they said that they were changing the route. Now that added like 5 hours more to the already delayed time. And by the I reach Bangalore,  my office will be long over. Now, the head - banging part is that they were telling that it was mentioned in the website that a new route will be followed. But there were a bus full of people who were ready to deny that. And well, nothing else could be done from our side. They were feeling like they were doing a favor for us. SO, YEAH. THANKS FOR THE FAVOR. REALLY! 

I would rather just spend a few thousand bucks and travel in flight than facing any of this nonsense. So, yeah I reached 6 hours late and I had no choice but to stay at room and apply a leave for this day. 

P.S. : I am just rambling. I know I should be writing about that story. Looks like there are more people looking forward to it than I actually expected. And this expectation scares me, scares me in a matter of speaking I am like a little bit afraid of not meeting the expectations. And before I end this, those characters I am describing are my friends and I am just changing the names, just in case. Thanks. 


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Extraordinarily Ordinary - II

Extraordinarily Ordinary - II

Angry Young Man ( preferably Angry Bird )

Someone fueled his silence. Not one day, not two days, but three days he has been out, not replying, not chatting. It was a small matter, that he thought, but..... 

A silent sigh of regret made its way to my ears from person sitting next to me, to be precise, behind me. It was unclear whether it was regret or annoyance. It sounded more like annoyance. A little more work is always a burden. And no matter how much and how fast a work is completed, that kind of work never gets finished. There is always something or the other. If one completes a certain portion of the work that is assigned to them, they should just keep quite and let it run its course. But telling that I have completed that task that has been assigned to me is like telling that. Sir, I have successfully stabbed myself in the eye. Please tell me another reason to stab myself again ( Pun intended).  That is when, the in-charge(s) bombard with more work. I have learned that a long back, that's why I try my best to play safe. But it is usually difficult to tell a lie when one has completed a work and has to lie about it. Come on, lets be practical. So, you have successfully  completed a work that was assigned to you and when your manager asks you about the work, you would probably reply that you have completed the work , well that does leave a good impression , does it not ? So, there you go, trying to be a "very - good employee" that you already are, your mind will tell you to be a  good employee and you are compelled to tell the truth. And there you go. A good employee always gets more work. History has proved that. Wait, a small correction, a good employee who is silent most of the times. Well, thus guy is one among many, including me. 

Someone fueled his silence. Not one day, not two days, but three days he has been out, not replying, not chatting. It was a small matter, that he thought, but  not-so-small, it turns out to be. 

A moment of excitement or weakness probably, has landed him into something he believes to his usual self, maintaining silence. One time he overstep the so-called-rules that we framed, and that upset another person. This, well, landed him back from his straight-forwardness to being silent . It is sometimes confusing what to tell when one doesn't have any idea how the others will take it. It could be a jovial annotation, but it always depends on the other person, how they digest the jovial reference. To be fair to the other person, he did take the secret a little further than he should have. A little bit was his fault as well, but  he thought  it didn't weigh much in the moment when he blurted it out and finally he was proved wrong. 

Now, these three days of silence were over and he got back to his jovial nature and everything is totally cool. However jovial he is, he always looks a little serious, a little angry. And he still thinks twice before saying anything.

Karthik.   He is known by that name.  So, when I asked my friends to describe him in a word : these were the responses . Elephant Cracker, Simple , Adorable, cool, classy, decent, Angry Bird.  Okay, seriously though, I've no idea how this angry bird name came up in the first place. But let me frame this guy in my own words. A simple hard working guy who is friendly yet a little but cunning which never comes out. He kind of hides it from everyone. But in a moment if weakness, it does come out. A straight - forward, serious, workaholic type person, who would rather be working rather than taking breaks unless necessary or compelled by their friends. 


To be Continued...

P.S. : I am still in the character-introduction stage part II. There are a lot of people yet to be written about. So, don't go anywhere. Catch the action here under the HashTag  - #ExtraordinarilyOrdinary. 


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Extraordinarily Ordinary - I

Extraordinarily Ordinary - I

The melodious music received a few cheers which turned into a loud cheers and claps as the voice made its way through the lyrics of the song. 

There was long queue. He was getting late for something, but he says it could wait. That was the coffee queue and one has to swipe their company id card to access a cup of coffee or tea of whatever they wish to have. Though the options are kind of limited, but this is usually the way it happens. He got his cup of tea and made his way through the crowded tables and grabs a chair next to a group of roughly five people. He was humming some music. Yeah, he is an expert. Expert when I say means in playing keyboard (piano) , drums or guitar. You name it, this guy got it right under his grasp. Okay don't go into the extremes of the music that you yourself can't pronounce. 

There was a function that is coming up and he is like a hot cake selling ( per say) . Let me put it in other words, like, he is the only keyboard playing guy available and a pretty darn good one. He is also a singer which one can simply imagine. Once someone even called him Mr. Orchestra . And I couldn't agree more.

...The melodious music received a few cheers which turned into a loud cheers and claps as the voice made its way through the lyrics of the song... 

There he was playing the music as well as singing the song with utmost precision. A perfect melodious performance. A big round of applause and a lot of cheers and shouts. Seriously though, he deserved it. 

Everything was going fine. A encounter left him spellbound and kept him during daytime as well. Yes, he as day dreaming. But one could never tell what he was dreaming about. He mentioned that he saw a girl while checking the bus time table in the office which kind of swept him off his feet. But well, one can imagine what kind of stories can spun. Mr. Orchestra, he is for starters. He is kind of the only music player back in his hometown and well in office also he is kind of very good with instruments and all. One can imagine the kind of fan-following this guy might have. May be people may not be approaching for signatures or other stuff, but almost everyone is an admirer of his work. 

Let me introduce to you Gautham. When I asked 5my friends to describe him in a word, here are the responses : Rocket Putani (whatever that is supposed to mean!) , Innocent, Tubelight, Talented, Hard Worker, Sensitive. But let me put up my words as well. A high talented lazy person, who is sensitive and funny. While having a mind full of conscious, a little bit of doubt, (wait, not a little, too much doubt. God, One would feel like killing themselves if they hear his questions). A creative soul with a passion in music and singing. A happy-go-lucky person. In short, a great guy to hang out with.

To be Continued...

P.S. : I am still in the character-introduction stage. There are a lot of people yet to be written about. So, don't go anywhere. Catch the action here under the HashTag  - #ExtraordinarilyOrdinary


Thursday, January 23, 2014

6. Love

There is a never ending debate. The debate on infatuation. The debate on love. The debate on most unlikely circumstances. A debate about the opposite sexes. So, when we in a group of friends who well, are all single, there will be a lot of debating going on. The agreement and disagreement are part of this debating. But never the less we still end up poking or teasing others. There is always a figment of infatuation that builds up when we see people in groups of two animatedly talking. 

A few days back, I was sitting in the coffee shop , as usual , drinking my second cup of coffee. Okay, get this. I was in the coffee shop by around three in the afternoon. I was sitting there for like 3 hours and the coffee (grande - biggest cup at that shop) and the pastry were over a long ago. And also the people at the coffee shop have changed since the time I had been sitting at the center of the shop awkwardly looking, stupidly typing on my laptop as I had made it a point to take my laptop to the coffee shop no matter what! And then there were these coffee guys, who were taking orders and stuff looking awkwardly at me. These people also rotated, I guess time shifts. The people when I was just in and after three hours were entirely different. So, since they were looking at me like I was some I-don't-know-what-they-were-thinking . Anyway, I ordered another coffee. Believe me, that large cup of coffee was still in my stomach. But I felt a little awkward sitting in the center occupying all of the table with my laptop, a novel , my phone and an oversized tissue paper which they provided. Another coffee kicks in as I realize that my laptop battery is about to die. It has already been over 3 hours and one more hour of battery was remaining and then my phone's battery as well started showing signs of dying even though I was using the laptop battery to power it up, but the hotspot on my phone was sucking the life out of it. 

I got interrupted by a tweet. The post till now was written in the morning. Now, this tweet was so interesting that I stopped writing this post altogether and got busy. So, lets head to over that.

It involves one of the famous young writers I had ever known, a brilliant one who claims to have gone to school on a day which is supposed to be a holiday. This fact, that it is a holiday, is voluntarily denied by this so-called-writer who goes by the name of Wanderer. May be the name, Wanderer might have something to do with her wandering in the school on a holiday. If the so-called-writer were ever to read this, the immediate response would be an atom bomb directed exactly on head, or may be worse, one just can't imagine. Believe me, highly lethal and extremely dangerous. Don't get carried away by the sweet looks of this 'so-called-writer'. It was then the most renowned writer came into picture. With this renowned-writer's flawless thoughts, it made clear the exact reason why Wanderer had to wander around the school on a holiday. After some chasing and talking through the hi-end speakers and not to mention the famous iStalker app, I kind of chased the wandering person who was chasing 'I-shouldn't-mention' person. (I already got a target on my head and telling that might end me up in hell, though I am proclaimed immortal, but still they, as in the bullet wounds and atom bombs, leave scars which well doesn't suit me ). So, after a battle between love and infatuation, suddenly the tables turned and this was getting out of my hand. I mean I am great at chasing, but being chased, and that too when I can't say anything, is kind of difficult for me, you understand. The scary part is the it's imaginary, imaginary in just my case, not in Wanderers' case. It is true, I believe it, IQ(renowned-writer) believes it. But in my case, though it is all imaginary, I kind of not able to speak anything. Thats' how they deal with things. Phew. 

Office Diaries 
A month ago, there were some ramping down in the newly project that I was recently taken into. And that ramping down involved releasing some of the astonishing people and well, your's sincerely was one among them. But I was vouched by a team member and I was kind of taken back, but that process is still under process. The thing is not about me. But another friend of mine, who worked like hell, like day and night, learning and doing stuff. And a day before yesterday, the business changed the technology, which means that everything has to be done from like scratch, though we may be using something from the earlier module. The lack of foresightedness is what scares me. Not only that, the reason they stopped the work I was doing was because we were kind of delivering things in time. That, delivering things in time, was totally unexpected from their side. They were with the idea they we, will take a hell lot of time. But we were true to our word and delivered everything in time. And that, my friend, made us kind of Jobless with a "JOB". 

The plan for tonight is not to sleep and write a new series about my folks at office and turn it into something interesting. I am pretty bad at story writing or story telling, per say. But let's see, how this turns out. 
-Ajay Kontham [ 6 / 365 ]

So, the topic AK started off today, Infatuation . Love. Affection. Let me just brief something about this dude. It's kind of scary. Believe me, you will agree with me when I finish this. So, I asked him, 'Why not love someone?' 'Why not get/find someone who might love you?' I also added unless you try, you won't be able to achieve what you dream of. The first thing he said was something like this : 
How can one love one person, when every time I see my eyes deceive  myself. I see the beauty like no other, in not one but many. And then you say, true happens only once. I kind of feel that it happens over a million times. 
I respond to that saying that it is called infatuation. 
And now you disregard my love and name it something else. May be it is indeed infatuation. A studious study of beauty perhaps. I divulge in the vastness behind the candid eyes. The stories they withhold, the adventures they experienced, the likes, the dislikes.Whatnot? I know I am doing it all wrong, but that's how somethings work, and somethings here refers to 'my mind'. But there is serenity that the expression without speech could tell, perhaps shout. I call it beauty. So, whenever I eye someone really good looking and no matter how "hot" they might look, there is this thing that my mind will never put an end to. It is a side-effect of a calculated human-evolution, the kind of evolution which I created, which I called it self-evolution. See, I am a genius. NOT. EXACTLY. *Poeple shout : "ALL AGREE" * 

And then you tell me to wander in search of "so-called-love". May be there is no such thing as true love, or may be I could be totally blind to it. Or may be I don't know how to love, how to find love. May be I am lost in my own darkness, which I feel comfortable even though the light, the shining beauty of 'love' seems appalling alluring, but I am still in the zone where I find darkness dearer than the brightness that shines the very soul of the human being. May be I am just a lost cause, who is just unaware of the fundamentals of 'love' poems or the literary works that tell the depth of a great feeling called love. I see beauty. I understand it. I love it. But still I can't decipher when you tell me to find love. I am lost, help me here. 
*Shoots myself* What the hell was that? I ask in response to that. May be that makes sense, may be that doesn't. But it still feels the two sides of the same coin. But that is not all. When he said this, I was left helpless, a little speechless.
I could tell without hesitation that I don't love myself, and that my friend, is something that limits my vast ocean of so-called-love to flow outside, in a way some other person could swim in the stream of that and reciprocate the same. When I have failed to love myself, I really can't expect to love someone, or earn their love in return. I failed myself. I won't expect the others to make the same mistake. And inspite of all this, (strike that) well, isn't it evident that I have already lost the battle even before I fought in it, for it. 
Hmm..umm...*Raises a finger to state a point or something, but then stops* Well, what can one reply to that. Something like, "Dude, Love yourself first. Other's will follow. There is no greater love than loving yourself. (Okay, that doesn't sound quite right. And what the hell am I even saying? ). It isn't something as easy as eating a pie, but I could tell it sure is a great feeling. And the feeling of being loved, well, I could tell from the people I have seen, is inexplicably beautiful. There have been wars, nations has collapsed, monuments have been built. Whatnot! All in the name of Love." I think I should let the experienced people take a stand on this. I am just a imaginative-self-explanatory of the actual thing, like a silent observer with a magnifying lens trying to understand the simple yet the most complex theory / phenomenon of the "so-called-love". 

- The Guy in the Hat 
(stealing AK's thoughts, text in blue)

#IQ #Wanderer 

And I am going to make a has-tag of every person whom I might be mentioning. Because they are worth it and well, I sure as hell can create hash-tags of my own. 

Text in Red : The Guy in the Hat ( Can anyone suggest a shorter name, I am kind of confused what I should name myself. All look good, and then equally not-so-good)

Text In Blue : AK's thoughts, which, believe me would never come out even if he was drunk like hell or even medically like say hypnosis can't help him to say that. So, you should thank me for that. You are welcome. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

5. Post-Birthday

"I got kicked by a girl"

"I made a biggest fool of myself"

A day has ended. Another ordinary day. First of all, I thank all the people who have wished me on my birthday. I kind of missed a few people yesterday. So, I will be thanking them in this post. So, you might ask me What did I do ? The standard question that everybody asks when it is a special occasion like say one's birthday. But I believe in not celebrating. I have stopped the tradition a long back. Seriously, I have never enjoyed celebrating. I don't like the feeling of being the center of attraction or whatever. And I got an experience dating back to my second standard. I kind of invited my so-called-friends to my birthday on the day itself at school as I could not go to each and every one's home. I kind of bought everything like the cake, gifts, etcetera; mom made some food and a lot of other things that are done on anyone's birthday. So, I waited as I started feeling a little excited over the fact that it was my birthday and that I would be getting a lot of gifts. 

So I waited. And waited a little more. Waited a little more. Only people whom my parents knew ( I mean my parent's friend's children) turned up. And they were like a few (three ) people. I was kind of disappointed. But since that day, I have never celebrated. Though my mom would prepare a cake and a great delicious food but the tradition of hanging out with friends died that day. So, yeah. I hate celebrating. And also hate like he'll being the center of attraction. 
(as written on the night of 19th January)

I was kind of a little bit worried that my so-called-extraordinary friends have figured it all out. But I was a little bit hopeful that may be, may be they might have had the wrong impression. Okay, I am talking about the not-so-secret(y)-Birthday-of-mine. Let me give you a mental picture. The night before the doomsday, I mean my birthday, they were talking about the party and treat, stuff like that. So, I thought they might have figured it all out. But then again, no one called of wished me that day. Who would have thought that? That not wishing on someones' birthday and build up a surprise party the other day since the birthday fell on  a Sunday. It was then I made a fool of myself.

a. A friend called me to inquire about the reason behind my in-activeness in the group chat. After assuring her that there was nothing specific and obviously no reason, I was about to tell about the day. But she kind of disconnected.

b. A colleague of mine had already posted the wishes in another group chat in which two of my friends are already there. So, the person mentioned in point (a) made up a really good excuse and I kind of believed that. Seriously, I thought I was better than Sherlock. And the other guy who is in the group, well isn't it evident that the whole group kind of already figured it out.

c. I got a call from a rather unusual person. I mean none of my friends would usually call me. So, when I got a call specifically that morning, I felt that these guys have already figured it out. But when she didn't mention anything about the birthday, I was kind of relived. But then again, since she called me in the morning, I kind of told her that very night and told her to keep it as a secret. Little did I know that I was being played. 

d. Then another friend wrote a comment slightly after mid night saying "Extraordinary people doesn't give ordinary wishes.... Just wait for it buddy ". Hmm, I may be dumb but that not dumb. This is the very person who initiated the whole think as far as I know. And since they kind-of did not say any word on the actual birthday, I was with the notion that well, they might be playing me and they are pretty good at it. Or they might still be confused about the whole thing. But seriously, there have been a lot of clues and instances where it was pretty darn easy to figure that out. 

e. At office, they all acted natural. And she whom I had already told and who already knew about it on the day before Sunday, played me extremely well. So, when a guy from the office wished me, who was no where near any of this, I kind of realized that they already got the cake and that I am done for sure.

During lunch time, I called a couple of people who already knew for lunch and I was about to call the remaining people when they told me to come to the cafeteria which is where we usually cut the cake and all that. So, I was done for sure.

I had to cut the cake, umm, there was no other choice.  I later got a full free cream facepack when I still had my mouth full of cake. And then after I successfully washed of everything from my face and hair as well, I got the second round of facepack. These guys are not leaving me and wanted to take the whole revenge. I had no idea these people had that much anger build up against me in the last couple of weeks. 

This is the part where I got kicked.

So, I took all of them for the lunch. After what seemed like eternity and ofcourse a stupendous lunch, we were heading back to our office and then they took a different route. I was with the idea that these guys (including me) have eaten a lot and that walking might help in like burning some calories may be. Then they sat at an isolated place. I was then gifted a handsome purse. So yeah, THANKS FOR THE PURSE. Then they said Birthday Bumps. Hff,  I was like I am in the office and these guys would just hit me on my back or something and that these guys might not have any kind of revenge or something like that against me. But my friend I was wrong. I was so wrong that I couldn't believe myself. So, they took my hands and legs while I hanged in the mid air and then there were kicks. And more than the guys, the girls kicked. And they kicked pretty hard. Believe me when I say, they really did kick hard. Oh boy, these guys have been planning the whole moment since like eternity and that the time has helped in accumulating the anger which they started letting out. But the most unfortunate thing is that, they are still not satisfied. They are still planning to beat the s#it out of me.  God, save me.

And though, I have been writing for like a few years now, I am still pretty bad at it. So, I did write a thank you not to all the guys in my group chat. I am going to post that here.

Yeah, Admin (your' sincerely) got kicked. *Cries*
(And I kind of didn't hide their names. Hope that's okay )

And here's the cake...

It reads : 
Mr. Perfect Wish you many more Happy Returns of the day. Mr.Perfect

Okay, how many of you people know that? I kind of forgot about it, but unfortunately brought it up in the last month when we had the Chis child game for Christmas. So, yeah that got stuck on these people's head and that's my nick name among many others. Phew! 

Though I have already posted a pic I am thanking them once again : 

You guys made my day. Thanks again. I might not express in person, but here I am saying. Thanks again.

Sushma : Thanks for spoiling my face and for coming all the way to the office. And then kicking me as well.. 
Ramesh : You are the culprit here I guess. But thanks never the less.
Deepak : You too kicked me ? But still thanks for coming and lending a leg in kicking me while I danced mid way in the air.
Rani : Madam, I had no idea you had that much anger towards me ! You should have joined the Football team or something. Thanks for spoiling my face, then my hair. And also for coming to the office. 
Siva Teja : I know you weren't there. But I guess you were the brains towards what happened today. But thanks.

I couldn't thank you guys enough. Laks isn't in this chat. But thanks to him as well.
Himaja also isn't here in this chat but still Thanks to her as well for coming up for lunch.  Like I said, I may not say this in front of you, but you are one of the best friends I had till date. 

And yeah, the purse is great. Whoever bought it, thanks. 

- Mr. Perfect (as you call me)

And coming to the bloggers side : 

Dear Soumya
Thanks for the wishes and that lovely comment.

Dear Amrit Sinha, 
Thanks a lot man. :)

Dear Keirthana
First of all, thanks a lot ma'am. And now coming to the irony part, don't worry about it much. I am totally cool with it. And moreover you wished twice and no one has ever done that to me. So, you just joined the elite group. :P Thanks again.

Dear Thinker
Thanks a lot for the wishes and the lovely comment. And yeah, thanks for dropping by.

Dear Alokita,
Thanks for the wishes and the lovely comment. 

Dear SivaTeja, 
Man, it was an extraordinary treat. You guys lived up to the title of yours - Extraordinary. Kudos. And yeah, thanks. :)

Dear Sushma Reddy, 
You commented on my blog? O.M.G. I think it is going to rain today. And in response to your comment, it was extraordinary, per say and yeah thanks for making my day. 

Dear Donna
Thanks ma'am.

Dear Rupaswy
Thanks for remembering and for wishing as well. 

Dear Harsha, 
Dude, thanks a lot.

Dear T01 group people ( ILP Batchmates ) ( Shabnam, Harsha, Pavan, MVSH Pavan, Sindhuri)
Thanks a lot for the wishes.

Dear Adhitya, 
Thanks for wishes man.

Dear Vamsi, Sai Chandu , Preetika , Harsha
Thanks for the wishes guys. 

I guess I mentioned everyone. I am sorry if I missed anyone's name. But nevertheless, thanks a lot guys. Even though it was a day late, the extraordinary people did gave me a surprise in a great way. Thanks, again.

- Ajay Kontham [ 5/365 ]
- a.k.a Mr. Perfect 
- a.k.a. The Guy in the Hat


Sunday, January 19, 2014

4. The 19th of January.

The idea was to wake up early. Strike that. I idea was to not to sleep and continue writing whatever that I was writing. The one thing is that I feel like I get into a dumb-area zone  : A safe zone where no matter what one just can't think straight and even if they are thinking straight , wait that is still dumb thoughts. So, the point is that I am not able to write anything even if I wanted to when I am at my room. That's why I am taking my laptop where ever possible and plugging my earphones in to silence the whole world. It is not an ideal work, but still better than what I could muster up sitting in my room. 

So, it's 19th of January. The day when my dad was born. So, Many many happy returns of the day, dad. Stay blessed. I don't say this often, but you are the best. And well, it is my birthday as well. Right. Self Publicizing. Happy birthday to me. And well thanks Siva Karthik and Keirthana for the wishes. I actually was surprised when SK called me and wished me. He came to know by my blog. See, the perks of reading my blog. And as for K, madam, the day is not important. Please let me know your availability and I will make sure to give you a treat. Believe me, I will. So, the ball is in your court. You say the date, I give the treat. This is the best deal you could ever get. Okay, I will also pay for the travelling fares. 

I got a couple of wishes as well. When I say couple, it is exactly a couple per say. A friend from my class while I was in Engineering wished me. I have no idea how this person still remembers it, because I kind of forget it myself, pun intended. And another good friend who is currently studying in US also wished me. Thanks a lot guys. You still remember my birthday. Kudos to you, Bharadwaj. And a treat for you as well, whenever I get a chance to meet you. You see, it is easy to give treat because I can count on my fingers the number of people I would have to give the treat. 

Now, coming to the funny part. My roommates. I just can't help laughing, they still don't know about it. I kind of gave them a treat last year because I was trying to get some attention from people (basically from Facebook) I know that I am still remembered, so I displayed it on Facebook. I still had to give the treat, but it wasn't exciting, per say. And me? celebrating ? Not my cuppa tea. So, this time, I hid it everywhere. But, but, but not on my blog. I have told a couple times about my blog to all the people I could get hold of. But nobody seems to care about it. Well, I will end that topic there, because I don't think you will read any of this (people who I have kind of forced to read). 

Okay, I have to confess, I slept after I wrote the above para. I was trying my best to not-to-sleep but I kind of gave in when I covered myself in the cozy blanket and kept the TV in mute. Yeah, the tv was still running when I woke up the other day, I mean today, I mean on my birthday. Oh yeah, Happy Birthday to me again. So, I was like no one is going to find out, but with the hype a couple of friends I was kind of scared that people already started knowing about it. But when no one called or messaged, I was kind of sure that they don't know yet. Or so I think. 

So, this morning when I got a call from one of my friend, R , I was like Man, how? How did she know? But she didn't speak about it. Thank god. But that excitement didn't last long when a colleague of mine pinged in the Group Chat saying Happy Birthday. Man, I got tensed. I just came out of a movie and there was this message. I tried to diver the topic so that the other people in the group chat won't be able to find out about it and then snowball it. But I failed again. I had to give in again. So, now a couple of friends also know. 

Now the important thing.
Dear IQ, 
You are killing me. Its' like stuffing too much cake in my already mouthful of cake. Get the picture? A post for me!? Man, I mean Madam, you are incredible. And Thanks a lot, Like thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks a lot. Means a lot. Thanks again.
AK ( in your debt , like forever :P ) 

Dear Wanderer, 
Thanks a lot for the wishes ma'am. Means a lot. And again thanks for mentioning in IQ's post as well. 
AK (again).

Dear IHeardYou (Abhishek)
Thanks man for the WhatsApp wish. :P

Dear Nimmy, 
Thanks for wishing and well for the lovely gift as well. 

So, like this, these are the countable people I can thank for now. I am hoping to get some wishes in the rest of the day that is yet to come. But let's see. My gang still hasn't cracked it! 

By the way, friends from my office : 
Arjun bhaiya, Bhanu bhaiya (for cracking my highly encrypted code that I used to hide my  birthday . Damn you google! ) and Aakanchha for the wishes. 

Yes, this post will be as random as possible and unaligned that you might hate coming to this blog, but well I have to. And yes, I will be thanking each and everyone. I may not be writing everybody's names. Because they might not like to be mentioned unless their name is their screen name. 

And lastly, dear dear friends who are in the Whatsapp group, I created, the group of six extraordinary people. When will you get to decode that/this (day)? Are you planning some kind of surprise? Please don't. I have given enough clues. Like when I said whether you were free on the Sunday specifically. And that my dad's birthday is on 19th. I remember mentioning that I have the same date of birth but different year (of course) as my dad one time.You should have already known by now. But I still feel, you kind of know and keeping it hidden from me. Is it something I should be worried about? I told you guys to read my blog like a million times, but , well, you aren't interested in what I write, may be. That's fine. Totally fine. I won' expect (read : force) you to read something you don't want to. Let's see, if you crack it open by the end of today. 


Saturday, January 18, 2014

3. Deliberate

The morning sunlight warmed the cold stricken muscles as the cold wind ruffled through my hair. It was chilly and I couldn't do anything but drown in the winter cold. I was literally shivering and the warm sweaters weren't helping the cause. I must have been sleeping in too much comfort and warmth that even a degree decrease in the temperature would have me freeze. I wonder if I could ever survive the poles, if I ever had a chance to be in those warm cozy places. Yeah, they are in my bucket list. But, umm, there are a lot other things as well besides that. 

That's the shit is what people are referring to when they say they can't understand you and that your English is above their compliance. What's up with the fancy opening lines. They always have to be something using twisted words and what not, totally repelling. When people say your English is too good that they aren't able to understand, they are actually mocking you. And you thought they were complimenting you. Phew! Please for my sake, umm... people's sake don't do the fancy openings like the South Indian flop hero. You are not helping the cause here. No. Not at all. 

So, the other day, I mentioned that my birthday was coming up. And.. umm.. I would really like to invite all my blogger friends if they are available, of course. And .. um.. it's tomorrow. I am not a person who would celebrate anything, leave alone birthday, or Christmas or New Year. None. I am an obsolete in these matters. See, I am not a hang-out-buddy. I would just curl up in my bed watch the sky change from dawn to dusk while I question my existence and well, god's as well. Then I confirm that there is not God at all. But I am compelled to change my thoughts the other day. And the same thing happens and then again I question. It is a continuous process, a cyclic waterfall ideology. 

I had a conversation with my mom, hmm... regarding my hair. Though she is miles away, she still able to sense that I have outgrown my hair. Seriously, I did. Though it is not as you might imagine. It is a hard work of umm nearly 5 months. So, you can imagine. The last time I had a hair cut was when I was at home exactly 5 months ago and that too was forced one. Because once you are home, you really can't escape that easily. Well, I am kind of going home ( read : relatives' home next week for my cousin sister's engagement. And I am pretty sure I would be kicked out of the house if they see my hair. Long hair isn't the problem, just that they feel that long hair is usually borne by the people who are uneducated, illiterate bla bla kind of people. So, it is important to look decent. Decent, in their sense is the Army hair cut cropping all the part of the hair exposing the scalp and tissue kind of. Okay, I exaggerated a little bit. But I hope you got the picture. 

But get this. If I am changing something because somebody is going to think I am kind of funky and indecent in appearance, where does that leave me ? I am not born to impress others. At least I don't give a rats ass about what other's think. So, I got nothing to do with their opinion or their feedback or their "bullshit" ( their being the people who judge other people on the basis of appearance ).  Well, if they are still up for judging or throwing a vague criticism , I would be more than happy to reciprocate the same. Believe me I am terrible at it but still I am  terrible, that should shut people up for like forever. Go burn in hell, if you still don't want to leave that club.

Ajay Kontham [ 3/365 ]
The Guy in the Hat (in Red) { in case you are wondering }

Friday, January 17, 2014

2. Morning Sickness

The morning mist of the inevitable winter woke me up. The large thud on the door, as someone wanted to sell some shitty trousers though he claimed them to be branded. Dude, it is seven in the morning. I don't want your bloody branded trousers or jeans or that formal shirts. I just want some peace, some sleep. But I am woken up already. I look around. The light is still on, the laptop is still running, the TV as well. What happened last night? I was reading something over the internet last night and I fell asleep. I was on my bed the whole time sleeping on my high end mobile, with that high end laptop. Thank god, I didn't kick any of these. Else now I would have been in ICU for a serious heart attack.

I got a text from a friend of mine saying "It's very misty here" at  6 am in the morning. Umm, Sir, It is misty everywhere in winters. And when I reply him with a hint of sarcasm, I get the whole explanation. Whoa, whoa! Sir, I am going to kill myself. That was sarcasm and I can't even tell that it is. It would be so stupid. So, this is the very same guy i mentioned in the last post. So, anyway I woke up late. The problem is not that I woke up. The problem is actually because I slept. I am just breaking the Insomnia code. In the past month, I have slept at nights without my consent than the time I actually wanted to sleep. So, you ask me when did I want to sleep anyway? The answer would be Not on a single day. I usually find myself curled up on the bed with everything that I mentioned earlier. And the time is like 5 am or something like that. I realize then that it is time to make up the bed and sleep properly. It is then I actually wanted to sleep. Else I had never wanted to sleep only. 

I think it is scary when one finds out that their folks read their blog. It was / still is scary for me as well. That's why I tried to get the whole anonymity thing up and running. And that seems to be working too well for me. I created an url just in my name to start with the whole anonymity thing. You are wondering What's wrong with this guy? Well, Welcome to the club, I have the prestigious VIP pass for that. But I care the least. I don't usually care how one would picture me or think of me. I know what I am. And nothing is going to change that. So, you are welcome to judge and I am not going to give a shit about it. Are you judging me already? Great, don't let me stop you. Ponder, break your thoughts. Go jump from a building. I would care the least.

My birthday is coming up. And this time, I am trying to keep it super secret. No, I don't celebrate birthdays. It is really awkward. Actually I feel very awkward. I don't like to be at the center the so called attraction. Wait, let me rephrase that, I don't like to be the center of attraction. I simply hate that. So, yeah I am not disclosing it until the night of that day. But I had to tell another blogger friend. I couldn't keep that secret up for a long time. And I have to plan a treat now. Hmph! 

Oh! Yeah, I forgot to tell. I almost posted this when I realized I missed something that I wanted to mention. So, I am bathing with cold water every morning. No, that is not good or cool. It is cold per say. And it is freaking winter. I usually bath with hot water in summers only, leave alone the time or period of the year. So, the credit goes to the crazy ass water heater which surprisingly-mysteriously stops working every other day. So thanks, you damn water heater. Seriously though, stop malfunctioning too often like some of my over-intelligent friends.  


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Catch my breath. [ 1 / 365 ]

Let me start by telling you that this is the first official post of this year. The previous post, though it was posted after the start of this year, it was actually started 2 days before the 1st of January. So, this is supposedly the first official post of this year.

I have been so engrossed in my unwriting as a fellow points it out rather than calling it a writer's block. I actually planned to write more often and more frequently. But that didn't happen. What's more ? I actually thought of following a trend of posting a blog-post each day for the whole of the year. And that seems to be going on pretty well.

So let this be the [ 1 / 365 ] post of this year. I hope this isn't the last of all. I want to write more and the motivation and the inspiration has lately been not so friendly to me. But I must tell you something. A few days back, my uncle called me to check up on me. It was a simple talk, as usual. Then the next thing he asked was about my blog. The first thing that struck his mind is the blog url. It does give people a wrong impression that this is my website or something like that. But it isn't. It is just an address brought online. The next thing that made me grin from one ear to another ear when he mentioned that he wan't able to understand what I was writing. I don't know whether it is a good thing or not, as he added that it was difficult for people like him to follow. 

So, I have a question for you people, do I really sound off the page/ top of the charts, okay that was me exaggerating. Well, what do you have to say to that? Am I not understandable to the normal people. I firmly believe that I am not capable of twisting the words in a manner no one except the writer ( like a poet ) could understand. Nor am I grammatically stable. Nor am I proficient in English in any manner possible. So, please drop in your thoughts. 

Its' really awkward when the sarcasm is thought of as a joke and the person who was supposed to be the victim ends up laughing his ass off. The sarcasm is taken lightly because he doesn't understand it. It is the real facepalm moment. So, there is this guy who does exactly that. And also when you come to know that this guy is worse than ladies in holding a secret. I told specifically not to tell anyone about something. But I don't know what happened, he didn't wait a second after coming to know about it. I was like what the hell happened to not-tell-anyone-warning. By the way, have you come across the broken-plate-sorry meme? No ? Here's the gist. 

Grab a plate and throw it on the ground.
-Okay Done. 
Did it break?
Now, say sorry to it.
Did it go back the way it was before?
Do you understand?

The worst part is that people still don't understand. Now, what else can I do ? So, I am just writing over here. 

Thats' the most I can write as of now. I will come around. The irony is that I posted only one post this month and there are over 2000 page views. Now, that's crazy. First of all I ain't no famous, sir. Second of all, so many bots and jumping that my blog takes from one url to another plus the enormous number of sites I have shared my blog. This isn't cool dude. I know I am the one opening the blog like a hundred times in a day, but the next hundred, I still have no idea how that is happening. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Starry Night.

As the stars faded in the dim moonlight as the sky began witnessing the birth of a new year. A glorious year had ended and the anxious eyes are looking forward for the new beginning. There is excitement. There is hope. There is belief. Of course it is a new year after all. A little bit of excitement is a compulsion.

There are stories, exciting and interesting stories hidden beneath those happy eyes that linger about creating new story for the year ahead. The people are lost in the air of newness and as they slowly move towards the beginning of a new era of their lives. I could call it a birthday, as it sounds exactly like that. 

I feel nostalgic. I can't believe myself saying that. But here it is. I do feel nostalgic. As I try to look busy looking at my laptop, doing nothing.. Oh wait, I am doing something, alright! Posting the Happy New Year posters all over the social networking sites. May be it the people around me making feel that way. 

So, as all seem to be happy about the the past year, let me be happy about it and get down with some of the things I did accomplish. Let's talk about blogging and writing. Because this is the thing I think I am a little good at. First of all, I did start a new type of writing, with all the alter ego thing trying to be the two sides of the coin, of different coin obviously. I really can't stand this guy if it is the same coin. Wait, what is this coin bulls#it anyway. The next thing was the Haiku thing. Seriously guys, I have no idea how to write it. I just jumble the words here and there and write what I feel. The next thing is that I wrote freaking 186 posts, which is nearly equal to the posts I wrote in two years time period. See, I call that an achievement. :P

And the best is you people, the readers. In spite of my constant nagging about my writing and lack of creativity, you still have been here supporting me and driving me forward. I should really mention a few people. Please don't mind, I just can't mention every person who motivated me, but I will try to acknowledge. The best thing that I found in blogging is that one could make friends even without meeting them or even talking to them. Just through the words also a few could become friends. 

IQ : I didn't even knew her real name till the middle of the year. And that too I was really not sure whether it was her when I came across about her on Twitter. I didn't even knew that she was following me and it was her. Okay, knowing the name is not the concern here. I asked her about a guest post, which I really don't remember when. I am guessing it was this year starting or previous year end. Well, lets just say in that time period. I got a reply that she would when I asked her about it. Then there was no reply on the same. And I couldn't ask her again, as I felt it would sound like me forcing her to write a guest post for me.  So, when she said that she did write a guest post, I was like surprised and umm, I just can't put that feeling in words. Lets just stick to that. And then after a little wait , there was the post. And believe me It was awesome. Strike that. It still is awesome. If anyone missed it, here is the link : The Eccedentesiast. So, thank you IQ. You should know I will never get tired of thanking you. So, you have to bear with me in this aspect. And whats' even more pleasing is this comment from her : 

"I never commented on this and it would be ungrateful of me to keep it that way. Thank you Ajay, Wanda, Siva and Maithili for your appreciation. Since I really doubt any of the commenters would be seeing this, I want to thank you again Ajay, for thinking of even asking me and giving me the opportunity. Even if you've been mindblown with me actually doing it, none of it would have been done in the first place if you hadn't requested, and I would have suffered my ongoing version of unwriting (I refuse to call it the Block) - but you gave me a new stepping stone to start a new canvas afresh and the fact that you love the result is only testament to how much I enjoyed doing it :) So yup, thank you again."

So, if the commenters are reading this, the writer has acknowledged your comment. And she is thanking me ? It is like killing me with too much love. :P #JustSaying But still, I have , I mean we all have to agree that she is an amazing writer and thanks for being there to motivate me every now and then. You may not know, or you may , but you have been your best in motivating me. Lets give it up for this amazing writer. Okay, Thank you again ( Believe me, I won't get tired of this ).

Wanderer : Another amazing writer on the block. And inspite of her pseudo names, I still don't her name. What is it with me and names? hmph! My apologies. I think she is busy with the college, but she does find time to write and comment as well. And this person also has motivated just like IQ. If I ever mention about my inability to write or my bad writing, they both wont agree at all. So, thanks Wanderer. 

Keirthana : Another amazing writer and blogger and a friend as well. The thing about all the mentioned fellow bloggers is that they understand me. Seriously, I can't understand myself most of the times, but they read me like anything. When I say read me, I meant my character, behavior and me as a whole. If you say that it isn't a big deal, let me point out the difference. The people who are constantly around me, my friends whom I hang out with don't know the half of what these guys know and the best part is that they haven't even met me once or ever. So, yeah, Keirthana ( K ), she has been busy these days, but she is active on the blogging side as well, not as regular as before but still. The difference is that I am not busy at all and I am also not active on the blogger platform. So, my sincere thanks to her as well. Oh, yeah! She also wrote a guest post for my blog. Thanks for your time and the inputs from your side. I really appreciate it. Thanks.

Red Handed : I don't think I need introductions for this person. A lawyer (or something like that, I too am not so sure about these things! Damn! :/ ) by profession and a writer by choice. There is an uniqueness in her writings and believe me it is awesome. There is a style of writing which attracts people and that this person has. And I just keep wondering how does she even prefer coming to my blog, reading and leaving a comment. Seriously, I would like to acknowledge the same. So, thanks Red Handed. 

Soumya : Another unique writer on the block. The problem with her blog is that there is a new post almost every day and its unique in every sense, but her blog restricts me from reading new novels. You see, as there is a new post almost every other day, I am kind of glued to it and then I forget about the novels which I thought of reading an year back. :P #JustSaying. She is also a constant visitor and so thanks for bearing with all my nonsense crap and still coming back here. :P 

I could go on an on and write about each and every person. And that would take me another year to complete that. So, let me just point out the names and please don't mind I couldn't write a para for you guys. My apologies for that beforehand. 

PeeV ee , Bushra, Songbird, Siva Karthik, Namrata, Talita, Srishti, Dark Angel, Amrit Sinha . 

There are a lot more people. So, I thank each and everyone of you. And my sincere apologies for the people whom I have missed out. Thank you once again. 

P.S. This post was supposed to be posted pre-new-year-day. But well, you know me, I don't deliver anything on time. Nah, Just kidding. I started writing but then it was almost mid night and I got busy messaging and wishing others and the next day ( the first day of the year ) was a day out, so got tired when I reached home. So, you see, I couldn't. I just had to post this because any more delay wouldn't be nice. So, if you find something related to two days back, here is the explanation why! So anyway, Thanks again. :)

By the way, Starry Night . Don't ask me. Okay, this would sound cheesy, but lets call all the writers and bloggers out there "Stars" . You are welcome. :D

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