Monday, May 17, 2010


Lazy mornings, long night wake-outs, timeless TV, fixed intervals of internet. That’s it. These holidays seem to be like these. I had many plans before these holidays showed up, especially during exams. I had planned to do that and this; but today I sit in front of my laptop of the TV endlessly thinking about tomorrow. Tomorrow, to start from at least tomorrow; but tomorrows continue after every tomorrow. Almost half of my holidays have passed off, and I feel like it was yesterday that these holidays were given.
 In the wage of time, my thoughts keep running and I can’t sometimes guess what I am thinking. So once a while, the technology thing strikes my mind. The swiftness of the small, hybrid technology just fascinates me. You are sure to give a good compliment when you happen to see the new invention of technology. I have an iPod, usually for the music lovers. But mine has some additional features with the touch screen complexity. I just fell in love with the touch screen that I just hate my own old cell phone (Nokia N70-Music Edition). And moreover it’s been three years since I had been using it. So sometimes it even gets to my nerves when it takes long time to get started.
I recently went to a movie, Iron Man 2. I enjoyed it a lot. Though it did not had a serious script, I just loved it. One thing to add its flavour was the technology which the main lead had with him. The flat-screen computers (to be more precise, they were just glass-fibre sheets) with no strings attached. Or the display of various attributes on (above) the floor looking like the information is flying in the mid air. May be they have some technical names, but I am unaware of those names. But simply that was amazing. And in the real world, that technology is still under construction. And I guess it’s quite expensive too.
Presently we are taking technology and I think in the near future the technology will be taking on us. Writing this line, another movie crossed my mind. You might be aware of the movie IRobot, which depicts the robots taking over humans. May be quite true, in the near future if the world doesn’t end up in 2012.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Again it's night, after a long drowsy day with computers and TV. I sat down in my drawing room and kept on wondering about writing. You got me right. I was thinking all about blogs. Now it has begun my passion to keep writing and just get my thirst out. There are certain things which get too much attached to our lives. Sometimes it’s unknown to you but always keeps your company. And one gets to know about it a long later. Hmm..!!

I am still wondering about what to do these holidays. I am a bit confused. I made some plans before-hand which has become quite a bit difficult to implement. Still I am confused as I write this sentence. When I start writing my mind gets a kind of blank, sometimes forgetting what I actually wanted to write and ends up with something unknown. Relations.!? This is one thing in everyone’s lives. Not only family, there are friends, teachers, etc people with whom we tend to make a certain relations. And I being lonely, got into this arena some 3 years back. Started with making friends online, through Orkut. As soon as I started getting myself indulged with the so called “Social Networking” group, speculations arouse against it. A thing unknown till that date suddenly came into lime-light. As soon as I started using one of those SNS; there were things happening around which tried to force me to take me down. The next day came a survey in the India Today magazine, then queries in the Reader’s Digest and some more questions in the newspaper column. And even in offices too, these were talked. One such incident, I would like to tell which happened to one of my dad’s colleague. Two people happened to meet on the SNS, specifically ORKUT having some age difference of 5 years tends to propose a girl (my dad’s colleague’s daughter). And he proposes to marry him to which she unfortunately (or fortunately) she agrees and convinces her father too. So this incident just strengthened my dad’s scrutiny ‘against social networking’. A set-back for me, as I was trying to find some of my old friends. But some are real stubborn, and I guess I am one of them (No offence).

Now it’s the twentieth century, people have some varied thinking about a subject (Oh!! No, not studies). I am telling on general basis. I have read some psychological books (not completely, these are really boring). And I have been to many places, so I guess I have some type of an instinct in me, say like understanding others or even judging (Again, no offence). Once you look around you find people. People with different attitude and behaviour tend to have a certain influence on the others. Right? Recently, my results were out. Though, there seems a small disappointment in m decline in marks when compared to the previous semester. But, I must say the whole second year was a real tough test. Very complicated and never-the-less horrifying. Well I got along it.

What happened in second year? What were the changes that I felt in me and others? How was the faculty? How were the subjects? What did you learn in the whole year? So the questions keep coming and there are answers for some and some can’t be answered. Well starting with me, the number of friends I have increased. Claps!! I know the reason. But its better know to those people. I saw a phenomenal change in the people around me. Some started a particular type of grudge in themselves which they don’t reveal outside, but keep it to themselves. And not to mention, in me too, I realised a small change in me too. I discovered it in me. But was unable to succeed in over-coming it. And in my friends, some have changed a lot bit. Some are up above my reach and can’t be said anything against them. I sometimes wonder what these girls have that keep these guys so attached and frankly speaking blind-folded. Many just go after them keeping aside all the important works. But caution dear magnet, they complete their work. It is you who gets down the list in doing work. Either it is assignments or exams, they are sure to have an upper hand. And my dear poor guys keep looking at the cell phone for a message of a call from his favourite. Well I have no authority over them to proceed like this, but was just thinking about their innocence. I wish I don’t get into that trap. I call it trap. I don’t know what these people call it.

Good Night.!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Passionate People...

Passion is one thing that truly describes one’s personality or rather his attitude. Passion for music or Passion for cricket or Passion for cars, etc are some which we commonly hear. Passion drives people crazy and one who gets drowned in this passion is a man straight-forwardly heading to one’s dreams or aims. But sometimes one gets trapped in the cyclone called passion but he doesn’t cry for help, nor gets he suffocated being inside their world of dreams. And there is nothing wrong in being mesmerised being drowned in the so called “Passion” as it is one which helps one decide their true self and are the building blocks for their future. One must have passion I everything he does or else he won’t be enjoying what he does. I have seen some passionate people. And this does not mean that I am not passionate. But there are some real funny passionate people. And one topic that comes under this passion heading is ‘love’. Loving isn’t a crime (I mean one should feel guilty about it). But it seems a little (actually a more) odd when it is dealt in younger age. There were some incidents which I encountered in my younger age and felt something odd at that time.

Way back in Ahmedabad, the place I liked the most of all I have visited. It was when I was in eight standard, something unusual had happened. Now when I look back at the time, I feel it was funny. Even the person involved would have felt the same now. At that time the era of pranks were quite common. So once anyone gets involved in any is sure a dead man every day. It was in the month of January, that this incident took place. A passionate lover I must say. Indeed he was. This was quite inevitable. And I think it’s worth mentioning. So the story goes like this [not a story, a reality].

I think the date was 12th January. It a jolly day like any other day at school. After the morning assembly, we headed for our class and all formalities were over including wishing the birthday kids. Yeah, we too had a birthday girl. So what happened was that the boy sitting next to me was busy fiddling with his finger [right thumb]. He was having a safety pin in his hand. I asked him whether he had some problem in his finger as we had a morning drill [marching: parade]. Actually he wanted it to keep a secret from the others, so wasn’t interested in answering back to me. I asked him again, but he did not reply. So I too stopped asking him and allowed him to carry on with his business. I kept stealing a look at him and not listening to the class. He suddenly takes out a paper and writes something on the paper. You know with what he wrote on the paper? Any guess!! That just swept me away. I was sure he was planning to do something. As he was a left-handed person, I could easily find out what he wrote secretly on the paper. I was shocked. We were in eight standard. Just in eight standard and this boy really outsmarted us in this context. As a small boy, I sure could not understand his passion and kept thinking he was foolish.

He wasn’t done with one page. He wrote almost 5-6 pages. I guess you might have known with which he wrote. In the lunch session, it was all revealed by him as he could not dare himself for the task he intended to do. He picks up a flower and started sending one after the other through a mediator. We were warning him that she may not feel good and along with that it was her birthday, so don’t spoil her birthday. But he was really stubborn. He did not leave, even after getting the negative answer. We felt sorry for the girl and got annoyed by this big boy’s foolish behaviour. I sure think you could understand what he wrote and by what he wrote. So is the end of 1st unsuccessful ‘L’-story which I had encountered. Next year she leaves the school, not because of him.

Another one happened some three years back in the high school. Actually it is a high school, but it was named Intermediate college here in Andhra Pradesh (I mean the state board). The second year of intermediate was coming to an end and the social networking just gets the required spot-light at that time. Not to mention, me too was involved in social networking. So one guy, a good friend of mine happens to meet the girl next door. (Next door means the next section). Though that section was a bit higher in rank than ours with people outsmarting one another, constantly fiddling with books and giving so many exams as well as attending classes on holidays. A lot was going with that section. But I don’t know how but a guy from my section happens to meet a girl next section through Orkut. And this deepens further when they know that their hall ticket numbers are almost near to each other. I actually didn’t know anything about it even after the Intermediate Public Exams were over. It was when we were having some extra classes for the AIEEE ant EAMCET, he happened to narrate all the things that happened in the meanwhile. I was taken aback. I didn’t expect anything of such thing from him. And moreover it was from the opposite sex. Actually, this guy wanted to expunge her off his mind because there was something that happened which I can’t tell. Then she goes off to another state (T.N.) and there the distance between them widens up. And after all these happenings there was not so much ... which was present earlier with the girl.

Nowadays I am busy watching TV day & night. And majorly which make up the day are movies and some reality shows. And the Indian Idol thing has got the required heat, as it always does from the past five years. The participants were about one hundred thousand and more but only one could become the idol. So the competition is high as it takes ones talent to new levels. And one more thing is that when they are asked about why they want to win the competition, some tell some sad stories about the struggle they are facing. And one of them claims to have left the house when he was thirteen years just for improving music and singing. Well anyways, they really have something in themselves; the passion for singing.

These were some things which I experienced in my childhood. But there’s more to come. Just wait and look around yourself, you will find them just before your eyes.

Friday, May 14, 2010

One Night...

The daily blush of the routine, the sleep-full nights and the continuously running TV and my laptop and even my desktop. This was preceding daily until sometimes there arises daily current cut. So as a daily procedure, the power went off late night and I had to sleep with no other choice. I peeked through the window besides me trying to draw my name in the never ending plane of vast sky with stars being the points. And inside my room the silence was ruffled by the fan making a calm noise. Thanks to the Inverter to keep the fan running. Though the fan was running at its high speed, I was sweating. I was feeling the heat of the summer. The wind was hot and because of that the room too was hot. I suddenly get a call from my friend; a friend who calls when it was his need or needs a favour from anyone. I did not accept the call. As soon as I lay myself on my bed, I got a text message. A message from a renowned friend of mine (PNR). The message just gave me a shock, a sort of vibration, a chill in my spine. Suddenly the proposal of sleep clearly dissolved in the thin air. I could not feel the cool of the fan. My shirt got wet due to the sweat. Suddenly, my hands were shaking.

I immediately opened the internet browser in my phone, keeping aside the warning “LOW BATTERY”. But my bad, my cell phone went dead within seconds. Suddenly I changed the battery (My dad’s phone battery) and logged on to my college website. And the text message was “Results are out”. As I did not had the current, had to search to search the results on my phone. I was a bit shocked and on the verge of getting mad, but surely did control myself. I could not sleep any further. I tried sleeping, but could not. A sudden wave of relief went past me. Even after seeing my result, I was sweating. After a couple of minutes checking the results of my friends, the power was back. And At once I plunged into the computer and checked the results clearly. And there were people still awake at that time. One was the person who sent me that text. The only thing that I could do was thanking god.

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