Monday, June 28, 2010


Now, I think I must start writing neglecting the odds. I guess its more than a month. I was at home a week back. At home, even if I had time I didn't write anything. It was not that I didn't get any thoughts or anything. It was more like I was much more indulged with watching and playing un-purposeful online games. But no offence, I did it for fun, just like I write these things. At the beginning of the holidays, we usually get so many ideas, plans to do something in the coming holidays. But sometimes, we don't actually get the back of it. We get deviated from what we thought of doing and what actually we are doing. Addiction, Laziness were some odd things that I am too strong in. Got addicted to Internet and TV, and being too lazy, didn't do anything. And 'Satisfaction' is something that never gets fulfilled even we are completely satisfied. Sometimes the odds in the entertainment like the power cuts, ekcetra bother too(oo) much. Then the next thing to get into my hand is my cell phone. Checking through the 50 unattended messages and then forwarding some became the order of the day.

Suddenly a point comes when the holidays are over and the college begins. And I get into thinking about how I spent my holidays. I enjoyed the whole holidays but the bottom line is that I didn't do anything purposeful.Nothing.?! And the whole one and a half month looks like a week.

Now that college had started and I am presently at a remote place, by which I mean that I am too far from college. Actually from this week, it must have been different, but I still have to wait for another week. Damn!! About blogging, I thought of starting it today itself as I am doing. And I hope GPNR also starts writing blogs as soon as possible. He had some innovative idea, the idea about writing blogs on the day-to-day classes and I feel its good as well as a bit difficult. The moment he starts something like that, I am the next in the line of doing something like that.

Coming to classes, we are shifted to a higher floor. Not because we are in Third year, but the rooms were not enough in the ECE department floor to accommodate all the II nd & III rd year students. About the places, some guys were crying about the places. Because of what? I know but it would be inappropriate to quote that. About faculty, some say all are below average and some average. But in my opinion, they are Avg+1 [heehaw].

Now that I got my laptop, bu still waiting for the wireless BB+. As soon  as I have one, I am hoping to continue blogging.

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