Monday, June 8, 2009

The French Conqueror.

A splendid play by RF. He is an emotionless player. I would defend this statement like this. Generally, almost all the players get excited for a point [I am talking about Tennis]. But RF is unlike them. He would never show his feelings until he wins the game. Until that moment, he is just a splendid player never ever losing his cool. Many of the players would wave their head to-and-fro for their mistake and some would just get furious. If you see RF playing from the beginning, he never loses his cool from the start of the game and when it comes to end, he shows his game perfectly and anyone would admire that play.
A splendid play by RF. He is an emotionless player. I would defend this statement like this. Generally, almost all the players get excited for a point [I am talking about Tennis]. But RF is unlike them. He would never show his feelings until he wins the game. Until that moment, he is just a splendid player never ever losing his cool. Many of the players would wave their head to-and-fro for their mistake and some would just get furious. If you see RF playing from the beginning, he never loses his cool from the start of the game and when it comes to end, he shows his game perfectly and anyone would admire that play.

But yesterday, this emotionless player fell down in tears. And that was happiness. A whole-some burden on his shoulders was just removed and he was in excitation of winning the first [I mean His] French Title. So this totals that to 14 Grand Slam Titles equalling Pete Sampras’. So this World No.1 Roger Federer is surely the greatest player to compete with, I would say. Not only did RF equal PS record of 14 championships less than seven years after the great American set it, he also became the sixth man to complete the Career grand Slam. And RF says, “It was probably my greatest victory, I was under big pressure. I did it and it’s phenomenal,” who broke down in tears after being presented with the trophy by Agassi, the 1999 champion, and while the Swiss national anthem was played.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Heat Is On.

The heat is on. The rivers and canals drying up like my studied matter in the brain. And we moving from one power cut to another sweating under the hot sun. And whether it is sports, politics, or the weather, the heat is on. This summer heat is having a very tough time. Politics is some-what different this time as no-body could expect the expansion of the cabinet seats. And for the sports, there’s no doubt the heat is on.

The recent IPL cricket league was a big boom this summer with an unexpected heat. And there’s T-20 World Cup just started to turn on the heat back. If this was the case with the cricket, then The Roland Carlos i.e., the French Open is unbeatable. And never the less the Golf season is also on. Except these things there are innumerable things and games and sports to keep us sweating and ensure that the heat is on.

So we sweating in the heat of sports and moving from one workplace to another never seem to miss a thing. It is just like jumping from one hurdle to another just to enjoy the sweetness of our favourite’s victory.

And even if the thermometer soars to an un-believable height, the people never stop enjoying the summer season. Oh yeah. I am talking about tourists and us. We enjoy ourselves some-times moving places and sometimes at home too. Not a single moment is to be wasted is our policy. But sometimes when we start to enjoy these holidays the holidays would have just ended.

Friday, June 5, 2009

World Environment Day

Just imagine for a while about the world without trees, wildlife and a few hoping human beings moving around wearing a protective suit just to protect themselves from the soaring heat and other climatic consequences. You may think this type of situation won’t be at-all possible. Yeah, you may be right. Till you die, we won’t be able to experience any of these changes. But your next coming generation has a very tough time to face. A very tough time to face, I must say.

Many of the people don’t even know when the “World Environment Day” is unless and until it is in the newspaper or TV. June 5th is the “World Environment Day” and you may come across many episodes, articles, advertisements and presentations about saving the planet earth. Not even today, every day we are being advised to save the Planet Earth. But it is only a small proportion of the people who take this thing seriously and strive for the climate-change.
Many people don’t even take this seriously and are least bothered about this in spite of so many advices and advertisements. From the childhood, children are told to plant a sapling on this day, but when they grow up only a few seem to retain the fact.
It would be interesting to hear that the “Originators [on earth] are the Destructors [of earth]”. I would say one thing, that these people have been lent a space on this vast earth and given freedom and they have no right to destroy this borrowed space. Am I right? What do you think? Cutting forests, global-warming, pollution, etc are the known facts to every individual and they even know that these affect the climate. I don’t understand in spite of all these awareness programs no considerable change has been brought. Only 2% of the world’s total population is spreading awareness to a billion-trillion people. And the most recent “swine-flu” is nothing but our own developed epidemic, spreading it to the entire world. The earth is speechless about these consequences.

CO2 is the major global warming agent.

Not only CO2, there are billion other factors which dis-integrate the present ecological balance in the environment. The theme for “World Environment Day 2009”- “Your Planet Needs You-Unite to combat the climate change”. When one looks at the garden of the world, there are so many beautiful things which makes a heart go green, individuals have their responsibility towards environment. Each individual should start protecting their environment from being polluted and make it greener which is not only for the present but also for the future.
You know how our environment is being disturbed either by natural calamities or our own man-made. But everyone knows that there is an imbalance between the land and the size of population; thereby the eco-system is disturbed. Our ever-increasing population and the imbalance won’t be matched even n a marginal way. There’s a large difference between what we think and what actually happens. Well I have been to some places like New Delhi and Hyderabad [Oh, basically the metropolitan cities]. In ND, I could not find a single tree up to Rastrapati Bhavan, where there is a large garden. And about Hyd, it is also the same case mostly. People like modernisation and are least worried about vegetation. They just want to live Hi-Fi life. But I suppose in the long run there would be a definite problem for the latter generation and this Hi-Fi won’t serve any purpose at that time when the climate would be in worst condition.

I just hope for a better ecological system and environment and a safer world tomorrow.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Everyone is different from others. And this difference leads you to your identity. Your own identity, which is truly essential for oneself. This identity tells everything about you. Consider any of the recognised persons you know them. Each of them has a certain identity and you seem to recognise them by that identity. The difference is basically by one’s thoughts and his/her opinions on an object or subject or whatever. And not everyone has the thoughts and these differ from one another.
Suppose you had been walking through a garden of flowers. You may be driven crazy by the sweet fragrance of those flowers. And it can be that you truly disliked that sweet essence. What was that which made you think like that? Have you ever observed that? I have experienced a similar situation with myself. Let me tell you an example of my own. You like ice creams, right? Of course everyone likes it except me. I truly dislike it and can’t eat if it is the finest of all. Why? I have a reason. So you may also have a specific reason for everything that you like or dislike.
You may appreciate someone for their success in their particular field and don’t want to know how he did it as you are only bothered about the work that was done magnificently not the procedure unless and until it is of your field. My English textbook has a unit headed as “Are you smart?” defining and describing about the human nature or nearly like that. And there’s another one top lined as “Are you creative?” That was an interesting unit to enjoy. There the author describes seven tactics for being creative. The author says to follow these seven rules:
1. Follow the rules
2. That’s not logical
3. Find the right answer
4. Be practical
5. Don’t be foolish
6. That’s not my area
7. I’m not creative
Some quotations from this unit:
“Discovery lies in seeing what everybody has seen, but thinking what nobody has thought.” says Albert Czent Gyorgi.
“Nothing is more dangerous than a single idea, if it is the only one you have” says Emile Chartier [French Philosopher].
So this unit jumping from one point to another stresses on creativity and telling everyone to be creative. There’s one point to be brought forward which tells about being logical. In many cases the people are told to be logical and they say one should have a logical mind. But this unit has a contrary statement which states that being logical one has only two alternatives and is forced to select or do among those two alternatives. This continues telling that ideas generate in loose soil where one has all the ability to increase his thinking beyond the actual situation and hence having not two, but many such alternatives. So what do you think? Should one be logical or not? I am still confused at this question. Well according to my analysis, logical thinking always doesn’t serve the purpose [I think] and must be used at certain instances and not at every instance. After reading this unit everybody would ask himself, “Am I Creative”? That’s an obvious question that one would have. And one would be thinking about all the creative things that one has done to suffice the same.

Well do you have a specific identity? I suppose I have one, but I won’t tell and it is not a big mania to make me different from others. So what’s your identity,eh?

The Poem

On His Blindness

When I consider how my light is spent,
Ere half my days in the dark world and wide,
And that Talent which is death to hide
Lodged with me useless, though my soul more bent
’To serve therewith my Maker, and present
My true account, lest he returning chide;
“Doth God exact day-labour, light denied?”
I fondly ask. But Patience, to prevent
That murmur, soon replies, “God doth not need
Either man’s work or his own gifts. Who best
Bear his mind yoke, they serve him best. His state
Is kingly: thousands at his side bidding speed,
and post o’er land and ocean without rest;
They also serve who stand and wait.”
-John Milton
Did not get the poem on the first attempt, then read it again. A very nice poem somewhat of my type only.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


The Oxford Dictionary defines “Failure” as the omission of expected or required action; or the action of ceasing to function or the state of not functioning. But I would define it as a chance or probability or opportunity to become perfect. It is obvious for a person to fail in some instances [Not all]. There’s no human being in the world who haven’t tasted failure. Yeah, I agree with you. It’s sour, bitter, intolerable and pains a lot. But one must not take it in the wrong sense and become annoyed by it and criticizing oneself for that failure.

Till now I [honestly speaking] tasted more failures than the success. There are many times I cried a lot for having failed in many aspects. You may ask does these failures made me perfect and guided me to success. No. I would say. I am a very sensitive creature taking those failures on a heavier tone and not seeking for improving for success. I tried to but I failed myself. Well let’s see what leads you to fail in anything. Hmm... lack of confidence. This would play a major role in failure. Confidence just itself gives one 50% advantage over anything that you head with. Honesty is the second important thing required for success. For anything whether it is studies or games honesty is the best policy. They say “Golf is a gentleman’s play”, which means that the number of strokes a person plays must be counted by the individual without any miscalculations. Well there are many students depending on others during exams, I mean copying. They are sure to get +2 or +5 marks, but this won’t help them in the long run. Sometimes it also involves some busting which leads to 2 to 3 year’s home-rest. Well, there are many other factors which lead to success or failures. But I am not a person to judge these things or factors or even people.

Let me tell you how people react during such instances, or what they actually do. The people around me are not really study-freaks. They got some deviation or you can say an idea how the engineering life is, by all such rubbish movies or whatever. So they also want to have a similar life, which is not possible and they don’t know this thing. So not the whole, but at least half of that life they are expecting. This led to some of the intelligent minds to be so absurd towards studies that they touch only before the exam date. Well, there are many study-freaks studying all the time unlike me and are far better than me. And I must say one thing that if you make someone target to beat him this semester, who actually may be the class topper, would be hard for success. Because he/she is not 100% perfect, so let’s say 93 is the percentage of that freak. So this aim towards that person draws back 7% and you may not be sure to get 94%. There’s always a great variation between what we expect and what we get. Frankly, I never ever expect marks and you know the reason. If you get more than you expect, you would be the happiest person. But what if it’s not the same? It leads to depression, and you mark it as a failure. That’s a mistake in the first instance:”I failed to reach my expectations”. And never think “I want to beat that person”. What do you think the person in the first position thinks? I am sure he won’t think about beating anyone as there’s no one ahead of him. He would say, “Next time I would not even lose that 1 or 2 marks and try for getting 100%.” So are the thoughts of a study-freak. So I must suggest the second or the rest not to target the first but for 100%.

And in my class there are some strange persons. Not only in class but outside too. One person of my class BVR is so cautious about the chemistry lab that he would be spending most time thinking to do perfectly but would land up with some errors. And this guy is a reading-freak. So generally he has a bit difficult time doing in the chemistry lab. He always wants to do the make-up, titrations correctly but lands up with errors. And he never leaves the exam room nor the lab even after 5 minutes of the scheduled time, though he has completed the exam 30 minutes before. He wants to be perfect and checks, then again re-checks the content he wrote. For this person, the failures disappoint him a much if at all they approach. And I don’t know whether it is a privilege or respect to get low marks. Some would be boasting even after getting low marks and don’t try anything for a mark higher. They think it is all they could do. See, this is one thing that drags one backwards instead of the right track. “This is all I could do and I can’t do anything better than this.” There are many quotations and saying or even proverbs about trying hard which I may not say which are being taken by a lighter tone by these people.

Well I have said earlier also I am not eligible to judge anyone or tell about anything. It was just my opinion or I must it was something going round in my mind as I am also involved in certain things. And I am not a perfect person, I agree. But still trying to be perfect.


Now it has been almost a month after we were given holidays and nothing useful has been down by me. A lot time has been wasted without anything purposeful thing. And slowly I am becoming dumb sitting idle in front of my laptop and TV watching sports and movies not anything like news or discovery. Nothing useful has been done. Well in summers, we actually take something for learning like games, computer language, etc. So I was also indulged in some of such activities.

Well, try these if you could.

  1. Smoke — Hit the gas — Drive.
  2. Hold – Swipe – Again Swipe.
  3. Watch – Aim – Strike.

These are a bit funny things, I know. You may not be able to make out these things. They are car-driving, guitar and golf. Car driving is not a big difficult task to be said. It is just easy and nothing more is necessary to describe about it. Well guitar and golf need a bit justification. When you look at the guitar, it seems to be easy playing and making sounds. You must have come across Keyboard or piano. Guitar is more difficult than any other, I suppose. The hands won’t move easily, you don’t get the perfect tone, you finger tips pain, etc. May be the others may be difficult. I am expressing what I have in my mind. Well it’s a difficult task, but still gets most enjoyment while playing.

Golf. Ah. Tiger Woods. What a game it is. Gives a lot enjoyment when it’s a sure goal. Putting, Chipping, Hitting is the order of the play. It involves all the Physics for playing, I must say. Well for instance you want to hit the 6cm (approx) ball directly into the 10cm(approx), you need to calculate the distance, the frictional force of the smothered lawn, the tilt near the hole( actually the golf coast is a big playground consisting all ups and downs and even sand, well a mixed playground, I suppose you know), everything. Unless you are a good mathematician in calculating the distance, force, etc, etc it would be hard for a spectator to play. Ah! Yes, It needs a lot practise to excel. I must tell every job or work needs practice, anything. A good impressive game. I suggest you must also have a hand in this. But I have been going out in the sun for these guitar classes and the golf. And about golf the timings are from four in the evening to six. At that time the sun seems to be setting but it’s quite hot and intolerable. And to go there I have to cycle six km up and down (which totals to 12) in hot sun. So a total of 15km a day cycling.

Well there may be thousands of other things that can be done except these like an animation course. But this present place does not give you a nice place to learn that hard subject as the teachers are not experienced and work only as part time lacking all the needed enthusiasm unlike the institutions which solely teach the subject.

Except these guitar or golf I have been sitting idle for hours in front of my laptop. And by the time I begin to enjoy the holidays, they would have ended. I am becoming fat sitting idle in front of the laptop and TV all day even after cycling 15km almost everyday.

I must find something more purposeful things that could be done which are useful to me. Think dude. Think.

Monday, June 1, 2009

My Opinion: The Young Mind

The young mind is a very precious gift that one can have. But this young mind is more influenced with more bad things than the good things. It can only decide one’s personality. But it is sometimes said to think by your heart then through your mind or brain. Well let’s keep this heart aside for some time. Let’s first concentrate on the mind.


No one in this world have satisfaction to anything. Even if you have a thing, after a while you want a new one. There no end for the gluttony of money and the things. Earn, spend,... earn, spend has become the order of everybody’s life. No satisfaction. Every individual works hard for earning their living by earning money. Money honey is so sweet like a magnet that it attracts every individual towards it. Every developed man thinks of new ways of earning money. But a young mind thinks about many other things. There are many things that a young brain always thinks about. Studies, games, extra-curricular activities etc.


I am only considering to tell about the studies and nothing about those games or etc because the former makes a life, but the latter too can make a life but not for everyone. Well in my case I really hate these studies and those exams are a burden as one has to study late night and even then nothing retains in the mind. And I am not considered about other’s studies or play. I had been to many places and could observe one thing on a heavier note. And this is solely about studies. A small trend that could be observed everywhere you go in India. Oh may not the whole India, I mean the places which I travelled. The bookworms or the intelligent people are ragged more than they are appreciated for their success. They would say you got this, you got that, etc. These people tease others for getting good marks or for doing something which others can’t do. These young people’s minds are polluted like our politics or atmosphere or etc. No one takes anything in the right sense. These people only seem to find the faults in others neglecting the fairer ideas or work. Even of anyone succeeds; they don’t understand to think about how? They will simply tell he used some unfair means. This is a very bad habit, I suppose. It is as if SUCCESS is a crime and these people are like lawyers trying to find the cause (not the fairer one). They don’t even feel guilty about that as they suppose that they have done something great by teasing others which makes them feel happy. I may or may not know the reasons for such odd behaviour.


I would strongly recommend those people to change their way of thinking. If they continue to be like that, they would not be enjoyment in life because they will have lost taste in the life or anything for that matter. Just remember not to find any faults in others though there may be faults. No one is perfect in this world. And one must try to find the reason for one’s success and may be you can take those ideas for your own success. Just remove that negative side of others and finding their faults. Think Positive. Live Positive. Then you can “LIVE LIFE RESPONSIBLY”.

Result & Prayer

Exams: Terrible. It fears us a lot. These take out the best of us.

Results: Horrible. It fears us a lot more than the exams. These display the best of us and display our aptitude.


One may fear more about the results than the exams. This may be because writing the exams live in our capability of articulating, performance or whatever is necessary. But the results are not in our hands. We simply pass the burden to the almighty, praying, offering, etc for a good score. But what can the Almighty do about your exam paper. He can’t correct nor can he change the examiner’s mind to give someone a good score. If he could have done the same thing to those people, he could have done that to you and me before the exams for a better mind to keep up all, all the things in mind and write the exams with no panic. Well nothing is in our hand after the exams are over. It is in the examiner’s hand. He may like the presentation or the content, or anything. It solely depends on those examiners, I suppose. But we people can’t stop asking for good marks to the Almighty. We plead almost every day for good marks, if that person hasn’t written the exams well or like-wise. It’s the modus operandi.


Oh the results are out. The one month’s trepidation which has leaded to torment for the results is just over. But I have almost forgotten about those exams and about the results as I was in a different plan [A secret]. I swore to god what I got in the second semester is not actually what I expected. Not even the microscopic part of that score was expected by me. Because I know that one subject was the worst I wrote and feared about it till the last moment and even now [The credit goes to our sir, having an intelligent mind failed to teach the subject in a proper way]. And I was really shocked to see my own marks.


Oh dear god,

  Thanks for the marks which I got and least expected to get the same. Thanks for everything. I congratulate all those who have done well in the exams. And don’t dis-hearten those who could not fare well in the exams. Give them confidence, intellectual mind and a hard working soul and to me also. And neither make those people jealous of me about the marks which I least expected. And I am no one to order you, so I beg for pardon. And hope for your kind blessings to me and the needy.


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