Saturday, November 24, 2012


Rumble, Mumble, Jumble, 
I play with the words, 
Despite they making no sense
I end up killing the essence.

I try, you know, 
But all I get is a space, 
So Void, So Blank, 
Yet, I try to paint anything but Black.

I see an empty vessel
Waiting to be complete
I put my thoughts to fill
Perhaps, it needs much more skill.

They say, there is light
At the end of the tunnel.
But where does the tunnel begin
And where does it end?

I try to reason
With Past and Present.
So I mention in assumption,
But, Its' just my imagination.

The pieces lay scattered,
I try to assemble them.
Easy as it seems, Much difficult it is.
After all, I just Rumble, Mumble and Jumble.

- Ajay Kontham [ 2012]

#Jumble #Worambling #Words 

P.S. : I think the title of the Post isn't that apt. Actually, there wasn't supposed to be any Post-Script. I felt like it was empty-sort-of, so I am filling this up with much more ... what do we call it ?! 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


It's a one time thing. It always is. So, I finally hit the 150 number on the follower list and also the page view hit 30k. Yeah, that is something for me. Over 80% of those people don't visit often. But you would be wondering Then, how come that many hits. That's the point there. I am on a spree of publishing my blog as if it is a classic piece of work. And you all must already be knowing what kind of stuff that I write here. Yeah, That, which you just thought in your mind. 

Its' a one time thing. I have made, motivated and even sort of forced some of my friends to write a blog. Call me insane, for I am. So, some of the guys came up to my idea and started writing. And some other were planing to write but, never did. So, whenever they come across my blog, this is what happens. People woo when they read my about me. Seriously, it is a mix-up of all things! People get a bit amazed when they see the number of blogs I maintain. People get a little startled when they see the snaps I take. Though I try to tell them that I am not the best they have seen, there are a lot waiting for your eyes, they just think that I am a bit better than them. They ask me more about blogging. And then thats' it. I have a blog, do I? They make me feel like this. 

There is a difference between I and me. I am just the face I want them to see. The face that is masked by me. The difference is that they see something which they don't they have. They don't know themselves, like I don't know myself. I am no professional, in any of that stuff. Writing - No. Photography - No. I'm just other amateur learning to weave out of the silk, just feeling the depth of the water before I really dive in. I am confused. 

I am just lost. Lost ? I hear the conscious shout! My conscious believes in fairy tales, the happy endings. Hell No, it doesn't. At least that's I want to believe. That it would end and it would be something good. But the conscious has exactly the opposite thing in mind, though. My conscious says its a trash. The instability is so intense that it has long forgotten that it has lost its path and is wandering the path of unknown leading god knows where. Ever had the feeling that once you never knew familiarizes itself in a span of some days. So, this lost thing which my mind just wanted to overcome became so different that it feels like it knows everything. Practically speaking, lost is the new home. It just disregards the idea of being lost, though the actual thing had to happen. May be the time spent in it has familiarized it so that it feels like the home, but in a new way. Any way to convince would be just waste of time. 

I kind of drifted away into something which doesn't make sense to me at all. Wait a minute, what the hell did I just write? Does that make any sense? See, that what happens when you don't know what you are doing!!! Get a life, dude. Seriously, a real life. Not the one with the crazy-old laptop of yours and that one with the iPod. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Everything at Once.

I have been running from whatever that is I don't have a clue about. I wake up each day somewhere around afternoon, don't even have my breakfast and by the way the breakfast that is served here is worst...more like yuk, but food is food right. So, I don't discourage others and I don't go for breakfasts. Sometimes I open up the toaster and get some bread and jam and get it over with it. But that is when I am bored. Oh, wait a minute, I dont have a job to do, so all that I do is fool around, more likely fooling myself. Whats' the deal with my job? Yeah, exactly, a repelling question which I deal with every f*king morning. Pardon my french, I might have gone crazy. I might have. I have seen some horror movies besides me hating them to the core. Some of them are for people called loonies/ lunatics. I might just be one of them, but I think I am a little sane. Because I do my work.... which is? Now, please don't bring that up... Because I don't have a slightest clue about it myself.

I open blogger. Yeah, today seems like a good day to write something. A month has passed with every morning with my mind filled with the same old schedule. But what happens afterwards, I have no idea. Time fades away and it feels like its kicking me with each passing second. So what is that I am doing these days. You might laugh. But I am doing more online shopping these days and you have no idea what I want and the list keeps piling up. Oh god, give me a million bucks though it is still not enough, but I will manage. And what the hell is wrong with the prices. Even the discounted price seems like reaching the skies. 

Shopping. Online shopping. Yeah. I prefer Fipkart. And it is the best I have known. Before the home delivery from Flipkart, I used online shopping back when I was in my 10th grade. Back in those days people used to go for Tutions for extra coaching and getting a higher mark/percentage. My whole class was involved in that except me. Now, don't think high of me. NO, I am not an exceptional student who excelled in every subject. No, not even near it. So, my dad bought those all subjects interactive CD's. And at that time, Indiatimes shopping did a good job packing and delivering it. So, for now Flipkart is quite awesome mostly for books. Not only that I also buy electronic goods as well. So, A few days back I was in search of a Sweatshirt with a hood, I searched all clothing sites but didn't find what I wanted. Finally I compromised on something near to what I had in mind.But I realized it exceeded my budget 2x times. But even then I bought it. Now, who wont call me crazy

Everything at Once. 
So, heard the song Everything at Once by Lenka, well the New Microsoft Windows 8 advertisement song. It is pretty good. So, I downloaded the song once I heard it and set it as my message tone. So, even if you had to text me with a single letter 'K', there would be a 4 minute song. So, this virus just spread into the other people in my room and it is their ring tone. I hate it when they copy from me. So, when the song plays four people check whose phone it is. Yeah, Pretty weird. Why am I mentioning this? Because 

I have just installed Win 8 Pro . Thanks to my bro. And it is awesome. I am still experimenting with it but still it seems pretty cool. 

Apart from that, Does anybody watch TV Series? Or is everyone like my freaking roommates? Please don't get me started on them. I could go on and on about those spectacular (sarcasm, huh?) personalities. But I will give them a pass for now. And this doesn't mean I won't. I will not because I hate it, but because I just want to tell that there are people like that as well. So, where was I? Yeah, TV series. And when I tell that I don't mean the soap-operas. God No! How does people watch them ? I am speaking about those on Fox and HBO and some other related channels. 

Dexter, anyone? 
The new season is pretty awesome. But what I hate themost is waiting for a week to download the latest one episode. There is a new twist and it just keeps better. And It seems like Dexter fell for a girl again. And this time, with other factors haunting about the Ice-Truck-Killer slowly surfacing just rises the anxiety. So watch out, who is he gonna kill next breaking his code. 

- Bones.

- Castle

- The Mentalist

And New on the Block, Arrow.

It is pretty clean and topping my watchlist. May be because I always wanted to write more on Vigilante stuff. And this just beats me. If I were to write, I had to beat this. And when I map my projections of my mind about the thought which keep unfurling before me when ever I want to write about such stuff, my imagination gets beaten down. So, all I have to do is think out of the box, cube, sphere; whatever it is. 

And yeah, before I forget, I didn't sleep last night. I had some trouble installing Win8 and more over I was getting pretty good internet download speed. So, I was hanging out all night and what more? I went for jogging. Yeah, after a long long long time, I finally went. But I hadn't slept for the whole night and after I returned back, I had a very little sleep for like 2-3 hours, I think. Well, who is keeping a count. 

And another thing. Kiara. Thanks for the comment. I was having a feeling that I was totaly forgotten and I had to build up my reign all over again. Well, one is down, I guess. Lets bag the remaining. :P #JustKidding

Well, See you. Nighty-Night.
I hope to be more regular from now often. 
Take Care. :)

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