Saturday, August 1, 2009

Leap Inside Yourself....

Everyone tries to find all the good qualities in oneself and obviously the bad qualities in others. That’s human nature. There are many sayings and proverbs not to find the mistakes of others when the person himself has done so many mistakes. And there are some people who get frustrated and depressed when knowing one’s mistakes. And some try to bring upon a change in themselves and succeed. They succeeded not in a single try, but numerous not taking the failures as the foremost choice.

Human is a very different being. I sometimes wonder why only on earth is that all those favourable conditions for the man’s habitation. Everything is according to man. I sometimes appreciate it as an extraordinary phenomenon. From a small micro-organism, evolution has taken place to a very very sophisticated human being. And the human brain is the greatest gift that a human has. If you look at the bio-diversity of Earth, so many species so different people and so many animals. I sometimes think all this creation is not possible by small microbes. Just think. And there’s a belief of a “GOD” to exist with whose power all this mankind and etc have been developed. But sometimes science doesn’t give a chance to think about the existence of god. So whatever is the reason for our existence, we are sure to live a minimum of 60 years.

So these 60 years is in our hand. And it is our own choice how mw live it. Amazingly we are not robots-like-humans. It is at our will how we live our own life. And in this 20th century you don’t have to think about the man’s evolution or whatever. You have got studies, certificates, jobs, etc, etc to think about. Right? “Education is a must” is the 21th century’s motto. And living up to education is too difficult. Oh may not be yours, but mine and some people like me.

I try to find something in others and that something is unknown to me. Really don’t know. But frankly I appreciate the well-doing aka I mean educated. I’m not saying that I’m not educated. The difference lies in the IQ value. Mine is too low. They, those people study along with me read along with me even though there’s a large difference in the marks or IQ. Why so? I managed to find the cause. I suppose it depends on the interest towards it and mainly the concentration. Oh god, my concentration power is too low, which does not make it easy to remember things as they are after the class is over. So in short “Studies are freaking me out”. I am not the only one to say these words. I would guess, hmm,... almost 1 in every 30 oh no 50 students would say this. Am I right? I may not be right. The percentage value may change. And if that is alright then consider this,” Exams are freaking me out, I’m totally screwed”. My guess is 1 in every 10 would say. What’s yours?

So as said above 1 in 50 or 1 in 10, there are still a good percentage of people with different attitude. What makes so different than that 1 person? I may not be accurate or precise. But will try. So this “try” attitude is missing in some one. And I am included in it. That’s the first one. The second may be that one does not know ones strengths. It is important and the fore-most thing to know one’s strengths. It gives a person a large scope for becoming further strong in that area. And next is weakness. If you are unable to search for your strengths, then search for your weakness. Knowing them won’t make you a failure. Rather it does help in improving a bit if not all.

In short, this can also be expressed as SWOT. What actually is it? Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat. I was told this by my dad to make a list of S,W,O,T. But I could not make. You know why? Because I could not get even one thing to satisfy the spaces. Yeah there are some but I strongly recommend them not to be useful in any of my life or whatever. I advise you to leap inside yourself and find everything: Good or Bad. And make every struggle to make it right and improve yourself.

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