Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Thought.

A thought ! The observation and deduction of a specific thing which causes the excitation of the enzymes in the brain causing a lustrous flow of thoughts expanding with the related things and adding the unknown factors and finally ending somewhere called nowhere near the thought which arouse in the mind. Well, its not any kind of definition or anything like that. Right now, I am writing. The implicate feeling when something needs to be expressed but words aren't sufficient. The pulsating feeling and the thirst for writing, the passion is emanating the bright fluorescence in the arguing mind. An eminent light with an urge to depict the implications and obligations along with the extrinsic anxiety implicating to write.

        Why? What for? For Whom? A fraction of second spent in the simple thought, a bunch of minutes for accumulating the intricate data in the complicated minds and then arranging them systematically. The multitude of effort in scripting the matter in the mind for the comfort of the readers is an extravagant feeling. But nothing is as easy as we might conclude it to be. How is this possible? Our minds are not made of any kind of silicon chips so that they could arrange everything systematically and could be used whenever we need it to be used. The encoding, decoding and retrieval of the information in the clustered brain is a biological phenomenon for sure, and it also amazing too. But on a practical view when I compare it with the hideous big book consisting of over a thousand pages for just understanding how the information i stored in the silicon chips using all the software, hardware and such stuff is an enormous and freaking head ache as i would say because it never ends in any way. It goes on and on. But as I have never taken the liberty of going through how the brain stores the information and interprets. Don't you think its amazing. 

How fascinating it is when we write what is on our mind with flawless words and with extreme caution for the better implication of the critical thought which hindered us to take time from our daily routine and spend a portion of our time to express ourselves. How can thinking help us? Actually, it does help. Some people are totally lost in their world not knowing what is happening around them until they are woken up by the person besides him or by the teacher. This case is seldom sensed by me during the rigorous lectures which tend to happen for every lecture in the college. I am totally lost in my own world creating the bubbles of imagination drawing the cut outs of the lecturers slightly erased figures and manipulating with my own creative yet disastrous imagination. "ROLL NO.1" , is the phrase I am totally woken up from my eyes wide open dreamy world, but by the time the lecture has already been completed and the next lecturer/teacher is already waiting outside the classroom and myself also unknowingly lost in my own world again. Sometimes I also tend to read the book without my mind in it. After I complete the page, I realize that I wasn't paying attention to what I was reading and what was I thinking? Sorry, don't know. In my academic life I have come across different variety of people. These people really think 'Out of the BOX'. Really. They have vibrant ideas and they sure implement them not knowing where it might lead for some, the accelerate towards their 'THOUGHT' or lets call it 'IDEA'.

Why? Why do we have to sit in front of the computer screen and making a sore ass and jot down or say write down the idea. What for? What do we gain in doing so? Money is anticipated by many. But I am far behind those people. Money isn't a concern for me. Is it for you? Yes? Then you got a purpose. When I write this nonsense, do I gain anything? Or let's ask you, the reader. What do you gain from this hazardous write-up? Anything? Well, if you ask me, I would say you just wasted 20 minutes of your time. So as you have wasted your time, I would like to extend your time for a moment more and write a comment on this or the next out-coming blog-posts.

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