Friday, August 31, 2012


Well, its official now. What's official, that I will tell in the end. The 60 day program at Trivandrum-God's own country had ended and finally headed out for joining the base location. Now there is an interesting story here.

We are supposed to report on 3rd of September and I had a train the next day of the Release day which was 27th of August. Let me summarize the last day. We were supposed to be at office at 8o'clock or something like that. I really didn't knew the time. All I knew was that there was a photo session at 9:30 a.m. I was woken up by my roommate saying that the bus would come at 6:00 a.m. and the time was 5:45 a.m. Five Minutes, I get ready to roll. Then after reaching office I find out that there was another bus an hour later. Well, bham. I wait, for say 3 hours or may be more and then the HR person comes and tells that the Photo session was been cancelled. WOW ! COOL! Isn't it? And then she heads out saying us to do the pending formalities. All head out roam around the labs and get ourselves with the remaining formalities. And then they say, there is one pending document of mine that was supposed to be submitted but I didn't. Well, I actually did and I took a lot of pain in the as$ to get it attested. So, yeah, I did. I meet people and run to the other building which is up the hill and get it confirmed that I submitted. Well, that was a little stunt running in those not-so-comfortable-for-running black shoes. And it eventually did hurt my legs. I come back, roam around and get back to a classroom where all my friends were busy taking the pictures of the people of my class. Then we head back to the seminar hall where we were supposed to be. There was some prize distribution for the people who performed good in the ILP. That was over and we were left with another hour or may be two of free time. And my friends were making the est use of the time and playing in the seminar hall and making fun of everyone and making a fool of themselves. And the day ends. Well, not quite yet. There is more. Wait! What? There is more? Give us a little break, will ya ? I will pretend, I didn't listen that. Two of the people from my class got certificates as good performers and they wanted to throw a party and invited us all. So, we went there and ate what we wanted to eat. We ordered something all ate. And then there came our tech-lead(technical lead) who was teaching us all the technical stuff. I got a little bored after that because the activities they were telling to do were something I wasn't interested at. I roamed around for a little more time just trying to escape that and it was over after a long long time. And what I noticed was that this three months period has bonded the people very closely. I didn't expect that to happen in  such a short period of time. And it was amazing. I made myself quite a new friends and some are really really nice and great. Some people got emotional and I clearly don't know what to do when people get emotional. I was once a short-coming guy especially these kind of things. Not exactly this, but the likes of this. But I have developed myself a  strong heart or lets say a cold heart, may be. So we go different ways, greet each other the very best for their future. 

I came back to my room and called my dad as usual and after some pretty long discussion, I bought a ticket to home - Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Not exactly home, but here's were my parents stay as of now. And now that was costly, way too too too too too costly. Believe me, all the way I thought was about it. And what more, I had excess baggage. So, I had to pay an extra few bucks, I mean a large amount. Was it over ? No. Not quite yet. I landed in Mumbai and I had to change to another flight which was nearly 6 hours away. I roam around in the Airport carrying my huge luggage which was sufficient for 2 people of may be more. I readjust my packings to avoid the excess baggage this time and I did succeed in that. But later in the flight, I had trouble getting the really HUGE bag into the cabin above me. I mean I kind of made a scene over there trying to push it harder inside. Later I get down the plane and head back home. And then when I get home, I try to book the ticket to Bangalore, which is where I should be reporting on Monday. So, I try to book and book one finally. And now, you don't want to miss this. I booked it on the wrong date. Now Look at me! No, No. Please don't. Now, The ticket isn't cheap and that too there is no total refund. And I cancel it and book a new ticket cautiously, this time. And the money which they charged was the exact amount that the company will pay me as travelling allowance. Cool isn't it? Don't you have any shame? I seriously pity you. You suck man, really you do.

At the end of the day, I spend more than I usually earn in two months. I am something, ain't I ? So, what was the official thing about? Oh, that! It is just that, I am the worst A$H0* I could be. And one more thing, the whole day of journey proved that I really can't get a gf or love someone. Come on, man. Someone should give me a break. There are people better than one another and it is a never ending chain. I would get easily distracted by anyone. Ahem ahem. Me again? So, the official thing is true after all. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Fiction Friction.


A man gets nearly shot and is admitted to the hospital where he finds out he is in coma. When he finds out how he ended up in that situation, he again meets his destiny and gets  into another accident and forget everything. Read it here to know what happened so far :

In sudden turn of events he meets with a deadly accident and for a brief moment forgets everything about himself and also what happened to him so far. Read more to find out what happens in the next part :

What is his name ?  Whether he ever know who he is ? What will happen to him ? What was the injection all about? How is he still alive ? 

The questions keep piling up. Watch out and stay tuned for the updates on the story at : The Frozen Words.


P.S. : Let me know how it is so far. Share your views. I would like to see some criticisms. And anything is welcome either good or bad or anything. Just speak you mind. Please. Drop your views here or on that site, anywhere.

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Other's Perspective.

Other's Perspective - The Feedback.

A session at training was about what you like and don't like in others and this time its the class members. Everyone was excited and wanted to write whatever they had in mind about other people. The Business Skill (BizSkill) Faculty mentioned about the openness to feedback before letting us know about the activity. Feedbacks are for the improving self and they should be taken in a positive sense. Though the fact that people would hate to change themselves because of the little inhibitions they are so obliged to, but it is not what the others like about that person. Change is good. Feedbacks are the chance to know what other people think about you which one doesn't know about themselves. May be we think we have some kind of impression on others , which is totally self assessed. Our behavioural traits are some which encapsulates to think what others might be thinking of us. But the thinking is different for each person and the impression that others make have varied responses depending on the person. 

Coming to the activity at hand, a page having their own name was to be passed around the class and each one had to give their opinion - the good things and the other things which are to be improved marked by a Happy Smiley  [ :) ] and the latter with a sad smiley [ :( ] . I was expecting an empty page to be returned to me. And if it wasn't empty, I knew what they were going to write in the :( section which would be advicing me to talk more often. But, after getting back the whole paper back which was surprisingly full, I had to reconsider what I had been thinking about the impression what others have. Like I mentioned in the earlier para about the change of opinions / impressions between self and the other people. So, now I would present you the whole new Perspective of what other's think about me. Lets start with the easy part which is [ :( ] .

[ :( ] - The Not-So-Good-Things-In-MeTo be improved
  1. Less Talkative
  2. Be confident wile presenting.
  3. U talk less.
  4. May be you can open up a but more with people, with girls especially.
  5. Always silent.
  6. Ur not interactive even to 30% .When we ask something, will behave like why you are asking me.
  7. Be more Interactive.
  8. Is not very interactive. Speaks only when probed.
  9. Be active always. People like to talk to you. 
  10. Talk to people. You really talk good, if you talk.
  11. Silent Killer. Need more interactiveness.
  12. Be active and go for punch dialogues on everyone as you are doing it on Ramana, right now. ;) :D
  13. Keep adding smilies. :)
  14. Be interactive yaar. We are missing your rocking friendship. Just keep rocking.
  15. Try to interactive with gals.
  16. Try to open your mouth.
  17. Better interactive with everyone.
  18. Don't be Silent in the class and be interactive.
  19. Be talkative.
  20. Speak more, at least in presentations. (that is the only thing, stopping you from being Mr.Perfect).
  21. I like you as you are that why we are best pals.
  22. Plz Plz try to speak with all (mingle with others).
  23. Try to talk with friends.
  24. Talk and interact with everyone.
  25. Be interactive.
  26. Be more interactive.
  27. Please talk and mingle with all.
The Response.

Most of the people want me to be more interactive. And most of the people want me to talk more rather than staying silent. Some want me to talk to girls. Starting with the talking part, I talk a lot, and people have no idea how crazy I get. Ask my batchmate(s) who site beside me on both sides. They will tell you about the real me, not known to most people. And the other people don't know because I don' interact. Now, my inhibition on such a situation at hand, it may sound stupid but I really can't help. I really want to talk to people most of the time. Once I get to know the person well, there is no stopping me. My batch mate often comments - Who said that AJ never talks, now he is just killing (likewise) with his counters. I just need to get to know a person a little well enough that they won't take seriously when I joke. So, as I was saying my inhibition when it comes to the rest, the question in my brain that floats around is What will the other person think ? The thing that the other person doesn't think at all or doesn't mind doesn't get through my mind. And I am stuck at the single notion that they won't be taking in the right way. Coming to girls, I just don't take a chance because its better to be a unknown fool than be a known fool. And the same questions pester my mind which hold me back. The second in my list is the facial expressions. I don't know how but I feel that the other person is not interested by looking at them while talking. And why would I take such a risk when I can sit at the corner and do whatever I want to do.

But Thanks a lot. I seriously need to improve that, I mean like damn seriously. Now, individually...

2. I am trying to, but I fail all the time. :sadface
4. I will try to, thanks. But.... hmm.. yeah will try. I can be good at talking online, you know like chatting. Not enough ? 
6. I am sorry about that percentage of people I am interactive. And I am really sorry that I behave like that. Thanks for letting me know. Do I really do like that,..well whatever thanks for bringing that up.
8. At least I talk when probed, right ? Thats' good, right?  No?
9. 'People like to talk to me'. I am surprised. Thanks for letting me know. Will improve myself.
10. I will. And am I good when I talk ? I don't know. But hey, thanks. Will do my best, or will try to.
11. Silent Killer ! I see. 
12. Sure thing, bro.
13. Another sure thing, bro. Will try to. :)
14. I will try to be. You miss that ? Damn! I never realized that. Sorry. Will work on myself to improve.
20. The Mr. Perfect name is used as a Sarcasm. It is not true. What me? Mr. Perfect? All the remaining boys would kill themselves. #Kidding
21. Thanks man, I appreciate your friendship. 
22. Will try to . 

The remianing people want me to talk more and be more interactive and also mingle with all. Thanks for letting me know what you think about me and I will try to improve myself upon it. 

[ :) ] : What People Like In Me.

  1. Good attitude ad I like the way you are.
  2. Thought you wont migle but you came out of that zone.
  3. Very Silent.
  4. I started folowing your blog, 'shadows' & it is impressive that you handle both blogging & photography with perfection!
  5. Good photography, friendly.
  6. I like your photography skills.
  7. Good in nature. 
  8. Good atured, taleted Photographer.
  9. Nice airstyle & smile. You always smile.
  10. Mr. Perfect.
  11. Good in work and thinking.
  12. Good handskills.
  13. Mr. Pefectionist/ Photographer.
  14. Smart and Good - Mr. Perfect.
  15. Smart and really you're Mr. Perfect.
  16. You are something special.
  17. Your photography is 5/5 rating.
  18. Good Friend.
  19. Perfect and Good guy.
  20. Creative, Genius, Good, Simple, Stylish.
  21. Smartass, friendly, best pal, chroic blogger
  22. Friendly, calm.
  23. Friendly, very very calm.
  24. Very Calm
  25. Mr.Perfect.
  26. Mr.Perfect
  27. Silent.
  28. Very good at photography.
  29. Cool and calm.
The Response

  1. I have attitude? I never knew that. What I knew was that I had attitude which is not good, so I stopped calling it attitude.
  2. Thanks, I guess.
  3. hmm,...
  4. Wait? What ? No. You don't want to start forgetting what you know, do you ? My blog is about the daily chores and all that stuff about people. And thanks, I am good at those two things only. And if you are following seriously, lemme know.
  5. Thanks.
  6. Thanks again.
  7. Thanks.
  8. Thanks.
  9. My Hairstyle? Thanks. And I don't think I have a good smile. I always smile ? I do that?Damn! I don't about myself. And thanks, again.
  10. You don't mean it, do you? Come on, me? Mr.Perfect ? But hey, thanks. 
  11. Thanks.
  12. Thanks.
  13. Mr.Perfectionist ! OMG ! But thanks.
  14. Smart ? Am I ? But, Thanks.
  15. Thanks.
  16. Who wrote this? I am something special ? To whom actually. Please enlighten me and put me out of this question box.
  17. Thanks. 5/5? Thats more than I deserve.
  18. Thanks.
  19. Perfect? I seriously doubt that. But, thanks.
  20. Creative ? Genius ? Stylish ? I doubt. I doubt. I doubt. But, if you think thats what I am, well Thanks. :)
  21. You got that right, bro. :P
  22. Thanks. But I wish I was a little more friendly.
  23. Thanks.
  24. Yeah! Thats' good or bad ? 
  25. No way! But thanks.
  26. Thanks, I guess.
  27. Yeah. Good or bad ? 
  28. Thanks.
  29. Thanks again.
So, in this brief feedback, one can know a lot about others. I came across a lot of things. I had predicted an empty paper to show on my face. But it was filled with mostly one thing - Be more Interactive. 

So, now it becomes my responsibility to keep up what's good in me. And I really really really really really need to work on the things that I need to improve.

And Thanks all, who wrote and gave your valuable suggestions and feedback. Somewhere down the lane, when we meet again, I may be a changed person and may meet with your expectations. 

The K-Factor.

Who would have thought? Something as concealing as it can be and filled with a package of excellent goodies. A power-packed mind with a magnificent knowledge and unseen to the naked eye. Who would have thought? I would have. 

I always tell a friend that he is just too good for this company we are working in. I always knew he had potential and I am not lying. Ask anyone from my class, they would probably say the nicest thing they know. We sit side by side and we chat over the internet. Crazy, right ? And then I get busy doing nothing and he gets busy reading - Like Manga-Reader, some novel or a textbook from the the library. You assign him a task and he will get you what you asked for and also more. His mantra is always mysterious to me. He doesn't even look at the assigned task at the beginning. And when he starts, there is no stopping. While I might take a day or two or even more, he would do that on the same day and earlier. But he still works on it. And that is adding more. Look at that. I would be struggling to understand the question in the first place, while he would have finished and starts reading.

Highlight- SpotLight.
Your mind would blow, (in a appreciating kind of way). I mean seriously it would. We had a presentation today and that was the final presentation. As this is the Onam Season, we had a Cultural Program and later that we had our presentations. We were supposed to give the presentation and also the demonstration of the project, but due to lack of time we were told to give only the presentation. But what might be called as luck-bad or good, (bad for me, good for the others - that you will understand later). One of the faculty came by to inspect what we had done regarding the project. And my batch was in the hot seat. We started off the presentation and were suddenly stopped by the Stream Owner (the one who checks,inspects, etc) asks a question. What came to me as a shock was that he suddenly calls out my name and asks a question. And I didn't knew the answer. I was busy in my own tension and that came as a wake up call at the midnight and I was blank. But I told something which I don't myself know. (Feels like pointing a gun at my head and just pull the trigger). But as compared to the previous presentations, I think I did well, not as good, but manageable except that question. I know what people think, so I have been trying to get that out of my head and it seems impossible, somehow. Someone falsh the MIB flash which makes people forget things. Someone, anyone! Oh, no this this is not the highlight-spotlight. This is just the opposite of what happened. The real story begins now...

The Project to which we were assigned to has to be improved. We did most of the things. But we did some things which others didn't. Later this morning, this guy says that he wants to add something also. He adds it in no time, which was quite difficult or so other people said about it. My presentation part had this part and I introduced it as verbal introduction and when it came to his time to explain, he just swept everyone off their feet. Most of the things were not understandable by anyone, but he kept everyone intrigued and finally he just did an Awesome Job. And when I say awesome, it is (AWESOME)^infinity. Everyone was all praises and what else, he was too excited and was very happy about it. What more ? The Stream Owner even coined a name for him- Einstein. Well, Whatever I say would be less! Believe me, when I say it. I mean it. 

To conclude with, Mr. Einstein would be busy with some theories which just swing above my head. And a round of applause for this Genius. I am sure some day, he will be on the Google Doodle and may be he is one creating it. :D . I would have missed a great deal if he was in some other batch. 

Now the 'K' in K-Factor stands for Karthik. Also nick named as Kindle. And a recent name Einstein, wish it started with K. And a special thanks to him for being my batch-mate, or lets say, his batch-mate and a good friend/buddy/dude/pal who along with me just keep-cracking-jokes (I too am a part of that). Fun Times, I say. Real fun times.

- Chat Buddy / Batch-Mate / Friend / Pal / His-Blog-Follower / FAN.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Timely Events.

These are the last few days at the training and they are pretty rough these days, keeping aside the fact that we get to work the least. Sorry, I wrote it wrong. I work the least. I will be busy playing or browsing and that's it and yeah doing nothing. I just go and come back and strike down a date that its over and get back to my tv series watching spree. A lot has happened lately. 

Let me tell you a story first which I think is a little relevant for the time being, I mean for the new readers(I hope there are. And yeah How would I actually know unless they comment or at least follow, well whatever!). When I was in Engineering second year, I had already started blogging and my intention was to improve my skills, which I failed to do till now is some other story. So, I had no people reading it. And I was like writing and writing nonsense. So, all my beginning posts have no comments or even page views. If there are any, that would be mine. You have no idea what I would write about and it was more like an online English essay writing competition. Don't get into the content, that would blow you mind off, not in a pleasant way, rather in a way you-might-forget-English. But, I had no worries because there was no one on my back to read or even comment. But, as a writer it doesn't feel good. You must see for yourself. You work and your work is not appreciated and obviously we feel bad. I wasn't talking about someone appreciating my bog or what I write, I was rather looking for criticism and likewise things because those help improve not appreciations. So, back in those days, I made a couple of friends and they are more like unseen friends. You have a cousin sister and their friends become your unseen friends. Replace you with I now. So, I motivated a friend to write a blog. And she was. And she started. Now that's good writing, I say. Eventually, what happened was that writing is not a hobby, you know, I mean not for most of the people. Some get wind up in work and don't write like me for a couple of months. I still write because I don't do a damn work. My friends(batch mates take care of it). 

Now the question : Where did I get my first inspiration to write blog? 
Thats' a good question. And if it was that someone read my starting posts, I did mention it a couple of times. No, many times, or even more, by the way who's keeping count. My cousin brother. Some perfectionist, he is. I mean look at his track record. So perfectly exponential career path. I was blown apart, more like mind-blown so that I could see my brain in the mirror. (Thats' a Joke). I don't half of the words he would write and I would quickly refer the dictionary. My dad also commented about his skill and so did my uncle. Well, seems like all family is praising, thats' deserved and earned. Now, it was my turn to show what I got. Don't get puzzled when I say, I read newspaper only on hoidays at home and that to be ....( Wait a minute, I read or don't. Now I am confused. ) Yeah, got it. I read. Only the haedlines and the content is pretty boring you know. And recently, I started the novel spree because I am interested in writing stories. So there it is. I started blogging and kept bogging. And I wont stop. Believe me, I won't.

So, going up to the previous para. I mentioned about a person whom I asked to start writing. She was a year older and was pretty good, far too good. Then somehow, my classmates also came to know about it. Wait a minute, I think I only told them. Yeah, I was desperate. Because all my English essays were getting wasted without being credited, I mean criticized. Many didn't know what blogs are in the first place. Thats' something I like explaining. Another story pops us in my mind. We were given a mock interview while we were in college pursuing my Engineering. And the person who interviewed me asked my hobbies as a routine question. So, as I said I love explaining about it to the people who don't know is just fun and you know it feel good. It feels good because somewhere deep down they get motivated. And there is an option for getting money as well, and when I told this to that man, he noted the website and also I also told about Yeah, just telling everything I know.
Coming back from the little story, some of my friends got motivated when they learned about my blog and I encouraged them to start up (I felt a little competition would be good, I mean good competition), or so I thought. Well, its not something you tell a child to eat and he just eats it. Many people were interested in writing but there are some minor problems. Some didn't had the confidence because they weren't good at English while some said they don't have anything in mind to write thats' interesting. While some started and stopped and felt it was a waste of time and the time could be spent more usefully and creatively. Some are ..hmm.. I don't what to call them.. they want to write and share knowledge but they don't. And I keep pushing them to write and I just fail. I think they are better off reading and studying, thats' what they do. And now they will be better off earning in a couple of years. A friend of mine who used to keep track of most of my blog-posts. And this guy doesn't write inspite of telling and even forcing him to do. Some have started blogging and that's good to see because I feel they are enjoying it. 

Now, from the starting I just keep telling people about me and my blogs, that when I speak. Still no much people know about this blog. I mean look at this. I make it so sweet and simple and though the content is s#it, but I think its good to see, right? Two of my friends have started blogging. I won't say its because of me, is it? As far as I know, one guy reads it. And I am not sure about the rest. Come on, can anyone keep up with what I write? Now, that I just said, there are people who are willing to throw a bomb at me, if I criticize what I write. They feel I write it my own way and it is different, but it may not be the best, but they still can live with that. But just criticism would make them fire up the canon balls. 

So let me introduce the new Bloggers on the Block: 

The genius who just takes time to share knowledge. And when I say Genius, I mean it. This guy is a book-aholic. He has a Kindle, while people are crazy about iPads and other sleeky tablets. He keeps reading and reading, just like a friend in my engineering. Novels, cartoons, whatever that is interesting he just reads it. So compared to me, he is more knowledgeable person. I did't mention about his other habits right. He is a quick learner and a very talented person. And he just happens to be my good friend. And when some knowledgeable-talented-skilled-genius blogs, I sure won't miss it. He is just starting, and if time permits give a look.

b. N o I s I o N : 
This guy is a little different, a good kind of way. He is very open and maintains a diary. Look at that, a dairy. Most people do, but none in my friends list, No one. I used to but I started blogging and it is mostly my diary. He admires me, I won't lie, he does. But I on the other hand stay as usual [ The Silent Guy - Lost on some dreamy land {I just made that up} ]. So, what he thinks is that I don't care much of what he says. Now, I will be frank. I mentioned in my earlier posts also but still, saying it again. There are different ways in which people react to things. I react in a manner which doesn't use any verbal sentences. Whatever I feel, I write and I just don't say on the face. I am very much attentive as of how people receive when I say something. Well, I will mention about that in detail in the next blog-post. So this new blogger is totally expressive. He speaks his mind and that thing most people lack. And that he has started writing he will be writing his mind. So, again, if time permits, give a look. 

The Power
Now, what gives the person who is writing the power to write more and the entusiasm to keep the flame alive? Some research or experiences and a sound mind which keeps populating with new ideas is a start, oh no then its already started. A little appreciation from the readers' side is a welcome gift. Now, I am not saying to appreciate what I write. I am much more interested in know what people feel about it. I would rather prefer criticism to appreciation. Because you know, I won't tell. I mentioned about the canon thing, right? Now, It seems like I am having a new base of followers who say they are reading my blog. Well, I appreciate that a lot and also Thanks. But, there is this little thing about how will I know that someone read whatever it is that I wrote. I request you to drop a comment as anonymous (at least). So, for some people sake who are always logged in Facebook, I added a Facebook comment box as well. I would be more than happy, if you comment. And the new bloggers must understand the power of comments. So, keep me posted on how bad or good I am, because I just can't look at myself on my own without a mirror, can I ? 

Next on Hotline - About myself ....*Oh Nooooo...! Not again.* Sorry, pardon me, what was that again?  Let me finish first. Its About Your's Truly from Other's Perspective. An exercise as a part of our curriculum and I am a little shocked myself, or may be not. Find it out yourself. 

And don't forget to comment. Please, I want to know who and how many! Its just personal satisfaction. Again, there is no forcing. You may comment as anonymous, but I would think its better to avoid that. But still, its your choice how you do it. And the people who are fans-of-my-blog-who-comment, please don't stop what you are doing. Bring them on. Sorry what? I would have to remove the fans-of-my-blog part..? Okay, done. People-who-have-something-to-share bring them on. I hope this will do, right? 

Night. Sleep Tight. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Random : Life.

My camera is packed and safe inside. I am starting to forget that I own a DSLR. And these days, I get to use it the least. I feel bad, really bad. Because my whole idea of coming here for training was to be able to get some nice snaps. I am either pitballing in the office or scrolling down the sky blue web page famously knows as the Facebook or doing nothing, sometimes. I thought training was supposed to be more like training, but it feels not quite so. 

There are ants. I mean, there are hundreds millions of them. Seriously, give me a break, where do all these come from. The small hard working creatures insects are taking the living hell out of me. The food, which I get once in a month is half eaten by them and they make holes into the packets. That isn't cool. I just can't sacrifice all the time, can I? Whats more? I don't understand what business do they have inside my laptop. They just keep going inside it. Now, just one came out of the keyboard and went inside. Seriously, what's wrong with these ants? And what is that with ants biting ? These are everywhere. Bathroom, bed, under the bed, clothes, undergarments, in bags, and the list is endless. Or probably, I should be telling the places they aren't. There is no such place. 

I bought a trilogy. I completed two and could have started the third one. But thought it would be better for the journey. Fifty Shades of Grey, EL James. I wonder whether there are people looking that good. If you read it, you will understand. But I don't recommend you to read unless you are of appropriate age. 

Last time I checked, I had pretty much good amount left in my bank. But yesterday, I was surprised to find it almost empty. Either I forgot what I spent the money on. Wait a minute, I remember giving money at various occasions, and not a little amount either. Giving in the sense paying for food. But that much is way out of too much. Now, seriously I don't have a penny left. 

A hair cut is due. Not exactly a haircut, more like styling. I got time today, I mean I could have made some time if the above mentioned point was otherwise. I like long hair and would keep it that way. And if someone lectures me about professional grooming about long hair, I might deal differently. 

I spent the last few bucks on buying air, I mean Lays and chocolates. Am I crazy? Damn right, I am. I just realized that. 

Suits, White Collar and Burn Notice. Now on my watch list. The internet is becoming too costly for me. It could pay off some child's education fee for a year or may be more. Why don' I get some free internet with super high speed. I am an internet addict, I know that. So some one provide free internet. And also you might have figured out I am a Tv-Series Freak. I have most of the series. And am interested in increasing the numbers. Suits has an unexpected twist in the tale. The next week would make it clear and it is the last episode this season, I think. White Collar is on the roll and is smooth as of now. Burn Notice, I thought the series ended, until today when I read somewhere about the show yesterday. It begins now after I post.  

There are really freaky twisted insects in my room. I get one each day. And once in a while it makes me jump when it sits on my shoulder. Give the man a little peace of mind, you insects.

It seems like I have decreased the followers count. May be because I am not reading theirs. I wish I had time. Or at least those sites weren't blocked at office. Come on, give blogger a pass, will you? And now that only a few comment, the people who comment have also gone down. And I also appreciate the people who find time to comment. And Thanks to the people who reply to my replies. I really appreciate that. Thanks.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Chemistry.

"Don't Judge the book by its cover."

Recently, I had a grave encounter which surpassed my normal thinking capability as I tried to bind it away and never to re-open it ever. But, I was forced to. I had long thought of writing about this Topic - The Chemistry.

It all began when I was on my bike and raging roaming the roads ( I was on a beach road, to be precise) of the City of Destiny, when I saw a girl on her Scooty zoomed from behind me. I was not at all surprised at that. I rather thought I had a competition to win and beat then by raising my acceleration and leap so fast that I fade in front of them. Just as I was preparing my mind in a span of a few seconds, a bike sped past me having two dudes' on it and they were following the Scooty which had just sprung besides me. Now, though the competition was over, I mean I forfeit because my bike can't even match one-tenth of that dudes' bike. The matter is not about the bikes, its about chemistry. Period.

There was this girl in my class who looked a little better than the rest of the people. A guy points at some other guy who was staring incisively at her. It is obvious he has a secret crush on her. It was quite evident when asked about it later, when he blushes. The question now is, the guy who pointed out about the staring-guy, was also staring at her. Later just to make sure no one saw him staring, he caught his likely self and made him the culprit because I was looking at the first dude did all that. Now you imagine the behind-the-scenes story. Period.

Movies are a bad influence. Is there any movie with no love story attached to it ? Hmm, let me think.. hmm..filter all the horror movies, or may be not. If some movie doesn't have a love story, it means it is one really sick psycho movie. The matter at hand is not about love, it is about how people are crazy about it. I can give you some examples, but you probably know more than I do.

The Enthusiasts. 
Now, tell me who doesn't want to know a love story. Be it girls or boys, we just want to know. During this training period, I have been to some small trips in and around the place where I usually stay- Trivandrum, in God's Own Country. But seriously, I don't know whats' here that it got this name. The trips usually consisted of journey of minimum four hours or so. While in the journey people keep some games and something like that. I don't usually particiapate much, because I don't know any regional songs and also I suck at acting. Apart from that, they ask these questions about crush, love, exes if any and all related things. Once, it was going on. There were both girls and boys. Girls have prepared the acts for the boys to be performed, before hand and each guy was given a unique thing to do. But, guys didn't have any such preparation for girls. After all the guys were done expressing their love, past experience , a song , a proposal demo et cetera, except me - Well, I was sleep-acting just to escape those stupid questions/acts. Now it was the boys turn. The question was same for all the girls except that the girls changed. How many people proposed ? Why didn't you like/accept? Why did you accept? How did he do that? 

Last week, we had a very long trip. And while we were returning, out of a blue some idiot told the rest of the crew that the least active person in the group will be called upon and the rest can ask any questions they like. I was the first to be called. But seriously, I was active this time in-spite of me reading the novel for a major part of the journey. And anyhow, I was standing there and all those stupid questions came darting at me. 

Idea of Love?
Waste of Time. I would rather spend travelling and taking photos.
Idea of Friendship?
Well, I value it. 
Do you have any crush? 
I said No. But I ask you, what does it mean? I like a lot of gals, I mean, look at them, they look seriously good. If I have crush, then there will be a pretty looooooong list. 
Why don't you like any girl ? (in response to my reply that I don't like any and I was pretty assuring when I said that. Some might have also thought that I might be *you know* but I am not.)
I just don't like. Now I wasn't going to tell them that I like a lot of people and also they don't leave easily. If I say, I like someone, then they are prepared with the adjoining question about who? where ? the rest of the bulls#it questions! I preferred to tell a lie. 
And there were some more stupid questions which I am rather skipping. 

The Boy's Perspective.
Its common that people like other people. And people like more of the opposite gender. Now the next step that involves is talking. We see a stranger and who happens to be good looking more like smoking HOT, what can one do? Some man up, some just stare and some keep staring. But in most cases it happens that they are already seeing someone. I mean look at them, who would not have tried and who would not have succeeded, keeping aside the failures. Like I just said, I like a lot of people. But I don't give myself easily. I mean I would pretend as if I care the least and I am pretty convincing at that. Now, don't tell me that you don't have fantasies. I just stay there and don't come to reality often because what I learnt is reality is a bitter truth and look at me! I am not a bf-material, seriously I am not. So, I don't give a try. Let me share something, I am not the bf-material but I could try if it starts from the other side. I may, I am not sure. Now, I have confused myself. It always happens that where ever I go, my class doesn't meet to the expectations of most people, as a matter of fact any. Some adjust. I have an example. 

What can someone do to win over the other person. There is this girl who didn't fare well in one of the exam that was conducted and there is this guy who was trying to console her. I was not sure whether he was trying to console her or make her cry. First thing is that we don't know much about the subject on which we had the test. And there was a bonus for the week performers.  Bonus in the sense that those people would be made to stay for training for another week or so. So, in order to avoid that we had to show what we got. This guy was all over her advising. I have no idea as of how much he knows, but he is now the preacher. And last week, it was the friendship day and we were on the trip and some people were getting friendship bands. This guy comes all the way and gets it specially tied with someone whom I mentioned earlier. After early two weeks, the band still stays in his right pocket and is occasionally seen on his hand. Am I judging? No. I was just observing all these and making notes in mentally as of how can people be and how does one act to attract someone. Period.

 I will brief about myself in such situations. I mean dealing with them. I mentioned already. But still, Now I making it even clear. Like most people, I find many attractive and sometimes find even better than the previous. And these keep piling up. And if you want me to count, I might lose track of numbers. And then I don't bother them because may be I don't deserve or may be I just can't talk or may be I am not bf-material or may be I like to give their space. And now I don't show off. Something I am never good at. I tried but I end up in a worse place than I was before, so I backed off. And I don't talk because I kind of know what they might think even before I even speak and look at me, well don't. You might get nightmares. So, you get the point right. Enough  said. 


I started writing this post some 6 months back or more. And I just ruined a perfectly thought-pre planned post with I-don't-know-what-I-just-wrote. May be I will come up again with a clear thought and precise content in version 2.0. 
Did I just hear someone shout "NOOOO!"? I usually over-think and over-hear sometimes. 
 - A Favour - 
And a small request - If anyone can write or enlighten us with the female/gal side, I would be more than happy. I would refer that as a guest post. So, if anyone is interested, please lemme know. Write in the comments below. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Critique, I am.

Welcome the critic, hmm.. critique sounds good, I guess. A big round of applause for this freak who involuntarily speaks about other people rather than minding his own god damn work. So, I am back with all myself and some new things to add to the existing previous posts in which I seemed to have been going on and on about the people and their whatever-it-is-called/ attitude. Now, I have some more. I just can't get over it, can I ? This time I will mix the good and the rest. So, lets start my melodrama. 

  • I sometimes wonder what the hell is this guy doing here. I mean this company is far too good for him. And with his knowledge and persistence I am sure much better companies would hire him. He reads a lot and has a device for the same and thus, he is nick named after it- Kindle. Whatever I say would be less, but he is just awesome. I mean in every way. He has the required capability to grasp everything in his premises and analyze it perfectly. I could also call him a genius-geek. He is funny and  equally cool guy. Sometimes we just laugh at the jokes we crack at others. And he had told me twice something about that he wanted to see me talking to a gf. My instant response was , that was not going to happen at all , at least not in this lifetime. If you are following me regularly on this blog, you might have read in one post that I laughed like hell for no apparent reason and I was along with two other guys. Well, one of them was this person. I kept laughing because he was laughing and also that we had no idea why we were laughing. So, the reason seemed funny, I guess. There is nothing much, I can say about someone a little too perfect. I could give away my stupid-nick name which I don't deserve to this deserving guy - Mr. Perfect. I can bet that this guy would be more than successful than he can even imagine.
  • Now there are people who usually like other people. Some love, some have a crush and some just like people for what they really are or whatever. There is this one guy and I really appreciate his openness and his frankness. He seems calm and may be he is. And in addition to that he talks a lot most of the time explaining his mind. So, he says to me while we were on our journey back to hostel- You really can't tell/know when someone like you. I was take aback for a second and thought he was speaking about girls. Phew!! Girls and Me ? are more like east and west, which never meet. And I tell him the same thing, No one would even dream of it or as a matter of fact take me into consideration. But it was after a minute or two of explanation that I realized that he was speaking about him. As a friend, I too like him for his uniqueness which he withholds but when he asked me directly an indirect question I was rather puzzled about how to answer that and I kept quite which he regarded as something opposite to what he had anticipated. Now I was there puzzled and confused and it kind of feels gay-ish to reply him that I too like him, isn't it. And as a friend I too like him as I already mentioned, but how does one say that, I mean it is more like proposing, is it not? "Hey, man I like you too!" .It would be better to follow the flow and mention that, but not after a hefty explanation, it might just sound awkward. I really don't know how that sounded to you, but for me, I just can't say that. But I can very well be a good-silent-friend. 
  • I am a stubborn silent guy. I speak out when I crack jokes. Oh yeah, I do. Some one must have seen me in school days. I was a multiple-disorder guy. Both silent and whatever-the-antonym-is guy. I mean, I would crack the meanest of the jokes. I mean meanest-MEANEST. And we buddies had a nice laugh at it. And I was very young also. Now, I feel like a teenage wasted because I don't find that kind of friends any more and the people now-a-days are effing SoB's. No one knows my funnier past and its not very pleasant also because I might get a little cranky also at times. I don't speak much, deal with it. For that to happen, a total change over has to take place and I don't think thats' possible in the near future or as a matter of fact , it's not at all possible. So, if I am not saying anything doesn't mean I-don't-give-a-eff-what-you-are-saying, it just means that I-effing-respect-whatever-is-on-your-mind and I-really-don't-have-any-direct-comments-on-it. (Too many dashes) . And people really don't know the reason why I keep myself away from everything or say most of the things. People would be shocked if they hear my only wish. Now you don't have to ask me. I won't tell. But its on my personal blog which also contains more sugar-honey-iced-tea like this. And like I said, you really don't wanna know. 
  • Now, I've mentioned about this guy over a million times in the recent posts. Just one a-s-_-h-o-_-e. I dont' want to swear but if I start, it would be endless. Wait a minute, I don't know that many swearing-words. Actually, I am fed up of writing over and over again about the same bullshit about some people and I really wanted to stop this. But the cr*p never ends and its stinks like hell and I have to let it free. Thats' in my mind, if you happen to realize. So, today, a guy tell me to take the food for him also. First of all, there is a big line and second of all I don't really eat, thirdly, I decided to let it go and eat this day, fourthly I stand in the line to collect two person's meal, fifthly where the hell was he when he was supposed to collecting his own god-damn-food. At last I find him talking to a girl, obviously, how did I miss that? And he was discussing about World-Hunger, no?.... then not even that?  The girl is very into helping orphans,...well... then Stock Market,.. not even that? .... then... Renewable Sources of Energy, (well, he can give a lot of bullshit) ... not even that? Come on man, what else could be that alarming that he is standing mid-way and talking seriously. Lets recap a little bit. Last saturday, a movie after planning a little about the Ripples( An art kind of thing which brings out the creativity of people as a group and they have to work on any kind of idea whichever interests them, it could be a drawing, painting, graphics printout and the list goes one). Yesterday, as per the latest news, I heard, another movie. Well, good. Because I kind of missed the yesterdays movie- Step Up Revolution. Those SoB's didn't call me yesterday, while this guy jollied away with the remaining people who he admired the most, if you know what I mean. So, the point here is that, he would do something he hates doing if I tell but won't refuse if that comes from the opposite gender. Need I say more, I would be wasting your time as well as mine. I mean, come on man, grow up. He would reply, I am grown and doing the what-I-effing-like. Why are so bothered about it ? That would leave me dumbfounded, won't it? He already gives no-sh_t about me and makes the worst of me all the time, is it anything new to him?  Somewhere deep down, I think why do people just be like that - Like swingers - Just swinging to what interests them and dump the rest or to use something more sensible use the rest. 
  • Someone knows everything. And this special someone thinks he doesn't know that much. He appears as silent as an owl apart from his interactive mind and friendly nature which attracts most of the people, sometimes, it feels like waking a sleeping lion. No matter how much we grow, we still remain the old fashioned-new college teenagers. Or such is the thought of most of the people. I have to hit my head with a steel rod and wake myself up. There is this Professional Grooming session where people are taught how to be effing Professional. Why does that fades away just as the person-who-taught leaves the room. The momentary lapse makes me feel that these guys will start behaving properly and be something more like a professional. I recall the little and long trips and take back my thoughts and bury them deep beneath. It is just so naive to think about someone changing on an overnight. Don't look at me, I know I am an exception. (No Kidding, okay fine, I am kidding, may be). I want to see how professional people(read: friends) travel long distances. Do they get a little teen-aged and do something crazy? Don't tell me that "Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara" story. I meant like crazy-crazy more like stupid-crazy or whatever crazy that isn't professional. I get really pissed when someone just crosses a line and I still stay the same old me ignoring all the bloody nuisance. You tell me? What should I do ? Man up and hit him? Sometimes people get physical also, but I don't. Because at that moment, I think in my mind - This ass-O is going in my blog for sure, no doubt. 
  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON'T OVER ACT (for the sake of humanity and for god's sake) . It really kills me, when people act so well that their over-acting just kills me. Just like stab-me, stab-me-now. So there is this guy who is a gem in over-acting and he really does it so well that you can clearly make out that he is effing overacting, rather too too tooooo much. And if you know what biscuits mean, it will be much more clearer. Usually, puppies are tempted by biscuits. Similarly, the word is used as an metaphor and is now used by people to mock other people are trying to impress  other people with flattery and all that stupid-stuff. So, this guy has a huge collection of biscuits, sorry correction, cream biscuits(now you know the intensity of flattery with cream in between the biscuits). I something get confused whether it is flirting or just flattery. Whatever it is, I don't give a  sugar-honey-iced-tea about it. Well, why am I writing if I ^(above italics). It is really saddening or let me put it this way, it is really irritating when I hear even if I don't want to hear. What can I do, I have big ears ! My Bad. :/
  • He is calm, composed, silent, stupid, behaves funny with a long hair with gel and oil, I guess. He is really an as$ in his own way. He totally pisses me off when I try to talk to him, he just listens like a effed-up idiot. He doesn't respond. He just throws a fake smile as if we don't know thats' a fake smile. And when he gives presentation, I just feel like throwing whatever is in my hand at him. He totally sucks, in all ways possible. (If you know this guy, you would be surprised to know that he composed this sucking post).
Enough for today, I suppose. So, is my mind at ease now? I hope so. So, this should be the last human-disregarding and downgrading post. I hope this is it. I mean come on man, for how long will I be pissed off at myself and other people. Now who the eff said said Eternity? Message for you : NONE. Message to self : FML, seriously do that.  

Friday, August 10, 2012

Soo..Corked up!

I already shot him, but he is still walking lazily. Why doesn't he just die and go somewhere called hell, may be. A small clip is being continuously played in my mind and I know I messed it up big time, and I just want it to get over with it. So, I had my presentation and surprisingly I was cool and not tensed. May it was the empty stomach. Now lets back up a bit. Last time, I remember having breakfast, that to be I don't usually have breakfasts was yesterday when I went out to get some tabs to cope with the torturous throat and running nose and realized those are not to be taken on an empty stomach. So, I tried some breakfast. Then had the tabs. And then at office, we were shifted to a new campus which has something worse food and I had no idea of walking half a kilo-meter just for food. So, I dropped the idea though some of my friends insisted me on having something to eat. Then later that night, we were made to stay up a little late, and if you read my previous post, I mentioned something about it as well. So, no diner yesterday. Today, morning as usual, I don't have breakfast ever so this was just another normal day except that I was having a pint of fever, a running nose and a soar throat. I started with some biscuits but found out that these were already being consumed by ANTS. These ants are just awesome, they can even make holes into a perfectly sealed packet and have some delicious biscuits for themselves with out paying a penny to the person who bought it. Obviously I threw it in the dustbin and pick up another packet from my biscuit collection. Wait a minute , you don't know, right ? I am sooo lazy that I buy a weeks supply at a time and keep munching the rest of the week. And the shop is just besides my hostel, so now you know how active I am . So, the afternoon went by and then there it was , the presentation. 

I don't know what happened in the meanwhile, but there was some sort of air coming out or was trying to come out from my stomach. I had no idea such things happen when one has an empty stomach. Well, over a day of empty stomach. And I stand there feeling something strange in my stomach. But I cool it off with the thought that I have a presentation to give first. My time comes and suddenly I stop in the middle and I am like __________________________ ( a long pause ) I seriously have no idea what happened but I just paused. God, Kill me. Seriously, I mean it. Like I said, Only if he could hear. So, I had been trying to kill that guy, or atleast that awkward 5.. wait no, 10 seconds pause. 

I will get back to my usual self now. The one who always comments on how people tend to behave and ignoring all the stupid things he does. All seemed happy today. You can really see the glow in their eyes and in their attitude. Some are not be mentioned are totally hyperactive. And no matter what the other people do, they just get all hyper and all. And believe me when I say, Its utterly disgusting. Please don't get this into your mind. There is this guy who would get into every single thing and just piss off most of the people, if not most, well then me. And then he cracks a superb lame joke and some of the girls start laughing without taking into account that he was actually flirting. Didn't I mention? He flirts with every one present and more with someone he likes most. So, the last Sunday was a friendship day, and in the last moment we managed to get some bands from the roadside shop on which it was written the company's' that I presently working in. So this guy firstly tell everyone that someone tied that thing and pretends as if he didn't tells. So, now also I can see that on his hand so one might as well incur something out of it right ? 
And there is another guy about whom I mentioned a number of times on my blog, and he is second to him or I would rather say he is first in this own way. Now, I am getting pissed off at everything he does and when he comes near me and tries to tell or do something funny which he usually does, I simply tell him 'Don't waste your energy'. He even responds to it saying, I wont' where I was indirectly directly him to stay the eff from me, but which part he doesn't understand. 
Now another guy, about whom also I mentioned earlier. I feel like shouting 'GET THE POINT CLEAR BEFORE YOU TELL'. Clearly, I don't know what's on his mind. He comes and tells me, there is nothing to worry. BIG EFFF that. There is every reason to worry about it. And he takes it so lightly, that I am overwhelmed, seriously I am. Come on, give me a break. He is totally perfect at whatever he does and whatever he wants to do, just that he doesn't tell. Yeah no kiss-and-tell.. It does feel like that when he responds there is nothing to worry and I will take care of it. Again EFF that. God dammit, just tell what are you going to do. And keep us out from some sort of suspense because it is something like a group work and when he does that , it just pisses of whatever is in me. I don't usually talk back, but in these situations, I could even hit. Believe me, I can. I would be no more a stuffed toy who just sits behind the glass pane. 

Coming to me. Let me look at myself silently from one corner of the room. Now its my time. There sits some guy fiddling with his little-long hair and a little bit of showing off which no one observes. Wait a minute, he ducks down trying to escape something. Oh, he is reading something, may be a novel, I guess. And I wonder why people call him Mr. Perfect. I mean come on, it should be something related to that guy. He is silent and don't care what the worlds' gonna happen. And more over that guy doesn't even drink like in the movie where the hero does all the things and just pretends as if he is totally Perfect. I mean drink drink , not normal drink, I'd be glad if you picked that. Someone from no where answers me : Isn't it obvious that its totally a SARCASTIC remark/name. So, now I get it. He sits there silently and doing nothing most of time or so he says. Now, he's looking more like observing the people around him in a short little span of time. He makes a grin thinking something about the people he just observed. Let me guess.. 'This is so going into my blog'. And what else he does? His presentation skills suck to the core, I feel like my 5 year old cousin brother can do better (far more better) than him. And what is that with loose shirts? Why are his shirts so loose that he is wearing an oversized shirt and always struggling to set it right. He should rather buy something of his own size. If someone from the class reads his blogs, he would be so very much screwed. Or hmm... I leave it to you what might happen. 

Was it all good ? I know it is. Obviously, right? But the people just keep piling up and I have no idea where to start and where to end! Wait a minute, if I continue like this, it won't end at all. 

If you are wondering what the hell does the title mean, don't bother, I myself have no idea. And when I am around stay behind the curtains because ... well... isn't it obvious that I am one lousy critic and make so much easy things harder. Am I not  and don't I  (respectively) ? :P 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dozing into the Night.

I couldn't see the moon today.  May be today is a no-moon day. Btw what do we call it again. I pass. Yesterday, I remember admiring the moon for its white illumination in the dark sky scattered with tiny white dots. 

Yesterday, I felt dizzy and I thought it must be the earthquake. But when I saw the remaining people who were working normally, I realized it me swinging, or may be feeling like that. And to make the point clear, I think I might have a little bit of fever and also cough and soar throat. Initially, I thought it was because of the all the shouting I did. You question ? I shout as well ? Was I supposed to the the silent guy and don't-give-a-sh_t-what's-happening-guy. You got me there. I pretend to be like that. And it has become a habit. You may also know, good habits are hard to go, er... I mean bad habits , or whatever. 

This wasn't actually today's' post. I had planned to explain the last weekend, which I enjoyed a lot. But the aftermath seems to be frustratingly feverish and painful with the soar throat and all. Well, God Damn me, I had been saying this the whole day. Well, What can God do over here. Right ? Well, whatever ! I am in one hell of a situation and to add to it there comes our faculty. 

So, his story is quite different and completely over my head. Well, I won't brag about it. Coming to the point. A lot time wasted to waste some more time. Did you get it? And in addition to that .... 'A lot time wasted to waste more time and keep us starving'. I already feel sick and there is a presentation tomorrow and they call it the final presentation. Well, there is another final presentation. So many names clashing to one, right ? Happens sometimes where there is no clear idea of what the eff is happening around. So, there is a presentation tomorrow and I already feel like s#it and you guys probably know about me and presentations that I suck to the core. And now, this bloody running nose, feverish body, soar throat and mind blowing cough and not to forget review (also called as test or diagnostics)  , tests and re-tests and re-reviews. That;s enough for a man, right ? I too feel the same. Wait a minute, did I just hear someone say 'that's so easy to handle'! Well, I present you my shoes, a brand new one and you can just hop in and feel what exactly I am feeling. 

Someone cracks a totally lame joke at this time, and I am like 'mln', if you know what I mean. Probably you don't. Good for you. First of all I don't even look at him and behave as if I didn't hear it, but then he starts laughing like crazy-stupid, more like eech-eech-eech. I smile back with one disgusting look which he doesn't observe. Then, I carry on with my work. Now there is more. How do you feel when some looks at your PC when you are working really hard or lets say writing a blog or writing some kind of program ? Frankly, I feel like hitting the person first. And in-spite of the Business Skill sessions which explain about such behaviour in detail, some people just fail to follow it. Now, what else can we say? I stop and look at the reflection in the computer and there he is staring like an as_ ! I stop , shift the tabs with my fingers and do that till he goes away to do this G# D# work. 

You might have got pissed after reading this all-swearing post. But, dear friend, I am pissed to the core and hope this helps. Well, now I feel a little more feverish and sleepy. And I don't usually do early sleeps. See, its not even 12. And I sleep at 3 or 4. Now, my fingers are like burning as if I am on fire from inside. Is it fever ? God, give me a break. I took the antibiotics which don't seem to be working. Now, I end and put my misery to myself as I sleep into the night with no moon. God, Save me Tomorrow. Only, if you could hear.! 

Friday, August 3, 2012


I am not the arguing type. But these days people are making me argue on pretty little things. And I get back at them very fiercefully with whatever I know or don't know. But I just get back at them. This is not me. The old me used to be like the don't-really-care type or more like don't-give-a-shit on whatever you say and used to remain silent and let them have their way. I shouldn't be writing about this but I have no better work to do. Wait a minute, I do have. But it is more like for that work to do, I need something which is currently not working. So, I am being myself all over again in this aspect. 

So, in the recent two months I managed to make a few friends. These people really get friendly. I mean as if like made for each other kind of. And I am like, come on, don't exaggerate too much. But still they do. Some of the new things these people brought to light are

  • They gave me a new name, like a new name and thats' not something they created or something, they just got it from a movie and that is it now, I got a new nick name.
  • Some of the people just swear at me for no reason and I am like wth , or more like WTF. That is their usual way of interacting with people. I see.
  • I don't understand whether someone is really pissed or jealous or whatever about my hair, some people just try to spoil the alignment of the not-so-perfectly-groomed-hair-after-working-on-it-for-a-hour. Well, not an hour, more like the same. A guy comes and just flicks it out. Seriously, Eff You MAN. I get back at him in a serious tone and he gets a little cranky still thinking that I wasn't serious. And moreover, we were being taught about something called Personal Space almost everyday, but I think that doesn't mean anything to some of the people, or may be most of the people. 
  • "You know something". Very good. I too know something. It gets a little hay-wired when we speak almost the same thing and are on the same page but the other person just repeats it over and over and over and over as if I am wrong. WTH! Its' the same thing we talk about but the other person thinks I am speaking something against what he has to say. 
  • "I don't know most of the things", I mean all the technical. Wait a minute, on second thoughts, non-technical also. But why does everybody act like they don't know a damn thing and just boast about it while they keep piling their knowledge underneath their blanket. Come on, seriously, these guys know everything, most of the things, or to be more clear - know more than me. But still, they make a poker face as if they don't know anything. But do they stop. When it comes to show what they got, they just get into line .
  • People are too bossy, owing to what they show that kind of behaviour, I just have no idea. 
There is much more to the crazinesss. I am stopping here and battling to keep the beast in me to just leave those people alone for the sake of humanity. Wait a minute, I have a beast in me too? I myself had no idea. It more like the usual sentence that people use, right ? Just-going-with-the-flow. :P

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