Monday, March 15, 2010


"Your class is suspended and no more classes will be conducted for your class from now onwards. You may leave the campus and do whatever you want to do".

23rd February, 2010,
Gitam University,

                        I sure want to remember this date. So as my fellow mates too, I think. The above quoted sentence is not actually a quotation; rather it was a warning or a final verdict. We people were startled on hearing it as it came like sudden storm and we felt like we were wiped away by a strong sudden cyclone. I rather think many did not take this seriously. But there were people who did.

 It was 23rd of February and Monday. An earlier day, we had the fresher’s party. And next day in the class, it was going fine until someone put the picture of bunking. And most probable reason was that we had a class test and many did not prepare [I guess this was one of  the reason]. And many said they were tired. But as soon as a picture of bunking was kept before these people, they straight forwardly accepted without any denial, except for the CR [Class Representative]. And for me bunking was out of my question. But these people forced and lured me to bunk. After some serious discussions, CR was lured to bunk. As soon as he agreed to do so, everybody left at once. Some went to the movie and some stayed in the college at the ELRC like me (oh no study business, just to pass the time).

But next day, there was a sudden change of atmosphere in the class room. Suddenly the HOD, Director and some faculty members come to the class and warn us about bunking of the classes or rather the whole day (the previous day). And the CR was asked questions for which he could not reply as there were a junta of people who literally forced him to bunk the classes though he wasn’t interested in the first place.

So has happened and all went along the wrong path including me. So these people asked for a letter describing about the absence the previous day. They too knew that we all bunked the classes and so they intentionally asked for an individual explanation for being absent. So was the case when I fell in thinking of what to write. So I got along with a lie as many others did. None had a genuine reason as all had bunked intentionally. And there was a speculate that no one should ever mention about the “Fresher’s Party”. But we all got some; I mean many reasons for being absent (bunking).

Along the way we had no more classes until we had submitted a valid reason. So when went to submit the letters, the HOD and the Director knew that everyone was bluffing and each of us were trying to make the bluff a truth. Though some had succeeded in bluffing in which I too am counted. And many bluffs were rejected. And so it happened. And the lectures who had complained about this whole matter were all at high pitch as they are indeed lagging in completing the syllabus and more over because of this they again lost some classes.

So for now the matter is settled. Ask anyone to bunk the class now. The obvious response is “NO”. Then I must say you didn’t get the point. Some attitudes are difficult to change. Many haven’t taken this matter seriously and not to mention some did. I guess you remember that I said that that (this) day won’t be forgotten by many. But I guess I was wrong. Many sure did forget and many were not even affected nor bothered by it. So I am asking for the second time to bunk the class. So what do you think the response would be? Will let you know the next time this question arises. For now let us get ourselves some serious learning business.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Life at its Best.!!!

Second after second. Day after day. Week after week. Time just passes by you just by giving a wink that something has happened at some instance. But when I look back my past, it seems like yesterday but in reality, it's more than ages. Year after year, I get to know something new. New?! Yeah. Not actually related to so called studies. Studies are just above my head these days and not to mention the curriculum has been a bit difficult this year. 

But I am not really bothered about all those things as I am finding much more pleasure in much more non-productive things. I know that these are not really useful. But I can't help myself. Blame myself. And while writing blogs, I seem to find much more pleasure. One of my friends suggested me to write about the things that are now happening and on those topics people would search in the web. But sorry my friend, I write not to know the world. I did for my own pleasure. I search for myself in these blogs. I feel thirsty. I feel like I am lost in a vast desert where sometimes the mirages too give me a hand. I feel lost in the deep blue sea, not a sight of a friendly fish nor a cruel one. Entangled in my own miseries of life, searching for the lost and unknown.

I try to run my imagination deep, wide and  high and fly like a bird searching for new places. But then I find myself lost in the worldliness and the way back is unknown. So I tried to move ahead keeping the question in my mind. The question of what will happen in the future, what sort of Pandora Box awaits me? Someone tells me to be optimistic. Hmm.. I guess I don't know how to be optimistic, when you know what you have done. And sometimes thinking so, and getting some odd result depresses the lone heart. So my dear folks, I know that one should be optimistic, but you can't help me to be one of the type.

 So then the 'Life'. So much confusing and never the less amazing. I get so many text messages about life to enjoy every moment as this is the only life in which we can enjoy the most. Intolerance, Impatience, Anxiety, Hurriedness, Sorrow, Happiness, Joy, Depression, Anger, Silence, etc are the order of a life. But I don't seem t find many in the people. I mean the odds listed out above. Happy people, happy life. No other questions? So the title "Life at its Best" is quite contradictory to what I am writing. For me its quite the other way round. [Don't ask me the reason?]. Life seems to be complicated for complicated lives. Many seem to find the pleasure in what they have and with their work. And I sure agree with this. But some try to find the unknown and end up in total disaster. Like the one writing this blog. And one can blame others as one work is purely by his mind. Work with your heart and mind, and success is just at your doorstep. But life isn't all studying thing, right? I know I'm wrong with this statement. Many do believe that "Studying" is all what life is. You study well. You settle well. You settle well, you live happily. People seem to be fiddling with new books, concepts and all those things to sharp their brain. I sure fail to understand what actually goes in their mind. Wit so much to study and in so less time ( I mean the exams, these are the only things na which decide our destiny and our happy life?), I feel so much exaggerated with this life of books.

Then come "Friends". Motivators, Caretakers( in a sense), Back-Stabbers, and what not, you name a character and they are present just in front of your eyes. I sure agree with you people that life without friends is a life wasted. But if you take myself as example, I do have friends but with great difficulty they were formed. And not to mention the "B-S",they don't give you a wink. And the next moment you are deserted. But hopefully, I don't have any [ I guess]. But it takes a lot of energy to maintain one and create a new one. Creating is the most difficult part and I guess I am poor at that.Blame me! I would accept it!!

So,this small life is a precious gift that one can ever get. A gift to be renowned and lived to the last breath. It is just in your hands and it just takes your own aptness and destiny to which end you want to mould it. So I guess you are the best at that and you live a happy life like nobody else and set an example (Examples need not be set in studies and new!?, try something different).


-Ajay Kontham

Monday, March 1, 2010


Two people were travelling in a bus on a busy day. One of whom had an exam and the other had an interview. The one with the exam was very busy studying/revising what he had learnt and he glances at his watch and says, “I wish I had some more time to prepare”. And the other person with the interview was in a notion of giving the interview as fast as possible as he could not sustain the tension/anxiety/pressure or whatever. He just could not wait to give his interview. For both of them, it was an important day; the exam and the interview. But this is how their thinking or say their behaviour at that instance was. The former one wanted the time to slow down and the latter wanted the time to quicken. But in actual reality time could never speed up nor can it slow down and it lies solely in our hands how we make the best of it. They then turn towards god and ask for justice. Then god simply smiles at them and says to the former one that he could have started studying a bit earlier and the latter as he could have started a bit lately from home.

Here, the situations were different but a great deal of human behaviour could be resolved. Similarly I also encountered some like these. The above instances are actually happening. But I could see such things in common, most of the times. I encountered many and I know that I am not suitable to judge anyone. But I sure can make an assumption.

They say “First Impression is the last Impression”.... but sometimes I think the impression changes along the way also. Don’t you accept it? And sometimes the strong is not always stronger. Well coming to my surveillance, I learnt a lot. But don’t ask me what.!!!

When I am among many people, I feel centred and my brain starts thinking, thinking about the other people who are in the room. I try (note this! I try) to observe every trend, gesture or whatever. It is when; I am among a junta of people whom I don’t know. And when it comes to people who I know (though they are stranger in the beginning), I guess it takes a lot of time. You can observe a series of changes in human behaviour within no limit of time. I get fascinated when such changes transpire in my surrounding people either it is my friends or anybody whom I know. And there are some people who are real stubborn. They won’t change even if you try to bring a change in them. They find some things more passionate and get attached to it like a leach. Though a leach could be removed, but some characters won’t change. They are like rock as big as a mountain which won’t move even with the help of hundred people.

Hey, I am not criticising anyone. I am just telling how stubborn people are. And count me also in the list. One may find a thing beautiful, but not the other who is just standing next to him looking at the same thing. Reason? Interests and desires changes with people. No offense!! And no one is to blame. That’s natural!!

Let me come up with some observations which i have made. Aah girls...pretty, beautiful and quite tempting, right? When I am online I come along with some of my old classmates. After a small conversation the next question is "You have any gf (girl friends)?". I get puzzled some times as it suddenly interrupts the conversation. Though the obvious answer is "Nope". But why does it happen that all think like that? I never asked anyone like that. Any reasons? I sure fail to answer back. And I have seen people forgetting themselves and the work when they are in a company of ...? Can you guess... yeah, you are right!! Friends are friends, work is work, you are yourself and I am myself!!. No compromise. That's me!!.

Not only these, there are innumerable things about people who interpret a situation in different lines of attack. Sometimes you feel, You are gonna get hurt real bad and sometimes the other way round. But people are people, their ideas are their own. Who the hell am I to tell? Right??

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