Monday, June 25, 2012


Note : Sundrama stands for Sunday-Drama. (Yeah, my own creation).

The day ended when I slept. The night before last night, I didn't sleep. As mentioned earlier, I was going for a trip to Kanyakumari with some of my friends. So, the bus was supposed to come at 2 am early in the morning. The journey began at 3 though and ended at 9pm yesterday night. Over all I slept for like 3 hours tops. So, yesterday night I couldn't stay up late at night. So I slept at 1am. Thats' not late right ? 
Something came over my mind, I suppose. I was chatting one of my friends and the person was pretty startled at the way I was speaking. It seemed pretty normal. "What happened to you AJ?" , "Don't be sad" . I didn't mention anything about being sad nor I said anything wrong was going with me. I just mentioned about the Job-Training which I am going through and how it sucked to the core. Though I added a sad smiley. But that was not close to me being changing completely or being sad. Is it? Am I writing the same way ? Because the other day someone mentioned that I used to write well. May be something is seriously wrong with me which I am unable to find out. 

Little Confused Me.
Today, My Niece was given a name. She is exactly a month old. So, I was at the Church. The starting session was in English but the priest. And the next session was in Malyalam. We had to stay till the second session started and stayed till the middle. The naming was done in the second session only and they were speaking in Malyalam, a totally foreign language to me. So, it was done and all over. I had seen something which I had never seen before. First of all, they conduct it superbly with the video's for tv and also the way is nice. So, when the second session was going on and the priest, choir and the rest of the audience were singing in Malyalam, I stood there trying to make out the words from the round-round figures which were projected on the wall and the script were the song lines. So, while I was busy figuring it out and we were clapping and standing, someone were dancing I mean really, like 'shake it-shake it dance', and the lady was just in front of me. And I didn't guess the age, but it would be around 60 something. Then, another swift-jumping-with-hands-clenched  and she was about to fall thrice. And then another added and another. I figured that they were joyous in the presence of the God and as if the God touched then that they became so hyper-active. I was standing in the third row of 30-something total rows. And I was standing tall when compared to the people beside me. And it is just like an auditorium where each row is a step above the previous. So, I was looking here and there and clapping while some people throw a stare at my confused face. Seriously, I haven't seen something like that before and also the song was a foreign language to me, at least I couldn't even hum. 

Judge me Not.
Two weeks back, I was at my relatives home and I was there on a weekend. You probably must be knowing how important weekends are to people working. So, that was one weekend wasted. I am quite, most of my friends know that. And if you don't know, now you do right? I am silent also and don't talk much. And if its' girls, forget about it. Anyways, where was I? Yeah, I couldn't say no when they asked to come over. Though, I had no plans except that I wanted to explore the surroundings which I usually do when I am new to a place. But lack of time prevented me from doing that. *sad face* . So, I was at their home watching TV, watching TV and watched TV. And in the middle my cousin bother, who came from Mumbai later that week planned to go the nearby museum. So, we go there and find out that its closed. There was another  museum near by , so we go there and find that also closed. So we walk back to their home. Later the next day, he left for Mumbai. Now the real stuff happens. I was given a tea. So, I take a sip slowly calculating the heat. It was still hot and it tasted sour/ without sugar. I thought it must have been the hotness which prevented the sweetness. So I take another sip and god, I was like damn, there is no sugar. I could have mentioned that and could have added some sugar. But no I didn't. I drank the while thing. And don't try that at all. I mean it. It was like .... I ust can't find words to express that feeling. If you want to have a try, go ahead, but I recommend not to go for it. So, I drank that whole cup of tea with great difficulty though. Every sip was like 'eww' , 'yukkk' and add synonyms to those words. So, I was back to their home today and again the same kind of tea. I thought for some time whether I should try it once again. My mind was very very very confident not to, so I manned up a bit and told them and added little sugar. See, keeping quiet has so many consequences like drinking a cup of tea without sugar. *As I was writing about the tea, some sort of vibration went through my spine, everytime I mentioned that tea*.

In Other News
I just received a blog award - Awesome Blogger Award. Thanks to her. I am very glad and happy as well. Glad because I got an award. Happy because I created that award using Photoshop and that it traveled among different people and landed on me. Well, I will be sharing the details soon. 

I will write about the trip asap. I am now uploading photos on demand basis even though my internet balance is low and costly, I am. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

In a Days' Work.

The day begins and the day ends and I don't usually remember what happens meanwhile. Is time moving fast. Has the rotation speed of earth increased? I have no clue but what I can say is that I can't find time. 

My day starts at 12 pm in the morning when I go down for the bus to go to work. After waiting for half and hour, the bus does finally come and we reach the work place by or so. Then we've to climb a hill and there comes one mighty building where I work. The I climb down the stairs for lunch. The canteen is in the ground floor. Since it is a hill , to go to the ground floor, we have to climb down two floors. After some hip hop and stuff like that the training begins. I check the time table to see whether there is anything I should be worried about the day. If there is a presentation or BizSkill class, I get a little tensed up. If there is a presentation, I usually skip the lunch as well. I forgot to tell, I skip breakfast also. It has been like 3 week when I had a breakfast and it was so good that I am not eating on any other day. The day begins .. and I check the time every minute. It has its ups and downs and finally the clock does strike 9 pm when we usually leave the air conditioned room. Man, you have no idea how much cold it gets. It is centralized so, we can't usually control the temperature. Well, whatever the day ended and we climb down 5 floor for dinner. After the usual, we have a meeting at our usual spot called the Milky Batch, where all the people drink milk while I have Cappuccino. And thats' free . :D So, I drink and keep drinking. :D. We come back at around 11 pm and I immediately log on to facebook and sit down to write a blog. But I get all lazy and I just can't pen down anything.  I lazy around and then sleep at 2am something. I wake up at around 10. The morning formalities end up by 11 and then I get ready to go for work. See, where do I have time ? 

Weekend !
The relief from the busy week. The faculty seems to be more happy than me. I wonder why ? Not that I don't weekends. I love. And I long for weekends at the start of the week itself. Wait a minute, that's done by everybody also right ? Well, I am happy for the weekend and the problem is that it ends even faster with in a blink of an eye. So I am trying hard not to blink the eye. :P 

The Cold War. 
I mentioned about the cold war in my previous blog. You didn't read? Good. You didn't waste your time, then. Anyways, so there is this guy, a nice guy indeed. This guy created a Facebook Group for out class. Then after a few days another guy creates another group on our class. And now there is some disparity on the terms of Facebook Group. So, the former guy is nice, as I said explains about it. The latter guy tell the former guy to remove the group as the new group has more people then the former. I have no clue about what to do about it. First of all, I don't have that much friends. And I am still in the process of making them. So, I don't know what exactly to do. There is a tug of war, and I am at the middle but its me here pulling both the sides. Weird comparison ? I didn't mind your opinion. *HAHA* . So, any suggestions? I know I could tell the guy to take it lite and that he will also get a chance. And not to bother about it much. 

Weekend Surprise.
So, I go to work today and one of my classmate asks me whether I am going or not and I was like to where. Last night my friend mentioned about it but I didn't give any answer as I was unsure of what might happen, I mean like we are given assignments and stuff like that and to add to that I have relatives here. I may get a call from them as well as my uncle was saying a week that he will book a room in the Guest house. I didn't get a call, may be because I changed to number to the local number to avoid roaming charges. Though the sim was given by my uncle only, may be they don't know the number. I didn't tell you where I am going, right? I am going to Kanyakumari and some other places on the way and what they are, I clearly don't have a clue. Since my classmates are going, I mean the college classmates, I am also going by default. The bus comes at 2am, they say. So I haven't slept yet. I don't sleep till 3 on any usual day. I was just saying. :P

P.S. I will update about the trip, if thats' interesting. I'd if its' interesting also. What else work do I have ? Wait a minute, did I just say work? I need to get ready and clean my DSLR and after I come I have to study (a lot, because I have no clue what is going on in the class and its more like I am in a french class). See What work do I have? 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

On a Casual note.

The continuation from the previous post. Or lets say I skipped this part. The reason could be that I forgot. I don't know why I am bothering the fellow readers with the boring stories of me and spoiling their time and day(may be). My apologies. A dear follower commented about I being Silent and Reserved. Totally agree that and its' true as well. So, I being myself as reserved as I am jotting down something which will probably bore you. Well, whatever. My Blog - My Space - The cr*p I may write. People would call this showing attitude. Agree? I was being total informal trying out to write like an idiot. Anyways, continuing to ruin your time...

1. The first day of the training had a lot of unexpected things. One of the things I already mentioned about speaking on the value of the other person. Later that day, there was another activity as well. We were divided into 6 groups and each were given a topic form the values of the company or something like that. So, our batch got "Sense of Urgency". As soon as the topic was decided the girl sitting beside me started drawing a plane and a man and a tree and another person and a ladder. The idea behind it was that the client was going away in the flight and we representing the company are giving the product to the client by climbing onto the ladder from the tree. huh! Don't look at me like that. I know you couldn't picture even a little bit of what I just said. Well, that's the best I can do as of now. I was impressed not only at the concept of the whole thing but also at the speed at which she got the idea and got it down on the paper. Other people of the batch decided to breakup it into cloud system and make its look-and-feel better. The others' suggested ambulance, Pizza delivery boy and I suggested Fire Accident. They told me the sketch an outline and I was like I can't even make a man properly even the man made with just lines. I draw a rough sketch with great difficulty and it looks totally like the overgrown bush in the backyard which wasn't cleaned for over a year. True that. We haven't drawing it on the chart yet and sir then shouted 2 more minutes. We hurried up and I watched the other people draw and did nothing except stare and admire at their creative skill and drawing. So, the chart had four sections on the whole. One was the flight thing(Sorry, I couldn't explain it that clearly) , the next one was the Pizza delivery boy who was umping over the vehicles as he had to deliver the pizza in time else the Pizza would be free. Then the Fire accident one (well, they didn't use my drawing, thank god :D). And last one was the Sir telling us to complete it in time pictured as a few students  sitting and sir saying 5..4...3...2...1..! I honestly felt ours' was the best among the all. The same thing was experienced with the rest of the batches as well.

2. Coming back to the think in which I suck the most. I already mentioned about my partner. He seems like he has just prepared a little bit but when the time comes he just pours every talent of his into one thing. I totally admire this quality of his and I wonder as how he actually does that. 

3. There was a new admission of people this week and now another 400 people added to already existing 400 people + the remaining people who are here before my batch. Well, this campus is strictly for training and projects come to Trivandrum. So, yesterday I saw all the new happy faces and the crowded places filled with people as like a swarm of flies. A friend commenting on seeing the happy faces that they will know whats at stake for them and that their happiness will be gone in no more than 1 or 2 days.

4. There is a blog in the company website where obviously we can blog. So, I copy pasted one of my worambling(that I sometimes call poetry) work there and when I pressed publish, it said it will be reviewed but still it hasn't been published. I don't who would do that and when they would complete reviewing it. 

5. Today in the business skill class, there was one incident when the Sir was explaining about the Mind mapping concept where he took the example of marriage. So, he picked a guy who is referred to as "bone crushing guy". The reason for his name was that the other day we were told about the formal ethics as of how to greet people and stuff like that. One of it consisted of handshaking. So Sir made an activity to shake everybody's hand and know how each one of the people does that. So, this guy goes to the Sir and shakes his hand. After all was over, sir points to this fellow and says that he did a bone crushing handshake which is not so good in formal meetings. Coming back to the point, yeah, the wedding. This bone crushing guy was picked and we were asked about what are all the necessary requirements for his marriage. And I forgot to tell another thing, he is the celebrity, or lets say rising celebrity in the class and has a huge following already. And to add to that he is the only one from a different college and the college name also sounds funny as well. So, we were all making fun of him telling all the things which were necessary for his marriage. And in the moment of confusion and excitement, he says Yes, when sir asks whether he has a gf or not. The thing is that girls were more responses than boys and another thing Bachelors' Party was suggested by girls only. Well, anyways, he is one awesome guy who just got booked and everybody else enjoyed and my batchmate enjoyed even more as the bone crusher always made fun of this other guy. 

6. To end, I am prrety much confused about what to tell people when they call me and ask where I am when I am at Office. Yeah, that word Office. I am not that much used to it and I don't feel like as if I am going to some office because what we are dealing as of now consists of training and they are teaching as if in college. But too strict on time as they poke around saying you are professionals now and we have to act like one. Well, whatever, the question is "where am I?" Most of the times I reply Campus but its' office right. Because everybody else say so. And I am not yet convinced that I am in Office now. So, now they me for what they teach me. You might think thats' a good thing, right? But it isn't actually. They literally kill us while they teach and manslaughter vertically and horizontally. Yeah, don't imagine. You can't sleep if you do that. 

7. Just as I was about to end this post another news came to my ears. There is something called Cold War. Its' Cold war or Code war, I didn't get properly. So, there is some kind of war. And the war is about.. wait for it... the Facebook group. I was surprised on listening that there were things like this also. Now remember I said earlier "Be a Professional". The gist is that a guy created a facebook group for my section and couldn't add all the people because no one was in each others' friend list and on top of it he made it private. In the meantime, some other guy created another group and added some of the people and the war is about this, as I  think. Sounds crazy ? I clearly don't know. 

8. Another thing, I just used 5GB of my pepaid balance of Relaince within one week. Yeah, I am an internet addict. Can't change that, but 5GB is a huge data and Reliance!!!!! Its' costly man. Now that I earn, I mean my salary would be credited after one month and I won't have the liberty to use a penny of it. So, after two months I may. So, I need to adjust my budgets and all. I need to save money. Haha. I am saying that. I already made plans for each months salary. And I promised myself to keep the bank balance zero till i get all the things that I want. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Idiot I am.

Some day last week : *Bangs the head to the table* *Bangs the head at whatever is in front of me*
Some other day last week : *Bangs the head on the table*

" Its' better to stay calm and be stupid, than speak and remove all the doubt"

So goes a line which I read somewhere. Exactly is the situation with me. So, I manage to make fun/fool of myself today completely. If there was any doubt till now, I just removed that. So, you get the gist right, I am Stupid. 

Let me take you to a week back. Now that you know I reached this place called Trivandrum, Kerala a.k.a God's Own Country. I wonder why they kept such a name. I mean seriously, Man; here the food is made from coconut oil and god knows who manages to eat it. Well, keeping aside the talk about food because its' just waste of time or lets say I don't want to. I would keep myself without eating rather than buying and leaving it again. My mom says eat whatever is available. But the hell!, nothing eatable is available here. When rice is sweetened by pineapple pieces there is no spice in the food as a matter of fact no salt sometimes. That was the scenario for the past week. This week we changed to the place for eating and this is far better than the previous location. 

So going back to the joining date : 4th June onward...

I reached Trivandrum on 3rd June. I was picked by my cousin brother. Where ever I go, I have someone or the other especially relatives. It is good in some aspects and not so good in other aspects. So, I thought of going to my room and checking in my room and then go back to their house. But, I being the less talker, my cousin bro did the talking and I went to their house with all that huge luggage. And I forgot to tell, my cousin sister had a daughter last week and what would be called? Uncle, right? So, I went to their home, saw the kid. She is cute and very small. I mean very very small. She was just 11 days by then. Getting back to me. I thought I could get back to my room, have some privacy and some Me-time as well. But, my bad. The next day I had to report by 0745hours at the office. After all the hush-hush, I start exactly at 0720 hours despite my knowing that the journey takes over 45 minutes. The car was fast and the traffic was minimal which helped me to reach on time which was exactly at 0800. I get into the line while my bro comments on looking at the line which had only girls. I too was shocked and wondered whether I was at the right place or not. Seriously, that was a pretty big queue. And I could't see any guy anywhere. But I didn't care so I didn't worry. I complete the formalities and next I am led into a seminar hall. As I entered, I was shocked to the core. The hall was filled with girls. But I acted as if I dint mind and went on casually. The thing that was bothering me was that I didn't arrange my documents and so I dint mind any of the other big shockers. 

A guy comes in and says that we get some time for breakfast. So, I get out first only to find that all the guys were in some other room opposite to the hall I was in. Then they collected Phase I of the documents. And they dint collect the remaining documents so far. The Next two days were similar while they killed us showing the boring videos. And there was a test on the second day of the joining which was used to test us obviously and the top 10% of the people i.e. 40 people would have the privilege to choose their stream. Me? Duh! I wasn't in the list. They dragged it to the third say as well and then they divided into batches and also gave the posting after the training, the base location. I got 2nd preference which was Bangalore. I was having mixed feeling at that tome. My parents were in Ahmedabad, which was where my dad got transferred recently. And my first preference was Ahmedabad. But unfortunately, my bad was at it peaks, so yeah, *sad face* and mixed crazy thoughts.

On fourth day, my training classes began. I thought what might happen in the starting classes. They will just explain about what they will be doing for the next 60 days. After the first period, I got a blow when a Business Skill faculty comes into the class and tell that we have to choose a quality and we will be paired up with another person who should not belong to the same gender or same college. That was a real hard thing to do. All the people were paired while I and other guy were remaining. And God, this guy kept on talking. You got the task right ? - Sir gave small cut outs on which there was a value or quality that a person has. There were like 50 something. The task was to speak about the partners' quality and the reason why he choose that value. I choose the value 'Helpfulness'. And I didn't think when I selected that value and I don't think I am that much helpful either. So, this guy choose Determination. So he tells about the Sir and his problem with communication and stage fear and ends up saying that he is determined to improve himself or somewhat like that. And he told me what I should be saying about him. So this Sir comes into the class and smiles at everybody and tells that we should smile at others more often and we should give a smile at other people irrespective of what they are or where they stand. And continues saying that all the people of this organisation were one big family. Sir : *Coughs*  and Looks around. and continues that he isn't much concerned about the other relations among the colleagues. 

*Continuing the draft. And didn't read what I wrote before this. So this may vary a bit and let be start afresh from the moment I stopped*

So, we were given a choice to choose a value and the other person has to speak about it. We went at the start after 3 people-pair. Firstly, everything I had to speak was in my mind and still I was shivering, I mean my legs were shaking. And to add to it the AC got just cooler and my hands froze like a dead meat. Though, I stored what I have to say in the cache memory thinking that I will remember everything, but I was too bound to forget what I was about to say. My partner told a lot of things of which many were irrelevant. I had to synchronize with his thoughts and also I had to pick up what I had to tell about. I am not that of a speaker, I mean like normally also I don't speak. What I was supposed to speak in front of the crowd with the thudding heart beating like a full volume bass / dobly music system while I try hard to recollect whatever was supposed to be spoken. I go there speak out while I am told to speak a little louder three times. Everybody say I speak in a low voice. But I feel like I am perfectly fine and audible to others. But I think I need to crosscheck the pitch of my voice. Anyways, after stumbling and after I had made a fool of myself, I end it while my colleague continues about me. I took the value Helpfullness. I didn't say anything about me. But he stitched it up with the key points I gave him. So! Whatever I thought it was finally over.

After two days, we had to give a presentation. While I came to my relatives home that weekend, my batch-mate tried something to develop the presentation. The presentation day finally arrived and we didn't even prepare a little bit. Only thing that I was in the fifth batch added some time in which we had got time to summarize what we had to say. I selected a part and was pretty confident that I will manage to get through it somehow. But when the time came, I forgot half of what I had to tell while I was already babbling about the things randomly with consistent breaks and jumps and flickering voice. I end up while my mouth was totally dry and I couldn't even conclude the sentence. But my colleague continued his part with total excellence and presented it effing awesomely that I was shocked at first and thought I was the center piece of being a idiot. 

I was petty much in shock while I tried hard to get out it. The next day there, when the day was about to end and I was sitting in the class thinking that there is nothing today that I should be afraid of especially that BizSkill class. But thoughts were drained down the flush and I did get a blow like a tornado. Three topics were written on the board and we were supposed to speak about it. If I was told to write about it, I might have rocked but speaking is totally not my area. But still I made up mind to say as if I was writing a blog - Like total nonsense and full of cr*p and s*it. So, I start there something like confident and tell everything that comes to my mind without even thinking what I was saying and I end the topic. But Sir says to continue. I was like, I spoke for a long time and still what else do I have to tell. I fumble and finally sit down when Sir says to the next person to continue. 

Ok, Fine. I clearly don't know why I wrote this. I am guessing you already know how much of an as* I am and there is nothing new to it. So, you get the gist right? The Idiot I am. 

I also analyzed about me and why I am such a, such an Idiot. The primary concern I found was my appearance. I don't think I look at all good. Not even close to okay. I am the odd one out and its the actual scenario. So, thats' one of the reason. And my flow of thoughts is not properly organized. I should get it right. And yeah, I think I might need to undego a Plastic Surgery or something like that. Thats' a joke, you got it right ? 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


3 days , 7 posts in drafts. And finally, I thought I should get it out.
Its' one of the moments when I can't actually relate whats' going on with me/ inside me. This might not be as pleasing as it is actually not. I will make it short or long, may be. Let me start with the Journey, the beginning while I slowly move forward to the actual thing where my mind is scaring me. 

2nd June : I boarded the Special Train nearly at mid night when the station was completely empty except a few other passengers just like me. I was with my cousins and aunt and dad and mom and brother (so many ands :P ) . I stood there thinking and projecting the scenario that would be there the next couple of days. Well, the projection I made was a totally different one and the reality seemed so harsh. 

The crescent of the moon illuminated the night sky. It wasn't a full moon, but the radiance was almost same. I just admired it for all the time while I was waiting for the train. While we were cracking jokes, time quickly flew by and the train finally arrived. It was quarter to twelve and as you can imagine, everybody in the train were fast asleep. So, I was cautious not the wake any of the people. But we had a lot of luggage. Oh, I forgot to tell. My dad got transferred and were moving there the same day I am going to Kerela for Job-Training. So, yeah too much luggage, rather too much.

3rd June : I woke up. There was chitter-chatter of small kids and that to be in English. Some NRI people were travelling along with us. So, these kids are real naughty. One of them even broke the Curtain in the AC Class bogie in which I was travelling. Next point of destination was the Hyderabad International Airport. If I had got some time with me before I joined for Job, I would have been with my parents and in the coolest place so far I had been. But unfortunately, I was going south while my parents along with my brother were going west of India. While we carried with is the pack of 9 big luggage, we got into a big taxi, obviously which was Toyota Innova. Then the journey to Airport. That was a pretty long journey. So, we reach the Airport and take our breakfast. And that costed us over 700 bucks. Then I was roaming around in the airport trying to get some nice pictures. But I couldn't get any. 

Finally I get into the Airport for the Boarding Pass, when I am met with this too-much-powered face lady who asks me Indigo flight. I was travelling by Indigo flight, so I said Yeah, I am a passenger. So she takes me all the way round to the counter while my dad was way ahead of me and was totally unaware of what I just did. So, when he comes he is a little bit shocked and with a grin on his face we had to check in my luggage as I was already issued the Boarding Pass. So we go to the counter where there is another lady with black liner eyebrows and white-washed face. I check in my luggage which shows 10kg excess baggage. So, for that we had to pay another 1000bucks. It is too much, right ? We move on and get all the checking done and we sit. Because there was still over an hour left for the flight time. Mine was scheduled at 1500 hours while that of my parents was scheduled at 1515hours. I roam around in the airport admiring the architecture and the various collection of books. Man, there is a store at every corner and each one was a big one. 

I take out my camera and roam trying to click some of the architectural as well one picture of me. But in spite of my repeated telling my bro doesn't get any of my pics right. :( . So, my flight time approach so I go to my terminal escorted by my dad. I get into the Bus and then into the Plane. First thing I should do next time is not the fly in Indigo Airplane. Seriously, there is no leg space and it is very uncomfortable. 

On Flight : So, in spite of getting to the airport 5 hours ahead and getting inside 3 hours ahead of the scheduled time, I didn't get the Window seat. *Sad Face*. My plan was to capture some of the sights from above the clouds. I got an Aisle seat which sucked to the core and there was an Aunty in the middle who was with the book the whole time. I got buckled up as per the instruction and this young working lady, I suppose didn't leave the book aside for a moment and kept on reading it. I think she must be a teacher. The plane gets up in the Air with a bolt of energy while the artificially looking air hostess try to sell some of the goodies and eatables with double the price, obviously. I don't understand why people want to spoil the otherwise looking very good face by white-washing with creams, powders and all that cosmetics and add to it a wig as well. Being natural is 6E-er than artificiality, don't you think? Oh by the way 6E is a magazine by the the great Indigo Airlines. Now the flight is in the air and as usual everybody is now relaxing and pull theirs seats back. And the lady sitting besides me makes a grin face at the child seated in the seat in front of her and then continues reading her book. I mean look at her, she could pull her seat back and get some space and sit freely ad continue reading. But she seems uncomfortable but comfortable being uncomfortable while she continues reading. 

I pull out my iPod long before the plane started to move. I even ignored the instruction to keep all the electronic devices switched off before taking off while I was being like 'showing attitude' as some would say. But I wasn't actually. I was minding my own business. The plane was in the mid sky I play a game of Temple Run, shuffle some songs and an hour is over and I land in Chennai where the plane would stop for 30 minutes. Some people got down and some boarded, while some stayed on the plane. So, the some of the new people were having very small kids and they were travelling alone. I mean my ears were sometimes blocked in the middle of the air, I thought the same would be the case with the children, No ? Mine was fourth from the last and the person on the window was from the same college as me but of a different branch. And he got into talking and kept on talking. I was nodding and giving a fake smile while I was trying hard to catch his words. Whatever he said, I just nodded. In the middle he asked me a question, I laughed and nodded to that as well. Yeah, I suck, No need to remind me of that. So he stares at me looking for an answer. So, I ask him what he asked and tell something. People were still boarding and there comes this girl. I look at the magazine titled 6E in the book holder behind every seat. I say to myself, that word is totally apt. She comes back and back looking for her seat number and only two were remaining at the back- one was beside me and the other in the seat just in front of me on the opposite side. I say in my mind, "Oh god, No No No". God hears things like this. Damn, I shout in my mind. The flight took off again and the air hostess demonstrated again about the procedure to fasten the seat belt and the exit routes and all that. I didn't really hear though. I was rather too busy with my iPod. One thing I came to know about this Journey was that :
Sunglasses are not only for wearing in the afternoon when the sun is hot, or at night but even when you are above the clouds and the windows are closed. 

I am not fashion-freak but come on, in the sky as well ? Gimme a Break. 

P.S. : This has been in my drafts for over a week. I had to write it down. Next post to be coming soon. I hope to write more often. But these senseless people at training are killing (I just gave the teaser, didn't I?) Well anyways, I should try to be more regular and stay on my resolution. 

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