Monday, August 26, 2013

In the Silence of the Night (cont..)

Chapter 1 

The cold wind blew through the open window. He woke up. It wasn't morning yet. It wasn't night either. He couldn't figure out the time. He was in a bathtub. His hands were numb and were half dead due to prolonged exposure to water. He didn't know what he was doing in the bath tub in the first place, not did he remember what happened last night. The last thing he remembered was having a hot dog outside his office.

He tried hard to recollect what happened the last couple of hours, but just couldn't. This was something new for him. It has happened a couple of times but he just couldn't figure out. He always thought it was a bad dream or may be because of the meds he has been taking due to too much work pressure at the office.  But these were becoming frequent. He is not sure, but he just can't put the pieces of the puzzle together.

He was confused, a little lost.  He got out of the bath tub and went straight to bed. He tried to sleep the rest of the night. He wrapped himself in blankets and tried hard to sleep. But he just couldn't. Time was finally 5 in the morning as he saw the first ray of light gleaming through the window curtains. He woke up from his bed, wore his track suit and went for a run. No, he never ran. He just wanted to clear the confusion from his mind and get some fresh air. 


The darkness engulfed the night. It was a calm night. The moon was bright and it felt like daylight in the darkness. He sped his bike through the empty streets lit with sodium vapor lamps. His mind was preoccupied with the thoughts of the work he just finished. His job was simple and it was done. He doesn't want to think much about it, but their was a war inside of his head of which he had no clue of. He had no idea what he was thinking. He talked less. He had always talked less. He preferred that. No one actually know the reason. But that look in his eyes, like a never ending fire, dangerous and fearless. 

The bike took a hard left . it was a dark street and it was almost empty, except when a few countable few entered the back alley dragging a man by his collar. He glanced from the corner of his eye and stopped short just at the sight of the happenings round the corner of the block. He would have gone past them without even caring for a glance. But things have changed. He is no more the same guy he used to be. They are beating the guy for the money of course, which he was refusing to give. One of those three guys in hoddies glanced up the corner of the alley as he sensed a shadow moving. He saw a man wearing a black jacket and loading his gun which eventually pointed at him. The guy wasn't scared. He was feeling himself superior though he wasn't holding a gun. None of that hoodie gang had a gun. They started laughing which stopped in the middle when the bullet hit the space between their legs. Now they were scared. They ran off without saying a word. The man drove his bike and was again on his usual thinking (war inside his head) . He parked the bike in the garage, hid the gun safely in the secret locker, went up to his room and dipped himself in the bathtub. 

To be Continued * ... 

* : Most probably

P.S : I am just continuing the fiction story I started writing in the last post. It may not be a great thing. But I am trying. Bear with me. Critics are always welcome. So, Bring.It.On. 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

In the silence of the night.

At the stroke of midnight, is when he starts working. He sat in a dimly lit room in an apartment flat. He talked very less. He was more of a man of action. He glimpsed the photo of a man on the coffee table by the window as the wind made its way through it making the curtains fly away in silence of the night. He was waiting for someone. As the car made its way into the apartment parking lot, he became alert. He pulled out his gun and the silencer made its way to the head of the gun. The man twisted the keys to his apartment, not knowing what waited him , his fate. He kept his keys on the stand and made his way to the dining room. He stopped short when he saw him. He knew at that instant what was going to happen. He fell on his knees, kissed the cross necklace across his neck and said a silent prayer. The man fell down on the white Italian carpet as it slowly turned red. Nobody would have guess that someone had died in the very apartment that night. He exited swiftly from the front door, leaving no trace.

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Hilarious Stupidity 4.0

Chocolate stained fingers. A trendy new phone. Messed up laptop. Cozy bed. Two remotes in hand. Twitter buzzes on phone. Muted gossip. Piled up Novels. Piled up chocolate wrappers. Too much Biryani. Friends hair-loss cries. Uncanny cravings. Brawling stomach. Just another crazy mind. 

1. So the other day, my jeans got caught up in something while I was getting down from a bus. The result was that it was torn a little bit, a bit more actually. Though people could have mistaken it for new fashion, which probably is on the streets these days. But it was making me uncomfortable. The other thing was that it was a new one, like a month old and all the remaining jeans that I have are a lot older which is why I stopped wearing them altogether. So, the following weekend I went out to buy a pair of jeans. And what I find? My jeans over there. Well, not exactly. But there was this corner where all the jeans looked a little worn out, restitched and a little bit torn. In that big pile of jeans there were a couple of jeans which looked exactly like mine. I am referring to the torn part. And it was almost like double the price of my jeans. Boy, I could open a shop and sell all my torn jeans at triple the prices, may be. People would just consider it a new fashion. 

2. The weekend is usually my movie day. The Saturday, particularly and preferably the first show of the day. The prices are less and more over I get a rest of the weekend to do something else. So, like a month back I was on my routine Saturday-movie-day-out sitting comfortably in my seat that I booked online and playing songs in my iPod just to escape the boring advertisements by 'Vicco'. And eventually the movie was about to get started. Then a bunch of people like ten of them enter the theater with their hands full. Each one was carrying either a popcorn tub or a nachos or a Pepsi or other things ...which I couldn't figure them out as the lights dimmed. So, these army was supposed to be sitting right behind my row. That middle row has exactly ten seats but eight of them were already occupied. And they started demanding the people sitting that those seats were theirs. After a fifteen minute of a short battle the confusion was settled when that army found out that those tickets were for Sunday and not Saturday. Now that is foresightedness and a very perfect punctual group.

3. Now that you must have observed if you are Twitter that I am going crazy over the name that I have changed it more than I can remember. And not to mention, adorning the cloak of invisibility is just not as easy as I thought it would be. The first reason being I am out of names. The second thing was / is, well actually the display picture. Now, most of the people would say that it looks creepy. Well, that was the point. So, my name was also something like that. Unfortunately, it was worse than I thought. And now I am literally and practically banging my head on the wall for a new crazy, yet cool name. Now what? The last photo of yours had you in a hat, so the name was 'The Guy in the Hat', now you are in a hood, so does that make you 'The Guy in the Hood' or what ? 

4. Boy, size does matter. The last time I went home, my parent were like "Are you eating at all? You should resign from your job and come home. You are not eating at all!" So after spending like  80 % of my money on food, when they claim such preposterous things, well, what else can I say? I sent a picture of me to a cousin sister trying to tease her that even after eating all the junk food like anything, I am still slim. Now I should have used Photoshop and made myself look a little fat. Because then I was getting calls from all my relatives asking why I wasn't eating properly. Yeah, I dug my own pit. Now, the point wasn't that. Later I went shopping with my younger brother who was cursing me when I said that the trousers that I tried on was a size larger which apparently was a number less than my brother's waist. Okay, the point I wanted to make wasn't that either. Since I was a kid, I used to buy clothes keeping in mind that I would grow a little taller, a little fat (may be) . So, I was like lets take a one size up so that I could use it for a little longer time. But what I never realized that the little  longer was never even close and I had to buy a whole set of clothes again. It like a rule now, whenever I go for shopping, I tend to think that I might gain a few pounds , so why not take a size larger and moreover some clothes shrink. So, a month back when I purchased a few jeans, I applied the same rule. The blow-back came a few days later when I came back to Bangalore from home. The jeans was literally sliding down and clearly my jeans could accommodate two persons. Okay, that's too much. One and a half person, approximately.   

5. The other day, I sneaked out of office a little early. We are supposed to work for like nine hours each day, but who wants to work on a Friday. And more over it was the day after the Independence day and almost the whole office was empty. People have gone on leave. Anyway, I sneaked out and went straight to the KFC! Now, I don't know whether those people at KFC are noticing it or not, I have been there like almost every day. 12 days out of 16 days at KFC. Now, where is my privilege card ? I will collect it later. Anyway, after having a nice meal of chicken legs and a burger, which supposedly was my dinner I headed back to my room. I felt like I should buy a few chocolates. Now, if you aren't aware of my schedule , I eat chocolates more often than I drink water. And moreover, it was Friday night, on which I usually stay up all night. So, chocolates are a must. Since I was feeling a little lazy, I gave chocolates a pass for this night. Just.For.One.Night. I said to my mind. I came to my room and it was not even seven in the evening. And there was this Nestle Alpino advertisement on TV in every channel and that too on repeat mode. Damn you, Nestle! I was controlling myself, you know, not to go over that. And that for one night lets just keep chocolates away. I was doing fine until 10, when I gave in. Took my hoddie out and went to buy some. At the shop, I was like collecting chocolates like a 10 year old grabbing as many as possible. My hands were almost full and the guy at the counter eyes me suspiciously. I was having a set of 4, each of Dairy Milk, that Nestle Alpino, Munch, Perk, 5 Star, Coffee Bite. That's it. And that guy at the counter swipes each of the chocolate with the bar-code reader instead of multiplying all of them by 4. The Aunty behind me also gives a weird look. After swiping each one for like eternity, the guy asks "Birthday?" . I say, "Yeah, cousin's brother!" and gave him a weird reassuring smile. Now, 'Why are you people giving me a weird look?' 


Hello There! 
Hello, My dear friends , fellow bloggers, secret crushes, everyone.

How have you been? Let me come straight to the point. I am not okay. And hey by the way, I hope you people do recognize me. Well, AK is going crazy these days. He has changed my epic, rocking, not to mention the most liked display photo on the Facebook wall  and replaced with that-crazy-half-headed photo. I even reported it as spam on Facebook and tried to remove it. AK just updated the security while I was trying to figure a way out of his messed up mind and thoughts. Please don't get me started on that. He wants a new name now. Anonymity. He says. Like, being cut out from the world should help him. Like getting a name could end him up in Jail like for 'Harry Clifton' in Jeffery Archers' "The Sins of a Father". Oh, you haven't come across it? Forget that I ever mentioned it. And those crazy-messed up thoughts of his are keeping me away from thinking straight and apparently from writing as well. This guy needs help. Look at this pic, which would clear any doubts if you have any.

AK - Blowing Brains Out on stupid things.
See! You getting what I am saying ? Anyways, I have taken a lot of your time. Will see you around. 

The Guy in the Hat.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Exactly, my point!

The clouds turned dark. The sky divided. The whiter the lighter, the darker the heavier. The universal equilibrium balance. The is a war among the mightier; in this case the heavier i.e. the darker. The sounds of battle echoed the whole dark sky. The result was tremendous downfall and strikings, everywhere. 

There is an emotion. An emotion hidden beneath the rigid plastered smile. The words are deceiving, just like the smile. But you will never know. The lies are just too perfect. The face is just perfect. On the long run, these words hurt more than anything. But who cares now, it is after a while, isn't it?

The say rain washes the emotion. I don't know about emotion but it does wash away my hair style. I spend like an hour decorating, I mean aligning my not-so-long-yet-long hair into a perfect one. And then there is rain. Thank you so very much. Now I look like a idiot. Which you always have been! So, why bother? And weren't you speaking about emotion and rain? When did you jump from train onto a flight? You are ruining it, bro! Yeah, yeah! Rain and emotion! Umm... that's pretty much it. Hopeless. 

I am a little lost. A little flustered. A little bewildered. The words escape my sight. my plight, my mind. I end up at the corner of the room which feels so cozy yet scares me to death. Ah! Death. Why are people so scared of it ? Don't we all know it is inevitable. But there is always a constant war to live a little longer. Blah! What not have people done to live a little longer for the life they don't know the future of. And what not the people have done to gift the inevitable gift of salvation that was thought only god could grant. 

What am I speaking? Death! Life! What an intellectual topics to ponder about, discuss about! Now, lets not get myself started with the aforementioned two things. I will preach, sure thing, but of something I know nothing about. Then again, you wouldn't know because I could be that ninety year old guy, full of experience and preaching about the divine knowledge. Yeah, I pretend. And I prefer to be good at it. Let me just put an end to your misery but not talking about it anymore.

There are thoughts which battle the insides of my mind. That, which never sees the light of the day. You know, I actually try to fish those thoughts out from the vast ocean filled with such well.. to be frank.. nonsense. The problem, if you ask is that the fishing rod is broken. If that's not it, then the fishing line is tangled somewhere in that mess. I try to find excuses. And haha believe me I am great at it. Perfect. Or may be not.

Now, I need a coffee. What? Now? The clock is chiming at 3. I was just kidding. I just had two whole bars of chocolate. Now, you! Stop right there. I got an extra one, just for you only. You can calmly keep down whatever that is in your hand that was supposed to fly out of your hand and hit my head. Take a breath. Phew! That was close. You are just exaggerating. Am I ? Damn! I thought you would never know! 

"Dude, you are good with words!", said a cousin of mine. Well thanks buddy. But come one, frankly I am not. Who am I kidding? I totally suck. Okay, I take it back. There are a few people like one or two who would track me down and put a gun to my head and probably would say, "Say it one more time, and the bullets' yours, for life. Period". (If they are reading this, they would probably know). And more over you should know I am just playing the beat-the-bush-from-behind card! What the hell is that? Who knows! Just came to my mind. It is actually like saying something that you don't believe, but you do believe is true and at the same time you feel that the others believe your little something, which you don't believe is true. I thought you never did/do drugs or drink as a matter of fact! What the hell is that supposed to mean? I didn't get a thing besides 'believe'?

 And dude, stop asking me so many questions. I am getting confused what lie I told the last time. So, what lie did you tell now? That I suck at writing. Oh, No! What have I done? What have you made me do? Oh, You are good at this. I mean you are such a really bad person. How can you make me turn my own words? 

People are getting confused over here. Are they? No, I don't think they are. When they opened my blog they knew what they were dealing with? You seriously believe that? How could someone possibly know that you could be some confused, pessimistic, hypocritical self obsessed person! Whoa! That's a high talk from a person like you. And moreover who are we talking about ? Oh, don't tell me thats' me! Because that wouldn't be be true.  

Okay, tell me one thing - What did you want to convey in this post ? Frankly speaking, God knows. Come on, God doesn't have a clue. Exactly, my point. 

P.S. I'd be changing my display name, most probably. So better watch out. No, it ain't cool. That's the reason I am warning you beforehand.

Adios. Sayonara.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Just Rambling.

The future is unknown and unpredictable. But what I feel is that it is in grave danger. It's mostly us, playing our parts perfectly or not. It's upto you to decide what kind of a player you are. I just can't go around telling that you aren't playing your part well.

When I see the present scenario of the country, I am completely and utterly flummoxed. The recent news that dwells about the division of a state. I am not that much into politics. As a matter of fact, I hate Politics. I used to think that the states were made on the basis of the language so that a particular junta of people who would have no problem speaking with one another could coexist without any setbacks. But that seems to be totally wrong. We speak about being united as one. And we still go on breaking up the unity. May be the phrase'Unity in Diversity' need just a little more diversity. People and their insane quests. It would be no surprise if each city is formed into a new state. 

Well, lets' get down to business..

Red heels. Short skirts. Turning heads. A hundred eyes. It's actually funny, or I don't know what it would/should be called, but when a girl passes by , there is rhythmic movement of heads, like the waves in the ocean. A few whistles, a few comments, a few flimsy filmy songs. A countable angry stares. It is very much the routine since like forever. Do you all agree with me? Of course you do. I seriously don't know whether the person who is responsible for causing this action for a few minutes enjoys or just hates it. Women are hard to understand! No doubt. But I feel they hate. Though, I would agree if you say there are a few people who want to seen, who want to be center of attraction and probably dress as if they are walking down the red carpet or whatever! But teasing with eyes , or whistles or comments or gossips or the list goes on.. doesn't make anyone comfortable. 

Where do I belong ? Where do I stand in this crazy act that people do? I don't know, you tell me. Usually, I am the guy who when spotting a head-turner exclaims with some adjectives and then I look at those other turning heads and hundred eyes, which like I said move rhythmically. Well, that's fine because looking at something beautiful isn't a bad thing after all. But then, I hear those comments and those weird songs / likewise things. That what doesn't feel right! Unknowingly, I curse those people. People should learn to appreciate and admire than violating. Oh, you couldn't even begin to imagine the thoughts that go through each and everyone of those minds. And that I.Fucking.Hate.

Friday, August 2, 2013

The Spam.

One man's desperation is other's opportunity. Dude, what the hell was that? Totally Irrelevant! These days to be in a relationship is more like a necessity than something (called love, duh!) happening for a reason. I hear people talking about it all the time. But in my circle of friends it mostly the people who still aren't into a relationship. They would brag about it and then again deny getting into one. Come on people. Make up your mind. 'And that includes you too, AK.' 

So, the question could be Why am I bragging about it all now? Good Question. No reason. Lets' clear the air. First of all, I suck at those things. And I see people talking about it almost every f#ing place. Nobody gives me a break. Like I said, necessity. May be it also states the social status of a person. And come to twitter, #ForeverAlone #Love #Sex #BlaBla #ThatShitThisShit hashtags keep flying around. Reading every aspect of it does give thoughts about that idea of being in a relationship. Come on, Grow up! Whom are you kidding? You and that ? *Jumps off a building*.

Okay, whatever! Lets' see the following transcripts. I should have hidden/masked the names? the email ids? , well I ain't so nice either. And let me get this straight, this is one of the biggest of the spams. Luring people into the so called hmm..erm.. shit / whatever ! 

So, once I played along to see what would happen next. Some chick from the west emailed me. I emailed back. Then came an email saying that she has a million bucks (the insurance money) which was given to her as their parents died in some kind of a war. So, she doesn't trust anyone from her country, I don't know about their relatives. But she wanted someone trustworthy and there I was, she said. Some trust issues, she has. Come on, seriously me ? I don't even trust myself and some stranger who doesn't even know my name (yeah, I sent a fake name) would trust me. And the thing was that she would come to this country and I have to pay for the customs to clear that million bucks. So, who's ready to kill me! *Kills myself*! That was like two months ago. And in the previous month, I got a few more.

# 1

# 2

# 3

So, you see I am getting a lot of chances here from people I don't even know. And these people, what should they be called? I don't even understand who gets time to create such SPAM mails. And then automate it! Come on, when I reply in the meanest way possible, the reply is something like "I am glad you too feel the same. I am looking forward to continue our friendship. bla bla bla.. *inserts a pic in a bikini* bla bla " . Okay, I am out of here. 


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