Sunday, January 30, 2011

An Award

When the heat is on, we find mirages. In a desert, its quite common. Almost all the times its like they are real but they aren't actually. But we never want to miss a chance of the beautiful oasis in the middle of a desert even if it is a mirage. And sometimes its isn't a mirage either. Yippie. We are totally lucky. We just found a sweet little oasis in the middle of a desert with a small pond to fetch the drinking needs and fruits to satisfy the hunger. Well, cutting the story, I have been honored. By the way the idea of this para is that we feel happy and re-freshening when we find something which we long for the most. 

We have been passed a Stylish Blogger Award. Wow. Wow. Wow. Frankly speaking I couldn't just believe that. I have been awarded this title by Intentional Conscious Parenting. I am very much thankful, I have been featured there as one of the Stylist Blogger. Thank You Carol and Stacy.!

As it is a 'Pass is on' award, I would like to tag some of the recent bloggers with this award. And simply I just love this. But this will be a hard time to tag, as I find all blogger equally good. So, Its kind of a tough job for me. :-|

There are four duties to perform you have to perform after you have received this award. 

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award  :: [DONE]

2. Share 7 things about yourself:

  • My name is Ajay & I don't have any nick names so far (Happy for me). I like writing, but not a good writer though. 
  • I have moved many places and I kind of know different kinds of people. I mean their behavior and all that. So. lets say I study people. :P
  • I usually sleep less wasting time on the Internet and playing games. I spend a whole bunch of time facebooking or just online playing some online games. I also spend most night watching movie(s).
  • I used to be a good athlete; like, good in almost all I played. Now, I have been lazying around these days. 
  • I don't talk much and I like it that way. Many people ask me why I am like that. I sure can explain it, but its a bit complicated for the people to understand, I guess.
  • I like to be on my own, like alone kind of thing. I party, travel alone most of the times. So, you can call me a loner. 
  • I would like to see myself just as a happy man after 10 years or so whatever the circumstances are by then. :D

3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers ::

4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!

It was hard to contact to all th 15 members as some don't happen to be my followers. Anyways take care and have fun. :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jus' Happened..

It took me almost a month to come back to writing and when I did, I got sure of a shock thing. What happened? I too don't know, exactly. But all that I know is that something is disrupted. Real bad. I found some site, which enables to increase the traffic. Wow. I love traffic. I really don't mind even if my blog is not so note-worthy or does't meet your standard of writing. Just that I like traffic. I guess that is what every blogger wants. But the difference is that they write well; very well while I don't. I am very much thankful to the new followers. It is much appreciated. I would like to keep up to my standards of writing and then come to meet your expectations. Because there is a big difficulty in keeping up to my standards itself. But don't worry, I can tackle this. 

What happened was that the sidebar suddenly vanished. Nothing seems to be visible. It is transparent. I tried to make changes to make it visible again, but all attempts failed. I don't know the reason, nor the way it could be solved. Let me try some other ways to get back the side bar. This change in the blog theme does look odd to me and new to others. I immediately got a comment about the change in the blog appearance and that to be from a person who doesn't comment. This does not mean that I am getting my friend wrong. Its what "Jus' happened". 

Now, I am off to write another blog-post, which I had in mind for some time related to 'Ragging' and the people associated with it. Well, wait for it. I will try to make it interesting, but can't guarantee that it will be that good. 

Answer to the Puzzle 4

The code word is TIE.

If you were told any one character of MOD, then you would not be able to determine whether the number of vowels are one or two. e.g. if you were told M, there are two words with M - AIM with 2 vowels and MOD with 1 vowel. So you would not be able to say the number of vowels. Same arguments can be given for characters O and D.

Hence, the word with any one of M, O or D is not a code word i.e. AIM, DUE, OAT and MOD are not the code word. Thus, TIE is the code word.
T : two words - TIE and OAT, both with 2 vowels
I : two words - TIE and AIM, both with 2 vowels
E : two words - TIE and DUE, both with 2 vowels.

Puzzle 5

One of Mr. Bajaj, his wife, their son and Mr. Bajaj's mother is an Engineer and another is a Doctor.
  • If the Doctor is a male, then the Engineer is a male.
  • If the Engineer is younger than the Doctor, then the Engineer and the Doctor are not blood relatives.
  • If the Engineer is a female, then she and the Doctor are blood relatives.
Can you tell who is the Doctor and the Engineer?

Time flies. It is an amazing phenomenon. I do not know how many times I have written about time in my blog. Because when we want to do a thing, sometimes we are summoned by time. We do not know, what happens. But after a certain period of time, which lasts for almost many hours, sometimes days, sometimes weeks and finally sometimes months. Last year was the end of the decade of the 21st century in which I encountered many drastic changes; in me as well as my fellow beings. 

More than half of the month has passed in seconds, I would say. In the last month of the previous year, I thought of writing atleast 100 posts by the year end, but couldn't. When I was preparing for the previous semester finals, I had so many thoughts wandering inside my brain, but later I don't remember a word, a letter. God help me. I thought, I had a passion for writing. Yes, I do have. But when I am captivated with something bad, I cant think clearly to make progress. The reason for being so is the bullying about the results. There were speculations, rumors and all sorts of things which had made the mind to think about nothing else. But, I can't stand it any longer. But it doesn't mean that I am yearning for the result to come as fast as possible. It's just something going wrong in my head. 

Anyways moving ahead, actually I had a thought of writing a good starting-post in this year. But, I surely can't think further than my boundaries of emptiness. Yeah, EMPTINESS. There is nothing in my brain. I can feel it empty and I can even hear the hushing and gasping noise if the blood cells . The emptiness has made everything black and black; yeah not white. Everything is BLACK. Okay, so what should I write in this post. Well, let me start with the happenings around me since the past few months. Caution my dear readers, the following context may be boring. Skip to some another useful and purposeful work. 

Talk to Strangers

I had been quite obsessed with this site. It was a random site told by a friend of mine. It allows you to talk to people whom you do not know, hence it is called Talk to strangers. And this write-up is not some site-promotional kind of thing. I meant something else. People talk to you in any way they want to. But here people search for girls and talk about the shi*ty things. They ask your data in three simple letters, ASL, which stands for Age, Sex, Location. If they are through with this, they start with their intention of talking. Some are good, but hard to find those people. And the remaining are dumb as*es. Advice is that never get into this site. Some find it addicting, some are in search of new friends, i mean good online friends and the remaining, I think I don't have to tell. 

The Social Network

The most abundantly used social networking site is none other than this FACEBOOK. No matter, where and when we are glued to our phones or the PC's or laptops checking our status, friends status and poking some. Though this network doesn't follow us. But we follow this network wherever we go. As told earlier about the Omegle site, I came to know one thing that Facebook is blocked in China. Interesting. The world's most populated country has blocked the Facebook, even then there are millions of users worldwide. Nothing much to tell about this site, I guess you already know a lot about this. But, anyways will blog about this also later. Just wanted to tell that I had been using this way too much. I come to my room, throw away all other things, switch on my laptop from my sleeping mode( yeah, i don't shut it down, else it will take much longer time), and connect to Facebook. I find no one comments on my indigenous and intellectual thoughts which I think about a lot of time. I was just kidding, I don't update status to catch the readers attention. The Facebook status is not for that, I guess. But I am totally wrong, as many would say. And my updates are filled with comments on other's posts which I tend to like them or add a small comment. Those comments on their page never end and my 'Notification area' is filled with such non-sense. 

Los Acontecimientos

The word 'Los Acontecimientos' means 'The Happenings', a Spanish word. I just wrote it to make the title look a bit good. They say people change. They also say people change depending on the circumstances. Well, frankly speaking I have changed, so as others. But my behavior towards other hasn't changed a bit, but the others behavior has changed. I might find a person talking too frankly with me, but hiding the real person from my grasps or a person who doesn't talk much but cares about me. It depends on people, how they take me to be, or say, how they consider me to be and how they are treated by me. But as like an indefinite work-less person, I incline my viciously thinking brain to understand the behavior of the people towards me and the fellow mates. ( I know I have used this sentence in-numerous times than anything else in my blog). Well, I have had enough of this changes in temperament. Some other things that happened this year so far is that I got a two-wheeler; at last. After two years of bullying my parents, they finally let me have one. Writing about people as I see, this post wont be enough. I have a lot to tell about them and in this post, it is simple not possible. And four days back was my birthday. I am not actually party kind of a person. I don't celebrate much. May be because, when I was a kid, I invited my friends for my birthday, but no one turned up. So, I guess may be this is one of the reason which constrains me not to party. Now, the time has changed and I know that people wont let that happen, but even then I have many other factors regarding not celebrating. But, someone from my friend's list gave me a gift. I was surprised. I didn't even give a party nor ever talked to the person personally, but even then I got a gift. That has left me awe-struck and with a sense of guilt that, It was un-fare. I shouldn't have accepted it because when there is no giving from my side how can I take something for no reason. If the reason is still the birthday thing, then I sure made a mistake by not arranging a party. I would like to correct upon this mistake. Actually I thought of writing something else, but ended up something else. 

Puzzle No.4

The secret agent X emailed a code word to his head office. They are "AIM DUE OAT TIE MOD". But four of these five words are fake and only one contains the information. 

The agent X also mailed a sentence as a clue - if I tell you any one character of the code word, you would be able to tell the number of vowels in the code word. 

Can you tell which is the code word?
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